Monday, December 11, 2017


Mario Batali can be thankful his fall from grace came on the same day as a failed terror attack of NYC and a bevy of Trump accusers holding a press conference detailing their groper in chief's actions. Batali was accused of groping some women over the years, a fact he does not deny. What happens to his extensive empire is anyone's guess. Why can men not keep their hands to themselves? I have NEVER touched a woman inappropriately at work, let alone whipped out my junk like a party favor. No one wants to see your penis guys. Not even your wife. Trust me. Keep it in your pants and everyone's happy.
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But in today's world of catastrophic daily news, that one barely was a blip on the radar. Trump got an ear full this morning when three of his accusers showed up on Megyn Kelly and then held a press conference right after. Now while I am not the biggest Kelly fan, I have to give it up to her and her producers for having the brains to see a ratings opportunity here and exploiting it. The fact that no one else did shows how stupid the news business had become. I cannot argue with Trump that there has been a lot of bad news being pushed around, most likley due to sloppy news reporting and not a deep state conspiracy as he attests, but still terrible. They have to do better.

Trump is in uncharted territory now. The old "they all lied" excuse no longer works as well as it did. It's hurting Moore and that is now moving into Trumpland. Recent polls show he is losing ground among every group possible. White women are leaving the Republican party in droves, a factor that spells disaster in 2018 if it continues. Even worse, his support from his rock solid base, white evangelicals, has dropped seventeen points since January. That is a lot of space to fall through.

Today's press conference with Sanders went off the rails as she was peppered with questions about the accusers and got flustered fast. It is hard to defend someone who has been caught on tape multiple times admitting sexual assault and then try to spin it as lies. YOU SAID IT! It is on tape. It is not Fake News. And it is getting harder and harder to deny these actions. Four Democratic Senators have come forward to demand he resign. There is no chance that happens but it should be said.
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This movement has a momentum of it's own now. Even if Roger Stone is guilty of weaponizing the #MeToo movement, it has taken on a life of it's own and could eventually topple the president. While there is almost no chance she is reading this, let me make a personal plea to the woman who said Trump raped her when she was 13. Now is the time to come out and tell your story. Trust me, we will believe you. And if you do, you could topple a presidency and even save a lot of lives. Please come forward. This country needs you to be brave and do the right thing. We are all there for you, minus the deplorables who will hate your guts, but there is no saving them at this point. If you come forward, things will change for all of us and for the better.

Roy Moore is having his own problems as there are signs right now that he could lose. A recent Fox News poll showed Jones ahead by ten. Even worse for the Republicans, it was a really good poll. They asked a good cross section of people using both a huge sample size and both landlines and cell phones. They even broke down who is voting by party, including independents, a factor way too many polls ignore lately. They show a real enthusiasm from Millennials and black people to vote for Jones and a lot of Republicans uneasy with Moore. The fact that independents are voting for Jones 2-1 is telling. There is little chance of a Moore blowout at this point so if he wins, it will be close. Depending on turn out, and trickery, will make all the difference. The fact that the current sitting Senator voted for someone else other than Moore may be the same thing that many a voter in Alabama are feeling too. If Jones wins, it will be an earthquake and could spell the beginning of the end of Trump. However, if Moore wins, especially if somehow wins big, Trumpism will become a nationwide thing, and with it, the rise of fascism. Luckily, at this point, I feel that to be a longshot.
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If Jones does win, their tax plan is on life support as is their hold on the Senate next year. The Democrats have real chances of picking up states like Texas, Nevada, Arizona, Tennessee and Montana. That is enough to flip it. If they do that with the expected pick up of the House, Donald Trump is going to be awfully lonely and facing a certain impeachment. Let us hope we live to get to that wonderful day.

Sunday, December 10, 2017


It has been a banner week for stupidity. Our president is a moron hell bent on ending the planet as rubes here at home cheer him on. Alabama will decide if we are a nation of good decent people, or Nazi pedophile approving scum. Either way, the GOP is going to lose, either physically or morally. Meanwhile, our news media is doing its absolute best to convince everyone that they are really fake news, considering how many stories they got wrong this week. And rumor is, next week the media is going to releases a who's who of politicians who have been accused of sexual harassment. That could lead to a blood bath. The end is coming. Let's see those runner ups.
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10)Blake Farenthold- This fat fuck from Texas is the latest politician to get called out for sexual harassment. It couldn't happen to a better guy as this ass is a true douchebag. After allegedly telling a staffer he was having wet dreams about her and she could wear shirts that show off her nipples, she quit and sued the representative. She got $84,000 for her troubles and the knowledge she would never work in Washington again. In fact, she is having a hard time finding any employment because of this. Some have asked for this dick to resign. More in the GOP should be.

9)Paul Manafort- Is this guy just stupid or is he insane? I can't decide. While on bail, and forbidden from commenting publicly on his case, or interacting with the Russians, dumbass did both. He got caught writing an op-ed piece, defending himself in an article that would have been given a pen name to cover his ass, along side a known Russian operative. This may jeopardize his bail. Ha Ha. This guy is so going to jail.

8)Philadelphia- Some Democratic losers decided that keeping people safe in inner city areas was too hard and is now trying to pass a law that will literally kill people. Some idiots there think that if they get rid of bullet proof glass on windows and between customers, their mind set will change. The only thing that will change is the amount of body bags needed. They do know the reason the glass is there right? It is not a decorative choice. Needless to say store owners are pissed, rightfully saying their employees will die if this happens. Why is nobody smart anymore?
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7)Alabama voters- This state is retarded. The white people are voting for a child molester who likes slavery and small children. Black people may not show up because Jones is white. Madness. If black people do show up, Moore loses. They sit home, Moore wins. If he does win, I don't want to hear about white privilege anymore. If you really want to vote, you can. It may be a giant pain in the ass due to voter repression laws, but it can be done if you persevere. If Moore wins, the GOP loses either way, but Alabama is going to be the face of Moore for the next 25 years as George Wallace was until just recently. Hope you like nobody coming to your state for any reason if this race goes south.

6)MSM- Wow do you guys suck this week. I have lost track as to how many stories the media got wrong this week. From the Wikileaks story about Don Jr, to Trump's crowd size, to getting a quote wrong, attributing it to the wrong person. And that was just this week. If you wanted people to scream FAKE NEWS and be right, you have succeeded. This is what happens when you rush to get information out without verifying it first. Allegedly, in the Don Don story, "multiple" people confirmed it. If true, there is a concentrated effort to spread fake news, embarrassing the MSM, but that would never happen would it? Oh that's right it happens every day lately. What it did do was kill any of these rumor spreaders from being taken seriously again. I wouldn't believe them ever again. Let us see how the media responds to this.

5)#MeToo- This has officially jumped the shark this week. The amount of deception on both sides is disgusting. The Democrats threw Al Franken to the wolves for politcal gain, not realizing they just helped weaponize this movement. The latest Franken accuser said he grabbed her around the waist and squeezed. TWICE! Well, that settles it. Al Franken should die for what he did because any monster who dared to touch a woman's midsection is guilty of molestation and should be put to death right? Had Franken come out and said that these stories were bullshit from day one, he would still be in office and help expose a right wing push to get rid of people they don't like. Franken was a test run. Let us see what 2018 brings. Then we have Moore's accuser who turns out did lie, giving the GOP a much needed boost in Alabama. I was concerned with the two types of ink seen in the yearbook and it turns out there was problem as the accuser forged part of it. Had she come out in the beginning and said this, there would be less of a problem. Now the whole story has to be thrown out. This has turned into a witch hunt for both sides. It also shows no signs of stopping. Trent Franks found that out hard when he got ousted for offering five millions dollars for one of his interns to be a surrogate for a baby. The horror. He never asked to sleep with her, just carry his child, which his wife can't, and pay for it. He left because he knew what a shit storm this was, even though it was over nothing. That is where out politics is headed. A lot of people are going to get drummed out who shouldn't.
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4)Roy Moore- What kind of asshole is voting for this lunatic? In the last few weeks he has come out as pro-slavery, pro-child molestation, pro-Nazi, pro-Putin and cheats money from a charity. What a great Christian role model huh? Yet, he is still ahead in some polls. WTF Alabama? If Moore wins, I hope you like being tied to the hip with this loser, just like Wallace was for decades later. Black people show up to vote, he loses, They stay home, he wins. It is that simple. Either way, the GOP is in for a rough ride post Tuesday.

3)Democrats- God you guys suck. You drove Al Franken from the Senate with NO due process. This is especially troubling as there was ample evidence the stories were ALL made up. But democratic women, a group I am rapidly beginning to hate, said he had to go and that was it. Nevermind the fact the stories all sounded fake, out he went. Then take Alabama. Was there NO black person to run down there? If you had run a black man or woman down there, he would win handedly. But as black people are super racist lately, voting for any white person, even one as good as Jones has been to them, is not going to happen. And if they don't, they will suffer even worse. The Democrats have also shot themselves in the foot by not bringing high level black people like Deval Patrick or Cory Booker until this past weekend, way after voter registration has ended. These guys are going to continue to lose until they get a clue that the political landscape had changed a lot since the 90's.

2)Republicans- How is it being the pro-Nazi party guys? Not well? Good. Their tax plan is hitting a rough patch that could kill it. Depending on the election next week will depend if this thing passes. Moore loses and Collins or Flake change their mind and this bill dies again. Thus the reason the GOP is pushing hard for Moore now, 2018 be damned. Short term gains can equally huge losses down the road which is right where they are headed. The only reason they have any approval rating at all is the economy is humming but that is coming to an end and soon. Red light are flashing suggesting strongly a massive correction is coming. We are way overdue for one and the bare minimum will be a 30% drop, probably by March. Worse, history shows that when Republicans are in office during a downturn, they always make it worse. Pain is coming people. These assholes are going to amplify it.
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1)Trump- I told everyone who would listen that electing Trump would end the world. This week, he set that ball rolling. Dumb fuck decided to move the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem with no quid pro quo from the Israelis. Needless to say, people world wide were pissed. Protests have evolved everywhere and this is going to to get way worse before it gets better. This was done to please Trump's super religious base that wants this bad so Jesus can return and Israel who have wanted this since the 90's. It also was because the Palestinians as a bargaining chip has been diminished over the years. As Hamas has gotten closer to Iran, countries like Saudi Arabia have become less and less concerned with their well being. That was seen front and center this week with their tepid response to moving the embassy. Make no mistake about what this was: another affront to Iran that we don't like them, don't trust them and would like to nuke them back to Mars. Only an idiot would fight a war on two fronts but Orange Hitler is following that classic mistake to a T. We will lose if this continues. Trump continues to stump for Moore, held a Nazi rally in Florida that WW2 experts said reminded them specifically of Hitler speeches at places like Nuremberg, which coincidentally saw speeches after the combat ended from war criminals that were not nearly as energetic or powerful. Trump must also see the walls closing in as the Flynn testimony will be damning and chances are good, he will be impeached sometime next year. Unless he fires Mueller or does some equally stupid world ending thing that is. 2018 will be the end of us all unless we get real lucky. Not voting for Moore is a good start. So congratulations Trump you are again douchebag of the week.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017


I don't know which is worse at this point: the fact we have a moron in office or that the Democrats look barely smarter. Trump set into motion moving the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. He did this to appease the religious right and Sheldon Adelson. He also did it because both Israel and Saudi Arabia share a common foe in Iran and as the Palestinians have aligned themselves with that country, them as a bargaining chip lost a lot of luster.
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Meanwhile, Al Franken has been accused AGAIN by yet another person whose story I do not believe. Yet, the Democrats have decided this ISN'T a hit job but true and Franken must go. Realistically, it matters little if he does step down tomorrow, which I expect him to do, because the governor of Minnesota is a Democrat, meaning no switch here. Something tells me if Franken hailed from a GOP run state, their attitude would almost certainly be different.

Both of these stories have long reaching potential beyond just today and both could literally end everything we know. Let's start with the far more serious one and if you think it is the Palestinians, think again. If Franken resigns, there is a clear cut way to remove ANY politician from now on, especially if they are Democrat. As Republicans have wisely adopted the "it didn't happen" excuse, Democrats are falling over each other trying to accuse everyone of rape. Why they can't see this is an attempt to take down a sitting senator, in a dry run for a more important target, that could upend every future election from here on.

If Joe Biden decides to run, there will be an avalanche of people coming forward saying he groped them or tried to kiss them of whatever, true or not. Because Democrats have adopted the stupid policy of believing everyone regardless of facts, this will be used against anyone they wish. Republicans won't have the same problem because they will suggest it is all fake news and their supporters will buy it. Way to go Democrats in finding a new inventive way to lose because they lack anything resembling a spine.

The same tricks are being used right now in the Mueller investigation. Because one guy sent anti-Trump tweets to his mistress the whole case is ruined and should be stopped, according to the GOP that is. How that matter is beyond me? I don't understand how someone like Davin Nunes can be partisan as hell and that is fine in an investigation but a single FBI guy says he doesn't like Trump and the whole thing is a sham? If everyone who ever said a bad word about Trump or Clinton was kicked out of the FBI, there wouldn't be anyone left. Unless they can show he influenced the investigation of did something else untoward, this is a whole lot of nothing.
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But again, this rational could be used to end the whole thing. If Trump was looking for a way to fire Mueller, this is a good start. And considering the average Republican is dumber than dirt, they will buy into it. The rest of us however have pledged to burn this country to the ground should this occur. Firing Mueller will be the equivalent of moving the embassy to Jerusalem: violence and lots of it.

Expect violent protest throughout the Middle East today. The problem for anyone living on the West Bank or Gaza hear this: you are cannon fodder now. I predicted to a T way back in 1999 that when this peace deal was turned down, a deal that was the best they were ever going to get, the Palestinians signed their own death warrant. True enough, the other two deals offered later were far less generous than the one they should have taken. And because of not taking any of those deals, the only thing left on the table is their extinction. There will now never be a Palestinian state and it is only a matter of time before Israel takes them out completely. Now that Saudi Arabia is only going to give lip service to their protection, plus giving them another reason to go after their mortal enemy Iran, that group is no longer worth the trouble. If war breaks out, the Palestinians will be the first casualties.

As if all that wasn't bad enough, word is war with North Korea is on the horizon. March appears to be the go date and there is evidence that this is true. Families are being asked to leave the area and envoys are being sent to our allies telling them if a deal isn't reached with North Korea by then, an invasion is set to occur. Said invasion will be utilizing ground troops, a terrible idea that could result in the death of millions. There are however, two new developments that suggest North Korea may not be a fierce as they think they are. A recent defector, a solider, was found to be in extremely bad health. An army, even a million strong, is no match for superior weaponry, and even worse if they are all sickly. Add to that, a new weapon the Air Force showed off, which was an experimental missile armed with an EMP beam. The weapon can fly over any area and basically shut off the power. If we have enough of these to use in a first strike capacity, there is every reason to believe we could affect most of the country before they could launch everything they have. If this does work, and the fact the military is showing it on TV that it does work, the death toll from an attack may mean that there will be lots more North Korean deaths than anyone else. We might lose a few cities on our side, like Seoul or Tokyo, but most would survive and Kim Jun Un would be toast. Much like the Palestinians, these guys should have tried for peace harder. Now it looks like the only thing they are going to get is death and lots of it.
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The world is going to burn. Merry Christmas.

Monday, December 4, 2017


Trump spent the day trying to convince us that presidents are immune to obstruction of justice charges which must be news to Nixon historians or Clinton himself, both of which were impeached for just that. This all stems from an ill advised tweet that directly implicated Trump for said charge and, as a result, all hell broke loose.
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This weekend, Orange Hitler tweeted that "I had to fire General Flynn because he lied to the VP and FBI. He had pled (sic) guilty to those lies. It is a shame because his action during the transition were lawful. There was noting to hide!" The problem with this tweet is he just admitted to obstruction of justice AGAIN. Remember when a confession was all you needed to convict someone? After his lawyers had a fit over this, they arrived at a novel explanation over it: he didn't write it, his lawyer John Dowd did. There is ample evidence that is NOT true.

First and foremost, the tweet came late at night, on the weekend, between two other tweets he does not deny writing. So to believe this, his lawyer, who has NEVER written any tweet before or since, wrote a tweet that incriminated his client and coincidentally came at the same exact moment the president himself was tweeting. Right. What kind of crap attorney writes that nonsense that could put his client behind bars? Not John Dowd from what I have heard from associates. If he did, Trump should fire him today for incompetence and be disbarred from any further cases. However, there is even more evidence that Dowd did not write said tweet.

The language is a dead give away. Everyone writes in a specific method of grammar and syntax. That Tweet sounded just like Trump. The other big giveaway is the fact that there is a massive error in the statement that no lawyer would make. It's pleaded guilty not pled. Only someone not a lawyer or with half a brain would make that mistake.Who does that sound like?

The Roy Moore race is coming down to the wire and it could go either way. The president and Mitch McConnell have both backtracked and now seem to support Moore. If he wins, every Republican candidate nationwide will be running mates with Trump and Moore. His win is still not pre-ordained. Word is there are a lot of Doug Jones signs up, the polls are a dead heat, and if enough people either do not vote for Moore or vote for someone else, Jones could realistically win. For the country and people of Alabama, this would be preferable. If Moore wins, their state is going to be seen as the worst state in the country and business and tourism are going to die off. Amazon will NEVER build their headquarters there if he wins. Neither will any other business who wants to stay afloat. Moore wins and this state burns.
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Then there is the Middle East where Trump has strongly suggested that he will move the Embassy to Jerusalem this week. As little as two years ago, this would have filled my heart with dread and would have expected WW3 over it. But much has changed and, just as I predicted way back in 1999, when the Palestinians told Israel to pound sand with their extraordinary peace deal, that this was the last chance they would ever get for such a deal and the longer they waited the less they would get. Two other peace deals, with much lower gains were also ignored. And now here we are with the US to align with Israel against a Palestinian state and there is far less pushback than expected. Why? Saudi Arabia.

There is a new sheriff in town there and he is igniting a war with Iran, their mortal enemies. As the Palestinian fight is now closer aligned to Iran than the Saudis, they are no longer useful as a bargaining chip. They have literally not said one word over this move publicly or privately. If this is true, and they no longer care about what happens in the West Bank or Gaza, this conflict has changed for the worse as that means that these areas have NO protection anymore and Israel will do what they want with little repercussions. Nobody cares if Syria, Lebanon and Iran bitches. That means if the Palestinians get wiped out tomorrow, few are going to care. Not the US, not Israel and not Saudi Arabia. The UN could put up a token fight but the US will veto it for certain. One thing is definitely going to happen and that is hundreds of thousands of people in these regions are going to die. It didn't need to be like this. But as the adage goes, opportunity only knocks once. Yassir Arafat is dead. Because of his idiocy, millions may follow him.
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The Palestinian state is never going to happen.That time has come and gone. Survival will be your goal now. Good luck with that when food, medicine and clean water end. No one is going to care and no war will start because of it. You will be forgotten by Western media, and eventually, Israel is going to occupy the entire region. I see no way of stopping it. Russia may complain as will Iran but it is unlikely that anyone will end the planet over a bunch of people few care about anymore. I feel for these people but they did it to themselves the same way Alabama is. Choice have consequences, sometimes lethal ones. We picked Trump and look how that is turning out. I have yet to meet anyone who is happy with their vote for Trump. They exist, especially in the brain dead south. History shows that if these assholes continue to vote against their own self interests, they will be the first to suffer.

Sunday, December 3, 2017


I am a little bitter if you can't tell. The worthless Republicans just passed their Senate version of a tax bill which still has a way to go but will probably get through in some way, shape or form. When it does, this country ends, perhaps forever. The success rate for trickle down economics is 0%. That is not a misprint. It really is that low. It has NEVER worked anywhere on Earth. Yet here we are again. And the next time the economy crashes, which is likely to happen sometime next year, they are going to go after everything we like. Kiss Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid goodbye. And with that, there is every chance this country devolves into riots and chaos. This is what you are voting for America. If Roy Moore wins, it is the beginning of the end because it will prove Republicans will never change, and if that is true, voting and legal avenues will be closed to us. Violence is all we will have left. Let's see those runner ups in what is probably our last Christmas season.
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10)Anthony "The Mooch: Scaramucci- For a guy who lasted all of ten days at the White House, he certainly is going down hard outside in the public avenues. After an opt-ed appeared in Tuft's college newspaper demanding that Mooch be let go from his position as an advisory board member, the Mooch had a fit about it. It got so bad he threatened to sue the paper for slander. Nevermind the fact that there is no way this lawsuit would ever see the light of day, it ticked off the school so much they demanded he leave. I guess the paper got its wish didn't it?

9)Cy Vance- It's not just Republicans fucking up the country. The Manhattan DA, already under fire for sugar coating and dismissing cases against the rich and powerful is back at it again. Many are accusing the DA of dragging his feet in the Paz De La Huerta lawsuit against Fat Bastard, Harvey Weinstein. How does this ass still have a job? Can we get no nice things in this country anymore?

8)NYT- Our media sure does suck lately. These assholes, the same fuckers responsible for getting us into the Second Gulf War, this week published a glowing account of a Nazi sympathizer. Are you kidding me? Mainstreaming the alt-right is NOT okay anymore? Here is how you deal with Nazis. You kill them. No freedom of speech bullshit. I have come to the conclusion that too much free speech is just as dangerous as too little. It's time to put the brakes on hate speech once and for all. And ending Fox News as dangerous propaganda wouldn't be a bad idea either.

7)Matt Lauer- While some cases lately seem made up (Garrison Keeler's accusations seems suspect), this one appears to be true. What kind of dick has a button that locks the door that he can use from his desk? EEEWWWW! I NEVER liked Lauer, especially after his interview with Trump and Clinton during a Town Hall showed he was WAY out of his league and I have heard stories for years that he was kind of a dick. I am not sad to see him go.
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6)John Conyers- Another guy who can't keep it in his pants. He is denying the charges,which is the right way to handle this. Al Franken has gotten his ass handed to him with his non-denial denials and apology tour. And those are not true from everything we have seen. Conyers has a bigger problem in that these charges seem credible. Should he quit? Not until Roy Moore and Trump do. Until then, he should stand fast.

5)Broaddrick and Wiley- I HATE these two fuckers. They were NEVER raped and this week proves it. These two liars went to Franken and Conyers office to demand their resignation. Notice they decided that Trump and Moore, who have been accused of far worse crimes against women, were going to be ignored. How partisan do you have to be to see these two are not truthful, a fact that has been well established for decades before being brought up? Stop with the nonsense.

4)Media- The media is incapable of doing anything anymore other than parroting what they heard form other sources. They have stopped investigating cases and just repeat, repeat, repeat. Even a rudimentary look at Franken's accusers would show they have serious problems. The first two have been thoroughly discredited. Tweeden lied that about just about everything she said and there is proof of that. She saw Franken at least twice afterward, with photographic proof. She didn't look unhappy in any photo. Neither does any other photo. The latest story about Franken grabbing a woman's boob was so obviously not true I am stunned she didn't say Santa Claus also molested her. The media has to do their job which they are incapable of lately. This is why the country is dying because no one knows who or what to believe anymore and the press is making it worse. Over at ABC, Brian Ross got suspended for four weeks for publishing an untrue story about Mike Flynn. He said the Trump gave him direct orders to contact the Russians, but that proved to be wrong. Oops. The first rule of journalism is to NOT publish anything without verification. This is what happens when that rule is not followed. Morons.
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3)Blake Farenthold- This fat fuck Republican from Texas (of course he is) got caught using $84,000 of taxpayer money to pay off a sexual harassment charge. At least Joe Barton from the same state had the courage to say he would not be seeking reelection after being caught up in a sex scandal with a woman who was not his wife. This is the same asshole who went after Susan Collins for her killing the health care bill. Time to go doofus. There's the door. Squeeze your enormous girth through it.

2)James O'Keefe- Another Republican loser who had his antics blow up in his face. He tried to get the Washington Post to run a fake story about Roy Moore and a younger girl who got an abortion, which then they would use to slam the newspaper as willing to publish anything anti Roy Moore. Right now, the Post is one of the only newspapers in the country printing actual news. If I had the money, I would subscribe to this over rags like the NYT or WSJ, both of which are not worth the paper they are printed on. This story proved it as they did diligent research, uncovering the utter ineptitude that this ass was trying to do. Her story did not check out and within minutes discovered her actual motivation which they then caught all on tape themselves. O'Keefe is a loser. His stories are garbage. Stop watching him destroy democracy. If anyone sees him, explain to him as forcefully as possible he is not wanted here anymore. This kind of crap has to end or our society is not going to last much longer.
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1)Republicans- If you still a Republican after this past week I have this to say you to: FUCK OFF! If you are still voting for establishing a fascist dictatorship, I have lost all patience with you. Here is my promise, the next person who utters the words trickle down economics gets a punch in the mouth. This theory has been tried three times already in 1929, 1987 and 2007. What happened shortly afterward? Oh that is right, the economy collapsed. This is coming next year as our stocks are way over inflated and Captain Dumbass and the Republican party are all but guaranteeing the whole house of cards is coming down.This is my promise for what I think will happen afterward: Republicans are going to die en masse. If these assholes continue to refuse to listen to reason, then violence is all we have left. Better to die on our feet than live on our knees. This tax bill will end this country once and for all. Their economic plan has a 0% success rate yet here we are again. We cannot keep going round and round like this. If society ends next year, the Republicans have to go down with it, along with the religious right. Trump is a menace whose days appeared numbered. How that plays out next year is anyone guess but again violence may be either sides recourse depending if Trump and the Republicans refuse to do anything with overwhelming evidence against him. Mitch McConnell flipped on Moore today, saying the people of Alabama could decide. This says lots. This means if Moore wins, he may stay on. What if they find Trump conspired with the Russians and the Republican congress does nothing? The revolution begins two seconds later. If the government is no longer following the rule of law, it is out duty as Americans to overthrow it. We have 300 million guns for a reason. I am hopeful that smarter heads will prevail here but considering that every single Republican not named Bob Corker, signed a bill that would kill poor people and devastate the middle class. Their motivations are clear. Too many of you are fine with this, but that may change next year when we are at war with Iran and North Korea, our economy is in tatters and martial law rules the day. You voted for this you idiots and continue to do so. Stop it or else. Congratulations Republicans you are indeed douchebag of the week.

Friday, December 1, 2017


Right now the Republicans are doing the best to run this country into a ditch AGAIN with an idiotic tax plan. It is not like there is ample evidence this won't work as it has failed every single time it was enacted. It failed in 1929, 1987 and 2007. Notice that in each of those years, it was Republican controlled Congress that enacted these laws that ruined the country. When Reagan tried it in 1981, the economy tanked and he had to raise taxes 11 times to fix it. Bush did the same. Most recently, Kansas tried trickle down theory and it too blew up in their faces, setting up a veto override from their moron Governor, who not surprising is leaving his job to join the drowning Trump administration.
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But because the clock is running out on how long Trump will actually be president, they are forcing a vote on a historically unpopular bill that all but insures that if it does go on to pass, which is still up in the air, democrats will have every demographic behind him, including Trump supporters that are going to get fucked hard with NO lube. People are fine with Republicans as long as they are they are ones not on the receiving end of the strap on. This tax bill however, will fuck anyone making under $100,000 a year, which is 90% of the country. Good luck going into 2018 with that hanging over you. Your donors may be thrilled but the general public is going to be filled with murderous rage. Expect at least one sitting politician to be assassinated next year. Bet on it.

While it almost certainly will pass the Senate thanks to traitors like Lisa Murkowski, John McCain and Susan Collins. May they burn in hell for their treasonous behavior. Anyone voting for Collins next year should be shot. That bitch needs to go. If Maine is too stupid too realize that, fuck them like I will be telling Alabama after Roy Moore wins. I don't live that far from Maine so be warned Trump voters, people like me are looking to kick ass and take names and we're not going to care who gets in our way. I will help in any full court press to get rid of ALL Republicans come 2018, a sentiment a lot of America is most likely going to to agree with. This tax bill will will sack the economy, LOSE jobs for Americans to outsourcing and create a huge push for automation (where those tax cuts are really going to hurt) while the Democrats get to sit back and laugh. History shows that when a bill this unpopular passes, added with a historically unpopular president, the loss of seats in both the Senate and House will almost certainly be disastrous.

But before we get ahead of ourselves, understand that the passage of this bill through the Senate does not guarantee passage. Unlike the health care bill that they failed at, the House is not going to rubber stamp what the Senate comes up meaning they have to go conference and find a solution that both find agreeable. That will be a lot harder than many think. What they need for some to vote on it, like concerns from Collins or Flake, may be removed and with it, their vote, which would sink it in the Senate. Keeping them in and it doesn't pass the House. I still think they will find a way to pass this and we will all get fucked in the process.
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The reason they are rushing this bill through without any hearings or debate is their window to get anything accomplished is dwindling. Moore could lose next week. losing them a key vote. Worse, with the indictment of Flynn today, chances are high that the President will be impeached sometime next year. Republicans may have no choice but to go along with this if Muller says he has hard evidence Trump colluded with the Russians to fix the election. Good luck defending that in America. Some, especially the White House, are saying that because all they had on Flynn was lying to the FBI, they are in the clear. Far from it. Flynn has publicly said he is cooperating and has given up not one but two high level Trump team members. There are only so many bigger than Flynn and that would include Kushner, Sessions, Pence and Trump himself. One if not two of them are fucked. Chances are good that all four are either going to jail or resigning in disgrace soon.

UPDATE: Sources say that Kushner is one of those Flynn gave up. He is one of the transition team members that Flynn said told to him to go talk to the Russians. If true, and it probably is, this is HUGE!

This reminds me of the John Dean moment in the Watergate scandal that upended that case. Until that point Nixon, like Trump, cried Fake NEWS until he no longer could. After Dean, it was all over. It was just a matter of time. That is what this looks like with Trump facing real problems next year as the election looms. As Democrats already have ammo that the GOP is a racist, Nazi pedophile gang, Russian treason will be the cherry on top. Get ready for a wave of epic proportions that will probably devastate the GOP, perhaps fatally. Depending on how deep Trump is in with Russia, the entire Republican party could sink with it. It is going to be next to impossible to attract voters pissed at their taxes going up, the health care prices rising, facing higher costs for college and the elderly and then, most likely, going after Medicare and Social Security, I don't know they will survive until 2018. A country filled with desperate idiots and 300 millions guns sounds like a recipe for disaster.

Make no mistake about it. 2018 is going to suck. If Tillerson leaves, very likely, Mike Pompeo will take over and he's a moron. Tom Cotton, equally stupid, will head the CIA, These two will start WW3. Bet on it. Worse, our generals, who may be the dumbest in human history, are recommending a ground war against North Korea, somehow unaware that under this scenario, at least three million will die in the first 72 hours. This is a plan for failure. I have outlines quite clearly the only two possibilities are an ultimatum and a total embargo. Any country not involved, will also be driven from world markets. If that doesn't work, nuke them out of existence in a first strike attack and let the Russians and Chinese know if they aid in any way, the world ends. Be like Kennedy and draw a line in the sand. Tell them in no uncertain terms that if they cross it, the world ends. Period. The Russians were smart to blink during the Cuban Missile Crisis. This is worse. And we have a moron in office. The other option is to put in suicide squads inside the reclusive country to cause as much damage as possible and spread propaganda. Anything other than these two ideas are doomed to failure. There is no chance that we do either of these so the chances for a massive war next year are at about 75%, short of some diplomatic breakthrough that would be highly implausible, given current situations.
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The Republican party have proven to be traitors to this country. If you vote for them in 2018 for literally ANY seat in the government, so are you. We will be waiting when the revolution comes. Trust me when I say you will not be happy.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017


If there was any doubt that Trump is unhinged, the last 24 hours verified it. In that time frame, he has insulted Native Americans and Liz Warren, dissed the Democrats to such an extent that a government shutdown appears likely, said that he thinks the Hollywood Access tape is fake, even though he already said it was true, accused Obama of being from Kenya AGAIN and now just tweeted three anti-Muslim videos that have pissed off just about everyone not a racist, including the British whose video feeds were shared through a right wing site and tweeted by Trump. When is it going to be too much because I crossed that line a few years back. What is wrong with some people in this country? Hillary was dead on that way too many are irredeemable deplorables in this country and a reckoning is coming if they continue trying to force fascism down out throats. 
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Who exactly still supports this lunatic? Evangelicals apparently who must now be treated like the American Taliban. These fuckers need to go. Treat anyone from this religion like a leper. Show them how actual discrimination feels like. They want the ability to pick and choose who they do business with, that sword swings both ways assholes. Show up outside their churches and scream hateful things at them. Follow them home and do the same thing. Treat them like they have been treating us. These fuckwads are STILL supporting Roy Moore who is one of the most unfit for office people in all of American History. If you are worse than Sarah Palin or any Bush, you've achieved quite the accomplishment. When Democrats get control of both houses, which now may actually happen come 2018 considering the amount of damage they are about to do, a reckoning will happen.

The Tax bill may actually pass the Senate and then the real problems start. It will go to committee where they will hash out bringing the two together. That is where this whole thing will most likely implode because what the House wants, the Senate doesn't and vice versa. Stuff that people like Corker and Collins want will be stripped from the final bill as it has no chance of passing the House. But take those things out, and the Senate bill dies. As they are forcing this thing through with little regard to how it works, just like Obamacare, and no idea what is in the final bill,we have no idea if it will pass. Considering there has been no vote today to advance it says they are still shy of the votes needed for passage.

The funny part about this is is that this bill will not work. As a matter of fact, it may spell the end of Republican control of Congress. Some House representatives, like Peter King (NY) knows if this bill passes, he has no chance of reelection. I don't care how Republican you are, no one votes for someone who just doubled their taxes. And that is exactly what is going to happen in high tax states, all blue, all coastal. Any Republican in those states, 63 to be exact, are going to lose and lose badly. That alone will give control back to Democrats and that is not counting other places they might win, giving them even a chance at the Senate, as this tax bill may be so unpopular, it could sink their majority overall.

Of course they may still lose a vote in Alabama which shows a clear trend of Roy Moore losing support. Some have crowed that recent polls with Moore show he still has a lead, but either those polls were highly suspect or showed a severe downward trend. Emerson polls showed Moore up 22 points in September. In October that dropped to 10. It's now down to six. And that poll showed way higher support for Moore than any other. But even as an outlier, the downward pattern is obvious. Doug Jones could still win in Alabama, which would be a huge upset for Republicans and a big hearty laugh for the rest of us.
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But as the Tax plan and out insane president dicker, North Korea is leading us toward war. Chances of us getting into some sort of skirmish with them is near 100%. There is only one option at this point and no president since Kennedy has done it. Draw a line in the sand with North Korea, Russia and China. Tell Russia and China they can either help us or face the end of the world. Give them until the end of the month to show demonstrable efforts to side line North Korea. If at that time, a full blockade of all goods and services to North Korea isn't implemented, we will have no choice but to launch and all out nuclear strike on the country. And if either China or Russia so much as look like they are helping, the world ends and we all die. Kennedy threatened Armageddon versus the Russians and meant it. We need to do the same now. You are with is or against us. If the planet has to die because they are too stupid to realize this has gotten out of control, so be it. Better to die on your feet than live on your knees. If we let this get to a place where North Korea does have parity with us, the chances of WW3 are near 100%. There is no way he doesn't invade the South, thinking because he has nukes, we won't do anything. Chances are high we will and no one survives. We have run out of road people and the choices are stark. No matter what, millions are going to die next year. Bet on it.

So we have an insane president more interested in starting a race war than dealing with the problems we have. We have a Congress more interested in grab ass and stealing from the public blind. And we have a public too stupid to know better. Enjoy Christmas because there won't be another one. Happy Holidays all.

Monday, November 27, 2017


The hits sure do keep coming don't they. North Korea may launch new missiles this week, where depending on where they are aimed, could start WW3. Meanwhile the Republicans here at home are trying to destroy this country once and for all, an aim of their's for decades now. And way too many of you are fine with with this. Our destruction nears and most of America will be to blame for doing nothing to stop it, even encouraging it.
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North Korea has been quiet lately, probably since their nuke testing site imploded killing hundreds. But that peace will be short lived as both sides have unstable, unpredictable leaders right now. It really is anyone's guess who is worse. But there have been signs lately that North Korea may may be far more unstable than we thought and that is both good and bad news.

A defector made it across the border, and almost started an international incident in the process. North Korea troops fired across the border, a big no-no and could have led to the start of a new Korean war. As it is, The South Koreans issued a stern warning today that if they do it again, the armistice they have had since the 50's may go away. I get why the troops did everything they could do to stop him, as they were ALL replaced the next day. Wherever they went, you can bet hard cash it wasn't pleasant for them OR their families. Some might have even been executed.That is some harsh punishment.

But the defector told us a lot about what is going on right now in the hermit country. Dissidents are growing louder, the people are getting fed up and the whole country appears to be hanging by a thread. The fact the defector, an army soldier who eats better than the regular public, was riddled with diseases like Hepatitis B and parasitic worms normally only found in animals, is telling. This says the health of the country is really bad and a strong wind could blow it over. Now, if we had intelligent people running the world, which we so don't, this could open a way to topple the government without bombs or millions dead. What we need are suicide squads sent in to disrupt their way of life by any means possible, which if things are this bad, the slightest upset could ruin them. But that wouldn't sell billions in weapons so it's probably never going to happen.
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No the most likley scenario is one that Russia and several generals have voiced concern about and that is a nuclear war on the Korean peninsula. There is a solid chance that war with North Korea will happen by next summer. If it does, millions, maybe more, will die. Fun.

Here at home, the Republicans are hell bent on enacting trickle down economics or the third time, even though the first two attempts ended in recessions for us all. They have included back door legislation to defund Planned Parenthood, repeal of the Johnson Act, and giving legal protections to fetuses in a way to end Roe V Wade. Plus, it has billions for the rich and a tax hike for the rest of us. If you support this bill and are not a multi-millionaire, congratulations, you're an idiot.

They are going to try to cram this monstrosity through this week but if they fail, this will have to go on the back burner until next year as a government shut down looms and it is possible it could happen. Most likley, they will kick the can down the road again a few weeks or months and the whole process starts all over. No matter what, this will dominate Congress next week.

There are at least seven senators who have either said no or are leaning that way. I am not sure that they can pass this bill as is right now. If they can't, it will be another loss for the reeling GOP. Even if it does pass, people are going to be furious when their taxes and their health care goes up. They are delusional if they think a majority of the country will blame Democrats for their sloth. Polls show, they will get the lion's share of the blame here and that will follow them into 2018.
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Call your Senator and tell them if this tax bill passes, you not only won't vote for them in 2018 or beyond, but that your days voting for ANY Republican are doomed. If this bill passes, a lot of us are going to suffer. Don't be that moron who votes for people like Roy Moore and other losers and then find out their jobs are gone, their health care is fucked and their house has lost all of it's value in the coming stock market crash. When this happens, I blame you. And if society falls, who do you think a lot us are coming after? It's not just the right with tons of guns guys. If civilization falls because too many of you are too stupid to read, the reckoning coming will make the Holocaust look like a bad cold. 90% of the country will die. Is this really what you want for you and your kids? Stop voting for it then. 2018 will be the make or break moment for this country. Whether we still want a free and fair country will depend on how people vote. I am not confident that we are bright enough to not make a fatal mistake here.

Sunday, November 26, 2017


If you are voting for most Republicans now, you are a fucking retard. If you can't see that they are driving us off a cliff and straight into the fascist state they have been aching for since the thirties, there is something wrong with you. We are getting dangerously close to a point when violence is going to erupt, not pitting state against state but neighbor against neighbor. How well do you think that will turn out for anyone? This week they have shown they are willing to end the Internet as we know it, raise taxes on the poor and middle class to help the rich all the while suggesting a suspected child molester getting into the Senate is okey dokey. And some you out there are just fine with this? Fuck off! Let's see those runner ups.
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10)Charlie Rose- The constant barrage of sexual harassment charges piled up even more this week, with longtime newscaster Rose getting fired after numerous women came forward with believable stories. What is it with some men who think showing their wang to everyone is a good idea? I hate to break it to you guys but your significant other barely wants to see that, why would anyone else? Another pig put out to pasture.

9)Al Franken- Then we have the flip side where Al Franken has also been accused of groping by three women and "harassment" by another." The problem I have is I am fairly certain none of this took place and there is ample evidence this is a combined right wing/Russian bot attempt to take down a sitting Senator. Why for fucks sake Franken isn't saying this is all hooey is beyond me as it is tanking his numbers. I watched people this week go from overwhelmingly defending him to having questions because his apologizes are making things worse, something I told him to stop doing earlier this week in an email to his office. Turns out I was right because his spineless actions are convincing people he actually did this, which at this point, seems highly unlikely. But leave it to the democrats to pussy out on this, as according to them now all women need to be believed (a situation which will also lead to sex claims being ultimately dismissed when more false allegations come to light), and now as NONE are going to be believed without solid proof, rape cases are going to be even harder to prove. Way to go democrats for their weakness again destroying the country.

8)Huffington Post- The right wing media is bad enough but do we really need a bunch of middle aged white women telling people what to do either? This rag of a "media" outlet has really fallen since Arianna Huffington left, now no better than the National Enquirer for believable stories. They have gone full tilt left to such an extent I even think Lena Dunham would be horrified by it. According to these people, Franken needs to resign, white men are all idiots and the world would be far better if women ran it. Franken didn't do it, the stereotype of white men as idiots has been going on for decades and needs to stop and even when the world is run by women, nothing changes. Go to Mynamar for proof of that. Why is okay for this company to be literally filled to the rafters with white women but if I showed that same photo with white MEN only, that would be a travesty? Workplace diversity is fine. Discriminating against white men is another. Oh, and I have tried to get a job with them for years and even with my extensive reporting background I didn't even get a call back. I wonder why?
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7)Emily Condon- This fuckwad proves my point above. This writer for Teen Vogie tweeted she would be just fine if a bunch of innocent men lost their jobs for sex crimes. WTF? Needless to say, what she said got a lot of negative attention and most likley, upended her career. After getting slammed on line for the stupidest tweet this week, and in the age of Trump that is quite an accomplishment, she closed her account and went into hiding. She hasn't written anything for Teen Vogue since July and chances are good she won't be back. Way to screw up your life for an idiotic statement.

6)Thomas Brunell- One of two controversial Trump picks this week. This one is a guy who wants to gerrymander the fuck out of the country and was just appointed to the census bureau. Nevermind the fact he is wholly unqualified for the job, like most of Trump's picks, his positing could make this a Republican only country which kind of makes the whole democracy thing moot. Our last hope is the Supreme Court overrules this. The good news is it might actually happen.

5)Lisa Murkowski- Hatchet face from Alaska sold out her constituents for corporations this week when she said she was fine with getting rid of the Obamacare mandate to allow drilling off the Alaskan coast. This will increase insurance premiums by at least 2000 dollars a year for her voters. It  could also destroy their livelihood if they have a BP level oil break. Have fun paying for that so rich people can get more money.
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4)Al Barton- Yet another "family friendly" Republican who is anything but. This loser from Texas (of course he was) got caught sending dick pics to a mistress who thankfully was of legal age. He's still cheating on his wife, separated or not. The Bible does NOT make that distinction. Shouldn't Evangelicals be calling for his head like that of John Conyers or Al Franken? Oh that's right, morality only applies to Democrats. These fuckers are all going to hell so aren't they in for a surprise down the road.

3)John Conyers- This representative was accused by two women of sexual misconduct and paid one of them $27000 to shut up. Unlike Franken however, this guy has played the correct cards in order and denies all of it. Considering the plethora of questionable accusations on men lately, I wouldn't be surprised if it was all made up. Or he could be guilty as hell. But because too many liars have come forward, all have to looked at under a microscope now. Unless there is a barrage of new claims, there is no way he steps down.

2)Trump- In a true dictator way, Orange Hitler appointed Nick Mulvaney to head the CPA. Problem is, he appears to lack the authority to do so. Dodd Frank says the exiting director gets to appoint his successor until Congress picks a new one. The White House says the Federal Vacancy Act gives them the authority to do so. All of this will wind up in court but should make for an interesting first day when both show up at their job. Trump also went on a Tweet storm this, blasting the three teens he helped get out of China, lied about a Time Man on the Year cover (shocker) and played his 5000th round of golf. As it appears Flynn has turned on him, most likely to avoid kidnapping charges against a Turkish Sheik the US has been protecting which would have applied on a state level, his days may be numbered. The walls are closing in on him and his family. Early next year, I have a feeling we will know a lot more than we do today.
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1)Republicans- Wow, do you guys suck. Your tax plan will not only raise taxes on almost anyone not making a million dollars a year, it is also going to skyrocket your health care, decrease wages for most, and lead to mass cuts in services we all like. When this happens, people are going to be beyond pissed. Not thinking that a country with no mental services and a ton of guns isn't going to riot is foolish. They are also trying to end the Internet with royal douchebag, Ajit Pai, at the helm that will end free speech in this country. The hysterical part is that the right wing media think they will be spared. History says otherwise. There is a real fascist push and some of you are crying for it. You won't be happy if it does occur and you get crushed underneath as cannon fodder. The people of Alabama are close to electing a suspected child molester. If that isn't a step too far I don't know what is. We are getting dangerously close when taking arms up against the government may have to happen. The end result will be destruction either way so why not go down fighting. The world is ending and some of you out there are helping. So congratulations Republicans, you are indeed douchebags of the week.

Thursday, November 23, 2017


The end game is in sight now with one of two outcomes. Either Trump and his fascist buddies are going to transform this country into something unrecognizable or the GOP is going to be tied to Russian influence. One of these two will happen. I am hoping it will be the later but considering the downward spiral of world IQ points, I am not sure. Way too many are all too happy to support Roy Moore will simultaneously demanding Al Franken's head. If Moore wins, Alabama should burn. A fight is coming and I am not convinced the left or the democrats are ready for it. But there is at least a glimmer of hope in a darkened world and here are things I am happy about.
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10)I am happy that I live in a country where I don't have to worry about the plague or starving to death. Most Americans will never experience true hunger or poverty like seen in places like sub-Saharan Africa. Considering way too many of us are the size of a house, maybe some self restraint might not be a bad idea.

9)I am thankful I am not a woman. Holy crap, minus the less than believable stories, there is solid proof that a majority of women nationwide have been sexually abused at some point. Just about every woman I have ever met has been raped. That is a heavy burden for anyone. Apparently, men are pigs. Women should be issued at birth a chastity belt, gun safety classes and a never-ending supply of mace.

8) I am glad I no longer work for the MSM. The Huffington Post opened themselves up to a massive lawsuit when they slandered Al Franken with an unproven story about two women with what appears to be made up stories. Let me get this straight, this "monster" only attacks women at large gatherings with dozens of witnesses, none of which have said they saw anything, with outlandish stories that appear to be untrue. But not one person he has ever worked with have come forward, the opposite actually where 36 women who knew him stood up for him. One woman claimed Franken grabbed her ass and propositioned her to the bathroom. I call foul on that story and we now have out first McMartin school moment. I KNOW this story didn't happen. Anyone who has ever even glanced at campaign event, where these incidents allegedly took place at, knows there is no way to secretly do anything. There is no way Franken could have disappeared into the bathroom with a strange woman with no one noticing his absence. His every movement is shadowed by aides and others who keep track of him. That is their job. Women are indeed lying now about sexual abuse, just as Sly Stallone found out when he was falsely accused. His ex-wife, who he hasn't even talked to in 30 years, jumped to his defense saying she was attached at the hip to her husband at the time of the alleged incident and there is no way it took place. I believe her and not the accuser. Not all women tell the truth. The attacks on Franken are a prime example.
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7)I am thankful I don't have to go anywhere today. I had to drive to Boston on Tuesday and sat in traffic on the Mass pike for 2 hours all because of a massive accident that shut part of the highway down. While MA has always had some of the worst drivers on earth, lately it appears to be spreading nationwide. I almost got killed last week when some soccer mom in a SUV(also the most dangerous drivers right above men in pickup trucks) decided to change lanes without looking. Luckily I have great reflexes still and there was no one in the other lane I had to swerve in. She also had two kids in the back. Moron.

6)I am thankful I am a white guy. Yes, we get played to death on TV as the bumbling idiot, which had this been any other race or sex would have been declared illegal, racist and/or sexist had any other combination been used. However, I am less likely to be pulled over or harassed by the cops. On the other hand, I am still capable of being shot as the police nationwide seem to be incapable of doing their job any other way.

5)I am thankful I don't live in Alabama. I am honestly not sure that if I lived in this backassward, hick of a state I wouldn't be looking at committing mass murder for the absolute stupidity of people who live there.These assholes are the ones that will usher in a  new era of fascism. If you are voting for Roy Moore, I sincerely wish you dead. This kind of idolatry is banned in that book you allegedly love but ignore at every possible instance. If Roy Moore wins, a distinct possibility, this state should be shunned like Kevin Spacey. NO ONE is too travel or do business with this fucking state until they enter the 19th century to start.

4)I am glad that Hillary Clinton lost. I just wish it hadn't been to Trump. Instead of the classic fascism coming our way, she would have ushered in a new era of corporate fascism that would only be slightly better. The Democrats suck almost as hard as the Republicans so chances are good that regardless of who we vote in, our interests are going to be ignored. Obama certainly didn't help.

3) I am thankful I am not a young teen anymore. With all the social media and cyber bullying, teen years seem even worse now. The only plus I see is that there are literally dozens of hot young teachers who are sleeping with their students. I would have liked that when I was 15 and horny and yes there is a different standard here. No teen who sleeps with his teacher is going to be emotionally harmed. Quite the opposite actually. But, on the flip side, school shootings, VD, and bullying is far worse and I am glad I missed all that.
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2)I am thankful for our elected officals. Just kidding, they all suck hard.

1)I am thankful my health is stable, I have a woman who loves me and a family that helps me out. If you have that, you pretty much have everything.

Happy Thanksgiving all. See you on Sunday.

Monday, November 20, 2017


Congratulations anti-Democratic women, you just made sexual harassment even harder to prove. A third Al Franken accuser has come forward and if many of you asking "But I thought it was only two," that is because the second person was SO unreliable most of the MSM passed on reporting it. What we are seeing now appears to be a concentrated effort to get rid of Franken and may even succeed at it because people are incapable of any form of rational thought anymore.
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The first accuser, Leeann Tweeden, has had her story ripped apart into a million pieces. Video of the event shows her grabbing men's asses, without permission I might add, and even kissing soldiers against their will. Why is that NOT an issue? Plus, the sketch she says was "pervy," was the same sketch he had done for years in which the pretty model pretends to be grossed out by Franken kissing her and then she kisses a soldier instead. As this was done with other women before her, why don't they have the same story? Because it never happened. Her credibility should have been in question as she works for fucking FOX NEWS and is a regular guest on Hannity. I will also add the USO escort, who is supposed to be glued to the hip to their targets, said he saw nothing that she is describing. This is a hit job.

The second accuser, some fucked up idiot who is an editor for a way far right website, said Franken harassed her on the set of the Politically Incorrect. She alleged he called her at all hours threatening her. Even the media didn't buy this story and as there was no sexual aspect to it, was ignored by all but people like Breitbart. Her story is an almost certain lie.

Now comes the new story by some bitch out of Minnesota. Allegedly, while taking a picture together at the state fair, he grabbed her ass. Right. The photo in question shows her with a huge smile on her face and he looks bored. Here's the part I don't get: why didn't she say anything right there and then? I understand when the person is your boss or in a position of power that was real consequences to your life. A US Senator has some power but not enough to mess up your life. So why not say something right there and then like "What the fuck? You just grabbed my ass!" Then the husband would have been involved and the whole thing would have been front and center. I've had my ass grabbed and let me tell you I didn't wait seven years to voice my protest. I punched the guy as hard as I could. This whole "I am going to wait years to voice my complaint" is bullshit in some instances. I understand why people waited years to tell about Roy Moore or Harvey Weinstein. But someone who has no pull on your life shouldn't be waiting decades to tell their tale with any amount of believability.
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This looks like a lie. I want to see this woman's bank records. Something tells me there will be a huge deposit in there from someone in the RNC. At this point, these woman have the same credibility as Clinton's three accusers, none of which all believable. Supposedly, four more women are coming forward to accuse the former president but even if they do, because of what Franken is going through, I don't know if I will believe them and there in lies the problem.

As I told you yesterday, this is going to make rape cases even HARDER to prosecute, especially of the person is famous. There will always be the stain of political expedience in any of them and, as the Franken accusers appear to be lying, EVERY accusation after this, regardless of party, has to be taken with a grain of salt, short of overwhelming evidence, which almost certainly does not exist. This shouldn't have been a political thing but thanks to the spinelessness of the Democrats, who cannot stop running from a fight, and the Republicans, who can politicize a ham sandwich, sexual assault claims are now going to be seen as bunk regardless of truth, God help us all.

Sunday, November 19, 2017


This week is why I hate most people. Leave it to mankind to once again show that nobody has any semblance of common sense and that neither the right nor the left is capable anymore of rational thought. The people of Alabama, from the Governor down to it's hillbilly, cousin marrying doofuses, are mostly horrific human beings whose stupidity is going to have nationwide consequences soon. On the flip side, liberal assholes have turned a legitimate problem of sexual harassment in the workplace into a country wide witch hunt. Both of these are serious problems that will end us all. This is why we can't have nice things. Let's see those runner ups.
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10)Neal McCoy- I despise jingoistic bullshit. Samuel Johnson once wrote that "Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel." Country music is way too often guilty of this. The latest crap is from some dork named McCoy who I have never heard of. His song "My Knee, My Ass," fits right into this narrative but sounds a lot more gay than I think he intended. In it, he slams Colin Kaepernick for taking a knee during the national anthem, because as we all know this is a time honored tradition that goes back to the old days, way back in 2009 when dinosaurs roamed the Earth and we had a shitty, yet competent president. Nevermind the fact that the song is garbage and the title sounds more like a gay anthem than a protest song, why do we care so much when someone takes a knee during game. Is your life affected one whit? No? Then shut the fuck up already and mind your own business. We have way too many people more concerned with other people's behavior than their own.

9)Robert Mugabe- The Zimbabwe dictator was overthrown this week when he did what is known as classic overreach. Throughout history, powerful men have been destroyed by thinking they were above the law until they went one step too far. Joseph McCarthy is a prime example as are the Salem Witch trials (more on that later as it applies directly to today). Mugabe tried to fire his VP, one who had very close ties to the military and appoint his wife the new leader. As his wife was as popular as being eaten by a crocodile, the military took over the country and deposed the dictator this weekend. His supporters, seeing which way the wind was blowing, all turned on him, and he was voted out of office today. He has until Monday to empty his desk. If he goes peacefully, he could live a good life in exile. But some, like Qaddafi for example, refused to leave until his own people rose up and killed him. Let's see how bright this man really is.
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8)GOP Tax Bill- Anyone who thinks this is a good idea is a total idiot. It will RAISE taxes on the poor and middle class, slash everything from town funds to Medicare all to give people who don't need it tax breaks. Have you ever noticed that regardless of the state of the union, tax cuts are all they talk about. Economy bad? Tax cuts. Economy good? Tax cuts. The problem is whenever these cuts are levied, they tank the economy 100% of the time. We have tried this several times (1986 and 2004) and each time we saw a massive recession/depression. Kansas got wiped out by them. But they are going to try again. They are even getting rid of the individual mandate which history shows when removed causes chaos with the insurance market. The chances of this passing the Senate right now appear slim. But they have all next year to keep trying so stay tuned.

7) The Plague- Madagascar is being inundated with Bubonic plague victims. Some papers have decided to market this as a world wide issue that could spread like wildfire. Bunk. Yes, Africa could be devastated by it only because their third world status may make it hard to stop. But literally any industrialized country need not worry because buried under all the hoopla, literally the last line in some articles, is the fact that this is NOT an antibiotic resistant strain. This means, that anyone taking tetracycline will be immune to said plague and those pills are numerous and could even be mailed to every single home with little problem. Yet another case of some disease being thrown at us like the boogeyman, for the sole purpose of selling newspapers of generating clickbait.
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6)Real sex crimes- There seem to be a lot of people out there who can't keep it in their pants. Jeremy Piven is the latest to be accused by multiple women and their stories seem reliable. When famous people start accusing you, especially ones with nothing to gain, it is all over. So Piven, whose new show is still on, but might be all she wrote after the thirteen episode run, appears screwed as new allegations against him are stacking up. Why are powerful men such pigs? Because they can be. I have been in charge of some businesses, including film and TV, and I have not only never sexually harassed any worker ever, I would have fired anyone who did that at work. These latest accusations make Hollywood look like a horrible place to work. It isn't. But these assholes certainly don't help.

5)Media and sex crimes- I have come to the conclusion that no one who works in the news department knows how to do their job anymore. All week, I have listened to people relitigate the Bill Clinton alleged rape cases and suddenly decide that all the accusations against him have to be true because no women ever should be not believed. WTF? What about evidence and doing your fucking job? These cases WERE looked at, found to be NOT credible and thrown into the dust bin of history. And why the FUCK are we NOT talking about Trump and his accusations? He is president right? Shouldn't that matter more than what some partisan crap that happened twenty years ago? And how come no one is discussing Julie Hiaat Steele? She was the woman that proved Kathleen Wiley a liar. She also got fucked for it by Kenn Starr who ruined her life. Or how about Susan McDougal? She went to jail because she refused to lie for Starr during his special council bullshit. Where are these women in stories? Left out because they don't fit the narrative they are trying to sell. Al Franken's USO escort said on Twitter he never saw anything like his accuser is saying. Why isn't he being interviewed? Mankind is getting dumber by the second.
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4)Jared Kushner, Jeff Sessions and Don Don- Evidence has surfaced this week that at least one of these three may be facing serious jail time for their inability to tell the truth. Kushner is knee deep in scandal as he has had to change his federal reporting data so many times it is no longer legible. New emails have come forward that show he was in communication with the Russians. Don Don is in similar trouble for communications with Wikileaks that he had denied until now. Sessions has lied repeatedly to Congress about his dealing with Russia. All three could be facing charges as serious as treason. Good luck with that.

3)Trump- Another week, another round of stupidity. After idiotically tweeting about Al Franken's misconduct while ignoring the Roy Moore debacle, his own accusations came back to haunt him. Fat Bitch had the gall to say that this was acceptable because Franken has admitted guilt while Trump and Moore had not. Great explanation cunt. Drop dead already. Mueller is circling him hard and it appears that it is only a matter of time before this whole house of cards come down on our heads because we vote the worst people into office on both sides.
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2 and 1) Roy Moore and #MeToo witch hunt- Both of these have gone too far.  Roy Moore has has nine women come forward with sexual assault accusation and at least 40 others who have verified his behavior. The man is a pig. Yet the "good' people of Alabama have decided a pedophile is better than a Democrat. Oh HELL NO! Anyone voting for Roy Moore should be killed. PERIOD. These people are fucking dangerous. It is this kind of shit that leads to a Hitler. Don't think we won't remember this if he wins. When democrats get back into office, which looks likely in 2018 at this point, they should run them over in the deep south, the same way they do to the Northeast. Let those fuckers suffer for a while. Tax the shit of their churches, make abortion clinics as numerous as McDonald's, and mandate  every town has to be gay friendly or face huge fines. Their Governor, some old bitch too stupid to actually be in charge of anything, has decided to vote for Roy Moore, proving she is unfit for office. I feel bad for those living there that aren't retarded. Must be hell. Roy Moore is a rapist and the Evangelicals there have sold their soul to the devil. I cannot fathom how supporting a child raper is part of God's plan. It is this kind of blind loyalty that end nations.

On the flip side we have the #MeToo movement that started good and has now devolved into a Salem Witch Trial. Nothing is more apparent than the attacks on Al Franken, attacks I believe are politically motivated (like Clinton's) with some proof that our worthless media has completely ignored. While the story about the photographer in the infamous Franken photo has NOT come forward like some have suggested. his USO escort has and he says this never happened. There is also some evidence the photo in question has been tampered with. I would also like to say that unlike others, no one else has come forward and dozens have come to his defense, including Lorraine Newman and Jane Curtain, who said he fought for women on the show, and that was at a time when women's roles were greatly diminished. His accuser is a Fox News host and regular on Hannity. She was also responsible for getting Shirley Sherrod fired, calling her a racist on Sean Hannity, when Fox News and others took her words out of context and she was fired by a lynch mob before all the facts came to light. When they did and the truth was far different than what Leeanne Tweeden and the far right were saying, she had to be rehired or face a lawsuit. So a woman who has lied once already should believed? Please. Morons like Lena Dunham, Senator Kristen Gillebrand and Chelsea Handler have decided that ALL women should be believed regardless of context, somehow unaware that if this continues eventually, no ONE will be believed when some loser goes to far and accuses someone above reproach for sex crimes, like the Pope or something. When overreach happens, and it will because it always does, it will be even harder to prove sex crimes than it is now. Is that really what women want? I don't and neither do they. Right now, a single accusation, regardless of severity, is now an excuse to get out the executioner and end them. What Franken did was juvenile and moronic, but it is not the same as rape. Yet fuckwads like Alyssa Milano are screaming about zero tolerance and Franken should resign. FOR WHAT? For a kiss that may or may not have happened and a stupid photo where he is PRETENDING to grab her breasts? Please. By that logic you should have to quit acting for your shitty movie Embrace of the Vampire. No case should be ignored but likewise not every case is true. The Duke rape case, the Rolling Stone rape story debacle and the Tawana Brawley case are just three cases where if we believed the woman and nothing else, innocent people would have been sent to prison. Cases are being made by a single person and then that man gets his life ruined. We are also ignoring the epic amount of rape charges being levied against female teachers and underage students, some as young as 11. Almost everyday, someone else is being arrested. But the news seems to ignore all that because men and women are held to different standards. Rape is bad and should be investigated. But the lynch mob needs to stop because the alternate effect is for us to make workplaces even less safe for women when rape cases are no longer believed because too many cried wolf and got caught. So congratulations Alabama for being worthless hicks and for women for propagating a movement that may make rape cases harder to prove, you are all douchebags of the week.

Thursday, November 16, 2017


It was only a matter of time before certain people would be subjected to insane accusations that the right would latch on to and the media will most likely blow out of proportion. Welcome to the end of our democracy brought to you by fascists Christians who are gutting truth to game their own political views. When nobody or nothing can be agreed on, this country is toast.
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Al Franken was accused now by two women both of which have an ax to grind. The first, Leeanne Tweeden (by the way, every woman I have ever met with that name has been untrustworthy as hell. Anecdotal but still.) is a long time Hannity guest and former beauty queen. Her story is most likely not true and the picture of Franken "grabbing" her boobs is misleading because anyone taking even a quick glance at it can see he is NOT actually touching her. Is it in bad taste? Yes. But hardly criminal. As for her kiss he allegedly forced on her during a skit, maybe it happened, but considering the source, most likley not. Either way, this is nothing compared to what Trump and Moore are accused of.

The second woman is a joke beyond words. Nothing she says can be believed. Melanie Morgan, the editor for a far right website, accused Al Franken of harassing her during an episode of Politically Correct. From the sounds of it, she tried pedaling her brand of bullshit, got called out on it and then went on the defenseless woman routine where "his anger scared her." Please. You can't be a wilting flower and a strong woman at the same time. Pick one. Nothing he did was even remotely sexual and appears to be him just treating her like the awful human being she is. When did that become criminal and if so, I am fucked?

Sly Stallone also got heaped in with an allegation about a three way and a possible rape. I do not know one way or another if this happened decades ago or not but unless more women come forward color me skeptical.
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Answer me this America: Why is Trump getting a free pass over all of this? He is every bit as guilty yet the press seems to care not one whit about any of it. Can we find out who the 13 year old he allegedly raped is? Why won't she come forward already? How about any of the other seventeen woman who accused the president? Where are they? Why isn't this a HUGE deal?

Sexual assault is wrong and anyone guilty of it should go to jail. But let us also have some proof before we start throwing people to the wolves. Franken handled his bullshit cases with a high degree of humility and asked to be investigated, knowing full well he is basically in the clear, short of much more believable and damaging cases come forward. Franken could still turn out to be a monster. Who would have thought Bill Cosby would be a rapist? But we also have to have some evidence and stop random accusations because some random person wants something out of this other than the truth.

If we get to the point where a single accusation can derail a career, no one will be safe from a new form of McCarthism. Don't think men won't be getting involved more than now if the avenue opens up for them to seek what they want too from disparaging other men or women. At that point, society will end. If the GOP passes their tax bill, that end may come sooner than later. Stay tuned as news moves at the speed of light lately.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017


The Republican party no longer can be deemed anything other than a terrorist group at this point. Between Alabamians wholly unsuited for being part of this country anymore and a tax bill that will destroy this economy, there is little doubt things are going to go belly up sooner than later. Add in the AHA pandering to Big Pharma like they have with Big Sugar for decades, a coming economic collapse accelerated by provably bad Republican plans, and whatever bullshit Trump has concocted for the week and we are headed for our own extinction. Worse, we voted for this, on both sides. Republicans have destroyed this nation and Democrats helped. Obama was a shitty president whose laziness may have done every bit the damage that Bush did to us as well. With Trump and the insane right at the helm, we are headed directly for an iceberg the size of the Moon.
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Let us start with one positive bit of news. Roy Moore is finished. Regardless of whether he wins or not, the GOP is screwed. How bad has it gotten? Even the most rabid pundit or congressperson has come out against him. Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan both said he should step down. Worse, he losing the support of his two biggest champions: Sean Hannity and Steve Bannon. Ouchtown population you bro. It is no longer possible to deny the accusations against him. Believing it is some left wing conspiracy would require a massive apparatus that we know doesn't exist. Even the most firebrand Republican can see that. Unless you are from Alabama and an evangelical who STILL support him, this demonstrates that these people are dangerous and need to be treated like Muslim extremists. In other words, they need to be wiped from the face of the Earth. I said yesterday mass protests should be taking place outside these houses of worship and they should be treated as if they all raped a three year old. This form if religion is no longer acceptable and we know it. Now all we have to do is act.

Roy Moore is still ahead in the polls. How is that fucking possible? If Moore wins, he dooms the GOP in 2018 regardless of what happens next. So way to go Alabama, you may turn two thirds of the country blue next year. Chances are high he won't even get seated as Congress is almost certain to expel him, the first man to be expelled in the last 150 years. But come 2018, Roy Moore and Trump will be the running mate of every single candidate running nationwide. Even worse if their odious tax bill passes, I see a rout of epic proportions in even the reddest state. This will because most people are going to pay more either in taxes or health care and the GOP will own all of it.

The Tax Bill is hanging by a thread since they decided to idiotically add in the repeal of the Obamacare mandate. While this may be unpopular, it is also the only thing that keeps insurance affordable. Removing that is a disaster waiting to happen with 13 million losing their insurance, a majority of whom are middle class who receive no subsidies and will be unable to afford rising costs. At an estimated 10% minimum increase per year for all, within five years, most of these people will be priced out of the market. Even those who get their insurance through corporations are going to to see huge increases in their prices as well. No one will be spared.
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Here's the funny part: it's already been tried with disastrous results. In 1995, Washington State Republicans did this exact thing. The end result was skyrocketing premiums, insurers fleeing the state, and left the whole process in shambles. It took five years to fix it. What do you think will happen when the entire country gets this? I hope the Republicans have invested in bullet proof jackets, fireproof homes and even possibly an underground bunker because people are going to be PISSED when this all falls apart. To say there will be a revolution at that point would be an understatement. They may have to flee the country to survive, Papa Doc style.

Yet here they are trying to do something again which has been a proven failure. It is also another warning sign that their control of the House and even the Senate are in play. If the GOP doesn't pass this tax bill, their donors will riot because they get all the perks. If it does pass, millions are going to lose their health insurance or pay way more in taxes. There will be NO Republicans left in the House in any blue state, which is why some like Darryl Issa are already coming out against this bill, knowing full well if it passes, he loses his seat 100% of the time. He barely won the last election. This would be the end for his career as it would also for any right winger in any blue state whose taxes just doubled for their constituents. This would mean a loss in the House of at least 60 seats and control would go to the Democrats for sure. The GOP is doing everything they can to destroy any chance they would have in 2018.

While all this is going the American Heart Association released new info who I have told in previous posts should not be believed about anything due to their inaction on real science and heart disease. They have been nothing more than a propaganda arm for Big Sugar which, as a result, have tricked people into ignoring fat, which is good for you, and eating sugar, which isn't. This science has been known since the 50's but hidden due to greed. Now these assholes are apparently in bed with Big Pharma as they just conspired to lower the blood pressure results so more people qualify as "at risk." What this means is that Big Pharma will now sell more high blood pressure meds most likley to people who don't need it. But hey, profits right?
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This country is headed for a fall. We keep hearing how the country is doing great economically. It isn't. Subprime auto loans are coming due as are higher foreclosures and rising credit card debt. Add to that a ten trillion dollar tuition loan issue (half of which is in deferment) and there is reckoning coming. We never fixed any of the underlying problems of the last crash thanks to Obama being an ass and the Republicans not giving a shit. Credit card 90 day delinquency rate has risen exponentially and we now are at the same level we were right before the last crash.

With the Republicans tinkering with an economy that is only held together with spit and promises, there is a solid chance that sometime early next year, the stock market is going to tank. And with it, any goodwill people have left for Trump beyond the evangelicals and die hards. 2018 could be a bloodbath for the Republicans, even a literal one if they fuck things up bad enough.