Wednesday, October 18, 2017


Over the last 24 hours my faith in government ended. Trump is a psychopath who WILL kill millions. The Republicans are facing an uncertain future that looks to send them full Nazi and seem totally unperturbed about it. The Democrats have no fight in them and after new revelations about Congress and Obama, appear to be every bit as bad as the GOP. There is only one unequivocally position now: WE ARE SO FUCKED! Thanks America. Your idiocy has doomed us all.
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Let us start with out Moron in Chief who has been on a tear this past day. After painstaking effort, both sides of Congress appears to have a tentative deal that will help health care costs. Whether it can pass is anyone's guess but at the moment has a solid potential especially if Democrats and Republicans unite to pass it, a real possibility. But then comes our toddler President, who liked it, then didn't, and then proceeded to give 147 different answers about it. Well that clears it all up. He then went on to slam Obama and every other president for never calling fallen soldiers, a total lie. He tried to bring up how Obama never called General Kelly after his son died. And he was right, Obama never did call. He met him in person. Oops.

Trump waited almost two weeks before reaching out to fallen solider's families, didn't show up for the coffins when they arrived (he was playing golf otherwise known as a death penalty sentence if you were Obama), and there are multiple pictures of every past president doing just that, and then, worst of all, said the most insensitive things one can say to a widow. Allegedly, he told the widow that the soldier knew what he was signing up for and NEVER called him a hero, which he certainly was dying in service to his country. Then, just to make matters worse, lied about it. A congresswoman riding with the widow told the press what she heard, Trump and his lackies said she couldn't be trusted because she was wearing a funny hat, but then the family confirmed what the congresswoman said. Trump is wholly unfit for office and anyone who can't see that is a fucking moron at this point.

And let us not forget that he is singlehandedly ending health care for us all in his insane desire to get rid of everything the black guy before him touched, which is of course so not racist (insert sarcasm here). He tweeted that Obamacare premiums going up are not his fault which is the same defense that a guy caught red handed with the murder weapon says standing over a dead body. In other words, not going to fly. He IS responsible for here on out after his actions have been affecting prices for months. His ending subsides are going to skyrocket prices for us all. 2018 may not be bad, but with NO fixes by 2019, the system will implode and none of us will have health care at that point. I don't think Republicans understand the knife edge they are on. When people start dying because of lack of health care, so will they and their families when people pushed to the brink explode.
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None of that may matter as North Korea is hell bent on nuclear weapons and with it, the end of everything. We ARE going to war with them at some point soon. Bet on it. According to my sources, we have at latest until next summer before war breaks out, and more likley much sooner. Kim didn't launch any missiles today as he was threatening to do but how long that lasts is unclear. I do know that families there are being told that an evacuation order may come at any minute and be prepared to leave at a moment's notice. Likewise, there is a second aircraft carrier headed to the region and a nuclear sub already parked off the coast with a decapitation team in board. Right now, the best scenario would be to have a suicide squad sent in to do as much damage as possible, even assassinating Kim. All other avenues at this point, even a first strike, will most likley lead to WW3. A false flag is the other option, something to blame Kim on and then attack with impunity. Somehow, I don't think Trump or anyone around him is smart enough to do either.

Then he have the Republicans where yesterday Mitch McConnell just ended his tenure by idiotically standing next to Trump and acting buddy buddy, which they are not. Only a fool would have believed that. In doing this, McConnell relinquished what little power he had. He is already monumentally unpopular and any chance at re-election in 2020 is a pipe dream. If Bannon succeeds in outing a lot of GOP establishment congresspeople, McConnell is going to lose the speaker job. Good news/bad news for Mitch is that Roy Moore, the lunatic running for Congress in Alabama, is now tied with the democrat as is he is so insane a lot of people just can't support him. This means there really IS a base line for nutbags if his opponent, Doug Jones, can win, a real possibility right now. Mitch would probably like to see Moore lose, as it will make his job even more difficult, while a democrat winning would sting but at least show that the party won't go full crazy and protect his power. Unfortunately, I still think Moore will win and send shockwaves through the GOP for 2018, as well as the Democrats who will realize the fucking Republicans will literally vote for anyone.

Not that any of that matters as the Democrats have proven themselves to be almost as worthless. Tom Marino, the former PA Congressman, pushed a bill through in 2014 with NO objection from anyone.It passed unanimously through both houses of Congress and signed by Obama. Here is my major problem with this bill: it was a giant failure that literally help make the opiate crisis worse. And not by something like letting drug dealers out or reforming the justice system in a way that sounded good but wasn't. No, this fucking monstrosity actually prevented the DEA from going after Big Pharma for over prescribing opiates. How is that even possible? Did NO ONE read the bill? How is this possible? Is EVERYONE is Congress in the back pocket of the pharmaceutical company? There is no rational explanation for this short of no one read the bill before passing it. That is not how to run a government.
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Worse, there is a new story that the FBI knew of Russian issues with a uranium deal way back in 2010, and said so repeatedly, that haunted the Hillary campaign to a small extent, but now appears worse than what we thought originally. The whole thing is complicated as hell but has to deal with a sale for uranium to Russia that the FBI though was fishy, and at the same time Hillary and Bill were both taking money to the foundation from the same people trying to get the uranium.That looked bad then and even worse now. Now it is true that 17 other agencies also had to sign off on the deal but you do have to wonder why this went through at all except for naked greed. The absolute worst part of this is that the head of the FBI at this time was Mueller, now in charge of the Trump case. Mueller is dirty in a lot of ways as I have written about in the past, especially the laughable Anthrax case the FBI still hasn't solved either by design or incompetence (the person they blamed is almost certainly innocent as a federal judge ruled after the fact because the poor soul killed himself for being harassed.). This could be used to end the investigation and then what?

The long and the short of this is it appears to no longer matter which side you vote for as they will both fuck you over in the long run. It has been a good run America but it is becoming plain as day our days our numbered. I told you what would happen and no one listened. Enjoy the end of the world. It is coming and soon.

Monday, October 16, 2017


This week, chances are very good the Senate passes their version of the budget and with it, the end of America. You voted for this nonsense, knowing full well the last time the GOP has this much control, they ran the world into a ditch that took years to get out of. Now that we are seeing some light at the end of the tunnel, here comes that ditch again. Only this time, it is a cliff.
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Contrary to all you may have heard, this budget is a mirror of the one tried in Kansas with disastrous results. It literally bankrupted them so bad the Republicans had to override an ill advised veto by their moron governor, Sam Brownback, to even attempt a fix. Susan Collins has suggested she is a yes for the bill, meaning it will probably pass. Then, they will use budget reconciliation laws to bypass ANY Democratic opposition and then we are going to get a bill that will literally kill a lot of people while giving 80% of the money to rich people. You can complain all you want once that occurs because our voices do NOT matter anymore which is a scary prospect because it means violence is coming. I am not suggesting people go out and do anything stupid but know that is coming regardless at this point. How do I know this? History.

The past is littered with people who overreached and died as a result. We are getting perilously close to that moment. Trump is all but double dog daring people to shoot him and the time is coming when some deranged fool will try it, perhaps several. Ford had several and he wasn't half as bad as this idiot in chief we have now. When people start dying due to Republican incompetence and greed, and they will, this overarmed, short tempered country is going to explode. Some fear martial law but the chances are actually better that if this goes south as bad as it might, anarchy may rule instead when EVERYONE riots. It will be impossible to quell anger that boils over into just about every walk of life. At that point, it is civil war and it won't be North versus South but red versus blue meaning rural against urban, neighbor against neighbor. There is no way that ends well.
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We have to stop this and now. There is no time left. We have to demand the immediate resignation of Trump. Organizers have to get tens of thousands surrounding the White House and scream for his head. GOP leaders need to know their actions will have detrimental consequences. Democrats need to find their FUCKING voices already and stop pretending all is normal. IT ISN'T! We are literally about to start dying here.

This budget will destroy this country and the world. That is if we don't blow ourselves up first. North Korea has been spotted moving missiles and have threatened to attack both Guam and Australia over the last few days. Even North Korea firing a missile their way could start WW3 and Kim has said he plans on doing just that. October 18th is the next day of reckoning as it some sort of holiday and coinciding with more war games with the South. What could possibly go wrong?

Two other troubling stories came out these last few days. The pharmacist for the Capitol said that he has been refilling Alzheimer drugs for some sitting Congress people. That would figure. Some one see if Pelosi and Feinstein are on that list. I can't believe the latter is running again at 85. Retire already you cow. We won't miss you. I promise. She has a contender for the primary so anyone voting for her over her opponent can fucking take a long walk off a short pier. Idiots. This is why nothing changes for the better.

The other story is from a former DEA chief who says that the Obama administration, Republicans in Congress, the DEA and Big Pharma have all conspired to allow more opiates into communities. WTF? This is also why nothing changes: the two parties are not that far apart on much. And here, as I have showed you already, are actions by both sides that are literally killing people and destroying the planet for greed. Congress actually made it easier for drug companies to sell opiates illegally while taking kickbacks at the same time, kickbacks that by the way out courts have ruled perfectly legal. Yeah, our court system sucks too because it is readily apparent that unless you have money, justice is just a word.
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Wake up America and realize that most politicians want you dead. The policies from both sides have doing NOTHING to help the average American and we know it. The longer we let anyone from the GOP and most of the Establishment Democrats survive politically, the worse things get. If you are voting for Roy Moore, you are an asshole, pure and simple and I sincerely hope you get butt cancer. If you live in Alabama, you better vote and against this douche unless living in a Christian theocracy sounds awesome to you. It's happening right now people and the next election of 2018 is either going to usher in a whole wave of these idiots or a wave of, hopefully, blue progressives who have the world in mind and not their bank accounts. If not, we better get used to eating dirt and living like North Koreans because this country is going to burn otherwise.

Sunday, October 15, 2017


Harvey Weinstein did the exact same thing as Trump by sexually attacking women, only one got thrown to the wolves and the other got into the White House. Even stranger, Fox News went off on the producer, somehow unaware that every insult they hurled his way, bounced right back at them. Why is the president a protected individual while everyone else is a perv? The answer is a frightening one and one we better take seriously because the Republican party is a proven experiment in how a religious/fascist government could arise by the dumbest motherfuckers ever voting for it. If we don't start demanding the immediate resignation of Trump, there isn't going to be a country, perhaps even a world worth a bucket of spit soon. The clock is ticking and there is almost no time left. Let's see those runner ups in one of the worst weeks in American history, mainly because we may all end soon.
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10)Harvey Weinstein- What a pig. It is bad enough that this week dozens of people, mostly famous ones, came forward with sickening stories of rape, molestation and other forms of sexual assault. It doesn't help that he looks like someone who threw up in the back of taxi covered in cat hair. I can see why he had to rape women as what self respecting female would touch that. Not his wife anymore who hightailed it out of there stat. Allegedly he has been suicidal and delusional as he told a news crew he hopes for a "second chance." HAHAHAHA! Never going to happen. What is it with the delusional people like him and Bill Cosby who think they can recover from these allegations? He is DONE. He'll be lucky to stay out of prison. His actions have destroyed his reputation and may have killed his company as well. He deserves all of this.

9)Matt Damon and Ben Affleck- I have always been a little bitter towards these two after my awesome screenplay didn't even make the second round during the first project Greenlight. Worse was the fact that the film that won, along with the next one as well, sucked so hard I can't believe these guys made it into films at all. If they thought these two screenplays were good, they don't know how to read. Even worse, they ruined their most recent version where I made hysterically accurate predictions at everything that was going to go wrong when they hired a director who I knew was trouble from previous experience working with someone just like him. The new head of the studio I was Vice President of and the director of the film we were trying to get funding for (and I wrote), made a series of bone headed decisions that bankrupted us. Damon and Affleck should have known better but instead made a movie that was the worst one so far. Then there is this week were Damon came off as an apologist for Weinstein while Affleck had several people come out and say he groped them too. This will affect their career, especially the new Justice League movie. Damon may walk away unscathed but Affleck has a real problem. And unlike George Clooney who had some psycho accuse him of sexual harassment which was so obviously made up (she said ALL her co-stars and director knew about it. Right.), there is photographic evidence (somewhat) of the incident and has been now labeled Buttman, for his OTHER accuser who says he groped her ass and did it to a lot of woman at some Hollywood party he was at years back. You guys, especially Affleck, are screwed.

8)Jeff Payne- Called this one dead on. Payne was the cop caught on tape dragging a nurse out of a Utah hospital because he thought he could. Turns out, he was wrong and got officially fired this week. he is appealing the decision but the best case he could hope for is a demotion and desk duty, and even that is unlikely. That was the exact punishment however for the LT how told him it was okay to arrest her. Oops. I also know that once you get a black mark on your record, your career is effectively finished. You can NEVER get promoted and you usually get the shittiest jobs there. Next time, think before you act. Times are changing and cops, like Hollywood producers, are no longer protected. They may not go to jail EVER but at least a lot of them are getting fired.

7)NFL- These guys have a serious problem. People are turning out in droves, either because players are kneeling or because Kaepernick isn't playing. Either way, ratings are down. The NFL doesn't want to force people to stand but it has to realize that these protest are killing their bottom line. Keep it up and they may lose their jobs, especially if it goes under due to lack of support. Protests are fine but you may want to think about getting paid too.
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6)Ryan Zinke- What is it with Trump cabinet members? This guy, Secretary of the Interior, is nuts. He has run into opposition from Republicans when he wanted to close some parks and national monuments, which made hunters and fisherman crazy, as well as opening some others to drilling and mining. He threatened Lisa Murkowski during the health care debate over withholding funds from the state. Weirder, he has a "special flag" that is hoisted whenever he is in his office. Okay. Worst of all, much like everyone else in the Trump administration, he has been using private plane travel for the flimsiest of reasons, costing taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars and now being looked at closer. Good. What a dick.

5)Democrats- What part of this country is literally on fucking fire do you not get? How the democrats are not hopping mad over the last week is beyond me. Instead we get the same pussy bullshit these guys are known for. Why is it Pelosi and Shumer when they get "mad," act like they got served the wrong meal at Denny's? How about telling it like it is and calling the president a douchebag who is insane and going to get us all killed? You guys seem INCAPABLE of fighting at this point which means you literally are the fucking Weimar Republic, who did the exact same thing, which led to the rise of Hitler and WW2. Fucking stand up for something, anything already or prepare to live in a country under martial law when the public starts rioting in mass numbers.

4)Justice System- If there was ever a clearer picture about how there are TWO justice systems in this country, this week proved it. Cryus Vance, the fucktard Manhattan DA, has been caught red handed taking bribes from rich assholes to avoid jail. Now they don't call them bribes because, according to our Supreme Court, only if the politician gets a big bag of money with a dollar sign on it is bribery. Anything else, like contributions to political campaigns, is just fine. Convictions were overturned for the corrupt former governor of Virginia and his wife, as well as the inevitable clearing of Bob Menendez, currently on trial, with very little chance of a conviction, let alone one sticking. Ivanka and her husband were on the verge of prison when a donation to Vance's campaign made the changes disappear. Weinstein bought his way out too. This is why poor people go to jail even if they are innocent while the rich murder is with impunity. Thus country is getting to a point where laws don't matter. When that threshold is crossed, look out below.
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3)Fox News- You guys are getting worse at you job. I have listened to idiots, like that bitch Kennedy, whine and moan about Harvey Weinsten and why Hillary hasn't commended him significantly yet, PLEASE! Where was that same level of outrage with the current groper in chief? Trump was accused of the EXACT SAME THING. And he's the fucking president. Locker room talk it wasn't as he physically assaulted women, one even saying she was raped when she was fourteen by Trump. Had that woman had the balls to testify, instead of running away when she got death threats, Trump would have lost. Thanks a lot lady. Your cowardice damned us all. This channel sucks.

2)Republicans- Speaking of cowards, how is possible that Ryan and McConnell can walk upright without spines? These guys better get the message that Trump supporters HATE them and are going to get rid of them in the next election. Ryan is in real trouble as he runs in 2018 and has an approval rating somewhere between spoiled meat and trapped in a elevator with Gilbert Gottfreid for a week. There is a real possibility that they get primaried out and, depending on the mood of the country, either sets up a wave of blue or a red streak of far right Nazis. Either way, the GOP establishment is on borrowed time. Time to come out AGAINST Trump, as Bob Corker has, or face annihilation. Your choice.
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1)Trump- What a giant fuckwad he was this week. Chances are good, he has killed us all. People are panicking behind closed doors right now because they know what I do. WE. ARE. FUCKED! So far, he threw out birth control protections for women, destroyed our health care system, left people to die in Puerto Rico and just made the US a pariah state by ending the Iran deal, that is as good as dead. The ramifications from the last one will have effects for generations, like Woodrow Wilson getting the 16th amendment passed illegally to George w. Bush breaking the world. Trump is about to end it. Just by doing what he has done to the Iran deal, he has effectively killed it, and with it, any chance for peace. Our treaties are going to be seen as worthless, North Korea will never talk to us now, and as a result, war is inevitable with one, perhaps two, countries, and eventually, everyone else. We are all dead. We just don't know it yet. I told you voting for Trump would end the world. I was right. We have very little time left, perhaps even weeks at this point. Sooner than later, dumbass is going to attack North Korea, especially if the moron over there is dumb enough to fire a missile at Guam, as he has said he is going to. It's game over people. It is only a matter of when now. So congratulation Trump voters and Trump himself. You are all douchebag of the week.

Friday, October 13, 2017


Donald Trump and his supporters crossed the Rubicon yesterday and I will not put up with it anymore. The Republican party and this orange tainted asshole may have just ended civilization with a series of world ending actions. One would have been bad in and of itself but both are beyond belief. With a stroke of his pen he just drove up costs for health care to a point that millions may lose it next year. If that happens, thousands or more may die and all for the privilege of us ALL paying more for a broken system. Then, he just broke a treaty that guarantees a war with North Korea and possibly Iran. Who is supporting this American nightmare?
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An Arizona restaurant was forced to close indefinitely after a pro-Trump Facebook page went viral and they got death threats. In ARIZONA! I don't think this country knows how close to civil war we really are. I can tell you anyone I see with a pro-Trump anything is going to get a good tongue lashing at the very least. If they stupidly take a swing at me, I hope they still have good insurance because a hospital visit is in their future. I am DONE being nice to people trying to kill me. You should be the same. Anyone wearing pro-Trump anything should be denied service from all businesses. Let's give them a taste at what they want to do to gay people.

For those living under a rock, Trump killed off health insurance by stopping payments to insurance companies which will now make plans unaffordable for millions, particularly the same people pissed that they make too much money to get subsidized. Their costs are going to skyrocket, most likely making it unaffordable for most. And here is the one silver lining in all of this: Trump did this to them. It wasn't the Democrats, not Obama, not Hillary. TRUMP! Obamacare is now his problem and he just fucked it up good. When prices rise, and they will significantly, it is impossible to blame anyone but the ass who threw a monkey wrench into the system because he didn't get his way. This also changes the dynamics for 2018 which may now see a full fledged flood of blue against the strongest Republican stronghold. The Democrats have a lethal weapon to use against any candidate running and health care is a proven third rail. Who is going to vote for a party that just killed off their health care and, most likley, some lives with it? Worse, if children start dying, and they will, it will be both a PR disaster and could lead to assassination attempts. Worse case scenario, this is beyond that. It also might rip this country is two as Republicans in my eyes and others and now enemy combatants. The GOP is trying to kill you. This week is proof.

The health care issue would be bad enough, but Tangerine Mussolini just broke the world, not content on just ending America. Fucktard pulled out of the Iran accord, which will make peace with North Korea impossible, not to mention NO country will ever agree to a treaty with us ever again as our word is garbage when a new administration can just rip an old agreement. It also means war is coming, where best case is at least thirty million dead, a number that is most likely on the low end. I told you if Trump became president, the world would end. Here's your proof. We have at best, one year before everything you know ends. Our health care is going to evaporate, which may mean little if a nuclear war happens, a distinct possibility now.
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The Europeans are pissed at us and with good reason. Everyone, including almost everyone in Trump's cabinet, disagreed with his idea to pull out of the Iran deal. It makes things worse and could even start ANOTHER war with Iran, a possibility even worse than fighting North Korea as the likelihood of nuclear weapons and even a world war, rise sharply if we attack them. Russia WILL come to their aid, as might China and then it is game over. We are facing Armageddon.

Oddly, the Democrats have been passive at best over all of this. They should be demanding the immediate resignation of Donald J Trump. They should be using the word impeachment as a noun, verb and adjective. But they aren't because they are pussies. Because of this, this country is doomed. I'd say move, but where do you go when the entire world may go poof soon. You wanted chaos America. You got it. Fucking choke on it.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017


The Establishment is toast. The right has had it and is showing it in their voting. Likewise on the Democrat side where progressives, otherwise known as the base of the party, told them loud and clear last election they weren't happy either. Both sides have responded with deafening silence. This is a very bad sign as from an historical perspective, whenever this occurs, fascism rises hard and fast.
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The Democrats cannot get out of their own way. Instead of making each special election about Trump, they have decided local is better, even though their opponents are NOT following that script and winning as a result. Every election from now on should tie the candidate to Trump, Nazis and the inevitable rise of fascism. They won't and that's why barring Trump going down in a heap next year (a very likely possibility if Mueller finds proof of illegality), the Democrats are going to lose even more ground due to their idiocy.

The Democrats are in a tough spot. Because of gerrymandering, they can't win the House back unless a landslide occurs in 2018. Even worse, they have to defend ten vulnerable seats while the Republicans only have two, for both of which the GOP has a zero percent chance of winning either in the primaries or the general election. Jeff Flake is toast in Arizona where his approval rating is near single digits and hated in Trump counties. He is behind 26 points from his opponent in the primary. Likewise, Dean Heller in Nevada that regardless of whether he gets primaried or not, this seat is near 100% likely to go blue in 2018.
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Now 2018 is, in election terms, decades away, especially as our current president makes each week feel like a century. A LOT can happen in that time. Trump could be impeached which would devastate the next election for Republicans who may turn on a party accused of being traitorous to this country. Gerrymandering could be overturned by the Supreme Court, another distinct possibility. But let's say neither of things happen. If that is the case, Democrats, and the United States could be fucked.

If Republicans retain control of the House, gain five seats in the Senate and possibly even nominate at least one Supreme Court Justice, the fallout from this will be nation ending. They WILL kill off health care at this point as it is likley they will have the votes to pass it under budget reconciliation. They will also have the votes for a tax plan that will bankrupt this nation just like Kansas. Gay people will be treated even worse than now and black people will be thrown in jail in massive numbers. Unemployment will skyrocket, riots will occur, martial law and eventually the end of democracy itself. If we don't stop the Republican party in 2018, there won't be anything left to fight for. Economic ruin, fascism run wild and most likely, WW3, will kill most of us off anyway.
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There is only one way to stop this and that is to NOT vote for just about ANY Republican. If you haven't voted before, register and vote in 2018 because the lives of you and everyone you know depend on it. Unless people show up in droves to turn the House and Senate blue, this country dies. Period. Democrats suck but they still are better than the utterly insane right hell bent on destruction. If you can't see that, you are part of the problem.

Sunday, October 8, 2017


What the hell is going on anymore? We had another shooting because we were way overdue for one, the Red Cross is being lambasted by just everyone in three states, while Orange Hitler fiddles away on Twitter. I told people that voting for Trump was a vote to end the world. This week, he may do just that in more than one fucking way, if you can stomach that. One is immediate while the other two will be more of a slow poisoning for the American people. Let's see those runner ups.
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10)Can Newton- Some guys don't know what to shut up. Cam Newton got into trouble for acting like a misogynist when a female reporter asked him a football question and he laughed, commenting that it was weird for a woman to ask about the sport. He "apologized" to the reporter later, but according to her, what he said was actually way worse than what he said on camera. Ouch. He got rightfully pounced on by everyone.

9)Anti-pot studies- Some of these so called studies are some of the worst science I have ever seen. A new one came out from Canada that could quite possibly be the stupidest thing EVER written and I include Twilight, Trump speeches and insane scrawlings made by mental patients. Five researchers decided to look at mental patients in three US states and discovered that schizophrenia and pot don't mix, a known fact for forever. Had that been the end of this study, it would have been just a waste of time proving a known factor already. But no, then they postulated that this proves that pot makes EVERYONE violent and that was a fact according to them. Nevermind the fact that decades of research and real time observation obliterates this study, newspapers everywhere just read the headline and panicked. When roving bands of dangerous thugs attack everyone in Amsterdam, I'll reconsider. But as this fictional wave of violence is limited to those with serious mental problems, I think we can sleep safe.

8)Harvey Weinstein- This fat fuck was exposed as a sexual predator this week, something known in the industry for some time. Way back when, I had dealings with Miramax and even sold a movie to them for $2.5 million. This was the late 90's and even then, I heard of the rumors of what a pig Weinstein was. You'd think seeing what happened to people like Eric Bolling, Bill O'Reilly, Roger Ailles and others, he would have kept his grubby little hand to himself. But no, he continued and this week it all came out. He is fucked. The sad part is, he is a really good producer and his company helped me and my crew big time. But none of that matters as there is no way he will be able to stay on, losing someone who was still making good movies. Because of crap like this, get ready for remakes, sequels and shitting movies galore as today's executives have no idea what they are doing. This summer is all the proof you need.
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7)Haley Geftman Gold- We have free speech in this country. Some people think that allows them to say whatever the want. It doesn't as this woman found out. After the horrific massacre, she idiotically tweeted out that as most of those that died were probably Trump supporters and gun owners, fuck em. This got her fired as she was a lawyer for CBS. First off, that is heartless. Some of you are probably saying but Warmonger, didn't you say fuck the people of Texas for the hurricane? Very different situation. Texas people are voting in people en masse that are dangerous to us all by denying Climate Change as they drown, and giving us a plethora of politicians that are doing everything they can to end the world, health care, breathing, clean water, etc. I cannot support that or them. They all complain overwhelmingly of socialism them hold out their grubby little hands when they need help. This shooting on the other hand was people from all over the country who came to have fun. I have no idea who voted for what and I know plenty of people who love county music AND voted for Hillary. Careful what you write people especially if you have a high profile job. Free speech won't protect you from being canned.

6)Richard Spencer- This right wing fucktard held a flash mob in Charlotteville near the statue of Robert E. Lee that ended last time in a woman being run over by a Nazi douchebag. I HATE fucking Nazis. I am not for violence but if a mass shooting were to happen against these assholes, they'd walk if I was on the jury. This dick is going to start a civil war. Don't let him.

5)Tim Murphy- Yet another hypocrite politician this one a Republican representative from Pennsylvania. The "family values" idiot, cheated on his wife and demanded she get an abortion, even though he is pro-life. All of this came out and he was forced to resign only because PA voters aren't complete morons. Tennessee on the other hand keeps reelecting a similar Republican guy, Scott DesJarlais, who was caught cheating on his wife with multiple women and had several get an abortion. He has won three times since. Apparently, Tennessee people are fucking idiots.
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4)Ivanka Trump, Jared Kuchner and Cyrus Vance- Apparently, Ivanka and her husband were inches from going to jail in 2012 due to some fraudulent real estate deal they were involved with. Then the beyond corrupt Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance stepped in, took a "bribe" and then the charges magically disappeared. The DA office say it was all above board, but my research says it is far from that. Remember, I said earlier that it was common knowledge in the movie business that Harvey Weinstein was a perv? He too was going to face charges for sexual harassment several years back when those charges also went away after $10,000 from Miramax found its way into Vance's pocket, I mean "campaign funds." And that is just two examples of what appears to be dozens of donations to his campaign that just happen to coincide with charges being lessened or dropped. Yeah, nothing suspicious here. This is why out justice system is broken. If you are rich, you can literally get away with murder (OJ, Robert Blake, Robert Durst). If you are not, hello prison.

3)Red Cross- Apparently, this group is getting worse with age, not better. Citizens AND governments from the three states impacted hardest from there Hurricanes, Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico, have all come out against the group and their mishandling of the situation. They have had few volunteers on the ground, even fewer that know what they were doing, and several stories came out about Red Cross personnel that was actually making things worse due to poor planning. One story out of Texas said that the locals were doing way more than the Red Cross who didn't even have enough food for everyone, as well as disturbing videos of palates of food being thrown out because they lacked the skill to get it to where it needed to go before it expired. Puerto Rico said they had people so rude and stupid from the Red Cross they were asked to leave, more hindrance then help. Considering the same guy has been running the show for nine years now, maybe a new person at top is the first way to start rebuilding this travesty it has become.

2)Stephen Paddock- This psycho killed 58 people, wounded almost 500 more and we still have no idea why. He was a guy who apparently wanted to kill as many as possible. The conspiracy theories have all come and gone and, as always, almost all were laughably stupid. I kept hearing about other shooters from the building, which we can see with own eyes is not possible because no other windows are shot out. ISIS took credit but there is no evidence he was radicalized and, contrary to what you have been told, they do lie on occasion about credit. Bump stocks need to be outlawed but we will see if that can even happen with today beyond polarized country.
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1)Donald Fucking Trump- I am so hating this tangerine nightmare lately. Douchebag this week was in fine form when he pulled back birth control rules because that is what everyone wants, made a cryptic hint about a coming storm/war, may screw up health care this week with an ill advised EO and, worst of all, may start a second war front with Iran when he kicks the can to Congress and the Iran deal. Fuck me. The birth control mandate now allows any company to not provide birth control coverage to their employees as if they should have any fucking say on my body. The good news is few companies will try this tactic because the backlash against them if they do could be horrific. Then we have his new EO that will change how some health care is managed and may raise prices on the sick, especially people like me. Then we have the possibility of not one but two war fronts over the coming months. He is taunting North Korea something fierce which is stupid beyond words. Then, just for fun, plans on telling Congress to decertify the Iran deal, which may or may not happen. If it does end, the chances for war explode. So way to go Trump, you really are going to kill us all. Congratulations Trump, you are again douchebag of the week.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017


What a ride these last few days have been. We had a mass shooting that made even some one like me think harder about gun control. Trump had his usual brand of idiocy, with even members of his own cabinet saying much the same. The Supreme Court is poised to rule on one of the most important cases in American history. And that was just this week.
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But for today, let's talk about the shooting. I tracked down MaryLou Danley the second her name was released. I found her address, her Facebook page and found nothing suspicious at all on it. She wasn't political or religious in the slightest, mostly just pics of her traveling and chatting with friends. If she was some sort of religious plant, she hid it well. I don't think she had anything to do with this to be honest, with even the money she was wired not that suspicious. Danley was given $100,000 which may have been a farewell present for a woman he may have treated poorly on occasion (as was rumored from servers at a restaurant they frequented), but I really think he loved as well. I will surprised if she has any ties to this.

What did not surprise me was the one thing I was waiting for and that is was he on anti-depressants? Turns out he was. Shocker. It's also one of the things that applies to just about every mass shooter in history. The drug he was given, diazepam, aka Valium, has a tendency to cause aggression and psychotic breaks in a few. Was Paddock one of them? It would explain a lot. A hell of lot more study should be given to these things and, most likely, pulled off the market until their safety can be guaranteed. I don't know about you but any drug you give that may cause people to snap and kill hundreds is probably not something we should have mass marketed. But as Big Pharma is in complete control of our government now, that's not going to happen. And this wasn't because of one party, they both caused this. Citizen's United ended the country just like I explained to you it would. Congrats America, your laziness and apathy ended our democracy. Mazel Tov.
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The United States has the highest level of anti-depression pills AND opiates prescribed even though we are not the top country for people suffering from depression or pain. There has also been a CLEAR link between the rise of anti-depressant use and mass shootings, one that has been ignored by the government regardless of who is in power. That tells us that no matter which side you vote for, you are going to get screwed. This also means this country is coming dangerously close to violent uprisings, as an alleged Antifa attack which is supposed to happen on November 4th warns us. I won't hold my breath for anything to happen, but if it does, I will also understand as peaceful protests are getting people nowhere. When the politicians stop listening to the people and start voting against the wishes of the masses, there is a 100% chance that shootings will increase and they won't be directed at innocent crowds this time.

The usual brand of conspiracy theories, like the increasingly unstable Alex Jones gives us, have come forward and so many of them are easily disproven. Videos of "shots" being fired from other areas of the hotel say there was more than one shooter but fails to explain if that was the case, why are the windows still intact? The more than one shooter crap is something you hear at every firefest because people are notoriously bad at taking in new information in a stressful situation. So far, Paddock doesn't appear to have any political or religious motivation and has no internet footprint at all, so Fox News can just shut the fuck up already with their outlandish theories. One was so bad that two of the male hosts from Fox and Friends were left dumbfounded when their female anchor and true blond stereotype blurted out maybe lack of faith was the reason for the shooting. Somehow, I highly doubt he was a militant atheist either, stupid.

Now that is not to say that there are not some odd things about this story. The strangest being the story of a Hispanic woman telling people they were about to die 45 minutes before the shooting. Coincidence? Maybe. Or did she know something? I still think it is the former that some drunk woman started spouting nonsense, in the same way Scott Peterson lied about his wife's death only to have it come true which is the only reason he is in jail. If a coincidence can happen like that, then it is possible here as well. It makes for a great story, but I don't think there is anything to it. If she did know, wouldn't going to the authorities make for a better idea? The only explication for why not is they were in on it, which is the ONLY conspiracy that is possible, even if at this point, I see as highly unlikely.
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Paddock is a weird guy. What we know says he was a guy who had a middle class life, invested in real estate in the 90's and got to retire early. Entirely possible. I tried to do the same but could never get the funding to invest, so I lost out. Rats. He has no job since then which, if I was paranoid, could also suggest he got involved with off book government work, perhaps guns. If I was creating a story I could conceive of a way where Paddock is some sort of gun trader working for the government or even some shady black market dealer with political ties, because if this was a cover up, it could only happen at the highest levels. He goes to the hotel, the deal goes south by design and he is killed, to be used as the patsy while multiple gunman shoot from the two windows. They leave before the cops get there, hiding out in a nearby room, disguised as ordinary businessmen, leaving the next day. This is the only out there possibility that is even remotely likley.

There are some other odd question that should be addressed. In the photos there appears to be a note on the desk. Why have the contents of that note not been released yet? Why in the hell did it take police an hour and half to get the room? They had to know approximately what floor the shooting was taken place on and were there NO snipers available in SWAT at the time. Even sending several cops to each floor could have narrowed the area and they could have intervened quicker. Why did he move A LOT? Word is he had 27 homes over the last sixty years. That is a lot of moving.

But the most likley reason this guy killed everyone is he WANTED to. Some people are just evil. And while I admit this guy doesn't seem like the type, he sure seems like Occam's Razor at work. Could there be a more devious reason? Sure. But is it likley? At this point no. But here's the rub, if they try to start creating a narrative I know to be fake, I will change my perspective stat. I looked into every detail of their lives that I could find and if the government and press starts making Danley out be some sort of ISIS operative and Paddock the brainwashed idiot, I KNOW that is false. There is nothing in either of their backgrounds to suggest this. That would make me question everything about this case. But as that hasn't happened yet, we have to wait and see what Marylou Danley knows and what the press tells us.

Machine guns have no place in society. My baseline is that whatever the cops have, the public has. Only the most specialized cop, like SWAT, has a machine gun so this is something maybe the public shouldn't have. It is way too deadly for the average Joe to own. Paddock proved that. I would not be surprised to see genuine concern by both parties about this as they have to know that the public is one short fuse away of aiming those same guns their way. Had the baseball shooter had one of these, the death toll would have been significantly higher and Steve Scalise would be long dead. These are weapons that can cause mass casualties and very few ways to stop them. They should be banned. Period.
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So that is the world we live in now. Trump came across like an idiot yesterday in Puerto Rice and rumor is Tillerson told that to his face. That's funny. And the Supreme Court is looking at gerrymandering which if gotten rid off, will all but doom the Republican stranglehold on the House along with some local races. It would shift power back to the people and away from the GOP. Any justice who votes against this is a traitor to this country and should be treated as such. They are telling you loud and clear that they have an allegiance to a party and not the country. Any justice not voting for American interests should be removed from office by any means possible (non violently please). I will go into this in greater detail in a future column.

So for now, watch what is said by the press about this case. So far, it appears to be just another loon shooting up innocent people. But even I have to admit this story is not the usual thing and bears close watching. Who exactly was Stephen Paddock? So far, he appears to be mental case who got a lot of guns and shot a bunch of people just because he could. Word is his appearance was not the best as of late, had lost weight, had been prescribed anti-depressants, and well, we know the rest. Because we let our mental patients free roam with zero supervision, as well as over prescribing a drug with dangerous side effects, and allow anyone with a pulse to buy a weapon capable of killing hundreds in a heartbeat, it is really surprising this doesn't happen more often.

Monday, October 2, 2017


Just the other day I thought to myself, "Gosh, we haven't had a mass shooting in some time. We are WAY overdue." Flash forward a few days and POW, a mass shooting at a country music festival in  Las Vegas. I HATE stories like this because nothing makes me angrier than people having harmless fun, enjoying an outdoor concert, when bullets rain down because someone is mental, super religious, or just plain pissed, which is what the latter appears to be at this point.
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When I heard the shooting, I went into detective mode and found out a lot before the media did. I knew the causality rate was going to be astronomically high as reports from local hospitals said they were at critical mass. I tracked down the woman, Marylou Danley, her home and everything I could find out about her. I found her Facebook page as well as know she is a Mom and Grandmother, likes to gamble, works at a casino and was most likely, not involved in the shooting. As she was in the Philippines at the time, her alibi seems solid. The odd part is I KNEW it was going to be her live in boyfriend/roommate who has zero social media footprints, but shared a place with her, which is all I found out about him once I uncovered his identity hours before the media put it out.

Stephen Paddock is quite the cipher. A 64 year old white retiree suddenly decides to start shooting at a crowd of people. This is NOT who I thought the shooter would be. Black guy mad at whites, terrorism, even a known mental case, but it was known now that it was none of these. ISIS has claimed that Paddock was a recent convert but I find that really hard to swallow. So why?

There are only a couple of reasonable explanations. Reports say he had recently taken a lot of money out of his account to gamble with. It is not known whether he won or loss but as he shot up a bunch of people I don't think it went well. He was also allegedly going through a divorce, so it is possible he was having serious money problems, tried to gamble his way back to being in the red and lost it all instead. Then he just snapped and decided to off a bunch of people before killing himself. The other option is less likely but possible. While Paddock has no social media footprint, it is possible he grew to hate Trump and his supporters, most of which would have been at that concert. I hope that is not the reason as it will not help this country one bit and lead the right to condemn leftist violence, which is real but less serious that right wing attacks which are far more numerous.

To make matters even stranger, witnesses say a Hispanic woman was escorted out after screaming that everyone there was about to die, 45 minutes before the shooting. Most likley this is just some nutbag whose insane rantings coincidentally timed with the shooting. But if it wasn't, how did she know? Scott Peterson got the death penalty for the same thing as his claim to his mistress that his wife died recently and this would be his first Christmas without her turned out to be prophetic if he didn't kill her. That statement was made weeks before she disappeared and sunk him in court even though I am pretty sure he didn't do it. But the coincidence, if it was that, sent him to death row. Could this be the same?
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No matter the reason, Nevada's lax gun laws sure helped. I have no problem with people owning a machine gun. I do have a problem with ANYONE being able to get a gun regardless of who they are. In this case, it wouldn't have mattered as Paddock has no criminal or mental history background but we should have background checks, licences for firearms and even training courses that have to be repeated every say five years. Letting any idiot get a gun is why we have mass shootings like this. The sad part is, if someone want to kill a lot of people, there is almost nothing the government can do to stop it. You can't legislate insanity and hate.

So pray for the people who died and use this tragedy as an excuse to be NICER to everyone, even Trump supporters. Nazis however are still fair game to punch at will.

Sunday, October 1, 2017


It's hard to keep having worst weeks ever, but damn it if Trump didn't try his damnedest this week to do just that. It was a plethora of idiotic tweets, fall out from his Hitler rally, problems with his retarded staff and even fate had a hand in making Trump look small and unimportant. But he was not alone in what can only be described an orgy of stupidity this week. Let's see those runner ups.
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10)Liz Soeiro- This is why liberals suck. The librarian from Cambridge, MA came under fire this week for refusing ten books by Dr. Seuss donated by the First Lady. I would have been in bad taste just to refuse them because of who she was married too, as kids shouldn't have to suffer because Trump is a dick, but no, it wasn't because of that at all. Instead, she called the books "racist" and that set off a fire storm of controversy, not helped by the fact that the author is from Massachusetts and even has a museum in Springfield. Dr. Seuss is NOT racist and even saying that is offensive. Can we please stop shoving race down our throat 24/7? This was further hampered by photos showing the librarian dressed as the Cat in the Hat just two years ago. This country need Xanax stat.

9)Film and TV- It has become apparent that people who work in Hollywood no longer have any idea what the fuck they are doing anymore. Worse, critics are either being paid to lie or no longer understand what makes a show or film good anymore because their reviews are dreadful lately. This week we saw such horror shows as Young Sheldon, the comedy that is NOT funny even accidentally, Star Trek:Discovery, whose only real talent was using great CGI to cover up the fact that there is nothing redeeming about this show, SEAL Team/the Brave/Valor, three shows indistinguishable from one another and none of them any good, the Opposition, Stephen Colbert lite, Me, Myself and I, which is all that will be watching this shit after week three, and the film Flatliners, which accurately described it's BO. Other than the film, critics liked most of the shows listed above. Why? Then they trash the Inhumans, not great but not a suckfest either as previously noted and the Orville, which is my favorite new show. And that was just this week. Imagine what horrors await us next week when even more new shows arrive.

8)Tom Wopat- Another fading star, another round of groping. Allegedly suffering from substance abuse again, the former Dukes of Hazzard star was arrested again, this time for groping a sixteen year old girl during rehearsals for a play he is in. Allegedly, he poked her in the stomach and said " I am a creepy old man and you're talented and cute." EWW. Then he slapped her on the butt and said "Nice ass." Double EWWW. If you are 66 years old, don't grope teens. It's illegal and gross.
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7)Megyn Kelly- Another person who had a very bad week after her new morning show went off the rails something fierce on more than one day. Why you hired a hack like her is anyone's guess but it has Jeff Zucker written all over it, the president of NBC and true idiot as he ran CNN into the ground earlier. Her interview with the cast of Will and Grace got awkward fast when the host asked an audience member if he was gay because of the show and everyone cringed. That was her best moment as it was all downhill from there. She asked Jane Fonda about her plastic surgery which she was NOT happy about and it showed. There were also cameras failing, crew in shots and even one camera operator who swore on live TV. Oops. Add to that dwindling ratings and this show looks bad. Next time hire someone who knows what they are doing and not some pretty face on Fox who obviously got there by sucking cocks in her way to the top. It certainly isn't because she is a good journalist because she's not and it shows.

6)Anthony Weiner- Because this asshole couldn't keep his dick in his pants, Trump became president. It was his laptop bullshit that caused Comey to re-investigate the Hillary email crap that had noting and was nothing. But because this boy scout felt obligated to talk about it,while ignoring the whole Russia hacked out election story, nine out of ten undecided voters broke for Trump, giving him the election. I am fairly sure if that story didn't break right before the election, Hillary would be president right now. Weiner however got arrested for sexting a fifteen year old girl and got 21 months in federal prison for it. Ha Ha! Enjoy your next eighteen months before parole and I hope you get and up close and personal look at what dick pics are in real life you moron.

5)Rick Scott- Much has been said about the governor of Florida and his not great handling of Hurricane Irma. He left the state for a vacation as things were still being put back together. Worse, it has come to light that the nursing home that lost power and had a dozen of their patients die as a result, had called Rick Scott personally and begged for help. Now those messages are all missing, deleted actually. Why? Now mind you the nursing home is also at fault for multiple violations but it has also been noted that Scott and groups who own nursing homes like this have been actively perusing more deregulation of these groups, or exactly the reason these people died due to lack of oversight. Republicans are actively trying to kill you. Keep voting for that morons.
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4)Elaine Chow- Is anyone in the Trump administration not corrupt? The next most likely person to either resign or be fired is the Transportation secretary and Mitch McConnell's wife who is knee deep in an ethics scandal. Much like everyone else working for Orange Hitler, she failed to diverge herself from her stock portfolio before accepting the job. This has led to corruption charges because many see that her stock options with Vulcan Material led to a conflict of interest when she steered government contacts to that company for the sole goal of making money herself. Because of some sort convoluted reason as she once sat on the board of directors at Vulcan, she can't sell the stock until April. This means if she is given the option to get rid of the stock, losing her millions, or resign, which do you think she will do? Greed says resign.

3)Tom Price-What a hypocrite. When he was in Congress, he lambasted the Obama administration for every nickle and dime he could, especially going off about their use of private planes. Once in office as HHS head, doofus went hog wild on plane travel, amassing a one million dollar price tag in eight months. The hypocrisy is deafening. Guess who got fired on Friday? Good riddance.

2)Republicans- This week, Republicans tried to kill half of America and some of you applauded it. Their health care plan, which was actually a tax break for millionaires and more, would have killed thousands by the end of next year and ended insurance for us all by 2020. Then they put forth a tax plan that they are lying through the teeth about as it will do nothing for the middle class and give the 1% a huge tax break. Who supports this crap? They even voted in Roy Moore, a man that makes Louis Golmert look wise and sane in comparison, to run for Congress in Alabama. If you vote for an asshole like this, you will ruin this country worse than it is now. FU Alabama Republicans. I hope another hurricane comes your way stat.
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1)Trump- Worst. Week. Ever. And that is saying something. As he has now fucked up aid to Puerto Rico once and for all, even going into a Twitter war with the mayor down there as he started a race war at home. Trump weeks somehow stretch over months is seems as what happened last week seems like years ago. Let's review shall we.

Saturday 9/23- Trump goes after Stephen Curry, dis-inviting him from the White House, even though he was never going, the NFL players again for not standing and Kim Jung Un for being a dick. Puerto Rico is never mentioned once.

Sunday 9/24- NFL protests galore and Trump tweets back.

Monday 9/25- More tweets about the NFL and one about an Iranian missile launch that never happened. He also tells Un to prepare for war. As that is going Susan Collins says no to the Obamacare replacement, effectively killing it. Trump is less than pleased. Still noting about Puerto Rico.

Tuesday 9/26-More NFL tweets. The people of Puerto Rico and newscasters notice that nothing is happening there and people are running out of supplies. Obamacare replacement finally dies. Roy Moore wins over Trump supported candidate Luther Strange.

Wednesday 9/27-Trump insists Trumpcare will never die and it is only because a Senator was in the hospital that this didn't pass. None of that turns out to be true. Tom Price's pricey jet travel comes out. Puerto Rico begins to bitch to high heaven that they need help. Trump seems not to know that the island is part of the US.

Thursday 9/28- Trump tells Fox and Friends that NFL owners are afraid of their players, stoking even more racial tension. Puerto Rico continues to suffer. Jared Kushner and five others are revealed to be using a private email, or the exact same thing they complained about Hillary doing. Acting DHS head says that the Puerto Rico crisis is a "good news story."This does not go over well with the people down their literally dying.

Friday 9/29- Price is fired. Puerto Rico flips out over the "good news" comment and Trump's lack of interest in helping them. Mitch McConnell's wife is under investigation for ethics problems.

Saturday 9/30- More tweeting about Puerto Rico and the Fake News.

Trump is a dick who is looking at his Katrina Moment. Good luck with that. His tax plan is DOA in current form just like the health care plan was. There are already enough Republican votes to kill it outright in the House alone. There is very little chance this passes as is right now. But that matters not as Trump is circling the drain right now and his supporters know it. Congradulations Trump, you are indeed douchebag of the week. Again.

Thursday, September 28, 2017


I don't know if Trump is losing it or never had it. The interviews he gave over the last few days have been bizarre at best, from his tax plan, a blueprint at best right now, almost certain to die in Congress in even it's vague state, to his statement that health care will be fixed any day now as they have the "votes?" which is such a lie I don't even know where to start. Tack on a crap job on helping Puerto Rico, a loss for a Senate seat he stumped for and no clear way to victory ahead on any legislative bill, and we can all say in one loud voice that at least for this week, Donald Trump was a loser! HA! Tired of all that winning yet?
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Let's start with the mess that is Puerto Rico and how once again, yours truly personally told the top figure in government evacuation plans that their plan won't work, and once again watched it fail for exactly the reason I outlined more than a decade ago. Help is not getting to where it needs to go because bureaucracy is hampering it (the Jones Act which prevent non-US companies from sending aid to the island nation), FEMA is stretched thin because of multiple disasters right now and private industry has all the oil supplies and no one to move it where it has to go. The latter one is something I have been warning officials for years that they need CONTRACTUALLY OBLIGATED DRIVERS for emergency situations. Evacuation plans for years have failed for this one reason that when drivers are needed, they disappear, most likely to help their own families. Without drivers that are mandated to show up for work under penalty of being fired, fined or even jailed, this will continue to happen, as it did with Katrina and now Puerto Rico. Idiots.

Trump has shown no ability to make people feel better and the fact that he thinks the island is in the Atlantic, somehow not knowing geography and that it is actually in the Caribbean, does not inspire confidence. His bungling of this will hopefully follow him around like Katrina did for Bush. Help is desperately needed for these poor people and hopefully they will get the aid they deserve. They certainly are getting any from Trump. Does anyone else find it odd that Florida and Texas, both Republican oriented got superior help, while the non voting state (which is messed up as they should be able to vote) filled with Hispanics got screwed? It's almost like Republicans are racist or something. NAAA. It can't be that can it? I think it is.
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Then we have his failed health care bill to which he gave a super strange interview to CNN and others on the White House grounds. Trump stated he had the votes for health care but it couldn't go through because one the members, Thad Cochran, was in hospital, and if they had his vote, health care would have been a done deal. There is absolutely not one word of that that is true. Cochran is NOT in the hospital, they don't have the votes, and even if this was true and he couldn't make the vote, they still were at least one vote shy and likely a few more. Now he is saying they will revisit health care sometime next year where it should easily pass. How? They will need 60 votes to pass it, unless they commit political suicide by tacking it on to their onerous tax bill, which is already on life support and it has only been alive a few days. Plus, if they want to use budget reconciliation after that, it won't be until 2019 after the new Congress has been sworn in and that may include Democrats retaking the House and Senate, no longer a long shot according to new data seen. Health care is dead, dead, oh fuck what is this now?

Trump has insinuated he will EO health care now, allowing companies to buy insurance across state lines which is NOT a good idea. It could further tank the system by allowing companies to sell skimpier plans for less money to healthy people, meaning premiums will rise for everyone else. Fun. There are also a host of issues that will arise as each state has different rules when it comes to care so that could upend states rights something fierce. If he does, expect a dozen states or more to sue to stop it. This will then go to the Supreme Court where the ruling is unknown, thanks to Neil Gorsuch looking more and more like a rubber stamp for Republican ideals. Fuckwad. He will be giving a speech at Trump hotel today to GOP donors. Nothing suspicious about that right?

Lastly, we have the GOP tax bill which they are lying to us that it will help middle class families. It won't. Most of who it helps are the upper 1% who stand to make billions if enacted and cost taxpayers at least $1.5 trillion over ten years. This plan was already tried in Kansas and that went so badly the GOP congress there overrode the veto from idiot governor, Sam Brownback, who is also the least popular governor in the US, barely edging out other luminaries as Dannel Malloy and Chris Christie, whose approval rating is also underwater. This tax plan mostly helps the wealthy. Don't be fooled otherwise.

It may not matter as there are already signs this bill is doomed. They still have to figure a way to pay for this to even have a chance getting it through budget reconciliation rules which demands no increase after ten years which this bill does in spades. Good luck with that. 69 Republican Senators have already come out against a provision that would double people's taxes in states like NY, CA, NJ and Illinois, to name just a few. There is NO chance ANY Republican from any of these states votes for this provision because there is no way they get re-elected, let alone not get shot, if it passes. It would be impossible to deflect from the fact that their vote raised everyone's taxes 100% in the state. It would be a bloodbath and perhaps even a literal one.
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Tax reform is way harder than health care in that to do anything, you have to take from one group to give to another. And when you take away from one group, they get pissed. If that group happens to be corporation, which is likely, they will spend millions attacking the candidate, severely hurting their chances for re-election. Citizen's United fucked over politicians too which I find funny. They can't get anything done now because corporations hold immense power over our government and can "free speech" anyone that they want back to the Stone Age.

Regardless of what Trump says or wants, this tax bill is likley going to be watered down to near nothing and even then, there may be no clear path forward. It is because of this that average Republicans are fed up with the establishment and thus people like Roy Moore get elected to run. Paul Ryan is in serious trouble next year as his numbers suck. I have a feeling a lot of politicians on both sides of the aisle are going to get primaried out next election. And that could help bring about either a better quality of politicians or more firebrands like Moore. Depending on what happens these next few months will decide that question for us.

Monday, September 25, 2017


Holy God things got serious fast. North Korea is begging for war, the end result which will be the end of their existence. Trump, because he can't do anything else right, lobbed a hand grenade into the center of America and may have inadvertently started a new Civil War. Puerto Rico is a wasteland that our country seems totally nonplussed by the fact that these people are going to die without aid. Meanwhile, the fucking Republicans are still trying to get their awful "health" care bill through even though it appears to have far more than three detractors now, effectively killing it. What the hell is going on?
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Let's start with the most serious of actions and that is Kim Jung Un double dog daring us to wipe them from existence. He threatened to nuke the Pacific, an action that would almost certainly lead to a nuclear war. Today, he said that as the US had declared war on North Korea, which we haven't even by the loosest of Trump talk, they will start shooting down US planes even in international waters, That will also lead to a nuclear war, proving what I keep telling so called experts that Un is NOT sane, NOT reasonable and most likely to end millions of lives on the planet. What part of human history leads any rational person to think that Un won't do something so stupid that war will never happen? Read how almost all wars have ever started and there are only two explanations: stupidity or malice. Almost no war ever has been begun because it was the right thing to do. And when war is started, they usually fight in the most half assed way possible, all but guaranteeing the conflict will last way longer than it needs to, wounding and killing millions more than needed.

Many say we need peace and talks and crap like that. History tells us this will only lead to hundreds of millions, perhaps even billions dead. Our only option is to attack North Korea with everything we have and accept the fact that we are going to lose millions on our side too. If we had attacked decades ago, the death toll would have been far lower. For each decade they waited, the death toll multiplies. For anyone who thinks this theory is bunk, I challenge them to find a war in the last hundred years that wouldn't have have had a far lower death toll if we ended the war quick by any means possible, rather than dragging it out for the dumbest of reasons. WW2 would have been over before it started at least a dozen times had either the Russians or the Allies opened a history book to see how their chances stood and attacked earlier than they did, held back by mankind's pathological aversion to fighting and war. Sometimes, these are your only options. I know first hand, you can't always talk yourself out of a fight. Sometimes, you have to punch someone. We are at that moment. The longer we wait now, as Un is not wrong that war IS inevitable at this point, the more people are going to die. Chances are good, tens of millions will die if we attack now. If we wait as little as a year, that number may be hundreds of millions and by the end of this decade, we all could be extinct.
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We are accelerating that time table because our moron president, along with the Republican party, are hell bent on killing our health care system with yet another fucked up bill that will kill millions and, most likley, quite a few Republicans when children start dying. This country is not known for stable, thoughtful dialogue. Scenes like the GOP baseball shooting may be much more common place if they ever figure out a way to enact this monstrosity. As of this moment, that seems unlikely in the short term, until at least 2019, as the next reconciliation bill is going to be used for taxes.

But that is not the only thing the GOP is fucking up as Trump keeps telling us he is pulling out of the climate change accord, which no one but the most stupid like him doing this, as well as hinting he will pull us out of the Iran deal as well. This would be the dumbest thing he could ever do as the Iranians could restart their nuke program tomorrow and we would have no way of stopping it. What it does in this treaty is prevent them from getting a bomb for ten years. So because President Blackenstein set this up, as well as everything else Trump has repealed, that is why it has to go, not because of policy? Fuck you! This is still a good deal. Leave it the fuck alone. He won't which will lead to another war front for us which worked out so well for Hitler when he said, "Let's attack Russia. Nothing bad has ever happened to anyone who opened a second war front." And then he lost. So will we.

Then we have the NFL. Talk about a perfect storm. CTE injuries are being discussed, hyper masculine sports play badly with the younger generation and now politics is involved. This is why the NFL ratings are in decline. That and the fact that they have way too many teams for the talent pool. I have watched a lot of shitty football these last few weeks and a lot of it had to do with the quality of the players who so far are a sad lot, especially among the Pats whose defense a small child could penetrate. The reason for this is they have spread out the best players among a sea of mediocrity, which has led to a lot of blowouts and poor games so far. Attendance alone tells us that LA cannot handle two teams anymore.

But all that was moot after President Hitler gave a rally that should have been dubbed in German to get the full effect. In it, he slammed the NFL and the players for daring to kneel during the national anthem. Gasoline, match, fire. The country erupted into two camps. One slammed the NFL for being unpatriotic and tuned out. The rest saw it for what it was, free speech. You may not like it, but this is a free country and that is exactly why we have the 1st amendment. I'd much rather see that than fucking Nazis for God's sake.

The right went ballistic over this, even though they shouldn't be. Any real American respects someone else opinion and that's what this is: an opinion. We as a nation better learn to mind our own business so things like this, abortion and gay rights can go forward without the "my way is the only way" crowd. Fuck off. This nation is based on the principle of free speech. The left and the right who don't like it are free to find somewhere else to go. The funny part is I agree with the right on this that kneeling during the anthem is disrespectable. So are black men being shot with impunity by cops. I many not agree with them, but I will fight for their right to say it. Again, as long as they are not Nazis. Those guys can go blow.
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Lastly, a quick note about the Star Trek show last night: I would rather shave my head with a cheese grater while chewing on tin foil than watch another episode of this disaster. In no way was it even close to Star Trek, something that the Orville is actually much more like. How is that possible that Seth McFarlane made a better Trek show than this? The involvement of people like Alex Kurtzman and Akiva Goldsman are a big clue. Kurtzman's last project, The Mummy, was joke and showed it while Goldsman wrote such classics as I Am Legend, I, Robot and, barf, Batman and Robin. The one positive thing I can say is that it was pretty to look at. The special effects were really cool. That's it for good things. The pilot was boring, the dialogue awful, the costumes retarded, the character development nonexistent, and the plot was nonsensical. We don't even see the fucking ship in the first two episodes, only one of which we got to see for free. Tack on to that some of the worst, and I mean worst, characters in any Star Trek ever. The first officer is going to commit mutiny in coming episodes, yet will still somehow command a star ship. Right. In the pilot we only are introduced to three of the people and none of them were likable, including a science officer that appears to be afraid of his own shadow. That will play out well over sixteen episodes. The rest were just background noise.

Bottom line is don't bother. Watch the Orville for way better Star Trek episodes. And while watching it, pray we get to a point when interstellar travel is possible because right now we might now see 2020.

Sunday, September 24, 2017


I'm back. Did I miss anything? I missed everything? Fuck. Two Republicans I had actually grown to not hate decided to flip that switch with their idiotic health care plan which is thankfully all but dead barring some last minute miracle which I don't see happening. So far the GOP plan is to make it worse and worse until we all just die whenever we get sick. Fuck these two right in the ass, which Graham might actually like as he does come across as super gay. Let's see those runner ups in another week of freaking morons.
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10)Madonna- Some people don't know when to go quietly into that good night. Hillary Clinton is throwing Molotov cocktails at the Democratic party with her new crappy book. Sean Spicer is trying to mainstream himself with less than stellar results, including a cringe inducing appearance at the Emmy's. But no one flamed out like Madonna did this week. Did you know she put out a new album this week? Apparently no one else did either as she only sold a nut shrinking 3500 copies over a two day period. Ouch! This blog gets more hits than that in two days and even I know this site is somewhat obscure, unlike the super rich, famous and quite insane Madonna. Maybe it's time to stop touring as she is like a hundred now and acting like a pop princess is just kind of sad now.

9)Sean Spicer- Go AWAY! People were rightfully PISSED he showed up the Emmy's "joking" about his idiotic debut when he claimed falsely that the inauguration was the largest ever in the history of time, demonstrating what we now know is a dangerous administration incapable of telling the truth about anything. Look at that, Trump really IS a politician after all. It did not go over well and, truth be told, was really tone deaf. The producers and Stephen Colbert didn't see that coming? Spicer has been looking for a media job but so far he has been rejected by them all, including, hilariously, Fox. Time to find a job out of the spotlight guy because that road is closed.

8)Marshall Green- This guy will be forever known as Hurricane Sign Language Guy after a spectacular failure while giving life saving info for Florida as Hurricane Irma barreled toward them. They didn't have anyone who could sign so they picked someone with as much sign ability as I have who began to throw off words like Pizza, Monster, and Bear. People who were deaf were outraged as this rank amateur butchered their language for a very important message. The thinking at the time was better him than nobody. No, nobody would have been better. Idiots.
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7)Tom Price- The head of the EPA is a dick. That is hardly a new sentiment but this week hit new lows as a real hypocrite. As a senator, he railed against the Obama administration using plane travel at all for anything, using cost as a cudgel. But then flash forward to him in power and we find he is using private planes, which cost taxpayers $25K for ONE trip, when he could have just as easily taken a commuter jet for $750. His response is his time is valuable. Our tax dollars are too you ass.

6)Betsy DeVos- Another Trump loser who this week pulled back protections from rape victims as schools. Is that really what people wanted? While I will agree that there seem to be too many fake accusations that have ruined men's lives, this move seems to move the pendulum back too far the other way which will discourage women, or men, from reporting rapes. Can't we leave things alone instead of constantly tinkering with them?
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5)Media- The Republicans are lying to the America people. How fucking hard is it to SAY that? I have watched news media dance around the fact that many of the Republican party, including the goddamned President of the United States, when it comes to what is in their fucked up health care bill, lie, lie and lie some more. And the reporter just stands there with a shit eating grin on his face, somehow unable to say the words, "THAT IS A LIE!" The bill does NOT protect people with pre-existing conditions, it will cost more, and we ALL will lose out insurance over the next decade as it gets priced out of existence for all but the richest. How fucking hard is that to say as it's only your fucking job!?

4)North Korea- This deranged midget is going to kill us all. The chances for a miscalculation here is sky high, especially if he dies something suicidal like fire a nuke at the Pacific. No above ground testing has been done by anyone since 1980 and with good reason, the fallout is hell on the environment. It also will start a nuclear war as that is a serious red line to cross. Pray he doesn't do this ever.
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3)Trump- What the fuck Trump. Your numbers are going up, you make a deal with the democrats, you haven't screwed up Hurricane relief (surprisingly just the opposite go figure) and all you had to do was keep your mouth shut for three seconds. He didn't make it to one as he royally screwed the pooch with an unhinged rally speech were he went off on Hillary, and the chant of course, the wall that will be built, and then the cherry on top, how anyone who kneels at a sporting event out to be fired, ignoring the fact that the first amendment is front and center here. While I have come to view hate speech as something that should be controlled, protest speech is definitely protected, even if I don't agree with it, and in this case, I do not agree with Kaepernick but I support this right to his protest. That is what America is all about. Trump on the other hand made every athlete of any color side with K and that has shown so far as almost every NFL owner has condemned this act by Trump, including friends like Bob Kraft, Tom Brady and Bill Bilichick. The Warriors said they weren't going to the White House anymore because of this, a tradition around since JFK. This, plus his support for the almost dead Trumpcare bill will see those higher number plummet right back into the basement. What a moron.

2)Republicans- These douchebags are still trying to kill Obamacare and it appears to be finally not going to happen. Susan Collins said today there is almost no chance she supports this bill and while Lisa Murkowski isn't talking, word is she will also vote no on it, driving a stake through this horror show once and for all. Some Republicans however will not walk away from this unscathed. Dean Heller in NV can start packing up his office because his wishy washy stance on health care pissed off both sides and now he is in real danger of no even making it past the primaries as he is 26 points behind his opponent. Nevada is going more blue so chances are really high that the democrats capture this seat regardless. Jeff Flake, Ted Cruz and even the winner in Alabama face closer races than you would think in red states. All are vulnerable. Alabama's democrat, Doug Jones, got an unexpected boost when Roy Moore's campaign bus idiotically misspelled their domain name, which Jones purchased and now goes to his website instead. Free advertising. He is also down in the polls by less than four points, a sign that even in Alabama, Republicans are starting to having second thoughts. Staple this stupid health care bill to whoever runs and watch the votes start to pour Jones' way.
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1)Graham and Cassidy- I have decided I now fucking HATE these two assholes to such an extent I will now actually dance when these two fuckers die. I hate them more than Trump, more than mushrooms, more than Justin Bieber even. It was bad enough they are trying to push through a truly evil bill that will kill millions, they are lying through their teeth about it. Cassidy got it the worst after Jimmy Kimmel hammered these two this week, calling Cassidy a liar for when he appeared on his show. When Kimmel is the only media voice to actively call this out is so fucked up I don't know where to start. Kudos to Kimmel though for saying these two are liars and should be kicked out of office tomorrow. Anyone who votes for either of these two ever is a fuckhead of epic proportions. People like this have to dragged out of office one way or another and if we don't, sooner or later some shit bill is going to pass and we all going to suffer as a result. The GOP is trying to kill us. Wake up to that. So fuck you two, you are indeed douchebag of the week.