Wednesday, August 16, 2017


If you are a Republican after yesterday, congratulations, you are now officially a Nazi. It's not like this came as a surprise as I have been warning people about this for years and was seen front and center at every Trump rally. The crowd was a sea of Confederate flags and poorly written hate signs. But now the GOP has officially lost the narrative and have to be seen as the new Neo-Nazi party after what can only be described as the moment the Titanic hit the iceberg at that unbelievable press conference.
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I caught it by accident. I had gone to one of my many doctors for an appointment only to discover the practice had moved and no one bothered to tell me so I was up early for no reason and went home. I got my work done early, my fiance who is usually asleep most of the day due to bad insomnia was up and we were watching the news when it said there was a press conference coming up. Excited, we patiently waited for it to start. We could not have been happier to have witnessed what came next.

Trump, in what can best be described as the mother of all fuck-ups, went rogue (possibly, but more on that later) and may have permanently damaged his career. It started like all his speeches, short on facts and big on bluster. He was touting some infrastructure executive order he signed that made it sound like he just got the next New Deal when in actuality it was yet another stick in the eye to an Obama era regulation that literally no one wanted repealed other than business developers. It no longer makes mandatory building codes to protect against sea level rise and climate change for federal buildings. Developers will save billions, everyone else if going to be paying through the nose for repairs, including taxpayers. Great negotiation again douchebag. Why can no one see what a con artist this guy is?
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I loved when he pulled out this huge sheet, a flow chart of all the different committees and permits you have to get to build anything, which rolled to the ground and said this is why everything takes so long to get built, and in that area, he is not wrong. It takes way too long to get anything built in this country having to deal with local, town, city, state, and federal regulations, some of which contradict one another. My mom is seeing that first hand trying to get a deck redone on a historic site and the amount of bullshit you have to go through is mind boggling. Try building a highway and the problems are ten fold. However, that being said, Trump's EO didn't affect any of that, no matter how much he bleats about it, and instead is nothing more than a way for him to make more money. Shocker.

But all that got obliterated when he started taking questions from the press, something I have been waiting months for. I was not disappointed. He was dying for a question about infrastructure, but was instead berated with questions about Charlotteville by everyone. You could actually see the frustration building in him and I knew, absolutely KNEW, something big was coming. The same way you know a storm is about to hit or a feeling your aunt is about to call and two seconds later the phone rings, it was just like that. You could almost count down to it. And then it happened, that magic moment when you are proven RIGHT and Trump suddenly went off about Nazis being good people and the far left is every bit as bad is Nazis and the whole world spun. There is almost nothing worse he could have done unless we used the N-word in his final moments. It was truly the most spectacular thing I have EVER seen in politics. Think about it: our President self identified with Nazis and agreed with their policies.
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The damage was swift and fierce. Everyone distanced themselves from Trump, but I did notice again how the GOP was not exactly totally against him either, even if a few did come out against him. This would play out more later. The nightly news played this to death and not without good reason because it is a dark day when our fucking president says that there are good Nazi's too. NO THERE ISN'T! One racist dick at the rally told a news crew that more violence was coming and now has a tear filled "leave Brittany alone" type video where this pussy is surprised he is about to be arrested for threatening violence. Incitement to riot is a crime you ass. And also kind of funny he didn't know that. You can't be an American and a Nazi. Fuck off, free speech be damned there.

The next day was even worse as Trump saw his business councils disintegrated with a rush to the door to get as far away from him as possible, the Trump brand now toxic. Who didn't see that coming? Trump tried to say it was his idea but when half your businesses leave before lunch time, including Blackstone, Walmart and JP Morgan which were widely rumored to be out the door by the end of the day, he didn't do much other than watch everyone leave. The fact that these are his alleged peers makes it even funnier. What business wants to be associated with a NAZI?

Even worse, Trump called out the Republicans to back him that the left is just as bad as the right to which even Mitch McConnell told him in no uncertain terms to shut the fuck up. Store front mannequin Mike Pence didn't get that memo as he defended what the president said, rendering him a Nazi too. Jim Inhofe tried to get the topic back to tax reform somehow not aware this is a little more pressing. Anyone voting for this dick is a fucking fascist and should be treated as such.
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We do not need to resort to violence to solve this problem. Internet justice is doing just fine identifying these assholes and getting them fired from their jobs. I said this before but there is a reason the KKK wore white sheet to hide their identity. In Boston this week, a group of Nazis are coming (yes I know they call themselves something else but a Nazi is a Nazi) and please do not show up with hammers and clubs because that is not going to solve anything. You only need to two things, a camera and a funny sign. The camera to take pictures of every asshole in there and figuring out who they are. Although again make sure the person you identify is the right one as a few have been misidentified and that isn't cool because no one who isn't a Nazi wants to be called one erroneously. As for the sign, make it demeaning like "All Nazis have small dicks," or "Nazis are secretly gay." That will piss them off far more than anything else and you won't get arrested for it. Don't let this get violent even though I understand why. The fact of the matter is, violence is probably going to get worse and that won't be good for anyone because that will play right into Trump's hands. We can still stop this and beat the Nazi without weapons.

There is a theory out there that Rachel Maddow had that none of this was an accident, that people in the White House, including the president are actually Nazi, racist bastards. There is the possibility that is true and Trump did use the word "us" when referring to the alt-right at one point so there is that. He certainly acts like someone who believes this racist nonsense.

The alt left is not as bad as Nazis, sorry. While BLM is responsible for a lot of the racism growing in the nation and is labeled a terrorist group in Russia and maybe France, they are not even in the same league as Nazis. To equate both is disingenuous at best. BLM has lost the narrative and are seen by many in the white community as a hate group, even if they really aren't. Racism in the white community is happening because of BLM defending EVERY black person as if race is always a factor which it isn't. The white supremacist movement saw Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown for what they were, thugs that got what they should have. They also talk about Tamir Rice but that for me is not so much a race issue as bad policing and parenting. But Martin and Brown were made into martyrs when in reality they should have been treated as criminals. They saw the MSM as conspiring against them and in this case, they were not wrong. Someone is trying to create a narrative that black people are dying in mass numbers from white people but there is no evidence that is happening while the opposite is growing. The elites want us to fight among each other because if we ever stopped and started seeing that people like Trump and Pelosi are the real enemies of the state, this country might burn.
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Racism is here and it's coming from all sides now. Black people hate whites and now the reverse is coming to fruition which means if you are black it might be a death sentence. Check out jury rates of acquittals of white defendants versus black ones and the numbers are staggering. And all of this is within the last few years. White people are starting to HATE black people which is in large part because of the obvious racism within the black community. Call people racist long enough and they will be. I still don't get the hate to Jews thing however. Why is that still a thing? Are Jews taking people's jobs, ruining their neighborhoods, crossing the border illegally? I don't agree with any of that for any race but I least I get where the racists are coming from. Being anti-Jew literally makes you a card carrying Nazi. WTF?

We cannot fall into this trap which let's face it is probably too late. Black people will continue to demonize whites, including two dark skinned idiots actually agreeing with Trump about statues of Washington and Jefferson on CNN today calling them "symbols of oppression." Good luck getting rid of those statues anytime soon. If we don't step back from the brink, none of us are going to be happy living under the rule of our new fuhrer, Donald Trump. Don't think it can't happen because that is what many said about Hitler. He was down and out a few times in his life before he came roaring back bigger and better.

If you are a Republican, you now belong to the Nazi party. There is no distancing yourself from this. Sorry, it doesn't work that way. Your party has been hijacked by the far right. Everyone should treat you as such. Fascism cannot arrive at these shores. For now, it can be peaceful but we are coming dangerously close to a time when that may not be possible and then we are all in big, big trouble.

Monday, August 14, 2017


It's not one day after Nazis killed a woman and we already have stupid conspiracy theories, name calling from both sides, a president proving to be woefully inadequate for the job and a public too stupid to know right from wrong anymore. I hate dumb people and will tell you that to your face if you say something incredibly moronic regardless of who you are. As you can guess, I am not popular at some parties for just that reason. There is no reason to be dumb anymore unless you choose to be so, as the world is at everyone's fingertips which way too many use only for porn, cat videos and vitriol aimed at whoever people are mad at that day. Knowledge of the ages is available to all and no one uses it for that purpose at all. It's why we are spiraling out of control.
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Let us take a quick look at three totally different forms of political thought all with roughly the same name: socialism, democratic socialism and national socialism. Only one of those actually works and that is democratic socialism, which right now is the ONLY political theory that shows promise. The other two are a watered down communism with equally awful results and national socialism, which isn't actually socialistic at all, and is in reality Fascism with a better name. I can't tell you how many idiots I encounter every week who like to say that the Nazis were socialist, demonstrating beyond doubt they have never read one sentence about Nazis ever in their life. Even a brief perusal of Hitler and his rise to power show that while there were a couple of avowed socialists in the party, like Goebbels and Strasser, Hitler and his philosophy were anti-socialist from day one. Strasser left the party and Goebbels changed his thinking, coming under the sway of Hitler's oratory skills. Once in power, the Nazis arrested the communists and socialist and barred many from office. How does that make Hitler socialist then? It doesn't proving too many can read and choose not to.

Fascism by definition is the ultimate right turn while Communism is the far left. Both employ similar tactics such as free speech removals and dictator-like policies and rulings. What they aren't is carbon copies of one another. Fascism is the sharing or abdication to rule by the corporations. Hitler was fully held by the industrialists of the time who could have shut down his reign at a moments notice. But as the banks were making money fast and corporations, especially ones manufacturing for the war effort, were making money hand over fist, no one was going to say boo about anything, Jews be damned. Communism on the other hand is the government completely controlling all industry and while Russia may technically be no longer communist, they are still following the playbook like it was. No one does business in Russia without Putin's say so, thus the reason many of the elites who did not support him are all on the run, some even assassinated. There is a clear difference between these two political methods even though they use a lot of the same tactics.
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Here at home fascism is alive and well and has been for some time. No one president can be blamed but this was been a slow coup since 1933. When the elites saw that no one would accept fascism willingly, they bided their time and slowly changed things toward such a state without anyone knowing. Things like the War on Drugs, Civil forfeiture, anti voting laws, and demonizing a minority (blacks, Hispanics, Muslims) are all right out of the fascism playbook and way too many of you are voting for this. Idiots. As of late, things had sped up to now have droves of these fuckwads are now protesting violently the removal of Confederate statues that never should have been placed in the first place. There is nowhere on Earth were someone lost a war and then had monuments put up in their honor. If you go to Germany there are NO memorials to anyone there for WW2. Nazi symbols are banned and a recent drunk dumbass, from the US of course, got his ass kicked for goosestepping down the street. Should we be any different? I am all for free speech but even I have to question the morality of walking down the street holding a Nazi or Confederate flag. Both should be regulated to dust bin of history. And again, Confederate statues are the ultimate in participation trophies, something the far right is supposed to hate.  Remind them of that at every instance.

 But with the death of a protester this week, the dynamic has no changed. First blood has been spilled and that could lead to a lot more bloodshed. The alt-right is planning rallies in Boston soon, something that could bring back memories of how the Revolutionary war started. Don't be surprised if someone gets shot here and not necessarily an anti-protester like Charlotteville. The right seems to think they have all the guns somehow missing that story of the guy who shot at Republicans during a baseball practice, almost killing a few. This will get violent if that's the only avenue they have left.
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We are facing Civil War led by a idiot public being led on by elites who want this to happen. Bloodshed could lead to martial law, suspension of all sort of things, including the second amendment guys on the right, if things spiral out of control which is exactly what the powers that be want. If we want to survive, we have to be above this and violence, which in this case will solve nothing. Let the right run over you and watch their support plummet when videos like the one in Virginia turn people away in droves. Yes, some may die but they will be martyrs like Heather Heyer who because of her sacrifice might actually prevent more deaths from happening. I know she didn't do this on purpose but let us not waste the death of this fine young woman and use it for our advantage. Her passing can help us all and that is exactly what she would want had she lived and someone else died in her place. We have to stop fascism by the most non-violent means possible. If you go to another rally, don't fight back. Let them beat you and act helpless and then play that video non stop world wide and watch their support wither and die. Trust me when I say this latest action in Virginia did nothing to help their cause and lots to hurt it. When the guy who arranged all this tried to give a press conference the next day, he had to run for his life when angry people tried to rip him a new one. The fact he wasn't really hurt was perfect here as violence was kept to a minimum but the message got out loud and clear: WE DON'T WANT YOU HERE! GO THE FUCK HOME!

People seem to think that free speech IS free. It isn't as many a person found out caught on tape screaming with a tiki torch which doesn't say to me angry mob but that there was a sale at Pier One. Since the demonstration, one has been found out as a college student (which means he might be transferring somewhere else soon), two have been fired, and another has been disowned. There was a reason the KKK used to wear sheets to hide their identity and this was it. They knew what they believed in was wrong and if anyone knew they'd get drummed out of society. Today's morons have no concept of that and are paying a steep price.
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Fascism is here. It's in our streets, our Congress and, especially, our President. Trump WANTS to be Hitler and has shown that at every step. Worse, half of the Republican party supports that idea. This means the GOP is now overrun by fascists and any vote for them is a literal vote for Hitler. Read how he came to power and it's not that far from what we see today. I have been warning you for some time this was coming and it is now here. If you identify as a Republican congratulations you are a card carrying Nazi now. Please wear the swastika so we know who to kill first when this whole idea of society goes belly up. I hope it doesn't come to that and hope that non-violent tactics work first. If not, there are going to be a whole lot of dead Republicans nationwide when people start to figure out who is actually to blame.

Sunday, August 13, 2017


Trump had another epic week of failures and he still wasn't even close to the Gavarilo Princip moment we had when this literal Nazi killed his first martyr by driving his car into a crowd of protesters. These are Trump's SA troops now, just like what happened in Germany circa 1933. I don't know about you but I am not going to sit on the sidelines and watch it repeat again. I get the feeling many of you out there feel the same. BLM matter lost their reputation with violent encounters that were distinctly anti-white, however they never killed anyone. Now the alt-right has become not only a hate group but a terrorist one at that. Good luck getting a permit ever anywhere to march after this little stunt. Let's see those runner ups in a long week of losers.
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10)James Danmore- This engineer from Google got the ball started this week with an idiotic memo about women being terrible at science skills, which got him promptly fired. He then double downed Trump style to explain his point, and while I completely disagree with his theory that there are not a lot of women in science positions because of genetic differences, he was not wrong that we cannot have discussions about this to see if it is true without being labeled a sexist/racist/ misogynist and losing your job and reputation in the process. There are a lot of topics we should be discussing like racial differences in IQ (being fought right now in college admissions that deny one minority, Asians, to help two others, blacks and Hispanics) but would be seen as some sort of hate crime if even brought up. Because we are not addressing these issues, nothing will ever get better for anyone. Both sides get so butt hurt if even their smallest preconception is challenged. That has to stop for the good of mankind. Grow up people. So many of you act like children lately.

9)Colin Kaepernick- Black people are all butt hurt over this guy not being drafted by any team, somehow unaware that being a lightning rod of hate AND a second rate QB at best won't get you any offers for some reason. Yeah, it because he's black (heavy sarcasm here). If this guy was any good, someone would brave the storm and pick him up. Vick got drafted again and he killed pets, something far worse. This guy keeps digging his own grave when he recently compared the police to roving gangs of slave finders. Good luck finding off duty cops to volunteer to protect him which will cost whatever team that adds him to their roster a lot of money in extra security. And for what, a guy who is as good as Tim Tibow was and he's playing minor league baseball now? It's not always because you're black and constantly screaming about it isn't helping. This is why the alt-right keeps growing. You are not helping so please just quit it!

8)Democrats- Other than Sanders and Warren, the rest of the democratic party seems to be on Quaaludes for all the anger they could muster this week. The Nazi are HERE, Trump is going to kill us all and most of you act like you can't be bothered. Many said they shouldn't keep harping on Russia because it doesn't poll well. Then change the polls by, I don't know, staying on message, which the Democrats are the WORST at. Republicans are great at messaging and terrible at policy. Democrats are the exact opposite. For the love of all that is holy realize that Warren is right and center right policies are dead on arrival. Your base is not following you and if don't act 2018 may not go your way and the country is lost then. Trump is a traitor, he should be impeached and prosecuted and even resign today. That is what every single person in the party should state every day, just like the GOP and Benghazi. That never polled well either and four years later we are still harping on it. Get with the program guys or get left on the dust heap of history.
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7)Robert Jeffress- I fucking HATE evangelicals. They twist religion into something horrible, no better than what ISIS does to Islam. This dick, the spiritual adviser to Trump, told people God has given Trump the authority to nuke North Korea off the planet. Using Biblical passages such as Romans 13 which says we must obey all government authority and pay our fair share of taxes which is rich coming from a guy who pays NO taxes whatsoever, a sin against God if that passage is to be believed, man's law be damned as they would say. Anyone following this asshole deserves whatever they get coming to them which after they die might be a lot warmer than they were expecting.

6)Jeffrey Lord/PC Police- The Trump apologist got fired from CNN this week after getting into an argument over the rise of fascism in left wing sites like Media Matters. This was BEFORE the Nazis killed their first victim so that should tell you how much Nazis played into the narrative this week. While I truly dislike this man, I did have a problem with how he was fired. He tweeted back a Sieg Heil as an obvious joke to a argument he was having over fascism and people went nuts over it calling anti-Semetic and hateful which it never was meant to be. PC nonsense is going too far lately. Al Sharpton tried to get Irish people riled up when he rightfully said the term paddywagon is offensive. However, he is not Irish and we don't care if we get insulted. We were too busy running from the Vikings, the Romans, the British or whatever group de jour conquered us that week. Irish people have better things to do with our time. Notice the public outcry was exactly zero. The rest of the world should notice and follow our example.

5)North Korea- This dick is going to kill a lot of people if he keeps doing what is he doing. There is a solid red line drawn and he appears ready to cross it at a moments notice. I am increasingly more worried about him than Trump and that should tell you something. Trump's ego is massive, but even he doesn't believe he is God. Kim Jun Un just might. Never underestimate someone who may be really crazy. I saw an interview with David Berkowitz last night, the Son of Sam killer, and was horrified how normal he could seem. But as the interview went on, there were clear signs this man was dangerous and quite crazy. But anyone interacting with him might not see that, just like the world and Un. We are at least sixty days from any war that Trump wants. Un could do something stupid at any minute and that should terrify us all.
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4)North Korea experts- I would feel much better if every single person who is a recognized expert on this subject didn't keep telling us peace talks are the only solution. The only problem with that is at this moment there does not seem to be any way to get to peace talks. Bush had his chance in 2006 when the ailing Kim Jung Il sent out real peace feelers and the administration ignored them. Un has no desire for peace, just nukes. So if peace is impossible, then what? All I hear are crickets.

3)Republicans- If the writing on the wall wasn't clear enough for you, the Nazis have hijacked your party. There are at least one of them, Steve Bannon, working in the White House for God's sake. A few like Marco Rubio and Orrin Hatch have condemned the president for his wishy washy response but most have stayed silent. That tells us everything. If you are voting for Republicans at this point you are voting for the fucking NAZIS. That wont end well for anyone.

2)Trump- Another week, another fucking disaster. I told you he would end the world and I appear to be right about that. His belligerence toward North Korea is not helping, his attacks on Mitch McConnell bewildering and his response to the Nazi terrorist attack we just had was piss poor at best. We heard this from this racist carrot we call President when he failed miserably to call this domestic terrorism, weirdly echoing his complaints against Democrats for failing to use the term Islamic terrorism. Pot Kettle Black guys. Why won't he go after racists? Probably because there the only people still supporting him. This guy is fucking dangerous. Thanks for putting him in a place where he can end us all.
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1)James Alex Fields and the alt-right- That giant sucking sound you are hearing is the air being let out of the alt-right bubble which as we speak is rapidly deflating. The reason why is because this one asshole. Fields, committed an act of TERRORISM, which is exactly what that was, all alt-right groups are now linked with the same Muslims and black people they hate. How does it feel being blood brothers? This could not have gone worse for everyone. Trump's numbers were just going up due to his word attacks on North Korea and now this. Alt right groups will be seen as dangerous and will be regulated to back alleys and dark rooms. They will never get a permit anywhere ever. Fields, a 20 year old facing decades behind bars, apparently is an actual Nazi who loved Hitler and voted for Trump. Shocker. He also singlehandedly destroyed their movement, the same way the violent rhetoric destroyed BLM's reputations. They never killed anyone so this false equivalent that Trump did by blaming both sides (really?) for this death really blew up in his face. Richard Spencer is going to have to go into hiding after this. The right kills people like Dylan Storm Roof did who killed a bunch of innocent black people in a church. Or the countless stories of racism that is now front and center, no longer hidden by social norms. Fascism is rising and we need to stop it, hopefully peacefully. If you know anyone who is a Republican let them know that is not acceptable anymore. We are not going to have the rise of Fascism here, like when industrialists tried to install a dictatorship back in 1933, helped by the treasonous Bush family. There is even a rumor that George H.W. Bush himself is connected to Nazi's and was adopted by the Bush family when Germany fell, although that is speculative at best. The point here is that the GOP has been pursuing Nazi ideals for a while now and here they are barely denying it. Put up signs denouncing your neighbors for being Nazis if they support GOP candidates. Tie the GOP to Hitler at every instance. If they want to behave like Nazis, tell them to at least have the decency to wear the swastika. So congratulations to Fields and the alt-right as you are indeed douchebag of the week.

Friday, August 11, 2017


Sorry for the late posting but the Warmonger needs some time off too. Instead of obsessing over Orange Hitler and the Korean midget, I went to the zoo with my niece and nephew and yesterday I had to go shopping for a pair of headphones, my third pair this year. Why can no one make anything that doesn't break two seconds after you buy it anymore? I have a VCR that has to be over fifteen years old and it still works fine. Meanwhile, my discarded DVD players are piling up in the need to throw out pile.
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While I was out and about, Trump stomped his feet and crossed his arms, trying to look ever so serious as he threatened Korea with annihilation. Kim in turn threatened us right back, even bringing Guam into the action by saying he will hit them first, which also houses a huge military base for the US. China has told Korea if they attack first, China will be sitting this one out. However, if we attack first, they could get involved. This leaves us in quite a pickle because to be honest the best case scenario is a first strike attack that levels the entire nation to dust. Even this scenario is still going to kill hundreds of thousands who are not North Korean when their subs let loose a hellfire of missiles. It is also the only way in which hundreds of millions don't die so there is that.

I have been reading about/talking with military experts and when they tell me they are more scared than at any point since the Cuban Missile crisis and you can see why I am worried. Even worse, almost all of these so called experts say diplomacy is the only route, pathologically unaware that that avenue is in all likelihood, closed. So if diplomacy is dead, what are we left with? Nothing but bad decisions.
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This is a prime example of how a president from decades ago can do something that affects us today. We are still reeling from the disastrous presidencies of people like Wilson, Truman, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush 1, Clinton, Bush 2, Obama and now Trump. All did somethings so monumentally stupid that we are now in the boat we are in. Most of them kicked the Korean War can down the road until we ran of it. Now we face WW3 and perhaps the end of everything. Thanks for those pacifistic ideas that not killing people is better than winning a war and now you see why ending a conflict once and for all instead of letting it drag on and on, a world wide specialty since WW2, is not a great idea.

There are NO rules in war, regardless of the bullshit we have been fed. It was those exact same rigidity to rules that led to the fall of the British Empire who could not adapt to new ways of warfare here in the colonies, thus why we won, Now we hamstrung ourselves with those same idiotic rules, now called the Geneva Convention, otherwise known as how to lose any war in ten easy steps. It is also telling that no one but Western countries even seem to follow this while the rest of the world ignores it with zero consequences. We fight every war with one hand tied behind our back and blindfolded while the enemy runs over us. Wiping a country from the Earth is not a war crime. It is how to ensure peace. If there is no enemy anymore, it makes it real hard for them to fight back, not to mention the psychological reason of seeing someone annihilate another tends to make people not want to fight you anymore. Look at conquerors like Genghis Khan or Alexander the Great. They took over half the planet and actually brought peace for hundreds of years to the region because no one wants to fight someone that will burn your village to the ground. In turn, these people actually did better than if they hadn't been conquered in the first place, benefiting from the empires whose wealth and security made their lives better.
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Now because we refused to take that into account we are still technically at war with North Korea, every president since Truman has ignored the threat, leading later generations to worry about it with greater and greater consequences. Now we face this fact: it is unlikely Kim will give up nukes, seeing what we did to Iraq and Libya. The US cannot and will not live with a nuclear armed Kim. Thus war is inevitable. And because of this, there are only a few scenarios which are likley to play out.

As China has told us what they would do, the best case scenario here would be a false flag operation. A North Korea missile could be fired from sea, at least that is what it would look like and have it hit downtown Seoul or Tokyo with a death toll in the tens of thousands. The US would respond with overwhelming force, blaming the North Koreans for starting the war and keeping China and WW3 at bay. If this happens, it is probably the only way to not end the planet. Will this happen? Possibly not as Trump is not the brightest bulb and he seems more like the hammer/nail kind of guy which if applied here could end us all. If we go for a first strike without provocation AND do the kind of idiotic attack they keep talking about (limited strikes), this world will burn and us with it.

The only option is all out war if we go that route. ANY attack, no matter how small will be dealt with as if their very survival is at stake. I keep reading from morons who are allegedly experts on this, harp over and over that a limited strike could work, somehow unaware that any attack will be seen as an existential threat and they will launch everything they have at everyone. There is no limited strike option here. Again, it is all or nothing. Diplomacy is their other go to, knowing full well that Bush fucked that up when North Korea made peace gestures which the administration fully ignored. Considering the Republicans have helped kill any peace deals with them, this is hardly surprising. Trump has an equal hard on for dumping the Iran deal, even though they have been in compliance with the treaty, but said he wants out as early as yesterday.

Then there is Kim's mental state. I keep hearing he is sane and stable from everyone. What gives anyone that idea? Do people think that all crazy people run down the street naked smearing peanut butter on themselves? Kim has all the hallmarks of a dangerously unstable personality that may not do so well with reason or not being self destructive. I've watched sane, smart people make the same dumb mistake over and over and cannot figure out why. It's because some people, deep down, want to fail and will do everything that they can to do just that, without even realizing it. Kim may think himself a god, has shown a desire and ability to kill family members for no apparent reason other than paranoia, and may accidentally start a war he cannot win. There are countless stories throughout history of people making such idiotic decisions that millions died because of it. As we have not one, but two idiots in charge of nukes and a powerful military, I cannot stress how screwed we really are.

Here at home, we have another form of stupidity and that is the rapidly devolving species known as Republicans. These assholes are setting the stage for a Civil War with their asinine anti-American desires front and center. A recent poll said that 52% of Republicans felt Trump should suspend the elections in 2020 if he feels like it, 56% if Congress approves of it to.The polls also said that around 47% believe he won the popular vote (he didn't) and 68% think millions of illegals voted. Hitler's big lie proves true once again. People need to fucking read a book once in a while.
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The fact of the matter is we have a public too dumb to know anything and a world ready for war. We are not prepared for the level of death and destruction coming our way. There are ways we could lower the death toll but chances are good they won't be used. So now we face the end of the world and WW3. I really would have liked to finish my next book. Maybe in my next life. Smoke em if you got em. The end appears soon. You voted for this America. So sit back and wait to glow in the dark. If nothing else, the Apocalypse will be televised. It will be the last thing most of us ever see.

Monday, August 7, 2017


First off I would like to state this disclaimer before I continue: my record on predicting war has been spotty at best. While I did correctly predict the second Gulf War months before anyone else and was reporting about a build up of troops and equipment for what appeared to be a push against Afghanistan eight months before 9/11 (nothing suspicious there right?), I have also had some spectacular failures. In 1999, I was positive that WW3 was right around the corner due to the very real possibility of  massive attack against the West Bank by Israeli troops. It all hinged on the election there which went the opposite way I expected, but by then my record of being right all the time actually shut down three international companies when multitudes of employees called in sick that day, sure the world was going to end. Oops. Likewise, several times since then when war with North Korea seemed inevitable, I struck out there too when cooler heads prevailed. I am not sure am I wrong this time however due to several things that have changed over the years.
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So called experts on North Korea keep telling us they are almost positive Kim Jun Un is not insane. I tend to disagree with that diagnosis for the fact that if one studies history, patterns emerge that repeat with alarming regularity. One of the biggest facts one can gleam from history is this, any society that has one individual with total power tends to collapse as the leaders sanity does. For whatever reason, with each successive change of power, the next person is more likely to be far more power hungry and insane than the predecessor. Read up on the fall of things like Rome, China under the rule of the Khan empire, or most telling, the Ottoman Empire, whose idiotic tradition of locking up future rulers in a self imposed solitary confinement turned them even more insane than they might have been. Each one of these examples was lead by an insane, incompetent leader right up to the end. Now we have two, Trump and Un, neither of whom should be manager of a Chucky Cheese, let alone leader of their nation.

Mind you, things probably wouldn't be any different under Hillary. However, I have to admit I would be sleeping better knowing that she wasn't a total retard like our current commander in chief. But she would be facing the same belligerence from North Korea and what appears to be an inevitable confrontation. Chances are good that if we go to war, tens of millions will die and the battlefield may be fought here at home for the first time. I am not sure Idiot America is ready for that. There is a good chance that if war happens, we will lose several major cities, most likely ones on Alaska and the West Coast. There is also the possibility that sleeper agents here in the US could attack us as well with attacks in infrastructure or even biological agents that could let the plague run wild.
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Recent talks with North Korea have gone nowhere and their missile/nuke program appear to be non-nonnegotiable. We cannot live with a nuclear armed North Korea. I know some are saying why not and the reason is quite good: chances are near 100% that this guy will use nukes to blackmail the planet into whatever he wants. He could threaten South Korea with nuclear hell if they don't surrender. If Un is really insane, and I really think he is especially if he actually thinks himself a god as the nation worships him as one, then MAD will NOT work here and the longer this madman is allowed to draw breath, the more dangerous things get. If he gets say thirty nukes with the capacity to hit even half the country, a war could decimate us. Do we really want to wait and find out if he is rational or not?

Trump is just nuts enough to do the one thing that could work here and that is this: wipe North Korea from the planet. No pinprick strikes, no avoiding collateral damage but outright, total destruction. Yes it would be a war crime and there would be blowback but I highly doubt China or Russia is getting involved in this and the end result is a world who will see we mean business when we say quit it. The chances for WW3 in this scenario seem to be low, but not impossible. Anything short of this will result in any attack leading to the deaths of tens, perhaps hundreds of millions, of lives. We don't fight wars the way we should and as a result, more people are harmed and trillions wasted on military crap we don't need. War is hell. We seem to have forgotten that and that is so dangerous. War will happen again and I think the West is unprepared for it. We have become way to soft and accommodating and that may be our downfall.

North Korea should have been vaporized back in the early fifties. Instead we have been at war with the nation ever since, a truce the only thing keeping us from killing one another again. How many lives would have been saved had we done the right thing and utterly destroyed them? Tens of millions who have died instead in North Korea since of horrific causes, all of which wouldn't have happened had we taken control of the nation and given the south to the survivors. There would be no Kim Jung Un, no nuclear war on the horizon and hundreds of millions might not be facing radiation hell.

Trump might be just insane enough to actually go through with this, something even I doubt Hillary would have contemplated at all. If he does, we might actually come out of this with few deaths from our side and a world that might see peace. Or we can keep what we have been doing which kicking the can down the road which within the next two years will hit the wall, bounce back, and hit us in the head, killing us instantly. The longer we wait now, giving Un the ability to perfect the missile, the nukes, and even a H-bomb, the closer we come to WW3 and the end of everything. Here's hoping Trump is just nuts enough to do what is necessary here. If we go for some half assed attack, this world is going to burn instead. This is yet another time the Geneva Convention is going to kill more people than it protects.
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So be ready people. Things may calm down again, as they have in the past, leaving egg on my face for the umpteenth time. But I am not so sure about me being wrong here. Un does not appear to be backing down and the US is unlikely to capitulate to them. The only answer then is war. And if war, what kind of war will it be because anything short of total annihilation of the other side is going to lead to far more deaths for us. Pray Trump is as nuts as we all think he is here because this is one case where sanity may actually be worse.

Sunday, August 6, 2017


The writing is in the wall at this point that the Trump administration is most likely going down in flames. A grand jury has been impaneled and has already sent out subpoenas regarding Don Don's Russia meeting and about Flynn's White House correspondences which is VERY telling as it strongly suggests that Flynn has already flipped and the prosecutors are looking to corroborate his testimony. I said this weeks back as Flynn has all but disappeared off the radar, a strong sign he is giving his version of things to save his own skin as this is what happens when federal prosecutors nab you. You are a ghost until the other shoe drops. Let's see those runner ups in yet another terrible week.
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10)The Dark Tower/The Mist- As a professional writer, one of my favorite authors of all time is Stephen King. And while I will be the first to admit that some of his later stuff doesn't pack the same punch of his earlier work, there are still some gems to be found such as his Mr. Mercedes series and Full Dark No Stars. Lately, there has been a flood of King material splashed across film and TV. Some of it has been successful as I hear the Mr. Mercedes series is quite good but I will never see it as it is on a channel I don't subscribe to. Rats. Likewise, word about IT is positive and looks scary as hell. However, some of his stuff has been utter crap further hurt by the fact that the two worst adaptions of any Stephen King work ever are also two of my favorites of his. The Mist is easily in my top five works of all time and absolutely loved the film version some years back. The TV monstrosity is nothing like the book, dull as hell, has special effects I could do on my computer better and has some of the least likable characters ever put to screen. Other than that, it was still terrible. The show is NOTHING like the book and should be avoided like the plague. Then we have the Dark Tower, my favorite book series of his and one of my favorites of anyone. I knew this movie would suck from the first day I heard about the script was instantly horrified that they just pissed over all of this. This film is the very definition of what happens when studio executives fuck things up hard. Interference reigned and word has come out that is exactly what happened. Roland being black was not a good idea, especially by white guys who are tired of having politcal correctness shoved down our throats 24/7. A female Dr. Who is fine. This wasn't as Roland being white is INTEGRAL to the story. And he doesn't wear a hat in the film, an iconic vision of Roland, because some executive said films with characters wearing hats don't make money. Somebody better show this ass films like Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Magnificent Seven and anything starring Clint Eastwood. Yeah, those movies didn't tank and one came out last year. The kiss of death was the moronic idea to make it PG-13 and focus on Jake instead of Roland. This film sucked hard and I implore people to stay away. Maybe in another decade we will get versions of either of these stories that are way better than this.

9)Pet Vaccines- Stupidity took another left turn this week when it came out that some assholes are not vaccinating their pets in Brooklyn and nationwide because of autism fears. For the love of God people, some common sense would be nice once in a while. First, pets can't get autism. There has never been a recorded case ever of pet autism and how would you know anyway. It's a pet. They don't speak. Plus, pets NEED vaccinations and it's the LAW everywhere. They can get rabies or distemper which not only will kill them but puts you and your family in imminent danger. Wise up America and vaccinate yourself and your pets. There is no conclusive evidence that autism is caused by vaccines and your pets are 100% safe from this as well. Morons.

8)Eric Boiling- This right wing fuckwad from Fox News just embroiled the station in yet another sexual harassment case when he was suspended for sending unwanted dick picks to station interns and other female workers. This guy is such a Trump butt kisser and GOP water bearer that this just makes me laugh. This is the same guy that castrated Anthony Weiner on Twitter for sending out dick pics, going so far as to tweet he couldn't understand why anyone would send someone these kind of photos, and then does the exact same thing himself. Who thinks sending some random female pictures of your junk is a good idea especially after seeing others go down for it? This guy is even dumber than I thought. I hope he gets fired.
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7)Joe Arpaio- America's "toughest" Sheriff, an anti immigration blowhard who has also fanned the flames of racism with his Obama was born in Kenya bullshit, which has continued to this day despite no evidence for any of it, got fucked hard this week. Now, he is going to jail for up to six months for contempt of court for ignoring court rulings on immigration laws. He has begging for money to help raise a defense and appeal but I hear a lot of that is falling on deaf ears. I hope he dies behind bars but to be honest, I will surprised if he actually gets any jail time at all knowing our crap justice system.

6)Missouri- The NAACP issued a warning to all black people to avoid the state of Missouri for their new Jim Crow laws that even I cannot believe are back in this day and age. I've been warning black people for years to tone it down and stop coming across as militant and angry. It's making white people nuts. Now, they cannot get a fair day in court, states nationwide are becoming less and less likely to help black people and the chances for their lives to get far, far worse are becoming more and more prevalent by the day. The new law gets rid of whistleblower protection so anyone complaining about racial discrimination would get no help from the government and could be fired as a result. This is just a continuation of things seen during the last two administrations, although to be fair Obama's attacks on whistleblowers had more to do with government secrecy and less about race. The Missouri law on the other hand legalizes racism in the work place. We are losing this country to racist, religious douchebags. We better show up in 2018 in droves because these fuckers will kill us all.
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5)Martin Shkreli- The most hated man in America was found guilty this week of fraud and other charges stemming from a Ponzi scheme that went belly up. The only reason he wasn't found guilty in all eight charges was he got lucky. After Shkreli's Ponzi scheme died, he invested in a Pharma company that netted him millions and he used that to pay back the investors he swindled. Had the drug company gone under too, he would have been on the hook for million. Instead, his investors made money. But he still faces 20 years in prison which makes me happy still.

4)Baltimore Cops- If you live in Baltimore known this: the cops are setting you up and the entire force at this point should be fired. Do NOT call the police in the area unless you are desperate, suicidal or both. Another video has surfaced showing cops planting evidence on a suspect. As someone who has had this happen to me, I know it's been going for decades. Luckily for me, the cop's story blew up in his face when it came out they had no evidence against me other than the word of a guy currently in a mental hospital and the evidence they had was all falsified. Guess who got fired? Cops are not to be trusted and lately there is hard proof of that. The people of Baltimore should treat police as enemy combatants. Demand the entire force be fired, with arrests and actual prison time for anyone corrupt. But as this won't happen, I would advise NO ONE to got to this area until they fix this and if you can leave, do so immediately. Bankrupt the city and demand better.

3)Republicans- People are starting to wake up to the fact that these guys suck hard. Congressional approval right now is at 10% and the GOP is getting most of the blame here. Paul Ryan's approval is around 18%, meaning his chances of re-election seem slimmer by the day. Guess someone shouldn't have taken that Speaker job huh? The governor of WV switched parties this week to Republican which is kind of like someone boarding the Titanic as it was going under. Not wise idiot. Meanwhile, in Kentucky billboards are popping up everywhere slamming Mitch McConnell whose numbers have also flatlined as of late. If he was up for re-election in 2018 , I think he'd be nervous. Polls show independents starting to flee the GOP which is exactly the timeline I said would happen. They had six months to a year to do something to help people and instead has gotten jack done because all their bills help the 1% and no one else. As Republicans fight among themselves, the country is going nowhere fast. Good luck next year. You are going to need it.

2)Trump staff- Another week, another round of idiots. Anthony Scaramucci had the worst week as he lost his job, his wife, most of his friends and missed the birth of his son. He got his old job back at the Import/Export bank but let's be real, that has got to suck being back there knowing your career is over. Steven Miller, perhaps the only man to make Martin Shkreli cuddly in comparison, gave a press conference this week where he went after reporters and shit all over the Statue of Liberty. Classy. Meanwhile, McMartin is being challenged by the Bannon wing nuts, who in turn is being glared at by new Chief of Staff, John Kelly. And as all this swirls around, leaks are happening everywhere. As Congress and Trump are in vacation for the next few weeks, maybe we will get some blessed quiet for once.
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1)Donald Trump- Christ what a loser. He gave speeches to the boy scouts and police and then lied about both. Neither were the greatest speeches ever given as Trump claimed organizers of each told him. Both issued statements that they never said anything of the sort. The Secret Service vacated Trump Towers over a rent dispute so they are now stationed outside in a van making security that much more difficult. Leaked transcripts of conversations Trump had with leaders of Mexico and Australia proved that him being a douche to both was true, crying about the wall to Mexico and yelling at Australia that those Syrian refugees were not wanted here, even though it was already a done deal. The worst was the fact that a grand jury had been impaneled to look at Trump's financial world which is the most likely thing to bring him down. There is a good reason why Trump didn't want his taxes out and this may be why: he's dirty as hell. Money laundering and real estate go hand in hand and there is a solid chance he is very guilty of this and in bed with Russians up to his eyeballs. If solid proof comes out about this, he's done. Even better, he and his family may be in orange sooner than later if true. Even Congress doesn't trust him anymore as they are set to pass laws that hamper his ability to do things like fire Mueller or make a recess appointment. Jeff Flake recently wrote a book distancing himself from Trump and is a last ditch attempt to not lose in 2018 which seems to be more and more likely since he idiotically voted for the god awful health care plan the GOP threw at us. Even worse, Trump's numbers are sinking hard even among Republicans whose support has dropped from mid eighties to mid seventies. Among independents it's around 40% and Democrats are at 2%. Ouch. These numbers spell disaster for 2018 if Democrats tie Republicans to him which shouldn't be that hard. Then again it is the democrats who can always be relied on to fuck things up for themselves. So congratulations Trump, you are indeed douchebag of the week for the seven hundredth time. Mazel Tov.

Thursday, August 3, 2017


Man there are some dumb people in this world. It was bad enough when I had to deal with the religious right and their continuous stream of nonsense but now the left has gone bonkers too with some of the stupidest decision making possible. Let's not forget the worthless Democratic party as well who seem utterly incapable of addressing the problems they have in ignoring their base while simultaneously putting out one stupid slogan after another. I used to be in advertising and marketing and even I cannot fathom who in the bloody hell is doing the messaging there. If they are a professional group, I would like to know who so I can tell other businesses to avoid them like the plague. The latest fiasco has them with some long winded slogan that I cannot even remember to put on this page. Better Jobs, Better Pizza, Better Message, or something like that. You know what I do remember? Make America Great Again. Trump may be a giant douchebag but at least he knows how to write a slogan. The democrats are peeing in the wind. Again.
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I also just read something so heinous that if I ever meet anyone doing this it will take every ounce of effort not to kill them where they stand. Apparently, the vaccine causes autism bullshit (there is still no solid scientific evidence for this) has led some utter morons to decide that maybe they shouldn't vaccinate their pets either. First off, no one has ever diagnosed autism in pets. And even if they did, how would you know? Pets NEED vaccines to stay alive, even more so than humans, and not vaccinating your pet is a)illegal, b)dangerous for you and your pet and c)proof that you shouldn't ever have pets OR kids. Anyone doing this should be beaten for a day and a half at least. If anyone is aware of this trend in someone you know, contact the authorities unless a rabies outbreak sounds like a good time for you.

The left is going off the deep end with safe spaces, trigger words and other bullshit that is helping to get people like Trump elected. Until we back off from snowflake behavior, we are never going to win at anything ever again. We already have enough loonies on the right, so we don't need help from the far left too.
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Meanwhile, Trump is swirling the drain according to new reports out today. A major leak of his conversations with both the Mexican and Australian Presidents right after Trump won the election came out today and we knew from sources way back when (which let's face it seems like a million years ago) that things didn't go well. Transcripts show it was actually much, much worse. Trump begged the Mexican President to stop saying Mexico wouldn't pay for the wall, all but stating the claim was a falsehood said to gain votes. Just like Hitler. The conversation with Australia went even worse, actually telling him his conversation with Putin went much better and this was the worst ones yet. Once again, there's that Putin love.There was some sort of row between the two leaders over taking in Syrian refugees which Trump did not want. To be honest, I agree with him. I feel bad for these people but we have our own problems. When this country is firing on at least four cylinders we can go back to helping the world. As we seem to be coasting with no brakes, we might want to focus on our people first. Tell countries like Saudi Arabia to take some or face the consequences.

Seymour Hersh, a respected journalist, is saying the whole Russian thing is a hoax, and I would accept that, except Trump and company have done everything to prove the opposite. Innocent people don't act they way they are. Trump has lied and lied and lied some more about every aspect about this. He lies even when you don't need to. This is making our allies very nervous and is causing the planet to destabilize. I told people in no uncertain terms that voting for Trump was voting to end the world. It appears I was right.

Russia, Iran and North Korea are all pissed at sanctions, all of which actually deserved them. North Korea is self explanatory, Russia interfered with out election regardless of what Hersh and other are saying (if there is proof that the CIA is behind this show me, if not shut up) and Iran is testing missiles they are supposed to not be doing according to UN laws passed years back. Trump is not helping any of this as he is being perceived as super weak, all by his own hand. Because he lacks even a modicum of intelligence, his blundering and bluster is going to start a war, one that hundreds of millions may die in. Nuke races in the East Asia area is being talked about due to lack of faith in the US now and if one wants to start a war that will end all of mankind, giving more nukes to people is a great way to start.

The only good news is that Trump's numbers are falling in exact accordance to when I predicted they would which was six months to a year on office if nothing got done. So far they have exceeded that by tenfold, having produced absolutely nothing for eight months of trying. Worse, word is Mueller's team is finding hard evidence of Trump collusion and that recommendations for obstruction seems highly likely. Chances are good most of the higher ups at the FBI, including former head Comey are all going to say Trump obstructed justice and will provide such proof of just that. It will be hard to argue when dozens of FBI agents and their superiors all say Trump tried to cover up his involvement in Russia hacking. Whether that will be proven has yet to be seen but as always it is the cover up that snags people more than the crime itself. If these rumors are true, Trump is fucked. His numbers are sinking fast, with some polls having him barely above 30% for now. If he looks like he will take down the entire GOP next year, which is when this investigation will most likely conclude, and impeachment becomes a real threat by politicians looking to save their own hide. The democrats have seen a flood of people wanting to run for office which means uncontested races anywhere may be a problem and may require them to spend a lot more money in places they normally wouldn't. A wave election in 2018 looks more and more likely, only to be stopped if the democrats can't get their act together.
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If they want to win, run on single payer and legal weed and watch the votes pour in. They will win huge and one of the reasons why Ted Cruz may be vulnerable by a candidate running on those exact positions. Trump is falling fast in Texas and tying Cruz to Trump, the Cruz health care amendment that would ended health care for all, and actually positions that people want and the new guy could win. I plan on donating money to him when I can.

Contrary to what people with their head in the sand think, Trump is a sinking ship. Only an idiot would get on board now. It is only a matter of time before he goes under. I just hope it happens before he takes us all with him.