Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Gestapo tactics becoming the new norm

Everyday, new information arrives showing the FBI, CIA and especially local law enforcement acting like storm troopers. These assholes are running ramshod over our freedoms, and if the rash of cop shootings is any indication, people are tired of it.

Recently, Gibson Guitars was raided for the second time. On August 24th. armed marshals stormed the company's Nashville, Tenn., and Memphis, Tenn., manufacturing facilities, and proceeded to evacuate the buildings, shut down production, order all employees to go home, and steal more than a million dollars worth of rosewood and ebony that had been legally imported from India.

The worst part is that US officials have actually refused to inform Gibson what they did wrong (ala Kafka's The Trial), were never notified of any potential violations prior to the raid and no charges were ever filed afterward. The government decided one day to raid the business in a blatant attempt to get rid of one of the last manufactures in the US.

This is the same crap done with the War on Drugs that are now being used to go after legitimate businesses. Remember that old adage of "first they went for the communists and I did not speak out," routine because here it is in all its glory.

This all tems from some obscure law passed in 2008, called Lacey's law, that makes it a felony to resell guitars. Yeah, I feel safer now that used guitars are now illegal in the US. WTF.

Add to this, the dramatic increase in no knock raids that are resulting in the deaths of innocent people, like the soldier assassinated by shock troops a few months ago when the raided the wrong house. When cops knock down your door, shoot first, ask questions later because the alternative is you in a bodybag. At least this way, you'll take a few of these assholes with you. No Knock raids are unconstitutional and if we don't start fighting back against these kind of crap laws, subjugation's going to be the new norm.

If that wasn't bad enough, cops nationwide are arresting people for filming police, even though in most places (Illinois not being one of them and is a state people should flee like it's on fire), cops are arresting innocent civilians for doing just that. If we can't film cops, we can't keep them honest. The alternative is people treating cops like criminals and shooting on sight and no, not even me, wants that. There are good cops out there. The recent death of the San Diego cop was a good example. By all we've seen, he seemed like a good honest cop. Yet, he was killed, almost certainly in retaliation for the bad behavior of his brothers. Good cops must stand up and help stop this nonsense once and for all. If you stay silent, your life is one the line too. Just ask the family of the cop slain in San Diego.

Even the CIA is getting involved by blocking a new 9/11 book coming out because it makes them look bad. WWWWAAAAAAAAAA. It makes you look bad, because either you were a bunch on incompetent boobs or you were in in on it. Neither makes you look good and this trying to hold the truth back doesn't help. By the way please explain to me how the world trade center had no building permits issued when thousands of workers there say elevator retrofitting went on for months. Are they all lying? I kind of doubt it. The tenth anniversary arrives and we should all be a little nervous for another false flag operation. Remember, remember the 11th of September.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Hurricane Irene Blows Stupdity Nationwide

The levels of idiocy seen today are staggering. Let's start with all those morons out there crying about how the storm was overhyped and overblown and it wasn't all that bad. Tell that to the dozens of people who died yesterday. Now mind you, some of these people deserved what they got. Like the schmuck in Pennsylvania who, after a big party, decided to spend the night in a tent in the back yard when a tree fell on him. Wow. Or any of the jerks who thought driving in a hurricane was a great idea when flash floods, tree limbs or lack of power at dangerous intersection had them meet their maker that much sooner. Or the two 55 year olds, too stupid to live, thought surfing and swimming in dangerous surf was a great idea. Darwinism at work.

But still articles are being written about how much overreaction there was, especially in New York where, thankfully, things weren't as bad as they could have been. Nevertheless, billions of dollars was washed away in property damage, more lost in business revenue, and millions without power would beg to differ. Thank god this wasn't worse, but what would you people have, another Katrina where no preparation was given and thousands lost their lives? You can't disprove a negative so we have no idea how many lives were saved by doing what was done but I can be positive that it would have been hundreds, if not thousands more, had we just gone along as business as usual. And then you miscontents would be bitching about how not enough was done. There is no pleasing some people. This was a bad bad storm. Just because your center of the universe was unaffected, doesn't mean everyone's else is hunky dory too. Learn to look through other people's eyes.

But as sure as some will complain about everything, these are the same people who think Rick Perry is the guy to beat Obama. He isn't and you are inadvertently guaranteeing another four years of the idiot we have now, whose numbers are dropping by the day (now down to a 38% approval rating). Michelle "the Lunatic" Bachmann said the Hurricane was God's way of saying we're headed in the wrong direction. I think he's pissed at you and the Tea Party myself but we can agree to disagree on this.

The GOP, including Jewy Mcjewjew (Eric Cantor), thinks that we can save this country by removing all regulations on the environment and jobs. Just what was needed: me going to my 2 dollar and hour job in horrific working conditions. Welcome back 1897. You were not missed and the robber barons with you.

Speaking of house niggers, Colin Powell was blasting Dick Cheney's new book as woefully inaccurate. Too bad that conversation didn't happen before he lied to the American people and got us involved in another unending war. He's a disgrace to the uniform and a traitor to this country. He and everyone else in the Bush administration should be lined up and shot for treason, starting with Dick Cheney. But instead they get a big fat book deal. Anyone buying this crap should be treated the same. Idiots.

This country needs an enema.

Saturday, August 27, 2011


In the past eight weeks, we've had an earthquake, a tornado and now a hurricane. I think someone's pissed at us. Let's see those runner ups.

1)MSM- Stop telling me Ron Paul can't win. He's the most popular guy in the race and ties Obama in most races. Just because you don't like the guy for obvious reasons (he'll buck the system) doesn't mean you can ignore him or defame him at will. Ron Paul is our last chance. I know, I know Tea Party people like him but he's the real deal and it gives me some hope for the band of idiots to actually have a brain among them.

2)The Tea Party- Unfortunately, most of these morons are supporting Rick Perry. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME? Rick Perry is a corporate stooge who will send this country back to the stone age. Don't you assholes remember George Bush or are you so brain damaged and inept that your mind can't travel that far back in time? First off, I don't care if Obama gets caught on tape screwing a seven year old while crapping on the Constitution, he'll still beat Perry in a landslide. Why? Because Perry's record is terrible. His state may be great at getting business to show up but he does it at the expense of everything else. His state is dead last (or near it) in health care, education, people working minimum wage jobs, children living in poverty, and obesity. His vision sounds like just what America needs: another Texas Christian (a Dominionist as well. Look it up. It's a scary subset of Christianity that believes in total control over everything as part of God's will) Governor with a God complex and few solutions. The Teatards have proven their idiocy with this pick (and some manipulation by the MSM to get Paul out the race as soon as possible). Any fool campaigner for this man should be shunned, shunned, shunned.

3)Weather Forecasters- This one goes out to all the idiot forecasters out there who have downplayed the major threat headed our way. I've been in several hurricanes in my life and even more tropical storms. Regardless of what some lesser professionals believe (usually in some sort of government plot or ratings scheme) Irene is dangerous and all precautions should be taken. This is not a drill.

4)Republicans- Any person not supporting Ron Paul at this point, especially the GOP followers are not really Republicans. Get those Nazi swastikas ready you brownshirts because a vote for Perry, is a vote for fascism. Not that Obama has proven any better, mind you. Ron Paul for president. For God's sake people, it's our last hope.

5)Mother Nature- As I write this, it is pouring outside. The worst news is that it has nothing to do with Irene, but a freak rainstorm that popped up out of nowhere. The weather is getting stranger and stranger. Earthquake occurrence is increasing dramatically, possibly due to fracking by natural gas companies. Radiation is still cascading down on us as Fukishima continues to burn. The first hurricane in years is bearing down on us. Mother Nature must really hate the Tea Party (to borrow a similar idea fostered on us by preachers who said Katrina was because of gay people). So congratulation Mother Nature (and the Teatards that caused all this). You are indeed douchebag of the week.

Friday, August 26, 2011


Hurricane Irene is bearing down on the East Coast as we speak, possibly the strongest in several decades. The last hurricane I was in was Hurricane Floyd, a category two, when I lived in New Jersey and it was a whopper. A huge tree cam down in my front yard and blocked the road. Some idiot tried to drive through my yard and got stuck in the mud as a result. I will never forget him sheepishly asking to use my phone to call a tow truck and apologizing for the state he left my yard. I made him reseed it.

But now comes Irene and God help us if it's as bad as Gloria way beck in 1985 which left me without power for a week. The toilets in my house were beyond bad and I spent most of my time at friends houses who still had power. The track is still uncertain but there's still a possibility of the eye wall going right over my house again. In the past eight weeks we've had a tornado, and earthquake and now a hurricane. I think Mother Nature is pissed at somebody. And that somebody is the Tea Party.

The effects of the Teatards are in full swing and the results are anything but pretty. Crime is skyrocketing everywhere as thieves target anything not nailed down (and some bolted down like the theft of postal boxes in Pennsylvania recently). Brutal daytime assaults have led to strict curfews there, which some are calling racist and illegal (they aren't). Jobs are becoming fewer and fewer except for the most highly skilled or the very rich, neither of which has seen much of a downturn at any point these past few years. And what has been the Teatards attitude to all this: Let them eat cake.

Eric Cantor (and not to be anti-Semitic, which I am certainly not, but let's call him what he really is Jewy Mcjewjew) says that any Earthquake funds allocated should be marred with cuts elsewhere to make it deficit neutral. Brilliant. You couldn't run a household on that notion let alone a country. Imagine this around the dinner table: "I'm sorry Darlene but we don't have the budget for your braces so that snaggle tooth is going to have to stay. And I know you needed a new car, my dear wife, but that deathtrap is going to have to hold up another year. And too bad about little Johnny's cancer. Guess we will have to make another son." No family would live like that and neither should we. Sometimes going into debt is absolutely necessary and beneficial, not the evil bogeyman Teatards play it up as. Our lack of stimulus spending is guaranteeing us another dip into serious Depression territory. Read history you morons and watch what FDR did that send us right back into the red, also at the clamoring of idiots Republicans screaming about the amount of money we were spending. He listened and we got screwed again for a few more years until WW2 started. Don't let history repeat itself.

Obama (and Bush before him)did screw up the stimulus by lending to banks with no strings attached and then conveniently forgot about Main Street. Plus, no one at any bank was ever arrested for any of the wrong doing and even got richer as a result. No job programs, no retraining funds. We got left at the altar while everybody else partied at the reception we paid for. The stimulus may have temporally stabilized the economy but as no regulations were ever fixed we are rapidly approaching another tipping point.

With the rigging of the stock market being talked about on MSM now, the cat is out of the bag that the government is running a rigged casino, for which they have all the abilities to make a fortune. Like Warren Buffet who bought five billion worth of BoA stock causing it to rise 26% and making him several hundred million in the process. His acquisition of stock caused the price to rise making him a fortune. He still may dump it, netting him a huge profit and screwing BoA stock holders in the process when the price nosedives again. This is what you are competing against. Day traders are the norm not the exception anymore as they can game the system and make billions. The average stock holder is going to be left holding the bag and wondering where their money all went.

The Tea Party is dangerous, possibly the most dangerous group to ever grace our shores. There are fascist and Nazis. They must be stopped before they create anymore damage with the idiotic, provably wrong, ideas. I've had discussions with Teatards and I have a better chance of getting my dog to read before they will listen to reason. Shun at all costs. Death to the Tea Party.

Saturday, August 20, 2011


Other than Ron Paul, the rest of the GOP field is filled with religious extremists, know nothings and other less desirable characteristics. Let's see those runner ups.

1)Obama- The only reason he might win is that his competitor is probably going to be a hell of a lot worse. Not a single sector of his base is happy with him, including the Democratic Black Caucus, headed by Maxine Waters, who is flabbergasted at his ignoring of liberal social problems, especially the black community which has been hit hardest by the ongoing depression we are in. He's going to have an uphill battle if Ron Paul scores the nod. Versus anyone else, he's got a solid shot even if photos emerge of him having gay sex with a guy while forging his birth certificate.

2)Economists- Will you people stop talking about the recession like it actually ever ended for most of us? There is no double dip recession, it's a depression and we've been in one for years. Fixing the stock market to create the illusion we're doing better than we are is not the solution. Unemployment is still somewhere between 17-26% depending on the most accurate stats avaialble. Housing is worse than the Great Depression, a fact even economists acknowledge and wages are falling. We now make on average (bottom 90%) around 31,000 dollars a year. That's ten thousand less than in 1970. Corporations are screwing you America and you just keep taking it. As a matter of fact, the Tea Party is driving this crap. Hope they like working 16 hour days for a piece of stale bread because that's coming soon if corporations keep raking more and more for profit.

3)MSM- A major attack happened in Israel this week, one that could lead to a massive war, and the media treated it as if nothing occurred. Hamas renounced the truce that's been in effect for five years and both sides have killed in retaliation. Worse, Egyptian soldiers were caught in the melee and now they're pissed. Between this, Syria and Turkey tensions rising, and the fact the soldiers are going to be in Afghanistan until 2024 at this point, this whole region is ripe for war.

4)GOP- Anyone happy of the current crop of GOP contenders should have their heads examined. Bachmann and Perry are devout Dominionists, a dangerous sect of Christianity that believes corporate power is the way to prosperity and that the poor can fend for themselves without help from the state. Yeah, that's real Christian, idiots. Plus, Perry has been rumored to have long line of women he's bedded over the years, his stats in Texas are terrible (last in things like wages, employment, health care, education and the like), and is not well liked in his home state. Good luck wining. I'm going to guess most of the field is one ad campaign away from ruin. Except for Ron Paul which the media has gone into overtime to discredit because let's face it, he may actually be good for this country. Vote Ron Paul and hope he's got what it takes to save us all. The rest of the field is indeed douchebags of the week.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Back From Vacation: A Weekly Roundup

Yes, I took some time off to unplug last week and went to a cabin in the woods with no electricity just to get away from the world for a few days. In that time, a lot happened.

Tim Pawlenty exited the presidential race after Captain Boring hit the snooze button one too many times and America overslept his campaign. In his place we get Rick Perry. Just what the world needed; a bible thumping, Texas governor cowboy hell bent on destroying what is left of the this country. If anyone is seriously thinking about voting for the idiot, go get some bleach and drink up because I've sat through this movie already and the ending sucked. Another term of Bush, which Obama has been kind enough to continue for inexplicable reasons (corporate hack, cough), will kill off that pesky middle class once and for all and then where we will be. Perry has created jobs in Texas, albeit low paying no health insurance ones, just the same ones he will sell across the country. Hope you all don't like living in houses and eating every day because that will be a thing of the past.

Michelle Bachman barely won in Iowa, basically by bribing people with a free Randy Travis concert. Ron Paul, a name only heard in MSM with the most derisive of tones, came a very close second, losing by less than one percent. As Jon Stewart said, as of late he's become the equivalent of a thirteenth floor of an office building. Ron Paul may be our only hope in the next election and should be the person any sane individual should vote for. Ignore the bulls$%t racist comments they keep harping on from some alleged email years ago that has been proven false again and again but the corporate media wants Perry/ Romney vs Obama in 2012 because they win either way.

Obama has been a sinking ship, with many of his own constituents saying they've had enough. The black caucuses are furious he's been ignoring the black community, which he has, and society for the black males of this country are terrifying. Unemployment rates for black men hover around 40%, mostly due to the fact that one in three have a criminal record and once that happens you have little to no chance of a good job.

As things get worse, people are starting to crumble. Riots worldwide are occurring, the latest in Sweden. SWEDEN! Cops are no longer seen as trusted public servants but stormtroopers and their death rate is skyrocketing upward. This last week, a Philly cop was shot when he unwisely refused to get off of private property and went to shoot the man's dogs. He got a shotgun for his troubles. If I was on his jury, it would be not guilty. Cops, unless they have a warrant, cannot be on your property if you ask them to leave. Try to shoot my dogs and see what happens.

On the flip side, a good cop in San Diego was shot sitting in in his car. He was according to all testimony a good man who minutes earlier had bought some cookies for a kid he didn't know. It's because of the douchebags like Sergeant Stupid in Philly that good ones like this get killed. Cops are becoming targets. They should really think about improving their image stat because I know a lot of people better armed than the entire force in some places. If they want to be stormtroopers they will be treated like ones.

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Lots of douchebags this week. Let's see those runner ups.

1)Fox News- Their "news" shows keep running their mouths off about things that are completely wrong. They say that the riots in London had nothing to do with poverty, that they were just mindless things bent of destruction. They are part right in that this was just thuggery at its best, but this situation was brought on by economic failures to get any money to the lower classes. Trickle down economics is as bad a failure as communism and we should really be harsh upon anyone ballyhooing these kinds of idiotic statements. Plus, if 46% of people are paying no taxes, that means there are way too many poor people in this country and rich f#$ckers paying nothing. FIX THE GODDAMNED TAX CODE ALREADY! It's simple. If you make less than 30,000 a year you pay nothing. 30,001-60,000 pay 10-20%, 60,001-125,000 pay 30-40%, 125,001-500,000 pay 41-50% and anyone making more pays 60%. Fair for all. Now just freaking do it and shut the hell up.

2)Rioters- These morons ripped up London for the most part because they wanted to stick it to the cops who deserved a good beat down for their idiocy. But like always there is some who take it too far like the two twats stealing from an injured man and the sure to be racist jerk who ran over three Muslim men defending their shop. All of London is responsible for this. You've turned a blind eye to the poor for too long and now it's coming back to bite you in the ass. These riots have sprouted world wide, including right here in the US. Which leads me to the next-

3)MSM- While Fox news got a special shout for the elitist crap they have been spouting lately about the rich, they also deserve some credit for being the only outlet talking about the gangs of black youths praying on white victims. In Wisconsin this week, white fair goers were pulled out of their car by gangs of black thugs who then robbed and beat them. The MSM went out of their way to marginalize and refute racist tendencies with even the police stating they had no evidence of a hate crime. Too bad the 911 calls released today paint another picture entirely with people calling for help talking about how they were being singled out for their race and even black security guards REFUSING TO HELP WHITE VICTIMS. In Philadelphia gangs of blacks are attacking tourists in the Union and Center City areas, both popular with tourists. Again the attacks are racist inaction yet we hear nothing. If the tables were reversed we'd be inundated with stories about how this can't be happening. Reverend Al Sharpton would be on 24/7 condemning it. Instead we get denials and false facts. Wake up America. The poor are coming.

4)Congress- These douchbags are all on vacation till September. Shouldn't they be in DC trying to figure a way out of this mess they've left us with. Naa, because they're too busy preparing for the coming war in September. (Expect Syria and Iran to be involved).

5)Standard and Poor- Nice going numnuts. This company caused the whole mess by trading in AAA option mortgages that were F minus at best. Then once they f%^cked up everything up and good they downgrade us because we don't bribe them the way companies do. The latest rumor of France being downgraded caused the market to nose dive off again yesterday before the dead cat bounce today. So congratulations S and P you are douche bag of the week.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bank Of America Stock Plunges 50%. No Big Surprise

AIG sued BAC for $10 billion today (for massive mortgage fraud) which sent the stock down 21% Story from CNN below.


Investors are losing confidence in Bank of America.

"Management has tried to reassure investors over the course of the last six months that they are getting on top of the mortgage problem but investors are very skeptical," he said, adding that there's really nothing that Bank of America can do to stop its stock price from falling.

There was more bad news for Bank of America. Credit default swaps (CDS) tied to its debt were at their highest level since May 2009.

Credit default swaps reflect the interest rates that Bank of America has to pay to borrow money. If they keep rising, Staite said it would exacerbate investor concerns about whether the company has enough liquidity to run its business.

This is on top of the fact that anyone with less than 5000 dollars in their checking account will be charged 15 dollars per month along with other gotcha fees. Who keeps over 5000 dollars in a checking account? No one apparently because investors are not only getting rid of stock but their cash deposits are drying up as money is being pulled from the bank at astonishing levels.

I hate Bank Of America. They have been the worst at customer service and now it's coming back to bite them in ass.


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Anarchy in the UK

In what is a preview of things to come, Britain is burning with rioting breaking out in several large cities including London, Birmingham and Liverpool. Police have been slow to respond and mass destruction is occurring. All of this started when a policeman shot a civilian under questionable circumstances. Cops defended their position until it was revealed that the shot supposedly fired by the suspect came from a police gun. Things turned ugly as the beaten down public said enough is enough.

This is what anarchy looks like. These groups of, lets face it, thugs are not a political party interested in talking about the issues. They want destruction; to take the whole of society down because of the rampant inequality forced upon them. When people ask why this is happening, it is indeed their fault. Britain is the most totalitarian of the Western region, their police have been beating civilians without cause for years, the economy is worse than here and upward mobility has all but stopped for all but a privileged few. Tack on a high unemployment rate, crippling taxes and a steady diet of TV saturating the minds with advertising and reality shows and you have a perfect storm of a riot waiting to happen.

This is a rapidly spreading world wide phenomena that has happened in Egypt, Tunisia, Spain, Greece and London. How long before it happens here? Read the above and see if it doesn't describe America to a tee. An increasingly hostile police force, a rising inequality between the rich and poor, and mob violence. If you haven't heard about the mob violence our TV news seems to be NOT reporting about any of it. Philly Mayor David Nutter has instituted a curfew on weekends for anyone under 18 to try to stop the wave of gang violence sweeping through the tourist areas. Or the mob of black youths in Wisconsin pulling people out of cars and beating them. Think if the tables were turned and white people were attacking solely minorities. It would be the top story. Why this reverse racism is not being exposed makes me think somebody is pulling the strings to try to make things not as bad as they seem. Because of the high black teen unemployment rate, these kind of things are only going to increase in intensity until somebody gets killed and then who knows where the mob anger may lead.

Riots are coming. We must be prepared.

Sunday, August 7, 2011


Thanks to our spectacular group of elected officials, especially the Teatards, we are now in a tail spin from which many of us may not survive. Let's see those runner ups.

1)Police- Yes it's getting to be a broken record but the world wide view of police rates somewhere between a prostate exam and being raped by your grandmother. After a controversial shooting in London, rioting broke out after a peaceful protest went violent. As the only country in the western hemisphere worse off than America, this should be a wake up call for what is going to happen here as our storm trooper police force goes too far one day. The difference is we have more guns. A bloodbath is coming.

2)Black mobs targeting whites- Almost certainly a direct consequence of cutting programs geared toward helping inner city youths stay out of trouble is an alarming rise in gang violence almost always racial tinged. This week a gang of dozens pulled white fair goers from their cars and beat them during a fair in Wisconsin. This past fourth of July saw similar incidents from coast to coast. This will lead to further division between the races, exactly what the elites want: us fighting with each other rather than them. Wake up America and see who the real threat is.

3)Rick Perry- This Bible thumping moron is thinking about running for president. Gee a religious wingnut governor from Texas sounds awfully familiar doesn't it? And how did that turn out. Considering he's deeply unpopular in his home state after flip flopping on the anti-TSA bill and deep cuts to spending, not to mention that while business is booming there, they finish dead last in education, health care, obesity rates, unemployment, poverty and the least amount of money made per person on average. Yeah, he's just what we need. His Prayeraplooza this last week drew less than 8000 to a 70000 seat arena. Holding it outside in 102 degree heat in August was all sorts of stupid as well.

4)Corporations/bankers- These bastards are the true rulers of our country. They are raping us and most of you seem okay with it. Your job is less important than your dignity and every time some schmuck says yes to their overlords you're making it more and more likely your kids are going to be slave labor. So keep taking those pay cuts and loss of benefits and do nothing. One day all you'll get is a moldy piece of bread and some stale water for pay. With the rise of private prisons run for profit chances are most of us will be incarcerated one day anyway, especially if your black or Latino. Then where will your principles be?

5)The US government- Yes a perfect storm of incompetence on all sides has led to the inevitable downgrade of our credit, something yours truly predicted weeks ago. Standard and Poors downgraded us from AAA to AA, China downgraded our credit and are publicly saying they will buy no more debt from us, and the other industries are still contemplating a downward move as well. The result has been a 6% drop in Israeli stock markets and the Saudi market by 6% as well (although the later has not been confirmed as of this writing). Israelis had to halt trading as their market plunged 1100 points in minutes. Expect our markets to face a similar plunge Monday. If it doesn't, that is proof positive that the Price Protection Team is scamming the market by artificially inflating stock orders (a call and dump scenario that makes trading seem higher than it really is). All of this is to blame both sides of the political aisle. Either Obama is a secret Republican who wants to destroy Medicare and SS or he's an idiot who lacks even the most basic skills of negotiation. The democratic Congress gets a slap for refusing to even talk about necessary fixes to entitlement programs, all but dooming them in the process. The Republicans get a huge amount of the blame for protecting the cooperate interests over the average American and taking the country to the brink because of it. But the real problem are the Teatards who are actively trying to kill this country by refusing to raise taxes on even the richest people on the planet. These true morons have destroyed the country and deserve to be called the traitors they are. The Tea Party is treason. So because of these all the pestering and talking points spun ad naseum, we are now in serious trouble. An official double dip recession is on us as all points south from here on. It will be a Depression for most of us even if the news doesn't want to admit it, even though the unedited numbers point to far worse things occurring down the road. Our unemployment rate, if done as it was calculated in 1980, is 23%. The housing market is the worst ever, yes worse than the 30's, and our GDP is flatlining as we don't make anything anymore. Hyperinflation is still a real possibility and even greatly increases the chances for a new world war, which is how we got out of the last few depressions we've been in. So congratulations to the US government and especially the Teatards for killing us all. You are indeed douchebag of the week.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Dow yoyos as people face up to the fact Congress has abandoned them

The Dow was up and down today as investors were thrilled to see that Italy was taking their debt crisis seriously by destroying it once and for all. The latest in a string of world wide idiocy, Italy said today that they were examining a balanced budget amendment to their constitution which will sink them into the sea ala California. Why try something that we know doesn't work? Probably because someone wants to get rid of all these pesky nation states and combine everyone into a totalitarian one world government. Yes it's very conspiracy theorish, but there is some evidence that this is exactly what is happening.

For the most part, socialistic and democratic movements are dying. Right wing ideology is taking over. Don't believe me? Go to Europe and see how many right wing outlets there are, mostly ones that hate the immigration of Muslim families into their way of life and who now are becoming more and more militant as a result. It's a perfect storm that will lead us right into the upcoming world war that is all but inevitable at this point.

Our economy, and the world's, is in tatters. The only thing that will right this ship is a big war, one in which billions die. There are simply too many people on this earth right now and without a population correction soon, the upcoming century will be a living hell. It is for exactly this reason that a conspiracy to unite the world after the deaths of so many is feasible. A massive war will kill off the unwanted and unnecessary (at least according to the elites) and set the stage for an even worse outcome where a total surveillance state will be combined with the possibility of Christian fundamentalism intertwined with state issues and severe living conditions. Sounds like fun doesn't it.

What can we do to stop this? For one, stop voting for people like Obama and other phony liberals who have no interest in standing up for the rights of the poor and disenfranchised. Congress' approval ratings are around 8 percent which must be just family and friends at this point. Also, anyone voting for the Tea Party should be vilified and shunned. These idiots are directly responsible for all the crap we've been enduring for the past six months and it's time to stand up to these bullies and tell them get the hell out of our country if they hate it so much. The Tea Party is treason.

A new party is needed and stat because if you have liberal ideas, (some of which I do like gay marriage and abortion rights but veer far to the right when it comes to PC nonsense, nanny state garbage and gun control), you don't have a party that represents you anymore. The democrats are all set to get rid of your pensions, unions, social security and medicare. Are these really the morons you want representing you?

Most all what is needed is an Egypt style sit in were millions go to the National Mall and refuse to leave until bankers and CEO's are arrested for their part in sinking the economy, taxes are increased substantially on the rich, and the new consumer protection agency is given real teeth to prevent corporations from running roughshod over us. It's not going to happen if we don't MAKE IT HAPPEN. Things can still be affected peacefully. So who's with me? I am probably going to wild stab and say is that crickets I hear?

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Dow Plunges Downward For More Reasons Than You Are Being Led To Believe

My economic prowess have led to me to a new job writing about coin, gold and silver futures for Silverback Marketing so I obviously know a little bit more about markets than your average Joe.

If you had been listening to the MSM lately, even they acknowledge that things aren't going well, such as the inevitable return to a recession that really never ended and is now turning into a full blown Depression. In an earlier article, I demonstrated that we have been consistent in a severe recession that only didn't appear on paper due to the massive amount of money the Government threw at the problem to stem the coming floods. But these band aid developments were nothing more than sticking one's fingers in a leaky dam about to break and now the flood waters are rising.

So why exactly is the Dow dropping like a rock? Because the economic woes are not just bad here but EVERYWHERE. There's not an economy on the planet doing well as the Euro continues to flounder, climate change is affecting everyone and greed is killing us all. Stock markets as of this writing are dropping in places like Canada, across Europe and China by several percentage points. Ours is off by the same margin as of one o'clock (289 and dropping). We are falling fast because we have done zip to staunch the flow of money from which our borrowing costs are now over 100% of our GDP, which means we are now borrowing far more than we take in. And our predicament is not the only falling domino as debt fears have started a full on bank run in Greece (not that that was heard anywhere on the nightly news), debt crisises across Europe in countries like Spain, Portugal and Italy, and word that an official recession is all but inevitable given the recent economic trend of anemic growth.

We have lost everything thanks to the fascist Tea Party who have helped install a dangerous new form of government that refuses compromise, seems to have a limited grasp of science and history, and plays right into the hands of the very people that are actively destroying their lives. The Tea Party must end or soon we will see more right wing nutbags like the Norway Bomber. They are one of the most dangerous ideologies here in this country and their influence is spreading.

As climate change seems to be getting to be less and less understood let me remind you that just because it's below freezing in Chile right now, that actually proves my point not eliminates it and if you people actually read anything about the subject that was tainted with corporate interference you'd see the evidence is in and our weather is way out of whack than at any point in human history. We can discuss the reasons why but weather anomalies are becoming past the statistical chance that they could all occur in such a short period of time. The heat index has record temperatures across the US in areas like DC, Texas and NJ. This is followed by last year's brutally hot summer and the year before we had a summer that didn't exist. These temperatures extremes are beyond the possibility of chance. Something is causing our weather to go haywire. Deal with it and stop saying climate change doesn't exist. How many people have to die in a heat wave to make you idiots change your mind?

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What The Super Congress Bill Entails. Stop The Panicing NRA

With what can only be described as a last minute deal between parties, the debt ceiling will be raised, no new taxes are on the table and 1 trillion dollar in cuts occur. A Super Congress will be formed to help deal with the next round of cuts. A special bipartisan "super committee" of 12 lawmakers is going to be making recommendations that will later be sent to the House and Senate for a vote by December. No fillbuster will be allowed, nor admendments, and be subject to a simple up or down vote. If they don't succeed, the new law would impose steep, automatic cuts across the federal budget, including defense programs and Medicare. Lawmakers also must consider whether to extend a payroll tax cut and unemployment insurance benefits.

Nowhere in this statement or any other do the words gun control, gay rights or any number of other issues this committee has any power to deal with. Yes, Ried said it had the power to look into every part of government but with the idea of budget cuts not imposing policy. The Super Congress power seems extremely limited to budget ideas and may indeed be a good thing since the Teatards seem to determined to topple every part of government they can get their sadistic little hands on. You want better government? Stop voting for people too stupid to be the town idiot. People like Mike Lee of Utah and Jason Chaffetz (both from Utah which figures) need to be thrown into the Potomac as soon as their term ends. It is dangerous fools like this killing this country. The Tea Party are fascists. Don't believe me? Compare their track record to the brownshirts. They both hated Unions and minorities and anyone not just like them (Aryan). The Tea Party is dangerous.

So calm down everyone, the government isn't out for your guns as I hear everyday along with Obama is not a US born citizen, both of which make me want to barf. Chill out, have a drink and stop spouting nonsense. We have enough trouble without the Internet trolls making it worse.

Is the debt ceiling deal a good idea? Probably not. But we have to wait and see before we start jumping up and down like drunken monkeys. As the Dow dropped almost 300 points today, the business world certainly didn't like it. Whether that's bad news or not is another matter.