Wednesday, June 30, 2010

One Step Forward Two Steps Back

2nd UPDATE- The senate failed to pass the measure by one vote. Good news, the measure will pass when they get back from break when Senator Byrd's replacement is seated. The Bad news, I think people are going to riot before that happens. In particular danger are Mitch Mcconnel, Bob Nelson and Scott Brown. They should really think about a low profile these next few weeks. The message boards are not being too kind to them right now. This all could have been avoided but no the Republicans refuse to give at all toward Obama for anything. This is not the way to govern. This is way to end government. Congratulations. You're the new red coats.

UPDATE Sen Reid has said that he is one vote shy from passing the unemployment bill. Had Byrd been alive this would have passed. Crap. Need one more brave soul to cross party lines or dickhead Bob Nelson of Nebraska to get his head out of his ass to save our country. If this goes past Friday, there's going to be trouble.

Democrats in the House and Senate today have wisely seen how fucked we'll be with out Unemployment for the two million people who will lose it by mid July. It will also not hurt their chances as a slughter of Republican votes come fall may oust many a R incumbent. Minus that terrible, non scientific survey last week that showed Scott Brown popularity at 55%. First, you need at least a 1000 people for an accurate poll, which this didn't have. Second, the message boards are awash with hatred for Brown and his refusal to be indepedent and instead votes lock step with Republicnas. His chances in 2012 are slim at best right now. He has introduced a bill for unemployment which is sure to go nowhere as the money he wants to use is the same money the governmnet is trying to create jobs with. Idiot. With the death of Senator Byrd, passage will be harder but with a stand alone up down vote sceduled for the House today and another bill to be introduced by The Senate, people about to be homeless have been given a thin hope of lifeline to hold onto. Wether these will pass is anybody's guess, although the House one should pass easily as no rebuplican votes are needed for passage of that one. As I have stated earlier, if no bill is passed before Friday all bets are off on what will happen after that. People are beyond pissed at both parties right now and it is only a matter of time before violence breaks out. People have noticed the news media being strangely quiet about this, probably realizing that this issue is a powder keg ready to blow.
Turkish PM Erdogon continues to behave like Bush by telling the world to fuck off and Turkey will do what it likes. Obama and Europe told the PM this week at the G20 summit, he could support the West or Iran, not both and his policies were seriously damaging their realtionship with that country. Chilly would be an understatment to discribe the situation. The US and Europe are putting together an Armada for the Persian Gulf with three aircraft carriers and several strike forces. Isreal has been rumored to have three nuclear submarines also in the area. Forces are also rumored to be building up in nearby Russian breakaway states like Georgia and Azerbejian. Leon Panetta has confirmed that Iran has enough material for two nuclear devices but their bomb skills are years away. This is bull. Building the bomb is the easy part. Getting the nuclear material is the heard part. The internet alonecan show you how to build a bomb. The G20 summit concluded that Isreal will soon attack Iran, with or woithout or help. And any attack they cause, the US and Europe will be dragged into as well. Thus the build up of forcs in the area. Isreal coiuld deside on their own to start WW3 and there's nothing we can do about it but join in.
A strange story of Russian spies in NY has come up recently which even the news media went WTF. Supposedly, ten spies were caught tryiong to steal nuclear technology. Why they try to steal somethig readily available in books and the internet is highly suspicious. This whole story smacks of a cover up to what they really after.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Anybody watching the TV today has seen pretty much everything I have wrote about for the past few weeks come to pass. Consumer confidence has fallen off the map, almost certainly due to the fact that millions of people have become destitute overnight as their unemployment has run out. The effect this will have on the US economy is staggering. A double dip recession is all but certain and probably another Depression soon to follow. Riots have broken out in Greece again over the sharp budget cuts that will reduce their middle class to nothing. This appears to be the goal of ALL major government, ours included. With dick Republicans screaming stop spending (literally in Rick Santelli's case) this is the WORST idea that can happen and one that is being used across Europe. Funny that these anti-spending assholes are also the same ones that hate when we follow Europe's example on every other project like health care or social programs. Anybody who's ever studied history knows what happens when you cut spending in a time of crisis to fix the debt. A Depression. Just ask Herbert Hoover or FDR when they did it. It never turns out good. Yet here we are again with the same bullshit. Many, myself included, also know what happens when these kind of policies fail. A loud boisterous mob helps elect a true fascist who will run roughshod over our lives like a modern day Hitler or Mussolini. Many people, including a famed British historian (sorry can't remember his name and the article he wrote won't come up) have said the only two things we have to look forward to is anarchy or fascism. All governments are moving toward the fascist model, ours included, while the Internet provides a mass political awakening to the man behind the machine ala the Great and Powerful OZ. This is probably why they are trying to put a kill switch on the Internet. If this happens, revolution will follow. People will lose their minds, not to mention the amount or revenue lost would be unbelievable to almost every business on the planet. Mass layoffs are coming, social services will soon end, and the only people with money will be those to rich to fail. I wish I was wrong but the writing is on the wall people. And while my predictions of war are about 50-50, my predictions of economic booms and busts are about 90% accurate. I wish I wasn't right about this but I think I am. I hope I'm wrong. I really do. But we should prepare for the coming termoil. It won't be pretty. Housing prices continue to stagnate (ignore the Government study that shows a rise by.8% as that is offset by the last of the tax subsidies that ended) and housing sales fell 30% last month, the largest drop ever recorded. Your congressmen aren't listening. Soon they may be forced to by the having the psychopathic illusionary state they've created for themsleves ripped from the psyches. How it's done depends now on them. But a revolution brews as does the police state to end it. Which will win is unknown. Both endgames are not going to be pretty but it's sure going to be interesting.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Economic Collapse Immenent

I hate being right all the time. If you look back over my posts for the past few months you'll see that everything I wrote about has come to pass. I spent this last weekend issuing a warning, my first in more than a decade, to anyone who would listen. I told them their jobs are in jeopardy, that due to Congress inaction to do what is necessary, the country is headed for trouble. Everyone thought I was being overdramatic. Till today when one of my friends who was promised his job was safe was laid off without warning. Worse, more and more economists are writing dire warnings about the real possibility of a coming Depression. Growth is failing, businesses are closing and there are NO jobs for people anymore. Worse, the government is hell bent on raising taxes and cutting services, a sure fire recipe for disaster. How do I know? Easy. I can fucking read. History has shown that when this type of action takes place, as it did in the 1930's and is occurring as we speak across Europe, people tend to riot. When the have's have everything, the not's tend to get a little mad. Since millions are without a job, health care, medicare, or any prospects of hope, the end game is upon us. Bernake has said that he will reopen the printing presses, opening the flood gates to runaway deflation/inflation. Study the fall of the Roman Empire or that of the Wiemar republic of Germany and it is very similar to what the world is going through right now. If you can, get a gun. You'll need to as the police will not be able to help. The Town of Mayfield, California no longer has a police force or firefighters or any city employees whatsoever. They all got laid off last week. 80 police from Oakland also got shown the door and we all know how safe that city is. With our idiot politicians, both D and R, we are screwed. The new bank bill submitted by the dems is a big blow job to the banks which does nothing to fix anything especially the deadly derivative market which could sink us faster than the Titanic. The only reason Repubs are against it is because Dems are for it. In theory they want the same crap. So hold on people, the ride is going to get very very rough.

Saturday, June 26, 2010


I'd like to thank all of our contestants this week because there was sure a lot to choose from. The Republicans almost got it for the second week in a row for their stunning decision to let millions go hungry with the disbanding of the unemployment act. A special shout out for soon not be senator come 2012 Scott Brown for his double whammy of not supporting Mass families and voting for Big oil in the same week and Maine senator Olympia Snow for her falling on deaf ears plea to the Dems on why they didn't just have a stand alone bill for the unemployed which she would have supported. Bitch, they did. Last Friday. And republicans shot it down because it wasn't paid for. Dems told her to piss off and that she should be blasting her own party for this mess. Ads have already appeared in Nebraska and Maine lambasting the Senators who voted against this absolutely necessary bill. Good luck when your re-election comes out. You've already lost.
And of course a special shout out for the OK police force who apparently are so assholish that an 86 year old grandmother is a physical threat. I hope you all rot in hell you bastards. When the revolution starts I'm sure some people are coming for you first.
The runner up has to be Turkish PM Erdogon for his unbelievable anti-West stance that even his own generals are starting to push back. Thank god. The Turks are a fine people and it sucks that they have their own George Bush at the moment. They have publicly stated their aversion to Erogon's unsubstantiated statements that the Mossad is helping the Kurds, giving them more legitimacy and a new ally to use should Israel decide to actually help. The West during the G20 summit have told the PM in no uncertain terms that his policies are hurting his relations with the West which could have serious repercussions for his country. He has thankfully not allowed the Lebanese ships to dock in Turkey or Cyprus, but it is thought that these ships will head directly to the Gaza port instead. Even Iran has backed down on their flotilla seeing the writing on the wall for its support universally condemned. However it is being reported that they are going to join the Lebanese ships which will not sit well with Israel
But the real winner this week is none other than supreme douche bag Tony Haywood. His company is ruining the planet. And that photo of him on his yacht this week was particularly damning. Worse, people are coming forth saying their cleanup efforts are a dog and pony show with nothing but cosmetic approaches being taken. Journalists are heavily controlled as to what they can film and can't and once gone so is all the clean up equipment. They are not allowed to wear respirators which is certain to lead to health problems by the clean up crews. NBC news showed that oil is being left under the surface of the sand in Alabama leaving a potential mess for years to come. They think we're expendable. We're not. And sooner or later we're going to have to show them that. Boycott all BP products to start. And demand the media black out be lifted. It's our planet, not theirs and with a hurricane approaching time is running out for all of us.

Friday, June 25, 2010


There is an old cartoon that seems very relevant right now. In it, a couple walks down the street. An old man in a robe and long white beard carries a sign that says "THE END IS NEAR." One guy looks at the other and says "Remember when that was funny." It's not anymore.
Republicans have sunk the country. ANYONE voting republican is a traitor to this country and should be dealt with accordingly. The amount of damage they have done is staggering and continues to get worse. This is not to say that Democrats are saints either. But at least they are attempting to do something for the average joe, albeit a small pittance, but something is better than nothing, which is what we are getting. Unemployment has run out for millions and will add on 200,000-500,000 a week. A WEEK. The economy is GOING to collapse unless something is done. The message boards are ripe with righteous anger and the words guns and revolution are being mentioned a lot. The bill also contained aid to states and tax breaks for business (the tax hikes for big business was one of the sticking points for Repubs which tells you whose side they are on), and as a result businesses are going to fail, layoffs could total in the millions, and foreclosures are going to skyrocket. As states have been forced to eliminate aid to the poor, Medicare and health insurance subsidies, and salaries for teachers, police and firefighters, every town in the country is less safe due to the sheer incompetence of the Republican party. The Dems compromised on everything they could and the assholes still said NO. I advise people to be very aware of their surroundings now. Crime is going to skyrocket and getting a gun is probably a good idea for self protection. Losing police however may not be that bad idea. The time has come to end this outdated notion of a police force and replace it with town constables with much less power and authority. Case in point, calling the police can sometimes be a very bad idea. Now overstocked with gung ho morons, these trigger happy stun gun nuts are behaving more and more like the SS of old. In OK recently, ten pigs busted into an 86 year old woman's house after her grandson called to request assistance for the woman who was having trouble breathing. After the grandmother attacked them by sitting up in an "aggressive manner," they tasered her twice, cut off her oxygen and hauled her off to a psyche ward for six days. A lawsuit was filed in Federal court which will probably be settled out of court. Be careful calling the cops for any reason. They cannot be trusted anymore. With more deaths happening from cops using stun guns for any reason whatsoever, due cation should be taken when dealing with them. Never be hostile towards them unless they give you absolutely no choice.
So as not to just vilify Republicans for their utter idiocy, Dems this week also showed their fascist side by setting up new bank rules that may look good on paper, and indeed do have a few good points, but like most of their current regulations contain language designed to give broad new powers to the Fed. A consumer protection agency will be housed within the Fed rather than independent for scruinty. As the Fed is in part responsible for the econmic mess, I fail to see this as a good idea. A Senate commitee has also approved Joe "droopy" Leiberman's bill of giving the president the ability to shut off the internet for up to four months in a crisis. This would be tatamount to a decalartion of war on the american people and should it ever be used, revolution WILL be impleimented, starting with the politicians and big business leaders screwing us.
As if all that wasn't bad enough, a new Gaza flotilla launched from Lebanan, still at war with Isreal, will reach theit on the 30th. One flottilla has nothing but women and nuns on it (yeah right) and the other "pecae activists." This is a recipe for war, one that will be coming soon as the world is going to have to try to distract the growing number of people aware of their thefts and subjecgation. The end is near and no it's not funny. Prepare.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Box: Amateurish and Plotless

Loosely based on a Twilight Zone episode and a Richard Mattheson story "Button Button," this mish mosh of WTF was that is another in Richard Kelly increasingly unlikeable films. Sure Donnie Darko worked but Southland Express was a mess and this crap was even worse. How Cameron Diaz, James Marsden and holy cow, Frank Langella ever wound up in this garbage is beyond me. The plot is about a mysterious stranger, with a hideous and utterly pointless facial disfigurement, gives Diaz a box. If she pushes it, she gets a million dollars. But the hitch is that someone she doesn't know will die. And it all takes place in the 70's. Why? No Idea. As a matter of fact, this film makes no sense at all after the first half hour. She presses the button chaos ensues. You would need cliff notes, the director's commentary and a Rhodes scholar of film to follow what happens next. She of course presses the button, gets the million but realizes that the next person to press the button will kill her. And the stranger is an alien doing some sort of experiment that is never explained. As people die all around her from some sort of mass button pushing scheme (I think), her husband is forced to make decisions that have no real outcome. And then the movie ends with her dead and her husband and son captured and no real concept of what you just watched. Yes I ruined the ending. trust me you'll thank me for not having to sit through this awful awful mess. One of the worst screenplays I have seen in a while making the great Richard Mattheson two for two in horrible screenplay adaptations of his work (the other being I Am Legend with Will Smith. He was great. The dog was great. The movie not so much). Maybe Richard M. should write the next one of his projects beacuse these hacks clearly can't. Pointless would be an undertstatment to this junk. All copies should be rounded up and see if we can plug the BP oil spill with them. A must miss.

1/2 star out of 5

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


With the senate locked in a hopeless debate over the future of unemployment in this country, revolution looms large. Videos are popping up now explaining how mad they are. With Medicare and State budgets tied into this bill, this is what we get to look forward too in the upcoming weeks. Several towns have disbanded their police force, cut back on all services, laid off teachers and firefighters and this is just the beginning. When unemployment runs out next weeks for EVERYONE, this country is going to burn. I recommend anyone living in a major city make plans to get out should thing go the way they are headed. Riots are going to break out in large populated areas soon and with fewer police, this is not going to end well. Tie this with the anger over the gulf and governments and big business unwillingness to do much of anything to stop it is going to drive some over the edge. Senators should take notice at this as sooner or later they are going to take the brunt of this and probably not a peaceful or even helpful kind of way. I do not want this to happen. I do not wish death upon even the worst senator. But I feel that as they are not listening anymore, some nutbag is going to explain it to them in a very ugly way.
To make matters worse, Iran, Turkey and Lebanon are still sending ships to break the blockade. Whether this means they will try to attack the Navy or merely dock in Egypt and move the goods through the open Gaza crossing is still open to debate. These countries still seem to want a war so their actions cannot be accurately predicted. I hope for peace but am becoming more and more concerned with the idicocy going on here. The rest of the world has said to stop, including most of the Muslim world whose hold on sanity seems to be greater then the three countries mentioned above. As predicted in an earlier post, tensions have now flamed up in Kasmir as well with the deaths of three Muslim teenagers by Indian security forces giving us the 1999 trifecta all over again.
Anger is spreading world wide and all it will take now is one Gavic Princip, the man who single-handedly started WW1 and WW2 by assassinating Archduke Ferdinand could be at hand. One lone Muslim bomber or trigger happy nutbag doing the wrong thing at the wrong time and WW3 is on. At no time in the past 11 years have thing s been so perilous.
The sun is also acting strangely. Sunspot activity has all but stopped, making scientists scratch their heads as to why. Most scientists worry about a major build up of sun storm activity in 2012-2013, possibly leading to a life ending event. Best case scenario is power outages lasting a few days. Medium case scenario is no power for months or years. Worst case, all life on planet ends. All of these are possible as proven by some of the best minds on the subject such as Michio Akako, a theoretical physicist from MIT, and Dr. Hensen, Obama's science advisor, of NASA. While some have also speculated that the sunspot inactivity could also continue bringing on a new ice age, these seem more fanciful than realistic. But the sun is acting odd which makes think of Revelation from the Bible which says in the final days we will see strange signs from the heavens and the oceans will run red with blood, the same color the Gulf is now and could spread all over the Atlantic, especially after the first hurricane which thankfully hasn't formed yet. but that is only a matter of time.

A Team Better Than Expected

For all of us who grew up in the eighties, The A team was a fixture in many a household. Pure action, albeit no one ever got killed no matter what happened. A car could flip over eighty seven times, drop off a cliff and explode and the people inside would walk away a little singed. Sure not realistic but it was fun. And while the death count of this movie is seriously higher, it's just as much fun.
Liam Neeson rocks as Hannibal, Bradley Cooper's Faceman is high jinks fun, Rampage Jackson as BB Baracas is dead on, and District Nine's Sharkto Copley is perfect as Mad Dog Murdock. The plot is typical of an A team episode. The beginning shows how the team formed and even how BA became afraid to fly in a thrilling and very funny action sequence. Jump forward eight years later, and the team gets caught in a ruse to steal billions of dollars and counterfeit plates, setting the stage for their legendary escape and flight from the law. Watchman's Patrick Wilson and Brian Bloom's Pike (The Stuff) are great bad guys and Jessica Beil does her best in a slight role in a much needed female interest part. The fact she's drop dead gorgeous doesn't hurt either.
The film is high energy and lots of fun. The audience we saw it with, loved it. It's too bad because it's tanking at the theater. A big WTF to studio executives who opened it opposite the Karate Kid (I loathe that title), splitting their audience. Had they opened just about any other weekend, the numbers would have been much bigger. Director Joe Carnahan has a blast with the film like he did with the underrated Smokin' Aces 1 and 2. But after his understandable but ill advised tirades against Nikki Fink and studio executives I fear it will be a while before he works again. If you want a good time at the movies, go check this one out. It's a hoot.

3 and 1/2 stars out of 5

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Republicans Have A Death Wish

Reading the message boards this week I have come to an inescapable conclusion: The Republican party has zero chance of winning the next election. Why? Their refusal to pass unemployment benefits. The things written on these sites are troubling to say the least. Some are saying they are going to commit suicide as they have no options left. Most though are livid, with some even threatening US senators including MA Scott Brown. Let me be clear that I do not condone violence as this will not solve anything. But rest assured a desperate man is a dangerous man and there is certain to be some nutbags out there who are going to start shooting. It's not like these guys don't walk down the street or we don't know where they live. The French Revolution started because pompous windbags couldn't see the forest for the trees and a result years of bloody torment plagued the countryside. I do not want to see that here and it can be fixed if Republicans can see that unemployment is NOT something to stand up against the Democrats. At the very least, they are guaranteeing that all their hard work to win seats in the next election is not going to happen as any contender just has to run ads condemning each Senator for their vote against the unemployment bill. Mind you, if unemployment isn't extended there is a next to zero chance that we will peacefully even get to the next election because 15 million people will have lost their unemployment by then, dragging thee economy into a new Depression. Why is that? What do you think will happen when all these families can't afford anything? Foreclosures will skyrocket, bankruptcies will soar, crime will be off the charts, not to mention all the lost revenue from taxes collected, items bought and sold, and businesses going under. And who is going to get the blame? It won't be Obama or the Dems (minus the six retards like Bob Nelson of Nebraska) but Republicans. Everyone loses their unemployment at the end of the month when the last fix expires on the 29th. This means no one can advance to the next tier after that. So if you've been out of work six months and one week, your shit out of luck for that next tier and benefits. Who do you know that can find work in six months or less? Very few I would guess. From the message boards, it seems like very few. So next week will be the kicker. Will Repubs smarten up and help pass the next bill (why no Tier 5 is even being discussed on either side will take more revelance as more and more people fail to find work). A big fuck you to Nancy Pelose by the way for her idiotic statement of "99 weeks is enough for anybody, we don't want to get into some new entilment program." Until you have enough jobs for everyone and fix the 20% unemploment rate (the governments numbers are a joke as they fix the data to suit the needs. The most accurate number is between 17.8% and 23% which is Depression level, all of whom didn't have mortgagaes and credit cards to pay.), unemployment should be without end, perhaps reducing the amount gotten after a certain time. But until most people who want to work can find a job, a lifeline is going to be needed. The alternative is going to be much much worse and people are going to get killed over it. Wake up Republicans. The Revloution nears.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Douchebag Of The Week: Republicans

I know what a lot of you are thinking. Republicans? With Obama's God awful speech and BP destroying the planet, why would Republicans be Douchebag of the week? Simple. They have all but stated with undeniable certainty that they don't care about anybody but big business. They are officially the fascist party and anybody a die hard Republican this week is no better than the brownshirts or SS of days past. Unemployment is running out for millions of people and two measures were shot down this week to extend benefits to those who most need it. Mind you, Democrats get some of the blame for adding on amendment after amendment that had nothing to do with the jobs bill, ballooning the price tag to double what the house had passed. But today Mitch Mcconnel, douchebag extraordinaire, shot down a stand alone bill to extend unemployment for the millions losing their only lifeline. Worse, at the end of the month, EVERYONE loses their unemployment. Anyone going from one tier to the next is shit out of luck, meaning every week hundreds of thousands will become destitute. What do you think is going to happen when people can't pay their bills? Rioting with pitchforks and torches I expect. We have all sorts of money to give to the rich, but when it comes to helping the average Joe, Republicans have said fuck off. I say right back at you. Anybody Republican at this point better give me a wide birth because you're selling out this country and the words like traitor and fascist will be directed at you. I'm not saying Democrats are any better. They're not. But I give them an ounce of decency for at least trying. Anybody reading this post should call their Congressman and demand they vote for the jobs bill. It doesn't matter if you're unemployed or not. This will affect us all. Incidentally, a post I wrote about earlier is getting worse. More and more people are being arrested for failing to pay their debts to credit card companies (Bush Jr strikes again) setting up new debtors prisons once illegal in this country. Thanks to Bush's credit card bankruptcy bill, a blow job to the the big banks, debt can be sold off to private collectors who can charge whatever they want in fees and penalties. A 85$ bill can rise to thousands of dollars and those who can't pay are arrested. The laws depend state by state, but in places like Minnesota, watch out if you owe anything to anyone. An arrest warrant can be issued without your knowledge, allowing you to be arrested at any time and thrown in jail for days on end.
Perhaps the biggest douchebag for the week though goes to Joe Barton, R TX who during the BP hearings apologized to BP head honco Haywood for the tragedy of shake downing his company for 20 billion to help people affected by the oil spill. Republicans everywhere scrambled to distance themselves from one of the dumbest things said ever and he was forced to issue a less than heartfelt apology saying his words were taken out of context. No they weren't. And you sir are definitely douchebag of the week. Congratulation.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Obama's Presidency: WTF?

Last night's Obama speech was one of the worst speeches in the history of this country. Full of nonsense and platitudes, it provided no direction or leadership. His approval rating is sinking faster than the Titanic. It now stands at 42%. After the first hurricane hits (one is forming as we speak) his approval rating will be somewhere between Hitler and The Devil. What we needed was a speech that said "I understand your problems. Unfortunately the Republicans who ran this country into the ground have screwed us all. Their policies of the last eight years have been an unmitigated disaster that need immediate rectifying. I take some responsibility for not fixing the MMS sooner which lead to this debacle. I plan on having the head of BP as well as other top BP officials arrested as we speak for negligent homicide." That's a fucking speech. Instead we got the same old same old. Obama is Bush lite. Worse, looking back at his campaign, we the people have discovered that not one of his campaign promises has been kept. Close Gitmo. No. Reverse illegal wiretapping. Nope, we plan on increasing it. End renditions. Still no. End don't ask don't tell. Working on it, but no at the moment. Greater transparency of government. A big fat no. Public option for health care. NO! NO NO! Christ, is there anything this dick didn't lie to us at this point. His presidency is going to be a one termer and at this rate he's headed for Jimmy Carter territory. And I voted for him. Imagine how the Republicans feel, which is weird as he's very Republican in nature. So how did the rest of the country like his speech? Overwhelmingly, they said it sucked. When Liberal lions such as Keith Olbermann or Chris Matthews say you sucked. you sucked. Olbermenn said, "It was a great speech if you were on another planet for the last 57 days." The Huffington Post wrote, "Junk shot." Mathews said, "I don't sense executive command." The time for talk is over. Now is the time for action. Why you waited this long to address the country is beyond me. Why you waited for 57 days to talk to the head of BP for a whole 20 minutes is astounding. This country, and the world itself, is ready to blow. We are moving beyond anger into revolution. In an unusually quiet story, two individuals attempted to break into a military base with a ton of weapons. Their target was going to be the soldiers there. I doubt they were Muslim terrorists as this would have been propagated everywhere. They have been reported as white in their 20's. This is going to happen more and more as the richie riches fuck the rest of us into submission. Riots have broken out worldwide in Thailand, Iceland and Greece. Germany is facing the dissolution of their government due to highly unpopular tax hikes that unfairly target the poor. The elites have lost control and they know it. Thus the next big war soon as the ultimate distraction. With Iran and Turkey hellbent on WW3, this doesn't seem that unlikely as before. Isreal has quietly moved three nuclear subs into the Red Sea with the orders to nuke Iran if anything goes south. The US will ahve FIVB aircraft carreirs in the region by August. With next weeks provactaive flottilla by Iran arriving at Gaza, God knows what will happen. All we can say for sure is that Obama will be powerless to do anything about it.

UPDATE-The USS Harry Truman has been ordered back into the Persian Gulf imediately, following new info about the upcoming Iran flottilla. Turkey has all but declared an end to Western ties by siding with Iran and Isreal has responded that these flotillas will NOT be seen as humatarian aid but as enemy vessals. More than likely, they will be blown out of the water first chance they get. Iran and Turkey have both said that that will be considered an act of war. WW3 approaches unless smarter heads prevail, a highly unlikely matter.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summer TV Is Here: Best Season Of The Year

When most of us growing up, summer was the bane of TV existence. Endless reruns stretched into eternity testing the patience of most of us. How many times could you watch a repeat of Love Boat? How times of changed. Now the fall season (Sept-Dec.) is the dumping ground of terrible, terrible shows. TV's fall season has been just awful the lest three years with less than 20% of new shows making it past episode six. Midseason (Jan-May) has been better with new shows being far better than the fall and networks running some shows sans repeats and in order, ala Lost and 24, neither of which returns next year. Then comes Summer. My favorite season as networks take chances and cable (USA, FX, TNT and AMC in particular) puts out some of their best work versus weak competition (which is rapidly becoming year round for the big five). Here's a list of returning or new shows that may bear watching.

Monday- LAST COMIC STANDING 9 PM NBC- a must for stand up fans
NEIGHBORS FROM HELL- 10 PM TBS- Animated sitcom about demons working on Earth to stop a drill from destroying Hell. They find, shocker, humans are worse than they are. The suicidal poodle owned by a neurotic next door neighbor is particularly funny.
WARREN THE APE- 10:30 PM MTV- the funniest show to come out of MTV in a decade is a spin off of cult hit Greg the Bunny. If you like puppets doing things no puppet should ever do this is for you. Not for the kiddies though. For example, last week Warren tricked a rival into doing a sex tape, accidentally making him a porn star. What happens at the AVN awards is hysterical.
PERSONS UNKNOWN- 10 PM- NBC- 13 part mini series about a group of people abducted and left in an abandoned town. Gripping in it's first episode so far.

Tuesday- Busiest day of the summer which is ironic because this fall there is nothing, and I do mean NOTHING on Tuesday.
WIPEOUT- 8 PM ABC- People fall down and go boom. I laugh till I pee.
HELL KITCHEN- 8 PM FOX- Gordon Ramsey makes professional chefs cry.
DEADLIEST CATCH- 9 PM DISC- reality show about crab fisherman in Alaska. Season tension runs sky high with several deaths, ship problems and a fight between two captains make this a must see every week.
DEADLIEST WARRIOR 10 PM SPIKE- two random famous warriors or groups are tagged to fight against one another such as Alexander the Great Vs Genghis Khan or Spetnaz Vs SWAT. Experts in each field compete as to whose weapons are better by testing them on artificial people. At the end, a computer simulation takes all the data and declares a winner, acted out by real people. It's great if you like weapons and what effect they would have. Gory fun.
MEMPHIS BEAT- 10 PM TNT- My Name Is Earl's Jason Lee returns to TV next week in this cop dramedy that looks like it has real promise.
AMERICA'S GOT TALENT- 9 PM NBC- talent show. Nuff said.
RESCUE ME- 10 PM FX- Dennis Leary's firefighter dramedy returns at the end of the month. A gripping show that can make you laugh to tears on minute and cry out in sorrow the next. One of the best shows on TV right now.
LOUIE- 11 PM FX- Comic Louie CK returns with another sitcom about being a single parent. One of the best comics working today, this one should be funny. Premiers after Rescue Me this month.
DOWNFALL- 9 PM ABC- Game show where contestants dangle as they answer trivia questions. No idea how this will be put I'll probably check it out.
WHITE COLLAR- 10 PM USA- Second season of a white collar FBI unit returns in mid July. A new Piper Peribo show COVERT AFFAIRS will show right before it at 9 about a FBI unit. No info on it yet but as everything USA touches is gold, I'm sure I'll tune in.

HOT IN CLEVELAND 10 PM TV LAND- Betty White returns to TV. What more needs to be said.
PSYCHE- 10 PM USA- The adventures of a fake psychic returns in mid July.
GHOST HUNTERS INTERNATIONAL- 9 PM SYFY- Spin off of Warwick local. Not as good as the original show but still creepy fun.

Thursday- BURN NOTICE- 9 PM USA- Fourth season of super spy Mike Weston. A must see as one of the best shows one TV
ROYAL PAINS- 10 PM USA- Second season of concierge doctor in the Hamptons.

Friday and Saturday- what do you think.? squat squared

Sunday- TRUE BLOOD- 9 PM HBO- sex and vampires. what's not to like.

Later this summer comes AMC's Walking Dead zombie serial and Rubicon a poliical thriller. Watch what you can now because this fall, NETFLIX is going to be your best friend.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Sanity Lost In The Middle East

Regional psychopath Turkish PM Erdogon continues to plunge the world head first into nuclear annihilation with his unwise support of pariah Iran much to the chagrin of many Arab neighbors and Western allies. Iran has sent the first of three flotillas to the break the Gaza blockade, stopping over in Turkey first and possibly flying with Turkish flags, albeit so far neither Iran nor Turkey has used military support for these upcoming aid ships. This is a disaster in the making, destroying relationships with Turkey and the West. Erdogon has been reported saying that this discussion of problems with relations with the West is propaganda but throughout Israel and the US, more and more voices are speaking up as saying what Turkey is doing IS destroying our relationship with them. If it was just coming out of firebrands mouths like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity or Sarah Palin I wouldn't be so worried. But when moderate and smart politicians like Anthony Weiner (D) NY or John Sarnbanes (D) MD condemn Turkey for what happened, the writing is on the wall for which way Congress is going lean. To be honest, Israel and the US are intertwined more than any other country and the loss of Turkey as an ally, although problematic, would be less so than us abandoning Israel which is never going to happen. Politicians need Jewish support to win an election. Look what happened to Helen Thomas, a beloved institution, after she unwisely spoke up against Israel. Out she went and her career forever tarnished. Make no mistake which side we will be on.
Israel's back is against the wall and have begun to make some wise decisions such as reversing their incredibly STUPID decisions to block things like candy, spices and wheelchairs into the Gaza strip. They tried to make Hamas the bad guy but when you're the one blocking the stuff coming in it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out who the Gaza people were going to blame. There have been some rumors that the blockade would be coming down soon, with UN or other foreign entities responsible for inspections. As there is no way this will happen before next weeks provocation by Iran and Turkey, I highly doubt this will occur anytime soon.
It has been reported that Erdogon's militant views stem from a true belief that an upcoming clash of cultures will happen soon. Islam and the Western world will never be in sync with one another. The philosophies are too different to coincide. History has shown time and time again when too competing ideologies clash, there can be only one. Think back to political advesaries Communism and Captilism. Communism exists no longer anywhere on the planet. Sure some countries call themsleves Communist but are really more of a totalitarian sects with captialism mixed in. The only place left with any traces of the old ways is Cuba and that is doomed in the long run. Islam is no different. It is incompataible with western veiws, something I first reported way back in 1988. I said then that the next world war wouldn't be about land or resources or politics but religion, particalarily Islam. It seems I was right. Lets hope and pray that cooler haeds prevail next week but I am not optomistic.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

BP Who's In Control?

As the oil disaster spreads into eternity, questions are arising as to what extent BP should be in control. Obama, finally getting off his ass to address the country, will be speaking on Tuesday night at eight o clock. About time. This should have been done weeks ago, something even George W. Bush understood. When a retard beats you to punch something is seriously wrong with your adversary staff and commons sense judgment. People need to be reassured that you are doing everything you can which you're not. And allusions to Katrina are not fair as this is much much worse. One Coastal resident said, "I can clean up my house, my yard, even help my neighbor after Katrina. But this, this is just too much for any one man to help." The first of what will be many tropical storms are now forming in the extra warm waters off Africa. This year's hurricane season is expected to be bad, perhaps worse than 2005. Contrary to what you've heard from BP paid scientists, when a hurricane hits, and one WILL with 100% certainty, that oil is going to rain down on the Gulf coast perhaps as a hundred miles inland. What is that going to do to livestock, the water supply, or crops? It's going to be a disaster the likes of which we have NEVER seen in this country. Thousands of square miles may be left inhabitable for years, and not just the coast but perhaps even half of the landmass of all coastal states. I'm sick of hearing we need to start drilling because jobs will be lost. Bill Maher said it best when he said "Fuck their jobs." We need to get off oil today. The worst part is that we have the tech to do it, regardless of what the MSM keeps repeating like a brain damaged parrot. Cars can be easily retrofitted to run off of hemp, a non food, non drug source that could be easily grown, manufactured and distributed. Retraining and new hires would solve anybody losing a job and the oil companies could easily adapt to a new fuel. IBM didn't start out making computers. They adapted, something we are sorely lacking in doing anymore. Getting off oil makes the middle east obsolete, gets us greater security and prosperity at home and will help green tech evolve into the next decade. We need Obama to use this crisis like Eisenhower did when Sputnik was launched. That spurred us on to the space race and the technological advancement it created. We need the same for a big push to stop the heroin like oil effect we have now.
In other news, House douche bag John Boener, the biggest hypocrite in politics, said that taxpayers should have to pay for the cleanup not BP. I propose we use John Boener's bloated white pasty body to dunk in and out of the Gulf until all oil is cleaned up. Then we can use taxpayer money you ass. It has also come to light that Halliburton, Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan all sold a vast amount of shares before the disaster. GS and JP sold 98% of their stock. The CEO of BP has also asmitted to selling 1.4M$ of his own stocks days before the accident. Did they know that this was going to happen? It sure seems like it. Halliburton also made a purchase of a small but effective oil cleanup company days before the accident, netting them millions in profits. Coincidence? I kind of doubt it.
BP is still calling the shots, keeping reporters away with the help of the lackey Coast Guard. They are also reportedly removing dead animals which affects their bottom line and as the amount of damage done will be calculated by the number of dead animals found, I am sure they are not keeping a close tab on the number they collect. Yet with no oversight, who can stop them? Obama better fix things quick or his chances of a second term will go flush just like W did after Katrina.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Karate Kid: Jackie Chan's Best Movie In Years Yet The Summer Slide Continues

I love Jackie Chan movies. I grew up watching him on Kung Fu Theater at Saturdays. As I grew older I sought out his harder to find movies like Snake Vs Crane or Drunken Master. Even as he got older his movies were still really something until about five years ago. Then Hollywood got it's mitts on him and turned him into a CGI/wire-fu nightmare. Yes he's getting older but he can still fight and act,a quality missing from such garbage as My Next Door Neighbor's A Spy, The Tuxedo and a slew of other ready made homogenized crap (I will admit I liked all three Rush Hour movies though). Finally, somebody has given him a script to do something more than just fly around on needless wires or pointlessly bad CGI.
The Karate Kid stars Jayden Smith, son of rapper turned actor Will and actress Jada Pinkett, as Dre, the hapless tyke sent to China after his Mom gets transferred there. Dre meets a cute Chinese girl named Meiying, played well by Wenwen Han although her English is pretty rough some times, who of course has other Chinese bullies also interested in her. Dre gets his butt kicked until Jackie's Mr Han intervenes in a great fight sequence between him and six boys. Rather than hit them, he makes them hit each other. It's a great sequence and proves that Jackie can still fight just maybe not as quick with the death defying feats of his younger days. Just like the original Karate Kid movie, Mr. Han trains young Dre to fight in an upcoming tournament and beat the bullies plaguing him. The story is pretty much the same as the original with the location being the main difference. The scenery is astonishing though.
The main problem with this film is the highly insulting title. He's in China. They teach Kung Fu there. In the rest of the world that is the title, The Kung Fu Kid. But not here because the brainless dolts who run Hollywood nowadays think we couldn't tell the difference. FYI, calling a person who's Chinese Japanese or vice versa is an insult. So what you've managed to do is title a film that millions of American Asians are going to find demeaning. Brilliant.
The other problem is that this movie is nothing new, like everything else done this year. America is sick to death of remakes, sequels, and bland water downed crap. The box office once again this weekend shows it. The Karate Kid (I do loathe that title) will be number one this week with an estimated BO of 50-55M$. Not bad for a film that only cost 40m$ to make. The other big movie the A-Team not so much. This 100m$ plus budget film did terrible with only 30M$ in grosses. Another bomb for a year filled with them. Oddly, the reviews for A-Team haven't been that bad, saying it's stupid but it's fun. I'll review it next week. By the way, genius move putting two movies that will attract the same audience on the same weekend, splitting the box office which appears to be exactly what happened. As long as MBAtards run the studios, this will continue. Bravo.
Entertainment Weekly did a huge article about this year's terrible slate of movies. Risk adverse Hollywood is pumping out more and more schlock it says to pander to the masses rather than niche specific like TV. Notice, that is exactly what I said in an earlier post, once again beating MSM to the punch. Movies from the 70's had rich characters, intricate plots, good directing all missing from today's slew of "WTF was that?" flicks. The best films I've seen this year are almost all foreign movies like Pontypool, Let The Right Ones In, Dead Snow, District B13: Ultimatium, Red Cliff, to name just a few. Studio executives must be crapping themsleves as the films for the next two years look just like the mediocre nonsense from the the last six months. Here's a suggestion. READ A FUCKING BOOK, YOU RETARDS. There has got to be a hundred good books that are well written, ahve a built in audiemce ala Comic books, and have franchise potential. Mathew Reilly, Preston and Child, F Paul Wilson, Lee Child, Robert R Mcammon and Bentley Little are just but a handful of ready made, easy to adapt films. I hear most of these have been optioned so where are they? Too busy dusting off that Big Valley remake (that is true by the way)? Enough with the old TV shows, remakes and bad cmoic adaptations. I don't need Different Strokes The Film (not true), a new Fright Night (unfortuantely true) or a Jonah Hex movie written by people who apparently didn't bother to read the comic it was based on (that film I'm not bothering with as I predict 90% of America will as well). The higher ticket prices, Congress dicking with the lives of millions of people over the unemployment extensions (Banks and too big too fail but the little guy is screwed. Let's see how that works when these assholes come up for re-election), and layoffs being handed out like leafets on Holywood Bvld., disposible money is coming harder and harder to get by. Movies that fail to get people into the theater are ramapant due to things like Netflix. Who wants to pay 20$ to see something lousy? No one apparently and Holywood better be listening.

3 and 1/2 stars out out 5

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

UPDATED :Obama and Brits Attempt Peace in Mid East. Will It Work?

UPDATE: Isreal has told both Turkey and Iran that if warships accompany the next flotilla it will be considered an act of war.

In a desperate attempt to defuse the ongoing crisis, cooler heads have prevailed and some headway has been made into the ongoing Turkey, Israel, Iran feud. Screwing the Iranian's plan to time their flotilla with the UN vote, it was moved up today and passed. The bad news is that like every other UN resolution ever passed, it has pretty much no effect on anybody or anything save a few Iranian banks and businessmen. Still the big MEH to Iran is kind of funny at least. All these sanctions will due is piss off Iran though.
The Brits have negotiated a deal with Israel that will allow more goods being allowed into the Gaza strip to alleviate the general suffering of the general populace. Specific items will be banned rather than general items such as paper. Really? What were they going to do? Wad it up and throw it at you. Oh I got a paper cut! WHAAAAAAA! Israel will also open up more land crossings and allow cement in under a third party scenario to fix buildings destroyed by Israel during the many raids they conduct to fight Qasam rocket attacks. The naval blockade however will continue. In return, a toothless UN investigation will examine the nine deaths killed during the recent Isreal raid of the Turkish flotilla. It will be limited to theoretical inquiries only and none of the soldiers will be interviewed. Israel has also as of today allowed more food and toiletry products to be taken off the banned list including such dangerous items as shaving cream and candy. I'm all for blockades but some of these banned items were kind of stupid. They will also conduct an internal investigation into the raid gone wrong.
How will the rest of world react? Probably not well. Israeli hard liners are PISSED over the concessions, feeling that opening the Gaza land crossings will allow greater smuggling. Tensions are still running high in Turkey and Iran and I don't believe that this will placate them at all. Recent evidence uncovered during the raid on the Turkish Flotilla provided hard evidence of the PM Erdogon involvement with terrorist group IHH. If he's hellbent on destruction, this peace plan will go nowhere fast.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

War Drums Beat Louder

Just when you thought things couldn't get any stranger comes today's news that is going to send shock waves throughout the Middle East. Iranian President Mamoud I'm A Nut Job has stated that next week, three flotillas will be sailing to the Gaza port containing Revolutionary Guard soldiers and under the flag of Turkey. The only word I can use to describe this escalation is a cross between suicidal and apocalyptic. One flotilla will be housing sick people from Gaza and be housed in Egyptian waters in an obvious attempt to bring Egypt into the rapidly growing feud. Iranian warships and submarines will accompany the flotilla as far as it can to prevent Israel from attacking them in international waters like before. Whether this will hold true is anybodies guess. In no way, shape or form, will Israel allow these ships to reach their targets, consequences be damned. Iran and Turkey have deliberately timed the arrival of the flotillas to coincide with next weeks vote on Iranian sanctions which are unlikely to go anywhere now. Hillary Clinton said last week that the Iranian would try something. It appears that she was right. Secret Cabal Bilderdbergs and The Trilateral Commission have been reported to have sanctioned new aggression against the increasingly unpopular Iranian government. The predictions from both groups have been amazingly accurate from the people who broke the stories. Will this one be any different? It is also being reported that Osama Bin laden is hideing in Iran, a story which must be declared bullshit as the guys been dead for eight years, regardless of what the US says. There is no credible evidence that he is still alive. The lack of any sighting for almost a decade combined with no authentic communications with him since 2003 by emans of video or audio recordings. All since then have been declared fake. The war drums continue

2010 Year At The Movies A Study Of Mediocrity

Way back in 2007 I was reviewing movies for the Stonebridge Press. I went sometimes twice a week (I also reviewed DVDs and TV so I was quite busy). By July I was ready to rip out my eyes. Some of the worst movies I had seen in a long time were coming out all in a row. In summer. When Spiderman 3 and Pirates 3 are the best of the bunch you know you've got a long swim ahead. Crap like Fantastic Four 2 (worst superhero movie ever), Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix (worst Harry Potter movie by a mile), The Simpsons (how do you screw up the Simpsons?) and mediocre nonsense like Superbad do not make for a thrilling movie going experience. While this year is not anything close to being that level of awful, the year has also been strangely blah. While I haven't seen anything I outright hated, I have seen LOTS that were average. The reason why is obvious. Studios have stopped taking any chances, pandering their films to the widest markets by watering the story content down so much Terry Schivo could follow it. The funny part is that audiences aren't buying it anymore. With the economy still in the toilet and Congress dicking around with the lives of their constituents (mostly due to the asinine Libertardian tea baggers and further proof our education system sucks), people have stopped going. The higher ticket prices, jacked up to 20$ in some places for a crappy 3-D flick, is especially heinous and the average Joe has said No Way. That's why I have Netflix.
The box office for Memorial Day Weekend, which is the biggest opening weekend of the year, came to a 17 year low a few weeks back due to the incredible arrogance that a video game movie and a sequel to a show 12 years old would rock the house. They didn't. It didn't help that Sex 2 appeared to have been written by a gay fantionista coming off a six day bender of Cosmos and poppers. Their target audience saw it Friday and told all the friends YEECHH because on Saturday the box office actually dropped millions when it traditionally is the best day of the weekend. Sunday was even worse and now it looks to be a certain box office loser even with world wide grosses due to its astronomical budget of 200M$. That means it'll need to take in a least 300M$ to break even after advertising and post production costs are factored in. It's rumored that if Sex 3 happens, it'll be a reboot with younger versions of the characters ala Star Trek. Good luck with that.
This year in general has been not horrible but not excellent either. Alice in Wonderland has been the year's big hit followed closely by Iron Man 2. Alice was a good film but not great, but at least it had spectacle (especially in 3-D) something sorely lacking in every other movie this year. Even Iron Man 2 was a little disappointing as it wasn't as good as the first one, a rarity for superhero movies where the second one is always the best.
Thankfully, nothing as dreadful as FF2 has come along. But at the same time, nothing has blown me away except perhaps Hot Tub Time Machine which was easily my favorite movie of the year along with Kick Ass, Shutter island (the only film this year with Oscar potential so far) and Iron Man 2. Every other movie has been good to eh. Most, like Clash of the Titans, Legion, Edge of Darkness, Percy Jackson and a slew of others were forgotten soon after seeing. They were good. They didn't suck. But none popped either. And I can't imagine that any will do that well on DVD either.
This last week's movies continued a four week slide as studios are starting to panic about their releases which so far are about as DOA as Michael Jackson. The Killers with Aston Kutchner and Katherine Heigel got as bad reviews as any movie I've seen this year. Funny thing was, it was actually pretty good. It was funny, kept my attention and Katherine and Kutchner are hardly bad on the eyes. The plot centers around a plot line pretty much used up though, as the oh my god my husbands a super spy has been done to death, officially killed off by Jackie Chan this year in the awful, awful My Neightbor's A Spy. (Note to Jackie. Get a new agent. Your movies lately are terrible.) But the fact that everyone in their lives is trying to kill them is funny, especially best friend to Kutchner Rob Riggle, a gifted stand up comic who is a scene stealer. It's nothing new but it's well executed and a diverting time at the movies. (2 and half stars)
Then comes Get Him To The Greek, a spin off from the classic Forgetting Sarah Marshall. This movie got great reviews saying it was the funniest movie of the year. It wasn't. As a matter of fact long stretches of this film DRAGGGGGGGGGG, especially the ill advised third act. I love road movies. I like Jonah Hill and Russel Brand and most of the people connected with Sarah Marshall were back except the writer and there in lies the snag. The writing in the movie is terrible. The plot centers around lead singer of horrible band Infant Sorrow, Aldous Snow, being dragged to a reunion concert in LA years after his star has faded. Jonah Hill is the record executive given the task by an unfunny Puffy Combs in full on overacting mode. I love road movies. Anything can happen. That's why the Hangover made so much money last year. This film is the exact opposite with no surprises, everything unfolding as you would expect and a long dragged out third act with no laughs at all. Even the character of Aldous has radically changed from the first movie from a sweet natured doofus to a drunken megalomaniac. It's jarring. And while the film does have a few funny moments it's not enough to recommend. Skip this film (1 star)
The rest of the year looks no better as does next. Sequels, remakes and rehashes are what we get to look forward to. WHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. If the recent box office is any indication, the studios may be in real trouble. Someone better get Bond and the Hobbit out of dry dock stat because you guys need a hit. Pronto.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Is the Turkish PM the Antichrist?

It's late. I'm tired. but I had to get this out. A secret sea war has broken out between Turkey, Gaza and Israel. Four Hamas terrorists were killed yesterday as they attempted to infiltrate Israel by water. The frogmen were not successful but comes on the heels of Turkey asking questions about Israeli involvement with an attack on a Turkish base by Kurdish rebels. Both sides are blaming the other for war by proxy. Swell. The Middle East is further hampered by anger from Syria and Iran about the conditions in Gaza. Incidentally, all those supplies captured by the Israelis are sitting in a base waiting to be delivered because Hamas has refused to allow the aid in. They are seeking an international mediator to help solve the problem. People are starving and Hamas is just as much to blame as Israeli so people better start waking up to that tidbit and get off Israels back. Look what happened to Helen Thomas. My earlier post of her getting canned was dead on. I knew she was screwed. Turkey is extending it's protection umbrella to encompass Syria and Lebanon for the first time. Iran has enough material for two nuclear bombs and North Kora has all the technology for long range missiles. Nope. No problem there. The Turkish PM is coming off as unhinged and dangerous lately. When he talked about the terrorists/peacenicks let go by Israel after their failed takeover went bad he asked why did they let them go then? If they were terrorists that is, he said facetiously. Because you demanded it you dick. You cried about it all over the news and then have the gall to ask why would they do such a thing. Prick. This guy is worth watching. He could blunder us all into a nice nuclear war. Great. Sleep well.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Turkey Trying To Start WW3

Recent developments have shown Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan to either be completely insane or under the complete control of Islamists with his idiotic push to start WW3. Ignoring the peaceful surrender of the Irish boat Rachel Corrie, the PM has all but threatened out right war with Israel over the continuing blockade. It just came to light that if not for the reasonable stance of Obama and French President Nicolas Sarkozy, Turkey was ready to attack with forces from Cyprus. He was threatened with isolation from NATO and Europe if he went through with it.
Undeterred, he has still threatened to use warships for the next flotilla and possibly going himself as he feels that no one would DARE attack him. Good luck with that. If either of those scenarios plays out, it's going to be ugly. Unlike the crisis is North Korea which seems to have Kim Jong Il looking to put the brakes on things, Turkey seems hellbent on escalation. The Washington Post just revealed that the PM office in Ankara is shelling out millions to the IHH, a terrorist group with close ties to Hamas and Al Queda, and the ones responsible for the recent set up of Israeli troops being attacked. The Post is calling for any investigation into the scandal to include this. As for Turkey calling this their 9/11, they need shut the hell up. 9 dead a national tragedy it isn't. The PM is also for the first time in modern history putting radical Muslim civilians into positions of power rather than military or government officials. As a result, they are seeking murder charges against Israel, which of course, will never actually mean anything other to inflame public opinion.
This has to stop. If Turkey keeps escalating the matter, a war is inevitable, and in no way will it be limited to just Turkey and Israel. We'll all be involved. Hopefully, saner heads will prevail in Turkey but considering the level of stupidity world wide, I kind of doubt it.


One of my favorite episodes of the genius BBC sitcom Blackadder takes place during
WW1. Captain Blackadder has just returned from being put in front of a firing squad to find Lt. Barleigh (Hugh Laurie) and Private Baldrick awakening from a drunken slumber. They had been celebrating figuring a way to save the Captain, got drunk and forgot about it. Luckily, Barleigh's uncle granted him a pardon anyway, shocked that he hadn't heard from his nephew about it. Furious, Blackadder tells the two that at some point, at some time, he will get his revenge. Right then the phone rings. The brass needs two volunteers for Operation Certain Death. Blackadder smiles and says "God is quick these days." That's how I felt hearing that Van De Sloot had been arrested in Peru for the slaying of a young woman in his hotel room. Not only did they have him on tape entering the room with her, but he left alone and no one entered the room after him. The young woman was the daughter of a presidential candidate which certainly didn't earn any points in Peru for favoritism. Oddly, it was to the day that Natalie Holloway disappeared five years ago. He's being branded a serial killer and there is no chance of him beating this rap. Which leads to why I laugh. This is a kid of privilege, money, travel. All that went bye bye. He's being housed in the Miguel Castro Prison, a old prison modeled on the Eastern State Penetitary model of a central hub with wheel spokes leading out into the wings that house the prisoners. It's also supposed to be one of the worst prisons on the planet. Overcrowded, poor sanitation, substandard food, high corruption, crime and disease are but a few things he get look forward to for the rest of his life. Life expetnatcy is very low and Van de Sloot is only 24. AIDS and TB are rampant. Food is expended at 55 cents per prisoner per day. This will consist of mostly bread and water and gruel. Yummers.
All in all he's screwed. Welcome to hell and yes, God is quick these days.

Obama has lost his Mind

Barack Obama announced today that he would seek a lifting of the moratorium of hunting whales to the shock of every environmentalist out there. This further proves that the country is being run by fascist powers, a desire of the corporatist sector since the 30's when they attempted to overthrow FDR and replace him with Gen. Smedley Butler. This is also the most under reported story of the century. For those doubters, video still exists of Butler's address to Congress and FDR's own notes of how he got backing for the New Deal by threatening the elites with treason if they didn't comply. On a side note, I also believe this proves once and for all the FDR did NOT know about Pearl Harbor before hand although the possibility still exists that others in the government may have. If FDR was a corporatist, the elite would have had no reason to overthrow him.
Back to Obama. Only three countries practice whaling: Iceland, Norway and Japan. The rest of of us are civilized enough to know that killing animals of very high intelligence if probably not a good idea. It's cruel and unnecessary as there are plenty of stupid animals to kill and eat. Hello fish and birds. Patrick Ramage of the International Fund For Animal Welfare called the act a "mind numbingly dumb idea." Under the act, whales have begun to rebound from dangerously low numbers due to overfishing. Obama claims that loopholes are allowing the three countries whaling much greater leeway than the current program, a theory discounted by pretty much everyone not in the Obama administration. I would agree that if the moratorium has loopholes then close the loopholes, don't add new ones. This will look bad no matter how he spins it and with his idiotic lets drill speech three weeks before the greatest oil spill in American history happened, he's losing the left every day. But he's not of the left. As a matter of fact, there is no left voices anymore. There's right and wing nut right. Dems everywhere should be concerned that much like moderate Republicans, your views are being left behind. A new party is necessary and soon.
Also in the category of Holy Crap WTF did she say? category comes the pres core's own Helen Thomas. With her recent "All Jews should go back to Poland or Germany," hate speech, I think the time may have come for her to give it up and retire all ready. You're like a hundred. Go to Boca and sit on a beach like others your age. The Jews aren't going anywhere. Period. That discussion has come and gone. The acts by Turkey lately should be condemned for trying to start a war with Israel and the rest of the world. They have not backed down form threats, demands of an apology and even the fact that the next flotilla may be accompanied by warships or even the PM himself. This has to stop. If you want help for Gaza there's a right way and wrong way. And this is certainly the wrong way.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wars Wars Wars

A serious situation is brewing across the planet, the likes of which I haven't seen since 1999 when pretty much the same players almost went to war. All that's missing is an Indian/Pakistan crisis and it'll be exactly the same. North and South Korea are still up in arms over the North's sinking of a South Korean battleship. The North, China and various bloggers are calling false flag because the torpedo shown in the attack isn't exactly like specs of what we know North Korea missile to be. There in lies the rub. Our knowledge of North Korea anything is very small. Small deviations shown between the North Korea missile used and that which blueprints we have are not that far off. It would be a major miracle if the missile was exactly like what we know. Isn't it more likely that the missile either was different from lack of knowledge or that it was different on purpose to allow deniability. I would have been shocked had the missile been exactly like the specs as that would have been easily traced back to North Korea. Change a few things and Kim Jong Ill will claim, as he did, that the missile must be a fraud. Some have stated that no subs were found in the area the missile was fired. Well somebody fired it. Maybe North Korea tech is better than we think it is. Maybe they have underwater vehicles we don't know about. The possibilities are endless. I see no upside for anyone starting a war with North Korea as the Military Industrial complex hardly needs another war as they can't keep up with all the ones we have going on now. Bullet shortages, body armor deficiencies and even sub standard helmets have them up to their ears in profit and work. More wars would actually cost them more money than they would make. So if we didn't do it, then the North Koreans must have.
An even more serious situation is brewing in the Mid East with Israel and Turkey on the brink of war. Contrary to the blogosphere, I believe the mainstream media may have actually gotten this one right as well. The Israelis were set up pure and simple. Aggressors showed up waving the white flag and attacked the soldiers the minute they could, all the while crying victim. First, Gaza is not innocent in all this. They fired countless rockets into Israel and the people voted in a terrorist group, meaning they get what they get. I don't care if they're starving. Not my fucking problem. You want food and water? Recognize Israel. Put down the weapons and come to terms with the fact the they are not going anywhere. And if you can't, Israel will destroy you. Second, the rest of the world needs to butt out. This is an internal matter. Israel has a right to defend itself and a blockade is the only thing not allowing WMD's from Iran into the port. Turkey had every chance to go through proper channels but went rouge instead. These "peace" activists were hardly so. Video shows them attacking soldiers with clubs and metal pipes, throwing one overboard. Peace activists surrender because they are non violent. These assholes went right for the jugular. Another vessel the Rachel Corrie (named after a peace activist run over by an Israeli bulldozer protesting Palestinian treatment) is due to arrive soon. Fellow Irish brethren are on board, including a Nobel prize winner. If they attempt to breach the blockade, it's going to be even more bloody as the Israelis have publicly stated that they will treat any further attempts much more severely. Turkey has responded by saying warships may accompany future flotillas, upping the stakes for a major war in the region, one that could go nuclear, much like North Korea.
Hang on. It's going to be a rough ride.