Thursday, January 31, 2013


You can tell Spring is coming soon as, like clockwork, the Middle East again looks like a gateway to WW3. Israel has struck targets deep in Syrian territory after satellite photos showed Russian SA-17 missiles being delivered across the Lebanese border and, ultimately to Hezbollah. The Syrians claim a "military research" base near the border was also destroyed and has been independently confirmed as of this writing. The strike was also seen as a warning that Israel will not tolerate any chemical or biological weapons transfers.

The reactions by the world was swift and immediate. Armed forces across the region. including the Americans and Russians, all went into high alert as war could break out at any minute. The Russians had this to say:

“Such action if confirmed would amount to unacceptable military interference in the war-ravaged country,” said the statement issued by the Russian Foreign Ministry Thursday. “If this information is confirmed, then we are dealing with unprovoked attacks on targets on the territory of a sovereign country, which blatantly violate the UN Charter and is unacceptable, no matter the motives to justify it.”

Will this start a war? Unlikely. For now. But this kind of thing is going to happen with more frequency as both Egypt and Syria are falling apart at the seams and both have excellent weaponry that, if in the wrong hands, could turn against Israeli or US interests. We are on a collusion course with Iran, as there is no way they are going to give up their nuke program, and there is no way Israel will allow that to happen.

Speaking of Iran, the IEAE of the UN said they had no confirmation of an explosion at the Fordo nuke plant and there has been little talk anywhere of follow ups so far. This story could still be true but at this point, we may not know for some time. I will keep you informed as more information  becomes available.

Egypt has become a free for all as the curfews in places like Port Said were ignored by EVERYONE and the riots continue. Politicians from all sides have asked for peace but they may have opened a can of worms that is not going to go back to normal so easily. More than 60 people so far have died in the rioting.

Even Saudi Arabia is not in the clear as US officials are worried that if the monarchy falls, what will replace it will be very anti-American and threaten US interests, the worst of which would be oil embargoes or price hikes. Considering that a majority of people there practice Wahhabism, one of the most fundamental versions of Islam, that is not such a stretch to imagine. Protesters are cropping up more and more. In 2011, the King paid the protesters a good sum of money to leave, which they did. When they returned later that year, five died and many more injured when troops fired on the crowd. First you get the carrot, then you get the stick.

BREAKING:News has just surfaced that both Syria and Iran are threatening to retaliate for the Israeli air strike. Syria has said that Damascus "has the option and the capacity to surprise in retaliation." He did not elaborate. Last week, Iran said to the Mehr news agency that any attack of Syria would be an attack on Iran. Today they said the strike would have serious repercussions on Tel Aviv.

Hezbollah also called the attack a "barbaric aggression" which is funny coming from a group of terrorists who routinely kill innocent people.  Russia said it appeared to be an unprovoked attack on a sovereign nation and said it is taking "urgent measures to clarify the situation in all its details."The Arab League called the strike a "flagrant aggression and a glaring violation" of Syria’s sovereignty, as reported by Haaretz.

Let's all hope that this doesn't end as badly as it might.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Talk about a guessing game in the intelligence world. Yesterday I reported that was issuing a story that the Fordo nuke plant in Iran had exploded and hundreds were still trapped inside. Considering the source, most in the journalism community were skeptical. A day later and there is wildly conflicting data depending on which source you see.

According to The Times of London, think New York Times of the UK, Israeli sources have confirmed that Fordo did explode for reasons unknown and the story was accurate. The Telegraph, also of England, reported the same story but said they had no confirmation through their sources. And then, both Iran and the US deny anything has occurred, agreeing for the first time and appears, at this point at least, utter bullshit.

The story is getting major press world wide. Seen anything about it on the local or national news broadcasts? How about in the press, or Fox news or CNN? Nope, nope and nope. Kind of a huge story to ignore, don't you think? The closest who came to anything about any of the Middle East crisises was Jon Stewart last night. When a news comedy program is the only network nation wide to start talking about all the insanity going on there, you know civilization is doomed.

The story is being confirmed by German newspapers (man my German is rusty so thank God for translations), and countless web news sites, like yours truly. The fact that WND broke the story makes me weep for the MSM because that is one crazy site, but as I said yesterday, they do get some things right. Just because your nuts doesn't mean you might not be occasionally correct.

If this story is true, and it appears to be at this point, Iranian citizens are bathing in radiation and don't even know it as NO evacuations have been ordered. Could Iran be doing what Russia did; by forcing civilians to stay in a highly radiated area, like Chernobyl, and go about their business even though they are actually dying and unaware? That's sick.

Some Israeli papers are saying it was sabotage, which is a solid bet. There is also the possibility that Iran is using substandard materials, due to economic sanctions, and the plant blew up due to negligence. All of this could influence upcoming nuke talks between Iran and the West. It could either lead to a Star Trek 6 moment after the Klingon planet, Praxis blew up, which was the main source of energy and led to a peace plan between the two races. Or Iran will use it as a pretext for war, but first would have to admit it happened in the first place, and that seems some way off.

The worst part of the story is one that is not being reported anywhere but According to their sources, Iran has has success in in other areas that are truly frightening. They are listed as:

A secret nuke site exists at Nijaf Abad.

A secret uranium enrichment site is at Khondab, where Russian and North Korean scientists are helping them.

A secret bio-weapons site is at Marzanabad, where with Russian help, Iran has developed at least eight deadly weaponized diseases which can be put into rocket warheads.

Another secret base is at Bonab, where the Russians are helping them with laser technology to enrich uranium.

Lastly, a list of scientists working on the project:

That is a lot of problems. While all of this is going on, North Korea is flexing their muscle and sources say a nuke test may be imminent. China has publicly said they don't agree with the rouge state, a rare show of disapproval from the only link North Korea has to the rest of the world.

And of course one cannot forget that both Egypt and Syria and falling apart, one from a dictator, the other from democracy. When you have groups of people living together who hate one another, democracy is not always the best idea, as whoever the winner is, they will exploit the rest he doesn't like. We sit a razor's edge for a massive war, but what else is new. Most of the time, no one knows about any of it, like now, as our media is more concerned with Oscar night, Lindsay Lohan and some lady in Omaha who has a potato chip shaped like Jay Leno.

Monday, January 28, 2013


Not a good day on the "Holy Crap, what is going on in the Middle East" scenario that is playing out right now. A state of emergency has been declared in Egypt. Israel is warning of a pre-emptive strike of Syria should chemical weapons fall into terrorist hands. Iran has responded by saying any attack on Syria will be considered an act of war by Iran. Meanwhile there have been unconfirmed reports of a massive explosion at the Fordo Nuclear Plant that, if true, has major repercussions.

First off, Egypt is literally on fire as riots have broken out everywhere now. At least 48 are dead so far and a nightly curfew of 9 pm to 6 am is going to into effect immediately to stop the violence. Morsi has offered to meet with oppositions groups, which ARE fanning the flames of insurrection, as they are violently opposed to Islamic rule, and really, who can blame them. As Morsi has broken promise after promise, and boy doesn't that sound familiar, the opposition is not exactly chomping at the bit to make another bad deal. Cairo, Alexandria, Suez and Port Said are all under siege right now. Port Said's riot started after a funeral procession for some thirty dead turned into an angry mob, shouting anti-Morsi expletives and vowing to avenge the deaths of their comrades. A police station was attacked there at some point but driven back by tear gas. The Suez riot was brought on by people celebrating the second anniversary of the overthrow of Mubarak., where nine people died. And you thought sports riots were bad here. Usually, no one dies. But not always. Still.

All of this started from a trial stemming from a soccer riot where over zealous fans, called Ultras, rushed the other side of the bleachers and started attacking them with knives and iron bars during a match. The stampede added to the death toll where 79 people died and was one of the worst soccer riots ever. The men caught were sentenced to death which led to all of this nonsense. Yes, that's right people, the riot started because soccer supporters were angry that douchbags that attacked unarmed fans or a rival team were actually sentenced to death. Now that is some crazy fan loyalty. This is making everyone nervous as the country is destabilizing before our eyes. Isn't democracy wonderful in the hands of people who have no idea how to implement it? Good times.

While all this is going on, Israel, Syria and Iran are all having a snit at one another, like that is anything new. Israel announced today that a possible pre-emptive strike on Syria is possible as Syria is spinning out of control. If they have information that chemical weapons are about to fall into terrorist hands, Israel will attack the nation as a whole. Iran had to get their two cents in and said any attack on Syria is an attack on Iran. All this as Israel made it clear it wouldn't go in without US support, something Obama has said would be a red line should chemical weapons start changing hands. One thing you can say about Obama, he is not a pussy. His handling of major crisises has been nothing short of excellent. It's his domestic policies that suck balls.

Israeli TV has been showing a report from an Iranian defector, a diplomat, from 2010 where he states unequivocally, that if Iran gets nukes, they will use them against Israel. I believe him to be right. On a quick side note, I read all the time that Iran has never attacked another country in their lives. That is absolutely false. Iran may not have directly attack anyone but have resorted to using proxy armies with groups like Hezbollah and Hamas. These are arms of Iran and have thousands of innocent blood on their hands. It is also why if Iran gets nukes, so do these groups. Do you honestly think that is a good idea? You'll think differently when NYC goes up in a mushroom cloud.

However, unconfirmed reports have stated that a massive explosion has been heard at the Fordo nuclear site in Iran. The report surfaced Sunday across all the major media outlets in Israel, but so far, no confirmation that the story is true. What is being told is that an underground explosion tore through Fordo, destroying much of the plane and trapping hundreds of workers inside. The fact that the core of the story is coming from, a right wing, birther conspiracy site, makes me a little wary of the factual basis for it. However, has uncovered some good material in the past so I can't completely discount it either. Right now, I am leaning toward bullshit, but you never know.

If it's true, it could have major repercussions as Iran could spin the story however it wants. It could deny it ever happened. It could blame the Americans or Israel or both of sabotage regardless of what happened. It could lead to war. Or it could drive them to peace, Klingon style after Praxis blew up (that one is highly unlikely).

All in all, the Middle East is set to broil and we can do nothing but watch and wait.

Sunday, January 27, 2013


Can we go one week without having the GOP do so something against everything this country stands for? Please! Let us see those runner ups which will contain some from previous weeks as I was to ill to post.

1)Mayor Bloomberg- This guy is SUCH a dick. First he attempts to curb obesity by limiting drink size, like that'll work. Then he closes down a relief organization for Hurricane Sandy run by Occupy protesters. Now he wants draconian measures for both guns and prescription pills. Mayor Douchebag has gone on record stating his opposition to all guns and that, because he is unwilling to go after the doctors prescribing pills they shouldn't be, he has allocated a plan to limit pill sizes allowed for pain killers. What about the people that actually need the drugs to get by, as I did for nine months during an excruciating back problem? Oh, they have to, and I quote, "suffer a little bit more." WTF? The crap I had to go through while in serious pain to get the pills I needed was already a giant pain in the ass that cost me a fortune as insurance doesn't charge by the pill but by the bottle. So under Mayor Bloomberg, insurance companies stand to make a fortune as more money comes out of people's pockets who can afford it least. This ass needs to go. I don't know if he can run again or not but this jerk should be thrown out into the street past haste.

2)TSA-They are now officially going out into the real world, making us feel more like a police state every day. Passengers to Amtrak in Austin, Texas, were recently searched through the luggage of everyone traveling that day, looking for both narcotics and explosives. What right do they have to look through anything? This madness has to stop and no one is saying boo about it. Yes gun rights are important but we need to start looking at all of the amendments being violated on a daily basis and are not making us the least bit safer. As the checks are voluntary anyway, wouldn't the people with drugs or explosives simply not comply anyway. This is how our tax dollars are being spent: on worthless, feel good only security instead of actually protecting us. The TSA is just sad. In other news, the TSA lost $250,000 of tax payer money after losing a lawsuit. The defendant, Aaron Toby, removed his clothes, except for his underwear, at a TSA checkpoint with the 4th amendment written on his chest. He was arrested for disturbing the peace and disorderly conduct. The charges were dropped but Toby sued and won. Good.

3)NYC Police-The other big story is that those naked scanners are currently being set up on NYC streets to film passer bys without their knowledge so police can oogle naked girls, oops, I mean "look for weapons." There is a reason we have guns guys and it's not to protect us from criminals. It's to protect ourselves from the police. Earlier this week, the NYC boys in blue fucked up again making them look like king high douchebags. A customer at an upscale steak house, Smith and Wollensky, forgot his wallet at a nearby hotel when the check came. He offered to leave his I-pad or to have a bellboy go with him to his room to get his wallet. Instead the manager called the cops. The police, instead of escorting to his room to pay, he was arrested, booked and charged with larceny. The next day in court the charges were dismissed under the promise that he pay the bill, which he planned to do all along. Again, think of all the money it cost taxpayers to solve a simple problem that didn't need to be taken to such extremes. Think of all the bad publicity this will echo across Europe, as the customer was an Italian visitor. Think he'll ever come back again? Unlikely. So way to go NYC, you turned a common sense solution into a giant, international incident. No wonder you keep voting in Bloomberg. The lot of you are retarded.

4)Sarah Palin- The dumbest governor in history, and that's saying something with both Rick Perry and George W Bush in the same group, was let go from Fox News as her popularity and fifteen minutes of fame, are just about up. CEO Roger Ailes was not a fan and dropped her as soon as her contract would allow. Hopefully Palin will disappear into the white noise of history but something tells me she's like Herpes and will never go away. I can dream.

5)Egypt- Riots have gripped the streets of Egypt after a verdict on deaths at a soccer stadium resulted in the death penalty for twenty one accused. Four days of rioting by soccer fans, relatives and anti-government forces have led to the deaths of 37 people. Morsi is doing a bang up job.

6)The Brazil Nightclub fire- Apparently unaware of the Providence club fire, the Station, a few years back when a fading heavy metal band, Great White roasted 100 people after using pyrotechnics that lit the cheap soundproofing into an inferno, the same thing happen yesterday when 232 died under the exact same circumstances. Expect the owners to get the bejesus sued out of them, if not jail time.

7)Action movies- I love action movies more than anything else. And lately, there have been a lot of them. The Last Stand with Swartzenegger was better than expected. And Parker looks interesting even if J-Lo is in it. You know who doesn't like action movies? Everyone else as these two films died hard in the theater. Maybe the Newtown shooting has taken a hit on these types of films because quality, at least in the case of Last Stand, was not an issue. Worse for Hollywood, there are a lot more films like this coming out like Bullet In the Head, GI Joe 2 and Die Hard 17. I will see them all. I may be alone in the theater but damn it, I am going anyway.

8)The Tea Party- The name has become so toxic many are changing it like South Florida's Tea Party is now the National Liberty Federation. Tea Party heroes like Jim DeMint is leaving Congress and Dick Armey was let go from Freedom Works, a Tea Party driver. A recent Rasmussen poll shows that support for the Tea Party has dropped from 24% in 2010 to 8% today. That is a steep drop. It doesn't help that the ideas that come out of this group are birther nonsense while people dress up in revolutionary garb with tea bags dangling from their hat. All that's missing is some tin foil on your head and you've got the crazy outfit down pat. NBC's poll echoed the exact same numbers as polling averages are below Congress for God's sake and we all know how well they are liked. The Tea Party is dead. Long live what ever stupid thing comes after it.

9)Republicans- It was a really bad week for the Republicans. First they all to smile through their tears as President Blackenstein was inaugurated again. John Boehner tried small talk with the first lady and got a blistering look in response. You Tube it, it's funny. Then they tried to hammer Hillary Clinton about the Benghazi incident which, ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. Oh sorry dozed off as I DON'T CARE ABOUT BENGHAZI and, according to polls, no one else does either. Bad things happen. Get over it. Bush had 3000 dead on American soil and NOBODY said boo about it. Obama loses four overseas and it's the end of the world. Please. Hillary destroyed the GOP as they attempted to smear her and Obama with no success. Time to move on already. The worst was the fact the GOP is attempting to steal the next elections by changing how the voting is tabulated which would give them an unfair advantage. See my previous post for more on this awful plan. So congratulations Republicans, you are again douchebag of the week.

Friday, January 25, 2013


Yesterday, I received posts and emails about the possibility of Adam Lanza having not used the AR-15 after all and used only the four handguns instead. As I don't believe anybody and anything unless I investigate it myself, I can find NO truth to these rumors as all leads to went a single unreliable source using footage from the Today show as evidence. Here's a link:

The explanation for this is simple: the Today show footage is wrong. In their rush to get information out, almost everything that was being reported, on every network, was wrong, sloppy, or just plain invented to keep viewers watching. And this is leading to the death of our society. Check out the below nonsense:

This is proof positive that when things are being reported as fact, the more gullible among us soak it up like a wet sponge. How do I know the Today show footage was wrong? Because several hours later, on the same day, the coroner came out and spoke about how all the children were killed by a rifle. Now much like you, I would like to see the coroner's report but unless I decide to go FOIA on their ass, there is little chance that info will be give out to the public and, to be honest, I am not too concerned about anything more than shitty reporting by our MSM.

This Sandy Hook Truthers crap isn't helping either. Here a link to Jim Fetzer, a PHD for God's sake.

That is some world class bullshit there. When one of your first paragraphs deals with a Holocaust denier, you know you are in some sad company. Not one thing he postulates has any proof, just grand conjecture and wild conspiracy theories. It is insanity like this that is also destroying our country. The Internet is a great thing but it doesn't prevent the less stable out there flinging their feces at the screen and seeing what sticks. The fact that so many people bought into this story, with no proof, is really terrifying.

People are believing everything they see on the news as fact and now even the Internet which has the same level of believability, i.e. none. Nothing someone tells you that isn't being repeated by somebody of integrity (one of the reasons I hope many of you are coming here for) should be believed until it is vetted thoroughly. I hate the MSM but the fact that no one reported it all over the past few days was too conspiratorial even for me. When I saw all the hoopla was over a video from December 15th, and no mention of the fact it was retracted hours later when the coroner disavowed all of it, says sloppy, possibly fraudulent, reporting and not a grand scheme to kill off children by a blood thirsty government. Even I cannot buy that explanation without some proof, for which there is none.

While all this continues the GOP is attempting to change the electoral college to give them an edge over the democrats in the next election. Appropriately called the "sore loser" bill, Virginia will change the way electoral votes are counted, like Maine and Nebraska do, by awarding electoral points to district winners and only two to the overall winner. This will skewer the vote toward Republican candidates and could lead to a radical shift in power where the minority could win an election and still lose by a massive number of votes. That is not democracy in any way shape or form and will lead to a severe change in how this country looks in ten years. This cannot be let happen and I am hoping will lead to a Constitutional challenge by the Supreme Court, which would seem likely. I am surprised no one has done it for Maine or Nebraska, but let's face it, nobody cares what happens in either politically as they have little sway over an election. Virginia is another matter.

If this had been around in the last election, Obama would have received four votes to Romney's nine, even though Obama crushed Romney in total votes. In this scenario, nation wide, Romney would have won in a landslide and still lost the popular vote by the same margin he lost by. How do you think people will react when they see such blatant theft? Not well I assure you. This same setup is being debated in several other Republican states like Wisconsin, Ohio and Michigan. If it occurs, it will dramatically alter the political landscape where democrats will NEVER win another election no matter what. As long as we have gullible people, which the Sandy Hook Truthers are definitely a part of, things will never change. And that is truly depressing.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


We are reaching a major existential crisis here in America and no one seems to care. I blame the Baby Boomers who are, without a doubt, the greediest, most self centered, absolutely stupid people to ever exist here in planet Earth. They make up a majority of the religious right, the Tea Party, the GOP and other backward thinking people that believe the dumbest shit imaginable. They come from all walks of life from some backward hick of Kentucky to elitist professors at Harvard and, because of their idiocy and piss poor parenting skills, have passed down their contagion to my generation and beyond. We face an epic collapse that IS coming and no one anywhere seems to care.

First off, religion makes you stupid. We need to abandon ALL religious clap trap and accept that most of what was written in any religious text was written by a guy who thought the world was flat, infested with demons and no knowledge of any higher learning. You know, Republicans. I have studied every major, and even some minor, religious books and found that if you strip away all of the moronic bits, the end result is basically this: "Don't be a dick." Give to those that need, don't attack others needlessly and behave like a civilized individual. How hard is that? Unfortunately, the so called religious out there never follow any of that any instead focus on the parts they like, even those like the Rapture and 72 virgins which do not exist at all anywhere except in some lunatics mind and now is accepted as fact.

Evolution is a fact and I can prove it. Same goes with the age of the earth which, I am sorry to tell you, is not 6000 years. And dinosaurs never existed with man. If you believe any of the above, the confirmation to you being borderline retarded is established. These are no debatable facts here any more than gravity is. And I hate to tell you all this but not only is the existence of Jesus in some doubt, the image we have all accepted is actually that of a member of the Borgia family, Cesear. Here's a picture of him:

Tell me that isn't the Christ that we all know. Son of a future Pope and born in the late 1400's, at a time when the clergy still had children, Cesear was also a Cardinal with at least 11 illegitimate children. So much for all the celibacy nonsense, He eventually resigned from his cardinal position, a first in the Church. When his brother died under mysterious circumstances, some contemporaries have blamed Cesear for being behind it. He then went on to be a great military leader. He has also been suspected of an incestuous relationship with his sister, a great many deaths in battle, and while both treacherous and murderous to his enemies, he was widely considered a great leader who was both fair and just to his subjects. Still, not exactly Christ is it? The original pictures of Jesus are still under guard in the entrances to the Italian catacombs as they show a radically different Jesus, one who would have been of Middle eastern decent and had much darker skin and hair seen below:

Is this the real face of Jesus?

Looks nothing like you thought huh? Religion holds your brain hostage and we have to start not only getting rid of it, but ridiculing anyone who believes this nonsense anymore. Would you feel comfortable with a grown man believing in Santa or the Easter Bunny around you? Hardly. So why do we accept religion which has outgrown it's usefulness. Let me clear about one thing though: I believe in God. Just not the retarded god that religion makes him out to be. Zeus, Odin and others have hit the dust bin of history. It's time for the other religions to join them.

Because of this idiocy, people are more inclined to believe anything they hear on TV, especially Fox News which is nothing more than pure propaganda packaged in a slick box. A recent poll said that 68% of the country is against raising the debt ceiling. WTF? This shows that even the most educated individual has no idea how things actually work. Not raising the debt ceiling mean our soldiers don't get paid, our government doesn't get paid, social security checks stop, and the economy falls off of a steep cliff when the stock market drops 1200 points the next day. So 68%, roughly two thirds of this country, is basically saying, let the world end. This is idiocy squared and demonstrate that a majority of this country should not only never vote, they should seriously think about blowing their brains out to end this kind of radically illogical thinking. The funny part is I am guessing a majority of that 68% are the nation's Baby Boomers, collecting SS and Medicare and basically slicing their own throats in the process. Stunning.

Now comes word that Unions are disappearing across the nation and the right wingers are all saying this: Fuck em. Maybe they missed the memo but because of unions we have paid vacations, sick days, a decent wage and 40 hour work weeks, all of which are disappearing before our eyes. These are the same assholes that when they get laid off, can't find work again because they too old and over educated and only then realize how screwed they are. No one thinks they can ever get laid off until it happens to them and it happens all the time now where older workers are shown the door so the company can hire someone else at half their salary, which further decreases wages across the board. So without unions, we are making less, working harder and have little to no job protection and idiot America is fine with that. Sheep.

Intelligence is in rare supply anymore and it certainly doesn't exist at the higher levels anywhere. Government is run by corporate stooges, religion is run by closeted homosexuals and the Tea Party is run by the criminally insane. Matt Damon had a great quote where he said it was hard to be optimistic anymore as nothing ever changes. The worst part is that we are to blame for all of this. No one fights for anything anymore except over long decided things like abortion and gay rights. Now we have Sandy Hook Truthers who believe the whole thing was staged. I don't even know how to respond to such a stupid thing. It joins the Birthers who are still at it. Not everything is a conspiracy and neither of the previous things are. People have to open their minds to new possibilities and that is not possible where religion is involved. Religion will kill us all if we continue down this path. Don't let it.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I am so sick of the gun control debate. It's not that it's not a serious problem, it is, but the media is acting like a blind fool grasping at straws and missing almost everything that is important. Considering our propaganda news media, more interested in profit than news, is making us dumber about just about everything and nothing is being hyped up more than imaginary gun crime storming the nation.

Unfortunately facts are the country is safer than ever with gun crime way down overall. That is NOT true in places where gun control has been enacted like the UK and Australia where gun crime is soaring. But the MSM makes it sound like the wild west out there with a mugger hiding behind every parked car and gun nuts shooting everyone in sight. If the media doesn't scare you, you won't keep watching. And people like Piers Morgan are exploiting this tragedy for their own benefit and not for the good of mankind.

The worst part is that I see both sides as behaving like dangerous lunatics. The anti gun crowd wants ALL guns banned, like that would solve anything. And then you have the NRA watering down gun statutes that could actually do some good. We seem to not be able to have a cohesive argument about anything anymore because everyone is so sure that they are right, they are acting very righteous in the process. And those that have true faith about anything are usually the same people who will never change their minds about anything no matter how many facts are thrown in their face. Studies show that the more rigid you are in your thinking, the less likely you are to compromise. Too bad most of these idiots seem to be in Congress.

Here are some common sense ideas to end gun violence, if which were implemented would reduce gun deaths by as much as 75%. First, recent polls show that the country is united in universal background checks with only the NRA holding up that bit of legislation for reasons no sane person could fathom. The government already knows who owns what, thanks to the evisceration of the Constitution which no one seems to care about beyond the 1st or 2nd amendment. We should be fighting in the streets over some of what the government has done to our rights (NOAA, TSA, DEA) yet we only bitch about our guns, which at this point, is the only amendment keeping us safe from tyranny. But we need to stop giving up our rights for imaginary bad guys and start going after the elites who are the real terrorists.

Second, we need to end the drug war once and for all. It's not working. It will never work and we are just literally pissing money away with these stupid drug tests that cost a fortune and can be easily beat. The president doesn't even need Congress to stop it. As the office comes with the power of the pardon, blanket pardon all non violent drug offenders everywhere. The courts will be forced to let go everyone convicted of a non violent drug offense and clear the prison of millions of people. We then get rid of the DEA and the ATF, the former of which is now worthless and the ATF too broken to fix, and use that money for the third idea which is to reopen state mental hospitals and get some of the crazies off the street.

Drugs will be treated as a medical problem not a justice problem. Prisons will have less inmates saving states money. Cops can focus of real crimes and get off the back of the average citizen, also eliminating no knock drug raids once and for all. If we legalize pot at this point and tax it, we will create a brand new industry that will general billions in revenue and thousands of new jobs. It will also save roughly 300 people shot every week in drug violence which will disappear overnight.

Guns are not the problem in this country. Most people who have guns are responsible and will never use them in a way not recommended by the NRA or anyone with common sense. Should everyone have a gun? Hardly. We read every day about some moron who should never have had a gun, a kid or even a pet they are so incompetent. But the law does not protect against stupidity and one has to see this as Darwinism in action. If you want to kill yourself with a gun, go at it. There are far too many people on the planet as it is and one less is always a good thing.

The media talks about none of this, harping on a school shooting which, while horrifyingly tragic, is a blip on the radar. Over the last 30 years, world wide, 350 people have died in massacres. That many died this week in drug related shootings. Which is the bigger threat to your kids? Why are we not talking about it at all anywhere? Not the MSM which is focused on guns, guns, guns; see sawing between Piers Morgan calling anyone who disagrees with him an idiot and a rabid Alex Jones coming across as unhinged and dangerous. Neither speak for me or many gun owners out there. Guns are not the problem. The media hyping the story out of all context is.

Monday, January 21, 2013


I am back finally after several weeks of being real sick. I shouldn't complain because I rarely get ill, other than my usual problems, and at least it wasn't the flu. I know there have been lots of douchebags to write about it and I will get to them soon but it is overdue for me to write about my favorite films of 2012. Mind you I didn't see Lincoln, Silver Lining Playbook, Cloud Atlas or Zero Dark Thirty yet so those will not appear on my list ever though, had I seen them, they might have been. Instead, here's my list of films that I saw last year that made me go "WOW." 2012 was a great year for films, the first time that has happened on more than a decade so those that made the cut were truly awesome. Let see that list.

10)Seeking A Friend For The End of The World- This little seen film starred Steve Carrell and Kiera Knightley, who may be rail thin but utterly beautiful, as two mismatched individuals thrown together as the world reaches it's end due to an asteroid approaching. Carell enlists Knightley to help him find his long lost love and, in return, he will get her back to her family in England before Zero Hour. What follows is a funny, disturbing love story set among the back drop of a weird road picture. A haunting film that never goes in the direction you think it will. Spoiler alert: the world does end.

9)VHS- A polarizing anthology horror film where some loved and some hated it. Having just watched two bigger budgeted, modern anthology films (Terror Tract, Tales From The Crypt) I am still astonished that this low budgeted movie had better story lines than those two. Five stories and a wraparound include a demon invading a guy's night out, a exorcism gone wrong and webcam ghost story. The stories were all done by different directors with a very small budget and was amazed that the whole thing seemed very cohesive. A big plus is given to the fact that there was blood, babes and boobs, none of which were fake, and which never happens in this day and age. This movie may not be for everyone, but I really liked it and am looking foreword to the sequel which has attracted even bigger names to participate.

8)Argo- Any film which I already know how it will end and still have me gripping my seat in suspense is an excellent film. Ben Affleck was robbed of the Oscar nod for this brilliant film about the rescue of several American hostages hiding in the Canadian embassy in Iran in 1979. Under the guise of a fake sci-fi film, Affleck makes it into Iran to get the people out through an elaborate con game run by the CIA. Argo is a must see for any film lover.

7)God Bless America- Another film many found awful, I found to be one of the funniest movies last year. Bobcat Goldthwait directed this satire of a man dying of a tumor and decides to rid the world of the worst parts of America before he goes: reality stars. Along the way he meets up with an equally deranged teen girl and the two go on a shooting spree, killing people many of us have fantasized about. Dark, funny stuff if you can stomach it.

6)Django Unchained- Leave it to Quentin Tarantino to direct a funny film about slavery. Chistoph Waltz and Jamie Foxx are excellent as the bounty hunter good guys while Leo DeCaprio was also robbed of what should have been a best supporting actor nod for his first turn as a bad guy. Very long, but it never feels forced. Bloody good fun.

5)Cabin In the Woods- Leave it to Drew Goddard and Joss Whedon to direct and write one of the best horror films ever. Five people getting picked off one by one in a remote cabin doesn't sound all that new but trust me, nothing is what it appears. From scene one, we know that an underground base of scientists are manipulating reality for reasons I will not spoil here, and the reason is quite fantastic. If you want to see a great horror film, this is it.

4)Life of Pi- Long considered an unfilmable book, Ang Lee strikes again with this fantastical tale about an Indian boy trapped in a raft with a zebra, a baboon, a hyena and a tiger named Richard Parker. Having read the book, I can tell you, the screenwriter deserves an Oscar for translation, doing a masterful job. The 3D was amazing as well. This was one of the best cinematic experiences I had all year in a theater. Plus one scene had my Mom jump so hard I am still laughing about it.

3)Skyfall- I love James Bond. And this was everything one could want in one. Cool cars, exotic locations, gorgeous women, a great theme song and a memorable villain made this one of the best Bond titles ever. Considering how many there have been, that's saying something. Daniel Craig is brilliant as a Bond coming to terms with his age and his place in a changing world, fitting for the series. Adelle's theme song is also one of the best songs in a very long time and I hope will win the Oscar to go with her Golden Globe.

2)Ted- Fox passed on this film about a talking teddy bear which was the single worst decision of any studio in some time as this went on to be the highest grossing R comedy ever. Somebody got fired over that. Seth McFarlane hits gold as a trash talking, bong smoking bear playing opposite Mark Walhberg and Mila Kunis, both of which are dynamite together. I cannot wait for the sequel which went into pre-production last week.

1)Avengers- This was one of my favorite films ever. Joss Whedon is a god among men with this absolutely fantastic picture about a group of super heroes fighting the God Loki. Everyone gets equal time, the Black Widow looks hot and the Hulk becomes cool again thanks to Mark Ruffalo playing him perfectly. Anyone who didn't like this film should not be reviewing films professionally as it proves they have no understanding of how movies work (AO Scott, I am looking at you, you hack). This film was perfection.

Honorable mentions- Men In Black 3, Beasts of the Southern Wild, The Hobbit, the Raid, Looper, Dredd, Butter, The Dictator.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Still getting over bronchitis and am too weak to write about much. The Warmonger will return on Monday with new posts. Thanks for all your patience as I recover.

Friday, January 11, 2013


If you are wondering where I have been, the Warmonger is sick and too ill to post. Even this small paragraph is quite the chore. But don't fret, I will return with all new stories soon. Meanwhile feel free to look at previous posts and donate to my site so I can buy kleenex, cold medicine and bags of ice to keep my temperature down. Be back soon.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


While it is all but certain that the GOP faces an uphill battle in all future presidential elections, the 2010 rout they established may keep them in power in the House for some time due to gerrymandering. We keep hearing how the Republicans kept the House, thus meaning the American people are behind them on their obstructionist ways. Unfortunately for us, it is not true. In a study just released by the election committee show that 1.4 million people voted for Democrats over Republicans and more than a full percentage point overall. Yet, somehow the House stayed red. The reason being is in 2010, during the latest census, GOP controlled areas altered their districts to favor themselves over anyone voting against them. Lines were redrawn eliminating blue areas for more favorable red leaning ones. This has led to what can only be described as stealing the election from the American people, which is ironic because these losers are still crowing about Obama's birth certificate and his "illegitimate" rule. Pot. Kettle. Black.

The study went on to show that even if Democrats had won by a whopping nine percentage points, they still would have lost. Here's the math from the study:

According to the Jan. 4 final tally by Cook’s David Wasserman after all states certified their votes, Democratic House candidates won 59,645,387 votes in November to the Republicans’ 58,283,036, a difference of 1,362,351. On a percentage basis, Democrats won, 49.15 percent to 48.03 percent.

But the 2012 House results show the redrawing of districts to optimize Republican representation clearly had an impact. Consider three states won by Obama in 2012 where Republicans dominated the redistricting: In Pennsylvania, Democrats won just five of 18 House seats; in Virginia, Democrats won three of 11; and in Ohio, Democrats won four of 16.

Using Wasserman’s tally, Millhiser ranked districts by the Republican margin of victory and calculated that for Democrats to have won the 218 seats needed for a House majority they would have had to have added 6.13 percentage points to their popular-vote victory margin of 1.12 points.

What this means for upcoming elections is that the GOP already holds an unfair advantage in House races for the next decade and as people are really stupid when it comes to voting against their own interests, it will take some doing to break this logjam.

Not that the Republican party doesn't have their own stuff to worry about. The Tea Party, the religious right and corporate interests do not always match up and a schism is already forming because of it. This was most recently seen in two specific votes; Hurricane Sandy aid and the John Boehner re-election vote.

What a lot of people don't realize is that Boehner almost faced a revolt withing his own party but was called off at the last minute for reasons unknown. 25 lawmakers had pledged to vote against the Speaker, but was called off less than thirty minutes to the vote after some got cold feet.

The coup was reportedly led by Justin Amash (R-MI), Mick Mulvaney (R-SC) and Raul R. Labador (R-ID) with Amash the ringleader. But many feared a fight within the party as to who to replace him with, so at least one unnamed congressperson bolted at the last second, giving others reason for pause as well. The whole thing was called off as a result. But the writing is on the wall that even the GOP is facing problems within its own ranks.

The vote against Hurricane Sandy aid was another blow to a reeling party. In a previous article, I listed everyone who voted against the aid, all from non-Northeastern states. Ironically, some of the douchebags who voted against the aid were they themselves on the floor not a week before asking for more money for aid for Katrina which was almost eight years ago. That is some balls there, guys. I don't remember you saying you needed spending cuts to offset costs when your butt was on the line?

As long as this idiocy continues, and it will, the country will be held hostage to an insane minority hellbent and destroying this country. Don't believe me? The GOP is STILL clamoring for cuts to SS and Medicare and every other program that aids poor people, not noticing that those same actions have been taken across Europe with ZERO success. But mention Obamacare and the Republicans froth at the mouth about not being like Europe. So let me get this straight, health care, which works well in other countries you are against but austerity measures which don't work, you are okay with? Unbelievable. And yet people continue to vote for these morons, a fact not helped by democrats suddenly becoming very anti-gun and giving the GOP a huge wedge issue for the next election. People don't want guns banned. They don't want sick people going to jail for medical pot. They don't want homosexuals discriminated against. Yet both sides for one topic or another are hell bent against it. This is not representation of the masses. It is corporate control. And if we get rid of our guns expect a much more fascist regime to rear it's ugly head.