Monday, May 30, 2016


It was quite the toss up this week with both front runners doing real damage to themselves. Trump showed himself to be a flip floppy coward, just what America needs for their leader, while Hillary demonstrated that every word that comes out of her mouth is a lie. Can we have a do over because these two will kill us all. Let's see those runner ups.

10)Bill Cosby- The greatest serial rapist in American history will now face trial for his crimes finally. The former funny man is still claiming it was consensual ignoring the fact that the victim is obviously and vocally gay, not to mention that he has admitted in previous court cases he drugged and raped women. What a pig. I hope he gets ten years. Will he tell convicts to pull up their pants then?

9)Dylann Storm Roof- The spree killer of a bunch of innocent church goers in South Carolina was told this week that the state will be seeking the death penalty. Good. This racist prick deserves to be hung from the tallest tree. And if he was going to be all big and brave, shouldn't he have gone into the inner city and shot at drug dealers and gang bangers? But no, instead he went and killed people who appeared to be pillars of society who juts happened to be black and, of course, unarmed. What an asshole.

8)Ken Starr/Bank of America investigations- The former prosecutor had a bad week when he was forced to step down as President of Baylor university for failure to investigate sex crimes by the football team. However, he is still a law professor there and will transition to "chancellor," a position he has held in the past. Yeah, that will teach him. Meanwhile Bank of America was given a reprieve on the billion dollar payout for mortgage fraud because some douchebag judge said the fraud happened so long ago, it didn't matter any more. What a fuckwad. This is what passes for justice in this country now. If you are rich and powerful, you can kill someone and get away with it. Just ask Robert Durst, OJ Simpson, or Robert Blake about that. And if you are a corporation, you have card blanche to run rampant over existing laws with impunity. Welcome to Amerika.

7)Debbie Wasserman Shultz- This fucking bitch better be on the unemployment line come November. What total retard is voting for this cunt? She is a corporatist to the highest level, has done a crapjob as the head of the DNC and is single handedly going to give the Presidency to Hillary Clinton. It is because of her that the exit polls are so far off as she is conspiring to rig the election in her favor and Hillary. Fellow harpy Claire McCaskill needs to go as well with her support for the powers that be as seen in recent interviews. Why are so many female politicians in the Senate corrupt as hell? The only people I can think of off the top of my head who aren't are Liz Warren and Kristen Gillibrand. The rest suck hard.

6)Chris Kyle- The war hero and subject of American Sniper was revealed to be something of a fraud after parts of his biography came into question. Now while he did indeed some medals for his valor, he claimed to win more than he actually did. This is inexplicable. Why lie about having more medals than you earned, especially when something like that can so easily be checked? Even his fellow soldiers were surprised by this as it made no sense. What a way to ruin your legacy by falling to tell the truth about something so inconsequential. Hillary should be studying this as to how NOT to lie. She could use some help in that department.

5)Bob McDonald- How is it possible that everytime someone gets a primo job to help fix the country, they immediately show they have no business being there. This week, the guy hired to fix the VA compared long wait lines to Disneyland and how no one complains about that. Apparently, he hasn't been to Disneyland mid-summer with five kids? And no one who is waiting for a ride at Disney is trying not to die at the same time. Unless they are going on the Mad Hatter Tea Cups which may be the most vomit inducing ride I have ever been on. Are we getting dumber as a species or am I evolving beyond human understanding?

4)Austria Elections- Once again, exit polls show that the far right leader may have actually won in recent elections. Just like places like Ohio in 2004 or 2016 in Arizona for the Democratic primaries, thousands of non existent voters were added at the last minute to tip the scales for the other candidate. And just like here, few said boo about it. Unlike here, the loser is fighting about, accusing the government of fraud. Expect the same outcome when Trump loses and he tries to expose the whole process as corrupt and illegal. Either he gets eliminated in an "accident," or mass rioting as people figure out their vote doesn't matter. Either way, expect mucho trouble.

3)Katie Couric- Proving my utter disdain for MSM, Couric got caught red handed editing footage to change the outcome of the story. In her new anti-gun piece, she asked a group of gun owners how they would prevent guns from falling into the hands of criminals and terrorists without background checks. In the finished video, everyone seems to be humming and hawing about that. But the raw footage shows that they all immediately came up with answers, none of which made the final cut. This is yellow journalism and it is all we have anymore. Couric should be fired for this crap and I think background checks are a good idea. I just don't want idiots like her convincing others that they aren't.

2)Donald Trump- This week, Orange Clown Von Fuckstick backed out of a debate with Bernie because chickenshit is a coward. He knows he'd get clobbered by Bernie and ran away with the tail between his legs. Is this really the guy you want as president? He further went on to say behind closed doors he wants to get rid of Social Security, which is the exact opposite he says publicly. If he is looking to get shot by an angry populace, join with the Republican party and do just that. Neither he, nor anyone who signs that bill will survive the week when angry American decide enough is enough. This is a recipe for war. Go ahead, Try it and see what happens you human traffic cone. His numbers with Hispanics, blacks and women are deep underwater and I still have a hard time believing anyone other than white males will vote for him. Unless of course....

1)Hillary Clinton- What a giant twat this woman is. She has turned yet another minor scandal into a giant deal by her utter inablity to speak the truth at any point of her life. The email thing, like Benghazi, is made up of nothing, yet somehow she keeps these things alive by her own hand. This week, she went on a full court press with the media about how everything was above board and approved, knowing full well that the inspector general report from the State Department said the exact opposite. It's one thing to lie when you have cover. It's another to lie when the facts say otherwise and everyone knows it. Are we determined to have yet another pathological liar like Obama in office? And our other choice is a racist tangerine? Is there any way to move to the Moon? This woman is terrible and a pox on any of her supporters. She will sell us out first chance she gets and again, I expect a lot of gun toting patriots to take aim at her if she does the damage I expect her to. So this is what it comes to: two assholes who will ruin the world in far different ways but both equally awful. We are so screwed. And we deserve it. We let this happen and are continuing to do so. If Hillary and her cronies weren't so obviously going to steal the election, I might be worried about Trump. But she will won't be any better. With the Libertarians nominating Gary Johnson and Bill Weld, the GOP stands to lose maybe as much as 10% of the vote. Bill Kristol says he is still shopping around for a third party candidate as well. Will the democrats run a third party person to? Unlikely as they still have that Ralph Nader taste in their mouth that gave us W. So chances are still likely that this bitch will be our next president and, most likely, our last. So congratulations to Hillary and her idiot supporters, you are indeed douchebag of the week.

Thursday, May 26, 2016


Obama is using his Pacific tour through places like Japan and Vietnam to assure these countries that really want the TPP passed that he will do everything he can to destroy this nation. Swell. I have read the TPP and it is every bit as bad as many have said. It does contain some good things, like removal of foreign tariffs off of numerous items. The bad news is the rest of the pact sucks and even that which is good, only brings in a paltry $57 billion in added revenue. The job loss however will reach into the millions and be far worse economically. So why pass it if is so bad?

Because you no longer live in a free country. It has been sold to corporate America without any peep from the media or the zombiefied public. We let it happen. But many of you are wising up to that fact and as our voices are being ignored, violence is the inevitable consequence as being seen at Trump rallies nationwide. People who hate Trump, HATE Trump. The same can be said for Hillary. I expect violence pretty much anywhere these two start showing up, with Trump taking the lead right now as he is flat out dangerous. So is Hillary, but for far more stable, albeit much more evil, reasons.

The funny part is that all the remaining candidates say they are against the TPP, with really only Hillary being the one who might flip flop. Trump and Sanders would never sign such a shitty agreement and have said so many, many times. The TPP is a corporate sell out and should Obama actually sign this, he will be officially the worst president ever because unlike Bush who narrowly did the same thing, Obama will end this country as we know it. Things like free speech, environmental regulations, our economy and jobs will all disappear in a heartbeat. This pact ends American sovereignty and gives corporations all the power. Don't like it? Then instead of suing, you'll be forced into an arbitration you don't want where the judges and lawyers are literally interchangeable. Good luck getting a fair ruling that way. It is even feasible they could go after guns, as language in it could be interpreted as allowing foreign entities to sue for gun violence in our country. That could bankrupt our system.

The TPP is dangerous; more dangerous than any single piece of legislation has been debated on. And Obama and establishment politicians on both sides of the aisle are clamoring for it. Harpy de jour Claire McCaskill, one of the traitors that helped the GOP pass the TPP, is now claiming that no one wants Debbie Wasserman Shultz out as DNC head and she can't understand all the vitriol against her. That has to be the least smart statement I have heard for some time. Lots of democrats, even within the party have complained about her and some have publicly said they want her gone. Here's the tone deaf part: a majority of Americans want her gone. You work for us. But as you have forgotten that again violence is coming.

We are going to see riots the like of which we haven't seen in decades. And it is because our government is not listening to us at all and then lie to our faces when they actually respond. Most people buy this crap. But millions more do not and they are very, very angry. Bernie Sanders is not wrong when he says a revolution is coming. His is peaceful. The alternative is not. Trump is an asshole psycho who will utterly destroy this nation. Hillary will make baby steps compounding the problem until the whole thing falls apart. Either way, we all die. That isn't a choice. It's a suicide note.

And then they wonder why a lot say they won't vote for either and I can't blame them. They are both terrible candidates. But because our media is spineless and corrupt they gave us these two whether we liked them or not. And now we have no choices at all.

The end game appear to be near which sucks because I like power and food. What is coming is going to be dark and depressing no matter what we do. And that is as fatalist as I can get. Pray something big happens because odds are we all so screwed otherwise. The TPP is looming overhead and there is a solid chance the President will pass it after the election in a lame duck session where all awful bills get passed with no repercussions. The only one I can be sure of, if he does do such a thing and American falls apart because of it, there won't be a black president again in my lifetime and racism will increase ten fold. That is a sucky legacy so I hope it doesn't happen so I don't have to listen to some right wing yahoo accurately tell me now W. was the second worst president ever.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016


If you have voted in the primaries for a democratic candidate your vote mattered squat. Exit polls for the democratic primaries have been way off the mark, too far off too often to be anything more than blatant poll manipulation. If this was due to faulty data examination then we should see the same problems on the Republican side right? The problem with that is that no exit poll on the GOP side is off by more than 2%, which is within a widely accepted margin of error. So why is the democratic side off by an average of 17% while the Republican side isn't? Because one side is cheating, the other side knows about it and is saying nothing (Trump brought up the rigged nature of our election but immediately dropped it after securing the nomination as everyone always does) and a result, Hillary will be appointed our next president like just like the last few. Only this time they aren't even trying to hide it as the MSM ignores doing it's own job as watchman.

What are exit polls? Having been perfected, exit polls world wide are almost 100% accurate. The way they are done is easy. They ask a diverse group of people after voting who they voted for. Every possible instance is taken to ensure that every group is represented (white or black, male or female, specific age and so on) so that it is statistically impossible to not mirror the actual vote total by no more than 2-4% off. Anything more than 4% is suspect, and anything over 6% is fraud. At least eight is 16 primaries on the democratic side were off more than 6 and most were off by double digits. This suggests fraud.

Our media, many of whom have paid a single data polling group to do the work, have ignored the fact that the data they and others are propagating have fixed the data to mirror the exit polls, using statistical tricks such as adding imaginary voters and how they voted in huge numbers that affected the raw data. Then the had the nerve to tell people that this is how it is always done which is a total lie. You might do it if the margin of error was only off by no more than 4%. If you changing how the data is read when it is off by a factor of 12%, as many states were, you are rigging the data.

In Germany, no exit poll over the last five decades has not been off ever by more than three tenths of one percent. However, in Austria just this week, their exit polls showed a massive amount of fraud that likewise is getting little press. I am guessing the 4000 invented people, all of whom just happened to vote for the not far right guy, are the same people who helped swing the 2004 election when they must have showed up in Ohio to do the exact same thing. Who are these people and how do they keep voting in world wide elections? The only other possibility is that governments across the planet are cheating people out of their honest vote and how likely is that right?

Voter fraud is a real problem. Only the politicians have convinced Idiot American that people are showing up to vote in someone else's name. That never happens. The main reason for this scare tactic is to make it harder for people to vote which affects both Democrats and Republicans equally. With the elimination of the Voter's Rights Act, more than just poor black people are being turned away from the polls. It is affecting everyone. The results from this last round of shitty run primaries and caucuses, along with states that illegally eliminate independent voters from voting, make sure the person the powers that be want is the person who wins.

And in this election, if these numbers are indeed accurate, we do not need to worry about Trump being president short of some catastrophe that destroys Clinton's candidacy (Always a possibility knowing her past). But anything less than that and the election is already being showed to be rigged beyond words.

You no longer live in a free country. Your vote has been eliminated. Your life is under constant surveillance from a government who sees us all as threats. Fun.

So if you want to live under the new corptocracy that is coming (or fascist rule if Trump somehow pulls out a win), keep voting for Hillary people. New Jersey, CA and the rest of the states that still have a primary, STOP VOTING FOR HILLARY. They still can't rig a landslide and that is what is needed to get Bernie in there. But again, not enough will, the vote is rigged and our lives will suffer as a result.

American loses the right to bitch if they don't stand up like I have here. Demand your vote matters or face a dark future. Your choice.

Sunday, May 22, 2016


The media is lying to us all. This is not some vague conspiracy anymore as they are not even really trying to hide it. The only reason they get away with it is most people are dumbed down zombies incapable of rational thought. How many of you out there work for people who got to where they are, not by hard work, but by connections? And how many of these people are actually good at their job? Precious few from everyone I have talked with nationwide. But now, those of whose eyes have been opened can no longer trust anything that comes from any major news source as they keep telling us things that are fundamentally at odds with the truth. We have become no better than North Korea in that aspect. And that is frightening. Let's see those runner ups.

10)David Njuguna- Thanks to this idiot, Massachusetts is coming down hard on legal pot, something they were against before this numnuts showed up. Dumbass went to a medical marijuana store, bought weed, smoked some, and then decided driving eighty miles an hour down the road was a good idea. It was until he slammed into a cop car, killing the officer in the process. The cops say they found weed in his system, but science also says there is no way to know if he was actually high at the time as THC stays in your system up to thirty days afterward. Thus his defense, and how this plays out will determine much nationwide. Let's hope his lawyer doesn't suck balls because this could affect millions of people depending. Either way, this guy is still a terrible driver.

9)Wendell Pierce- I used to like this guy but an arrest for misdemeanor battery has soured me a little on him. What isn't in debate is that he got into some sort of altercation with some Sanders supporters (he's all for Hillary, another strike) at 3 in the morning at a Atlanta bar. Both sides say something different happened, but I still can't figure out WHY he followed the couple to their hotel room when he certainly wasn't invited. His story has holes, the other group not so much. Is this what we have come to in politics is blows? Grow up.

8)The CIA- In yet another example of corporate or government entities not even bothering to hide their malfeasance, the CIA inspector general reported this week that the ONLY copy of the 6700 page Congressional Report on Torture was "accidentally" destroyed. That is either gross incompetence to such an extent that jail time should be necessary or a shrug and a wink to the American people that says "what are you going to do about it?" The fact that militias have grown tenfold since 2008 should be a reminder that there are 300 million guns in this country and some yahoos are all set to use them. Now to be fair, there is another copy apparently but the CIA has said no to any release of that to the point they are being sued by various advocacy groups who want it released publicly. It probably says that W. and Cheney committed war crimes thus the hot potato aspect of it. More on this as it develops.

7)Iran- This week, the religious extremists that run that country thought it would be hilarious to have a drawing contest of their own since the West likes drawing Mohammed so much. You can pretty much guess they didn't draw Donald Duck or even Obama getting ass raped by a scimitar. No they of course went right to the worst event in modern history: The Holocaust. Not the same thing guys. Yes, both are offensive but for wildly different reasons. Mohammed is about free speech. and while yours qualifies as that same ideal, it is in seriously awful taste. The image of Mohammed never killed anyone. Millions of Jews died in concentration camps. Add to the fact that you seem to be trying to derail the tentative deal between the West and Iran with missile tests and you have to wonder how much you really want to die. The alternative to this pact is war, one you cannot win. Once again, grow up!

6)Charles Wade/Jonathan Butler- It has not been a good few weeks for the Black Lives Matter Movement. The hunger strike guy from Mizzou, Jonathan Butler, caused the college to have attendance rates plummet due to bad press thanks in great part to him. It also came out that he is from a wealthy family and was using this to get a talent agent to go and talk to other kids about things like "white privilege" and other nonsense for money of course. But that all came to an end when videos surfaced of him talking disparaging things about women, white people, poor people and his love of crack cocaine. If that wasn't bad enough, one of the founding members of the BLM movement, Charles Wade, was arrested this week for, wait for it, sex trafficking of a 17 year old girl. He claims to have no knowledge of any of this, but that seems unlikely. However, in today's world of untrustworthy cops and press, who knows? It still looks bad.

5)Transgender foes- Can we please just stop already with this? It shouldn't matter one whit to anyone what bathroom people use. No one is looking at you junk. No one is molesting your kids. How do I know? Because arrest records show no cases of this happening anywhere. Some have decided to boycott Target for becoming the first major retailer to stand up for transgender rights. According to them, sales have plummeted because of them. This ignores the fact that ALL retailers are also seeing a similar slowdown in sales so their efforts are most likely having zero effect. State governments are still screaming bloody murder and stand to lose billions in aid if they don't do as they are told. When hundreds of thousands lose their jobs because of this, I don't think Obama is the one a lot of them are going to blame.

4)Hillary Clinton- Her numbers continue to sink as Trump gets a nomination post bump. It's also worthless. Romney and McCain saw similar rises and look how those turned out. However, she is still vulnerable and her gun stance is one such place. While true, she has not advocated for repealing the second amendment, she has come out and said bankrupting gun manufactures was just fine.Not much difference there. And, thanks to FOIA documents, we also know that Hillary has received almost $400,000 dollars from tech giant, Oracle, also a huge supporter of the TPP. Shocker. Expect once in office that this shrill bitch will fuck us all and sign that, assuming Obama doesn't beat her to it in a lame duck session.

3)Debbie Wasserman Shultz- Bernie Sanders declared war on yet another shrill bitch (what is it with these two) by going after Shultz's job. I stand with Sanders on this as she has been an absolute disaster as the head of the DNC. I never had a problem with her until the last election where she did nothing to get democrats elected, which is only her entire job. Since then, she was backed one corporate idea after another. She defines bought and paid for and needs to go. Flordia voters better pick her opponent in the upcoming primary. As she will most likely cheat, I have low hopes for that.

2)Donald Trump- After winning the nomination by being the least crazy person in the room (let that one sink in), Trump stumbled a little, but not enough to hurt his polls. He picked 12 judges he would like to nominate to the Supreme Court, all conservative and super white, which his true base couldn't care less about but may have won him a few converts to his side. Less helpful was the leak that two people on his short list for VP was Newt Gingrich, Chris Christie, Rick Scott and, God help us, Sarah Palin. The VP pick will be critical for who will win and who will lose. Pick badly on either side and it's game over. Sarah Palin is the kiss of the death. Good luck.

1)The Media- The Nevada DNC chair was verbally attacked on line, including death threats, after the nominating convention went so badly. The MSM blamed Bernie supporters and said they threw chairs, tried to disrupt the proceedings for no good reason and basically behaved like Trump followers. The truth is, none of that happened. NONE OF IT. And I know this because there is video of the entire convention on line. There were no chairs thrown. The party chair disregarded the rules, started earlier than they were supposed to and did other underhanded tricks that is all caught on video. And then the media tells us things that never happened. proved the chair throwing was NOT true, yet the media to this day are still repeating the lie regardless. They keep saying that Sanders followers behaved like brutes and "broke all the rules," when actual research, you know the kind the media is supposed to do, finds the opposite true and that the party head disregarded all the rules for her own benefit. The fact that she is a Hillary supporter should be a red flag in a election that is already so unfair. Exit polls are being altered to mask the truth and the media says nothing. Hell, they are part of the ones changing the data. This is constant now. Nothing the media says can be trusted. NOTHING! We are being lied to everyday and to what end cannot be said but it can't be good. So thanks for nothing MSM, and congratulations you festering assholes you are indeed douchebag of the week.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016


If you watched the news over the last few months, you know that they have been trying to convince you the sky is orange. Not literally of course, but they have embarked on a new level of disinformation that flies in the face of reason. I am reminded of the Star Trek: Next Generation episode where Picard has been captured by the Romulans and is being tortured into saying their are five lights when there is only four. That is our government and news media today.

The DNC and MSM went nuts over the fact that Bernie supporters lost it when they got cheated in the Nevada caucuses and became "violent." The worst part about this story is that no one focused on the allegations of voter fraud, of which VIDEO EVIDENCE EXISTS proving said allegations in Nevada, or the fact that the exit polls were WAY off from what they should have been there as well, strongly stating that this election is a fraud and Hillary is being set up as the next President. The only problem with this is we are not picking her. The powers that be are. This election is a dog and pony show and they are not even trying to hide it anymore.

And then people act shocked when people react "violently." I use quotation marks as the violent part seems to also be in question. Allegedly, someone or someones threw a chair at the stage causing the caucus area to be cleared, but somehow, no video of that exists, which I see as highly problematic. Now what happened next is not in dispute but should be taken as a harbinger of things to come. Soon after, the Nevada Democratic Party HQ was vandalized and the party chair has received a good amount of death threats. This is not a recommended tactic by the way, but at the same time it is the logical next step when politicians stop listening to their constitutes and take matters into their own hands. I may not condone these actions but I sure as hell get why they are happening.

Kennedy's quote about peaceful protests changing into violent revolution is dead on here. The establishment on both sides of the aisle are not longer listening to the majority of people who are demanding something far different than either party has to offer. It is the number one reason Trump is doing so well leading us to a choice between Classic fascism or a corptocracy. Either way we lose big. And Sanders supporters see that. And if the DNC thinks this is going to go away they are dead wrong.

The end result of this may be millions sitting this election out and whoever gets the fewer supporters will lose. Demographics and the fact that Hillary is going to cheat like no tomorrow strongly put her as the odds on favorite. But it is not a guarantee. Hillary is a terrible campaigner. She has zero on the charisma scale and here in MA I watched Martha Coakley, a very similar candidate, blow it twice due to the fact that she was just not likable. Two gimme elections went Republican because no liberal gave a rat's ass about her. Hillary could be in real trouble if she doesn't find a way to reach Sanders supporters and pull them into the fold. Here are three easy ways to guarantee an overwhelming win:

1) Advocate the legalization of weed- This issue will get Millennials off their lazy, self centered ass and vote in mass numbers for her. She will also attract super liberals like aging hippies, lesbians and other dirt munching, tree hugging druids. A majority of this country wants it, has proven to provide much needed tax revenue and good paying jobs and could save trillions on a lost drug war. Get with the program. Bernie has.

2)Sign a binding pledge about your positions- Hillary flip flops more than anyone I have ever seen. It is the big problem with trusting her. She was for free trade while in the White House, against it when running for president in 2008, for it while Secretary of State, and now against it again. This is why I do not like nor trust her. She will say whatever to get elected. Instead, I want Hillary to sign a pledge, under threat of impeachment, that she will sign no treaty with foreign countries that is detrimental to the American people like the TPP. I have no problem with trade deals. I have a big problem when the only people who will benefit already have all the money in the world. If she really is against the TPP, I want her to prove it first.

3)Get Liz Warren as VP- This is a slam dunk if this happened because I will DEFINITELY vote for Hillary if this happens. Warren is a pitbull and not a party had liner. She could bring real balance to a ticket that has to have a progressive on the ticket. Any non-progressive picked for the slot, like Julian Castro or, gasp, Bill, will not get the far left to show up to vote for her. Pick Warren and everyone will be looking at her campaign far differently.

Do these three things and the win will at least be legitimate. Play the status quo card and, while I still think you will win, you will have to cheat to do so. And unlike former losers who walked away rather than fight, like Gore and Kerry, who had their elections stolen from them, does anyone think Trump won't scream bloody murder when he loses, especially if voter fraud is obviously present? The final stage of any dying society is revolution. We are in the beginning stages of just that. How the powers that be handle this will decide if civilization will continue or crumble in an orgy of violence. If the DNC thinks this is violent, it may get far, far worse by the convention. Ignore this at your own peril. Most people are sheep, as seen by the comment section about the actions in Nevada. The usual libtard comments followed by Hillary shills with every tenth one someone smart enough to see what is exactly going on.

This means a lot of you are catching on which is hardly surprising as they continue to tell us the sky is orange. And thankfully, some of us are going outside to look. Keep fighting America. This election will decide our fates and right now, the future looks pitch black.

Monday, May 16, 2016


I am sick of morons who keep telling me democratic socialism will never work and refuse to hear otherwise. I always counter that we can see with our own eyes that it does and anyone denying this is either retarded, stupid or both. Oversea countries have happy people with lots of perks for only a little bit more money. Here we get nothing for our sky high taxes but lip services and how the greedy 99% is taking from the poor, disadvantaged 1%. WWWWAAAA! Michael Moore's latest film counters those arguments with his usual brand of undeniable logic.

And it's not just European countries getting better things for the taxes but also across Muslim countries like Tunisia. These countries get free college, free day care, at least 4 weeks paid vacation for all citizens, a higher wage structure and even school food that does not resemble the literally prison food we give out kids. They get sex ed, which lowers their teen pregnancy rate far lower than ours, have lots of free time for family and out of work activities, and have the kind of job security we have none of here.

It is true that industrialists world wide are trying to get rid of these programs, calling them "too expensive" and blaming the working man for asking and getting too much, thus the declining economy. This is the same crap they pull here far more successfully but the Europeans are having none of it. The last housing crisis is still being blamed on poor people who took houses they couldn't afford even though reality showed it was greedy banks hiding their losses to keep pulling in record profits which was way worse.

There is no reason we couldn't have the same things the Europeans want except for the fact that this country has lost it's appetite for protests. When we do protest, we could not do it worse. OWS died a painful death because they refused to have any demands that could propel the movement until it devolved into a drum circle with a message. BLM will suffer the same fate for a marketing issue and again, having no realistic demands. Wanting to get rid of institutionalized racism is a great idea, but that has to be followed up worth HOW to do that, which they have none. And as they have excluded all other races who are also being killed by cops, they have already marginalized themselves to a small minority. Here's one simple idea. Demand that all cops nationwide have cameras on them by the end of next year. It's simple, direct and will definitively cut down on black people, and other races, being gunned down. This appears NOWHERE in their manifesto. As a matter of fact, their homepage has ZERO ideas how to affect any change. You can't fix something with no ideas. That's Trump territory and look how well that went this week.

In Belgium, a free college decided to go for a small payment fee and the students went nuts. After weeks of protests, the board stepped down and the college stayed free. Here, tuition hikes are met with apathy and a resignment to pay. No protests at all. Instead, they are busy fighting about safe spaces and words like "American," "straight," and "male." Nothing says idiot quicker than fighting about something that matters so little when the world is falling apart around you.

The right is constantly telling us how high the European taxes are and how everyone hates it there. It's also a total lie. Are some unhappy?  That's life as there are malcontents everywhere. But 90% are happy there. The worst part is that their taxes are only slightly higher than ours and they get something for theirs. We get a powerful military and the richest thieves on Earth.

We should be demanding the same things Europe has, all ideas they got from us in days when we actually cared about each other. We can easily afford all the same things they have if we started doing things like taxing corporations at any rate above the zero, or less, that so many don't pay today. Same goes for the super rich who could stand to lose a few billion. The 99% have given up so much. Now it's their turn.

This is also why Bernie Sanders is the last hope for humanity. Otherwise it is a quick death with Trump or a slow painful one with Hillary. Either way we lose. And while Europe may be fading fast due to their greedy 1% screwing them blue, at least their citizens will have free health care to get them through it while we pay through the nose for our disastrous system.

Watch this movie and see how the other side lives. We could have all of it too. But we are going to have to get off our lazy asses and do something about it. We won't, but I can dream.

Five stars out of five stars.

Sunday, May 15, 2016


If you ever wanted proof the GOP has no direction beyond that which way the wind blows, the Republican party went from "Over my dead body will I vote for Trump," to "Better him than Hillary." On this point I do not disagree as I find her almost as reprehensible as Trump. However, as I have stated for decades when voting, always pick evil over stupid. Stupid gave us Bush for eight years and look how that turned out. And while Trump is not stupid per se (he is very bright about a lot of things), he also has zero experience in government which is way different than running business. This week was just a taste of what he can expect under the intense spotlight of a presidential run and it has not been pretty. And we are just getting started. Let's see those runner ups in a very busy week for assholes.

10)States against Transgenders- This week Obama put a smackdown on religious bigotry and told every state that all public schools have to accommodate transgender students. You would have thought he raped someone's kid for all the vitriol he got for that. Pat McCory had a fit, Texas' Lt Governor said he would rather eat sand than do what the President asked and that was just a few of the choice words headed his way from intolerance gone mad. This was never a problem, like voter fraud, and is being used to pump us the right's idiot voters who hate gay people, probably because a lot of them harbor secret gay feelings and hate themselves for it. Every state stands to lose billions, and hundreds of thousands of jobs if they don't do as they are told. Republicans had no problem watching Ronald Reagan do the same thing to states that refused to follow his agenda, but now since President Blackenstein is running amok, it's a problem. Transgender people are people. Never forget that.

9)George Zimmerman- God I hate this man. I hate having to defend such a giant dick who was legally acquitted of the murder of Trayvon Martin. Since then, he has numerous run ins with the law, including a battery charge against a former girlfriend, which begs the question, who is dating this guy? Is your self esteem that low? This week, dumbass put up his gun he used to kill Martin with for auction. Now while he has every right to sell his possessions as he sees fit, this was so provocative it's hard to fathom. Just to add more fuel to the fire, the most hated man in America, Martin Skrelli, has offered to buy the gun as well. If we figure out a way to get OJ Simpson or Charles Manson involved, we'd have quite the trifecta. GO AWAY ZIMMERMAN. At least Casey Anthony had the good sense to stay out of sight. Follow her example and slither under some rock already.

8)Trayvon Martin apologists- Since Zimmerman has crawled out his hole to show his face once again, the internet trolls against Zimmerman have also surfaced. Recently seen in Beyonce's latest video, Martin is once again back in the spotlight as America's idiocy is put under full display. The left, much like the right, likes to misrepresent what actually happened, especially in this case. I followed every aspect of this case and wrote about it for the newspaper I worked at at the time. There is NO aspect of it I don't know. And the evidence strongly points to Martin attacking Zimmerman, and not vice versa as the left keeps telling us. Zimmerman is a dick. He's also not guilty of murder. Get over it. If you can prove different have at it. But I almost 100% certain such evidence does not exist.

7)Greece- Greece voted for a government that was going to alleviate austerity programs and bring stability back. Months after getting into office, they reneged on the deal so bad new elections had to be held and somehow the same government the people felt betrayed them stayed. Did they change their ways? Hell no! Instead they passed even further pension and service cuts which history shows cause more problems than it solves, yet the did it anyway. Meanwhile, Iceland which did the exact opposite of the EU is thriving with their bankers in jail and their politicians in the unemployment line. Greece should be happy they don't have guns because I have a feeling this would have ended differently. Then again, so do we and we do nothing no matter how much we get reamed. People are sheep.

6)Philippines- Not to be outdone by the US, this week the island nation voted in a guy that makes Trump look cuddly. Rodrigo Duterte won in a landslide even though he constantly talked about his sex life in graphic detail, insulted the pope, runs death squads that have killed thousands and even admitted in a TV interview he killed at least three people. And he won. Big. It goes to show you stupidity is worldwide. It also shows that if we had free elections, Trump might have a chance. But as this election is already bought and paid for, expect Hillary to win outright.

5)Caitlyn Jenner- Rumors have started to appear that Jenner's experiment with being a transgender is coming to an end. A new book says he is sick of the whole thing, while insiders say that it is because of his Christian faith which doesn't allow homosexuality. Not with men mind you, but women. So you are still straight, but want to dress in women's clothes and maybe one day get a sex change? Right. I can see why so many are so confused about transgendered people because Jenner certainly is. I still think he did all of this for publicity and money.

4)South American Female Presidents- It's been a bad week for the Presidents of Argentina and Brazil this week. Brazil's current leader, Dilma Rousseff, was removed from office and is now facing impeachment hearings for corruption charges. Argentina's former president, Christina Fernandez de Kirchner is also facing corruption charges as well. She is also thought to have killed a prosecutor who was looking into her for wrong doing (which in an earlier article I attributed to Rousseff. My bad) which over half the country thinks she did. I would also like to point out the nonsense that women will do a better job running a government that men. We are all greedy pigs regardless of sex. This proves it.

3)Russia and Doping- Recent evidence has surfaced that strongly suggests Russia cheated during the Olympics in Socha. Shocker. This is the same country that used East German women athletes that looked like they literally had balls. The funny part about this is how the testing is done. Apparently the home countries take the samples and send them to the Olympic Doping lab for testing. What is to stop them from sending the lab fake samples then? Athletes should be tested randomly during the event not like this which allows for rampant cheating. Get real and fix this or else just make everyone use steroids to level the playing field. I am kidding about that last part.

2)TSA- Homeland Security needs to go. They have ruined the Secret Service. Now they are destroying the TSA. Because of idiotic staffing shortages, summer traffic is causing problems at all major airports nationwide. Lines stretch for hours and lots are missing their flights because of it. The TSA and DHS, in their infinite wisdom laid off 7000 employees as they thought most would sign up for the expensive pre check program. But as most people only fly a couple times a year, if that, it's not worth it. As a result of this reality, way fewer signed up for it and now the lines are huge. Who could have seen that coming besides everyone? Like the Secret Service, because of how badly they run things, hundreds quit every week, most within their first year. That is way too much turnover and it has to be fixed. But as DHS has been incapable of fixing even the smallest problem don't bet on it.

1)Donald Trump and the GOP- Regardless of the polls you keep hearing, Trump is unlikely to win. First and foremost, I have no faith that this election is run honestly as the exit polls keep coming back way off which our media has been truly silent on. Second, even assuming the vote is real, demographics suggest Trump will lose and lose badly. Women and minorities are going to vote for Hillary overwhelmingly meaning Trump will need at least 70% of the white male vote to win which is not likely. He hasn't helped his cause this week with several big missteps. The funniest was the fact he posed as his own publicist at least twice in the past, using the aliases John Barron and John Miller. Audiotape confirm it WAS Trump and the names, especially John Barron (the surname his son's now), suggest strongly it was him as well. Then he told one reporter that his taxes are no one's business, which they are. This dogged the last Republican nominee, Mitt Romney and don't expect this to go any better. Between this and Hillary's speeches, we are never going to hear the end of either until they do. Trump has a bigger problem because people will speculate why he is not releasing them, while we already know why Hillary isn't releasing hers. And mystery can lead to rampant speculation. It is also hilarious that Romney and Trump have switched positions about tax returns with Romney demanding he put them out and Trump refusing. This will hurt him down the road regardless of what some think like doofus Reince Preibus, who suggests that people do not care about his tax returns. We do actually and the press is not going to let this go like all the other things that are going to get a bright spotlight pointed at. I don't know if he can survive the beating he is going to take. Hillary's skeletons are already known. Trump's are not. Which is more likely to get the press riled up? The GOP, at least some of them, are backing Trump. That is a dangerous position that could end their party. We will have to see. But for now congratulations Trump and the GOP, you are indeed douchebag of the week.

Thursday, May 12, 2016


The main reason I write this blog is not only to inform the public what is going on but to also serve as a record of things I predicted correctly. Logic is a powerful tool and I believe in using that above all else, no matter where the evidence may lead. It's why I have grown to despise modern media as they seem to lie with rampant regularity. In just the past few days I have read articles telling us how great the US economy is doing, ignoring countless data points that say otherwise and that US exit polls are accurate, even though I know for a fact they aren't. They might as well be trying to convince me that the sky is orange even when I can see it is clearly blue.

In one of the worst disasters in Texas history, the West Fertilizer Co, exploded killing 15 and wrecking a lot of the town. Now while Texas has a long history of skirting regulations, and this company was definitely not up to code on some things, people I talked with familiar with the case said from day one, they had suspicions the fire was set on purpose. The date, April 17th, is also an anomaly as this is the same time period that death and destruction seem to happen a lot during the final two and half weeks of April, which are also the feast days of Baal. Take from that what you will. Considering we know Bohemian Grove, which the rich and powerful meet at, has a giant statue of Moloch is it so far fetched to think that ancient societies may not still exist within humankind? The demon part may be bogus but believers we all know can be a crazy bunch of loons.

The media latched on to the story for all of five minutes before moving on, not even delving to much into the lack of regulations the building had or the lax zoning laws that idiotically allowed apartments, a nursing home and a school to be built within a blast zone. One suspect, Bryce Reed, was a paramedic at the scene who was later found in possession of pipe bombs. He got 21 months for it. Could he have started it? The lack of sprinkler system, which were not regulated at the time, lent to the problem as well. But Texas, a state of "limited" regulations, is going to experience more problems like this if they continue down this path. I said at the time, I thought the fire looked suspicious due to the date, and another factor I no longer remember but had something to do with extremists, natural or foreign born. It was years ago and I am too lazy to look it up. But the fact remains I was right.

Caitlyn Jenner is another. For the record, I do not care if you are gay, straight, bi or asexual. It makes no difference to me and support your right to have sex with whatever consenting adult you want. Same goes for transgenders. Knock yourself out. If wearing a dress as man makes you whole, who I am to say boo. In the long run, it doesn't affect me at all. However, from day one I thought Bruce Jenner was playing a fast one to stay in the public eye and keep raking in money doing absolutely nothing. Sources I still have in the entertainment industry told me that they thought he was faking it too. Now comes a new book that says that may actually be the case. Apparently, Jenner is sick of being a woman and wants to go back to being a guy. That is not how this works. You are giving a slap to the face to any true transgender who would never go back because they genetic makeup won't let them. These people strongly identify with their new identities and would sooner cut off their hand than go back. Jenner on the other hand was never a true transgender, at best a confused idiot or at worst a manipulative dick, and the evidence is starting to appear that that is true. His show was boring as hell, his star fading again, so why the charade is what I am sure he is thinking. What a loser.

Lastly, much has been made about the Qunnipiac poll that shows Trump ahead or tied in three key states. It is also the ONLY poll that shows that. We call that kind of poll an outlier as it is not representative of every other poll that shows Clinton way ahead. The media is going to try to sell this as a close race, which they did the last two Presidential elections and they were runaways, for ratings. But the truth is Hillary is going to win, because there is no way the powers that be allow it otherwise. Our corporate master have spoken.

One last prediction before I go is that Obama and Congress will sign the TPP after the election during the lame duck session where horrific legislation is always given. It will be one giant middle finger to the country before Queen Hillary is coronated. Whee.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016


It's not just American democracy that is broken but the entire planet. No matter what form of government we try, we always wind up with the same type of leader: terrible. And even if a lot of this is due to cheating and subterfuge, the reality is that a lot of people support and even vote for some of the worst candidates possible. Here at home, we have Trump versus Clinton, two of the most unpopular people ever running for President. How is that possible? How are so many so easily duped? And why is it not just us?

Just about every continent has some lunatic running their country into the ground. North Korea just held a congressional party gathering for the first time in 35 years just so Kim Jung Un can get a fancy new title, Grand Douchebag, I mean Chairman of the Worker's Party. Same thing really. Press has been all over this showing inside North Korea and the brainwashed masses who jerk off to the idea that the US will soon be awash in nuclear fire. Right. Good luck with that. You might actually be doing us and the world a favor.

Brazil's corrupt President, Dilma Rousseff, is facing impeachment hearings for all sorts of wrong doing, and has even been previously accused of killing a former prosecutor that was about to spill the beans on her illegal actions(but no further action was taken about his death), the usual fraud and stealing most politicians do. She is hours away from a majority vote in the country's Senate that if it goes through requires her to leave office and the palace for 180 days as she faces impeachment hearings. Recent polls of the how the Senate plans to vote suggest she is in real trouble as 50 of the 80 says they will vote to impeach. This will all happen as the backdrop to the upcoming Olympics, which should be interesting as I wouldn't be surprised to see a stadium collapse or the polluted waters making athletes sick.

Guatemala voted for a comedian with no previous political experience. His claim to fame was a comedy show on local TV. That's it. He is also a conservative who opposes abortion, supports the death penalty, He got the job because the last president was forced out for corruption and the public grew sick of politicians. Sound familiar?

The king of all bad decisions has to be the recent election in the Philippines where they elected the 71 year old, Rodrigo Duterte. How bad could be you ask? He makes Trump look cuddly. He in the past has joked about rape, called the Pope a dick, discussed his sex life in depth in news media and has even admitted to killing at least three people. He really did all of that and STILL got elected. In a landslide. WTF? Duterte runs death squads that have killed thousands and the public found this endearing. Oddly he is also for pro gay laws, protections for women, and is known for not being corrupt. Just a killer. Can't have everything I guess.

One thing that can be said for many of these elections I have mentioned is that they were fair. No so here at home were exit polls are so far off they demand a recount at the very least and a revote in places like Arizona whose exit polls were further off than any I have ever seen in any country in the world ever. A 33 point difference is not possible no matter how much you fudge the numbers. That election was corrupt as anything I have ever seen, and places like Iowa, CT, MA and NY were not much better.

The press keeps telling you this race is close. It isn't. The fix is in for Hillary as that it what the establishment wants. And that Quinnapiac poll the MSM keeps salivating over showing Trump tied with Hillary in three swing states is an outlier as no other poll shows the same results. And even if it was true, the votes in the end are all going to go to Hillary. She is going to be the next president whether you like it or not. The fix is in and your vote no longer matters. Welcome to America.

Monday, May 9, 2016


I can find nothing to write about today that you haven't already heard. Trump is an idiot, Hillary is a shrill harpy, the TPP sucks and the world is going to end. Yawn. Instead, let's have some fun and talk about the latest Marvel movie, proving once again this is a studio that knows what is going on.

The movie opens with the Avengers trying to stop a biological agent stolen by Crossbones and his henchman from being exposed to the world when an accident kills dozens of innocent people instead. Tony Stark is horrified by this, even though he wasn't present at the time of the disaster having retired, and agrees with the government that the Avengers need safe guards, reuniting us with William Hurt's Thunderbolt Ross, the same part he played in the last solo Hulk movie, as the new Secretary State and all for defanging the super heroes. Captain America and several of the others agree that this too much power for any government to wield or suppress so half go rouge instead.

All of this is among the backdrop of Stark breaking up with long time girlfriend Pepper Pots and The Winter Soldier being framed for an explosion attack on civilians. Along the way, we are also introduced to Black Panther and Spider Man, both fantastic renditions that will make every comic book fan shiver in anticipation for their upcoming solo projects. Chadwick Boseman is awesome as the wounded and very angry new King of Wakanda with a suit made of pure vibranium, the same material as Captain America's shield, which makes him essential indestructible and armed with retractable claws made of the same material. He makes one hell of an impression. The same goes for Tom Holland's Spider Man which this kid nails and sets the stage for an actually good Spider Man movie for the first time in a decade.

Ant Man is used to perfection, using his opposite persona I have been dying to see. No Wasp yet, but that will change after their next solo project when that character will be front and center. The movie also hints at a growing relationship between Scarlet Witch and the Vision, a new relationship between Cap and Peggy Carter's niece and the end of the Avengers as they fracture for now. You don't have to be psychic or see this as a spoiler to know just from the previews that this movie won't end in a tidy bow and the team is a splintered mess by the end, many broken both physically and emotionally. We also know that as the next Avengers movie arrives in 2018, the band will get back together and we are even given a hint as to how near the end of the movie.

It's the smaller themes I liked as well. Yes the fight scenes, especially one that takes place on an airport tarmac, are visually stunning. But the emotional weight is what gives the film heft. Tony, broken up over his failure with Pepper as well as still blaming himself for Ultron which he was ultimately responsible for, drive his character into feeling he and his buddies have WAY too much power and should be reigned in. Meanwhile, Cap is not for any of this and with the knowledge that his childhood friend Bucky, now the Winter Solider, is being framed for a crime he did not commit, his throws away present loyalties for old ones, and chaos ensues. All of this is being manipulated behind the scenes by Baron Zemo whose comic character is wildly different from the one portrayed here but done to T I think by how he is incorporated into the story. This movie did not need a flashy villain bent on world domination when revenge is so much better.

This movie goes on for two and half hours and never seems long or dragged out. It makes a lot about themes of loyalty and how much power is too much and at times, especially during the big fight scene at the airport, I couldn't help but fantasize that I was watching a fictionalized version of what is going on with the GOP right now. Trump would be the Hulk, Cruz would be Hawkeye and Carla Fiorina could be the Scarlet Witch. (And yes I know Hulk wasn't in this movie, but he fits the analogy). The only difference would be Hulk would be too busy talking to the press to smash anything. Cruz wouldn't be able to hit the broad side of a barn and Fiorina would be missing everything she aimed at. One the other side we could have Ryan as Spider Man, bouncing around to avoid getting hit, Mitt Romney as Ant Man, whose ability to shrink below public opinion worked well in his last election try and Bill Kristol as the Black Panther whose party has been killed by the out of control Hulk and now seeks revenge. It could make thousands if it was a real movie. Thousands I say!

This is a must see and anyone who gave this film a bad review should just stop reviewing films because you suck if that is the case. This was easily one of the best pictures of the year and will make a small fortune as a result. Get thee to a theater, luddites.

Five stars out of five.

Sunday, May 8, 2016


To say the GOP had a bad week is like saying Hillary is the most trustworthy candidate out there. People are actually saying that by the way which is beyond hilarious. Check out her track record on flip flops and tell me that again with a straight face. Or her whopper about getting shot at in Bosnia. Or her claim that she will not give preference to Big Banks once elected, which flies in the face of everything she has ever done. Please. But the GOP is splintering and recent developments show the writing on the wall for the Republican party which is dying right in front of our eyes. Good. Let's see those runner ups.

10)White Racists- I give a lot of flack to black communities for being way more racist than they should be. And either because of that or because white people are just getting more brave voicing their inner David Duke, there has been a lot of really racist comments made lately that are shocking in their crudity against black people. Old Navy ran an ad with a white guy, a black woman, both attractive and in their twenties, and a cute black little girl wearing the Old Navy clothes and appearing happy. Cue the racists who used the N word a lot in the comment section disparaging the guy for being with a black chick, somehow unaware these aren't real people but models and this wasn't a real interracial couple. But even if they were, fuck these assholes. I am in a interracial relationship and no one I know has any problem with it. If they did, they'd get punched in the teeth of course but still. Who cares if someone from the white race dates someone of a different color? And then there is the unbelievable hostility aimed at Obama daughter Malia who just got into Harvard, which isn't that hard to believe as she comes from true power. If they wanted to rail on her for that, as I do for Chelsea Clinton rapidly becoming my least favorite presidential kid ever, I get it. To call her the N word however is way out of line however as some are doing across the internet. She is not her father and seems to be a highly intelligent woman with a bright future ahead of her. Racism is stupid people. Grow up.

9)The Taliban- I fucking hate Muslim terrorists. These assholes are going to get a lot of people dead one day. The fact there are so many now, Al Qaeda, Boco Haram, ISIS, Hezbollah, and a dozen others is unbelievable. But as much as we would like them dead and buried, the poor people in these areas controlled by the dicks is far, far worse. A few weeks ago, the news media got a hold of a story of a young boy in Afghanistan named Murtaza Ahmadi who idolized soccer star Lionel Messi and made a homemade jersey he played in. As a result, Messi sent him some signed memorabilia and a official jersey for him to wear. The five year old was thrilled. The Taliban not so much. Soon after the family fled the country after threats from these utter assholes because they thought they had money now and kidnapping the young boy became a real threat. Messi has said he is trying to meet the young lad, now in hiding. This world sucks but thank God for people like Messi who is doing something to make one boy's life a little better.

8)Houston- This is the dumbest story I have read in some time. A child tried to pay his lunch at school with a $2 bill, a rarity but legal tender. The lunch lady thought differently and called the police. You would think that this would be the end of the story. But no, a cop, possibly the dumbest one in the country, arrives, decides the $2 bill IS fake and proceeded to interrogate the small child where he got it. Only after some adult in the room with a brain informed the two idiots that the bill was real was the whole matter dropped. But you know that cop is going to have $2 bills taped to his desk from now until the end of time.

7)Nate Silver- His statistical analysis lately has been pretty poor. His predictions for the primaries have been off, his analysis of political themes has been wonky and his disastrous predictions that Trump would be laughed off the stage was woefully inaccurate. He's looking too much at specific data and should be looking at ones that show demographics and political leanings, which has drastically changed over the last two years and no one seems to have noticed except the populace. I like the guy so I hope he does far better in the general election predictions.

6)Judge Roy Moore- The Alabama Chief Justice of the State Supreme Court has been removed from office, AGAIN, for not following the law. After refusing to remove a statue of the Ten Commandments, which he paid for, from the front of the Judicial Building, as ordered to by the US Supreme Court, he was removed from office. That was back in 2003. Now, flash forward to 2016, and once again, dumb ass is out of a job for failing to follow yet another ruling from the US Supreme Court, this time about gay marriage. Instead of exercising the law, he instructed people to ignore it, which he has no authority to do. As a result, this idiot is out of a job again. Can we please NOT nominate him again? What is wrong with people in Alabama?

5)Laremy Tunsil- I could not care less if you smoke weed. However, if you are trying to get drafted into the NFL, personally putting a video of you smoking pot through a gas mask is not your best idea. He claims he was hacked but who knows. This fool lost valuable draft spots after the video came out, which would have been fine had dumb ass not removed his mask for all to see. He drifted to 13th place, ouch, and picked up by none other than the Miami Dolphins who have some weird fetish about picking troubled players and doing absolutely nothing good with them. Here's hoping this guy is different. His money he will be getting dropped by half because of this.

4)North Carolina- Just like Roy Moore, the state has been given until tomorrow to comply with Justice Department ruling that says the new bathroom law is in contrast to the Discrimination Act and will will pay a price if they don't comply. Moore got fired. NC is going to see lots of that from everyday people when Obama and the Federal government cut off billions in aid for schools and infrastructure. The state has already lost over a $100 million in lost business, taxes, new jobs and concerts. This will double that figure and then some. The worst part is that the governor has told Obama to sit and spin because that law is not going anywhere. This will not only be disastrous for the workers of the state but McCory who is up for re-election and now trails his democratic contender. How bad will his numbers sink when thousands lose their jobs because of him?

3)The TPP and the EU- While this trade pact is being fully ignored in this country, overseas is a different matter. Once the press and individuals read what was in it, they hated it. A recent poll had 70% against it in Germany and 75% in France. France hated it so much, President Hollande said he may vote against it just on the GMO laws, which Europeans hate. Their press has actually done their job and ripped it a new one while here in the states, it was a ten second bit mentioned near the end of the news if at all. This pact sucks. Thank God some out there see it.

2)Ted Cruz/Carly Fiorina- HA HA. You two lost. As much as Trump scares med, these two terrified me. Easily the worst two running for President, how they got as far as they did says lots about how dumb this country is. Either of these two morons would have killed us all seconds after taking office. But now they are regulated to the back burner of history where few will remember them even existing.

1)The Republican Party- As I predicted, the GOP is imploding. Trump won the nomination, which I correctly predicted way back in August of last year, once Jeb Bush flamed out badly in the first debate. From there the dominoes were easy to predict and the last one standing would be Trump. The establishment went into hyperdrive to stop it and nothing worked because they had no ideas on HOW to fix anything beyond the same crap they have been peddling for decades. The rubes have woken up to the fact that you promise all this shit and then do nothing once in office. How long did you think that would work? Now you have Mitt Romney meeting with Bill Kristol and most likely Paul Ryan to figure out a way out of this mess. They will be looking at a third party option and should they succeed, will all but guarantee Hillary wins come November and maybe not lose as many seats as they could without a spoiler. This will also forever split the party and make them weaker in the long run. That is until democrats wake up and do the same thing to their establishment leaders. Then we might have a change for real change. But until that happens, which is at least another four years away, we are stuck with what we have on the left as the right detonates. It's over GOP and even the densest person can see it. That which doesn't evolve dies and as most of you guys don't believe in that, it's not so foolish to see why your party is dying. RIP GOP, this party is done and are indeed douchebag of the week.

Thursday, May 5, 2016


Days like this are why I started this column way back in 2010. I was finally not bed ridden anymore and wanted to get back into writing. My then girlfriend, now fiance, said that I should start a blog so that when I was right about something, which is a lot more than most, I have proof. I thought it was a great idea and while my predictions for wars have been laughably inaccurate, and my economic guesses are more hit than miss but still far from perfect, my political predictions have been dead on. I've called the last few elections to a T. And the reason for that is it is my field of expertise, unlike war games or economics which I have studied but don't actually work in either occupation and it shows.

But here's the rub. I am the only one who saw and understood the rise of Trump. From day one, he was marginalized as a joke candidate. To be fair, when he first entered I didn't think he would win, but I also didn't see him as a joke as everyone else did. The MSM on the other hand laughed and laughed about it and made various erroneous predictions about how they would eat their shorts before he became the GOP nominee. The media, the pundits and the political insiders all missed several important factors that made the rise of Trump inevitable. I knew from the beginning he would finish in the top five.

First and foremost, he gathered the racist elements from the far right that the GOP has been coddling for years. We saw it first hand when Barack Obama ran for President and the birther nonsense started. A few in the Republican Party ran with this, including presumed nominee Trump himself, while the rest kept quiet about it. John Boehner in 2011 famously said it wasn't his job to inform the public about racist crap being spewed which is odd as his title is SPEAKER of the House. Well that blew up in his face didn't it as his NOT being conservative enough cost him his job recently. Trump tapped into that xenophobia and Mexicans coming for your job (which has both pros and cons to it for the economy) to get a big boost from an electorate that stopped turning out for elections.

Which brings us to the second part and that is Trump actually moved to the left on just about everything else. True he is allegedly anti-abortion and anti gay marriage, but I wonder how sincere he is in that, like Hillary and her opposition to the TPP. Sometimes you have to say stupid shit to get elected. And Trump has been quoted in the past talking about the rubes that make up the GOP. His anti-trade views, his position on NOT cutting Social Security or Medicare and other left wing ideas have hit a cord with average Americans proving my long debated point that this country is going further and further left, not right, except on immigration and guns. The dwindling of hardcore right wing ideas like anti-abortion and anti gay views among the general public demonstrate that. The average Joe wants to know why he hasn't gotten a raise in ten years, not whether Steve and Mike can marry. Most people don't care and polling shows that the country is moving that way, especially among the youth. Yet they watch their local Congress spend an inordinate amount of time passing bad laws that do nothing but actually hurt business.

North Carolina is under the gun to step back their recent anti gay law or face Federal dollars being withheld as of Monday. If the governor refuses, thousands of people could be out of work soon. Which do you think they care about more: a paycheck or transgendered people in bathrooms? McCory is going to find out when he gets bounced in November, his poll numbers plummeting. If thousand lose their jobs too, he's toast.

The third reason was the most obvious to everyone who didn't work for the media as a pundit: the 17 people running for the Republican nomination were the worst 17 people ever to run for the office. I heard so many times how great and how diverse this field was and how they couldn't ask for a better group of people. Then I had to throw up. The funny part was when I asked every single Republican I know who they liked for President out of this group, every single one threw up their hands in disgust. The two that got the most "I guess this guy," nods were Cruz and Trump. Shocker that they would wind up as the last two left. You had several governors that ran their states into the ground, a former executive who did the same to HP, a few morons who decided moving to the right of Trump would win them votes which it didn't, an inexperienced Senator who had everything going for him but poise, a sleepy neurosurgeon who appeared to have operated on himself, another senator so disliked he was referred to as Lucifer and a Presidential legacy that made his father and brother look like rocket scientists.

If Bush had an ounce of personality or ability to run a campaign outside of Florida, who to be fair also voted for Rick "Uncle Fester" Scott TWICE, he should have won. Before the first debate, it seemed very likely it would be Bush versus Clinton again as the amount of money they would raise was staggering. Unfortunately for the Republicans, Bush had the charisma of a damp dishrag covered in poo and quickly faltered along with Scott Walker, another front runner who wilted on the national stage. Once those were gone, it was going to be Trump all the way. And I said so. My blog is hard proof of that.

Trump speaks to the masses tired of the GOP constantly promising stuff they never deliver. All they have done since take power back from the democrats is pass meaningless drivel that has no chance of getting passed, while ignoring any kind of reform that could help Americans and they see it every day. Plus they harp on things that few care about, have a platform of ideas that even their base hate, such as cutting entitlement programs, and offer no plan for the future past other that TRUST ME, which they don't. Trump may not have any answers either but the fact he is at least addressing these problems is paramount to his success.

In the long run it won't matter as the game is rigged and Hillary will be the next President, something I also called last year in a hypothetical match up of Bush versus Hillary. Trump may actually do worse as current polls have Trump far behind and that is without a boost from whoever she picks for VP. If it turns out to be someone like Julian Castro or Liz Warren, the race is way over.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Despite Bernie somehow winning in Indiana, he still has quite the uphill battle to go. His last hope is that California goes for him huge which could happen, even if it is highly unlikely. Exit poll data shows a severe problem with accuracy, something the MSM has done everything they can to obfuscate, One such article tried to tell me the exit polls WERE accurate and nothing unusual was happening, even though they were doing things no statistician would ever do as it would compromise the data. If your exit poll data is off by more than 4 %, either you did the poll wrong (which according to their facts, they didn't) or the voting is rigged. Instead they fixed the exit poll data to match the actual tally. WTF?

On the GOP side, Ted Cruz finally had to admit defeat and dropped out of the race, which his "running mate" Fiorina showed first hand by disappearing off stage at a Cruz rally as if a trap door opened under her, just like she did to 30,000 employees when she ran HP. Can she please go away now? WE DON'T LIKE YOU! Christ!

John Kasich is supposed to be dropping out as well, having filled up on free food these past few weeks. If he kept up at that pace, you would have seen him on the Biggest Loser next season, the irony of which would not have been lost in me.

So Trump is now the nominee. The RNC is going to be something. Expect more violence between Trump brownshirts and anti-Trump forces such as BLM and Mexicans here and at future rallies. He also is most likley going to lose epically.

If we go back the past several cycles of elections, we can safely say that Clinton will start with 240 electoral votes and Trump with 180. That is quite a hole to overcome. That leaves nine states left, of which Nevada, New Mexico, Iowa and Colorado going blue and NH most likley going the same way. That leaves Ohio, Florida, NC and Virginia up for grabs all of which Trump would have to win to have a shot. Lose any of those four and it's game over. Current polling has him losing all four. Even if his polling numbers improved by five points and gained some swing states like Ohio, NC and Florida, he would still lose Virginia and the race. Only by a massive surge by ten percentage points does he win. And that is not without precedent as Carter led Reagan by a large margin at this time and lost badly by the fall by ten percent. However, Trump is NOT Reagan and therein lies the rub.

Trump will behind the eight ball for money, which Hillary will raise over a billion to run a constant barrage of negative ads against him. No way will he be able to compete with that. Then there is this as well. Hillary may be damaged goods but how likely are they to find some new scandal to surprise her with? Not likely. Trump on the other hand has barely been scratched. You know they are some severe skeletons in his closet and when they come out could cripple him.

There are some who think this was all planned and that Trump and Clinton conspired to get her elected. That may not be as far fetched as you think. The Republican party is not a popular thing with the Establishment anymore. They shut the government down costing businesses billions, they do anti-business policies like anti abortion and anti gay policies that their consumers hate and have done zero to change the dynamic of this country for the better. Meanwhile the democrats have become the new business party, as seen by the hysterics of Debbie Wasserman Shultz, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid who have done everything they can to win over Establishment money away from the GOP and succeeding.

If this election is rigged, and I think it is, the fix is in for Hillary. The death knell of the GOP is also being affected. The Republican party has become a liability and I think the powers that be are going to splinter it into a million pieces. The GOP could face historic loses nationwide if Trump starts to flame out, as he was always supposed to do. If this is all a charade, we are falling for it. Vote for Bernie in California people because otherwise we get Queen Hillary and don't think it will be anything but that under her rule. We may get some much needed social change but at the expense of the TPP which will enslave us all as well. The only good news about that is that overseas the press still has some power and have pissed all over the TPP after they read about what was in it. France threatened to veto it over some corporate challenges. Hillary will pivot back to it once in office, and if she signs it, will be the worst and possibly last President of the US. Wake up people. The end is nigh. But we can change the direction if we want. We just have to be smarter. Right.

Monday, May 2, 2016


You are being lied to on a near daily basis. Almost nothing you hear can be trusted, especially if the MSM is crowing about it. It has gotten so bad that according to data gotten from the government, their inflation rate. birth death model of business and the unemployment rate, which all come from the BLS (which should be renamed Bullshit Labor Statistics) are all just peachy. But when you start to look at the raw data behind these numbers you realize they are made up and I can prove it. If the inflation rate is being altered, which it is, anyone on Social Security is being cheated out of trillions in dollars legally owed to the recipients as payments are based on inflation which has been at record lows for a decade. Apparently the people who say this haven't left their house or turned on a TV in all that time either.

We know for a fact that the unemployment rate is at the very least double what they say it is and most likely, four to five times more than what it is. When Donald Trump AND Bernie Sanders both cried foul at the numbers, the pundits howled. It must be nice to do a media job and not be able to fucking read or do it even in a half assed way. The unemployment CANNOT be 5% and the BLS' own numbers betray them. According to their shitty estimate, the unemployment rate is around 5%. But in their survey of actual families, they find that 20% of all households in the country have no working age people actually working. It is impossible to get to 5% if 20% of households are unemployed. Two plus two never equals five.

The birth death rate is woefully out of date with far more business going under than being created. Because of idiotic regulations that ONLY affect small business, it has become prohibitively expensive to even start a business anymore. In the 1970's, you could have started a business for as little as $1000. Today, that wouldn't even pay for the first month's rent. The average cost of opening a business today is $250,000, or way higher than the rate of inflation since the 70's.

And there lies the problem. The inflation rate contains numbers that in no way reflect reality. Here are the reported annual insurance inflation rates since 2010. Try not to laugh to hard when you look at them

2010- 4%
2011- 5.6%
2012- 10.6%
2013- .9%
2014- .8%
2015- 3.7%

This is not possible. My insurance went up 120% last year annually with an 10% increase PER MONTH. In 2013, it went 100% for the year. As I understand how statistics work and know for a fact that at least three major health care companies all had triple digit inflation rates in 2015, this is impossible. Unless someone was not only giving free insurance but paying people millions to use it, there is no way to get to a 3.7% inflation rate in 2015. The policy I had in 2010 went up $250 a month in that same period to 2015, which is why I had to keep switching to lesser and cheaper policies. If it occurred to me, it happened to tens of millions of others. These rates do no jibe with actual prices and must be made up. And not only that, we are getting worse and worse insurance because the prices are going up and subsides are not keeping up. This system will fail sooner than later and going back to what we had will not only make things worse, millions will die, including people like myself. If America thinks I am going to sit back and just waste away because I can't afford insurance anymore, they are in for a rude awaking. If millions of people have nothing to lose, that is a dangerous position to put us in. One way or another, we are going to get those drugs and medical care we need, legality be damned.

And that is just one example of prices that are total lies. BLS says rent is only rising by 3.2% annually. The actual figure is closer to 8%. The average rent is now around $900 or a rise of 24% since 2012. BLS says 10.8%. Where are they getting these inaccurate numbers? Are they picking them from a hat? Home sales are no better where the BLS figure is a rise 10% since 2012. Actual numbers say 22.7% This isn't even close.

Here my favorite because even the dumbest person will look at this and say "Hey, that's bull." The government stats say gas has fallen 10.8% since February. That's funny because I know for a fact that gas prices in my state have risen 60 cents a gallon since then. There is no statistical way to get a 10.8% decrease from an increase in gas prices at 30%. Where is our MSM about this illegal theft of our tax dollars?

Here another winner. The inflation rate is allegedly been zero for food for the last three months and a .8% increase over the last year. Even if you remove things like chicken and beef which have skyrocketed over the last year, your grocery bill is still 5% higher than last year.

Because of these artificially lowered rates that have no reality behind them, social security recipients are being cheated out of trillions of dollars. Anyone collecting should be making double what they are now. If this was the case, the economy would be far better shape as more people would have more money to buy stuff with, thus creating jobs and helping the economy. Instead, we are letting a handful of idiots rob from us blind. Wise up America. I reckoning is coming. And when it does, if you are unready, you will die. Time is running out to right this ship and again I beg anyone with an upcoming primary to vote Bernie Sanders because a Trump Hillary contest is not going to help anyone.