Sunday, May 22, 2016


The media is lying to us all. This is not some vague conspiracy anymore as they are not even really trying to hide it. The only reason they get away with it is most people are dumbed down zombies incapable of rational thought. How many of you out there work for people who got to where they are, not by hard work, but by connections? And how many of these people are actually good at their job? Precious few from everyone I have talked with nationwide. But now, those of whose eyes have been opened can no longer trust anything that comes from any major news source as they keep telling us things that are fundamentally at odds with the truth. We have become no better than North Korea in that aspect. And that is frightening. Let's see those runner ups.

10)David Njuguna- Thanks to this idiot, Massachusetts is coming down hard on legal pot, something they were against before this numnuts showed up. Dumbass went to a medical marijuana store, bought weed, smoked some, and then decided driving eighty miles an hour down the road was a good idea. It was until he slammed into a cop car, killing the officer in the process. The cops say they found weed in his system, but science also says there is no way to know if he was actually high at the time as THC stays in your system up to thirty days afterward. Thus his defense, and how this plays out will determine much nationwide. Let's hope his lawyer doesn't suck balls because this could affect millions of people depending. Either way, this guy is still a terrible driver.

9)Wendell Pierce- I used to like this guy but an arrest for misdemeanor battery has soured me a little on him. What isn't in debate is that he got into some sort of altercation with some Sanders supporters (he's all for Hillary, another strike) at 3 in the morning at a Atlanta bar. Both sides say something different happened, but I still can't figure out WHY he followed the couple to their hotel room when he certainly wasn't invited. His story has holes, the other group not so much. Is this what we have come to in politics is blows? Grow up.

8)The CIA- In yet another example of corporate or government entities not even bothering to hide their malfeasance, the CIA inspector general reported this week that the ONLY copy of the 6700 page Congressional Report on Torture was "accidentally" destroyed. That is either gross incompetence to such an extent that jail time should be necessary or a shrug and a wink to the American people that says "what are you going to do about it?" The fact that militias have grown tenfold since 2008 should be a reminder that there are 300 million guns in this country and some yahoos are all set to use them. Now to be fair, there is another copy apparently but the CIA has said no to any release of that to the point they are being sued by various advocacy groups who want it released publicly. It probably says that W. and Cheney committed war crimes thus the hot potato aspect of it. More on this as it develops.

7)Iran- This week, the religious extremists that run that country thought it would be hilarious to have a drawing contest of their own since the West likes drawing Mohammed so much. You can pretty much guess they didn't draw Donald Duck or even Obama getting ass raped by a scimitar. No they of course went right to the worst event in modern history: The Holocaust. Not the same thing guys. Yes, both are offensive but for wildly different reasons. Mohammed is about free speech. and while yours qualifies as that same ideal, it is in seriously awful taste. The image of Mohammed never killed anyone. Millions of Jews died in concentration camps. Add to the fact that you seem to be trying to derail the tentative deal between the West and Iran with missile tests and you have to wonder how much you really want to die. The alternative to this pact is war, one you cannot win. Once again, grow up!

6)Charles Wade/Jonathan Butler- It has not been a good few weeks for the Black Lives Matter Movement. The hunger strike guy from Mizzou, Jonathan Butler, caused the college to have attendance rates plummet due to bad press thanks in great part to him. It also came out that he is from a wealthy family and was using this to get a talent agent to go and talk to other kids about things like "white privilege" and other nonsense for money of course. But that all came to an end when videos surfaced of him talking disparaging things about women, white people, poor people and his love of crack cocaine. If that wasn't bad enough, one of the founding members of the BLM movement, Charles Wade, was arrested this week for, wait for it, sex trafficking of a 17 year old girl. He claims to have no knowledge of any of this, but that seems unlikely. However, in today's world of untrustworthy cops and press, who knows? It still looks bad.

5)Transgender foes- Can we please just stop already with this? It shouldn't matter one whit to anyone what bathroom people use. No one is looking at you junk. No one is molesting your kids. How do I know? Because arrest records show no cases of this happening anywhere. Some have decided to boycott Target for becoming the first major retailer to stand up for transgender rights. According to them, sales have plummeted because of them. This ignores the fact that ALL retailers are also seeing a similar slowdown in sales so their efforts are most likely having zero effect. State governments are still screaming bloody murder and stand to lose billions in aid if they don't do as they are told. When hundreds of thousands lose their jobs because of this, I don't think Obama is the one a lot of them are going to blame.

4)Hillary Clinton- Her numbers continue to sink as Trump gets a nomination post bump. It's also worthless. Romney and McCain saw similar rises and look how those turned out. However, she is still vulnerable and her gun stance is one such place. While true, she has not advocated for repealing the second amendment, she has come out and said bankrupting gun manufactures was just fine.Not much difference there. And, thanks to FOIA documents, we also know that Hillary has received almost $400,000 dollars from tech giant, Oracle, also a huge supporter of the TPP. Shocker. Expect once in office that this shrill bitch will fuck us all and sign that, assuming Obama doesn't beat her to it in a lame duck session.

3)Debbie Wasserman Shultz- Bernie Sanders declared war on yet another shrill bitch (what is it with these two) by going after Shultz's job. I stand with Sanders on this as she has been an absolute disaster as the head of the DNC. I never had a problem with her until the last election where she did nothing to get democrats elected, which is only her entire job. Since then, she was backed one corporate idea after another. She defines bought and paid for and needs to go. Flordia voters better pick her opponent in the upcoming primary. As she will most likely cheat, I have low hopes for that.

2)Donald Trump- After winning the nomination by being the least crazy person in the room (let that one sink in), Trump stumbled a little, but not enough to hurt his polls. He picked 12 judges he would like to nominate to the Supreme Court, all conservative and super white, which his true base couldn't care less about but may have won him a few converts to his side. Less helpful was the leak that two people on his short list for VP was Newt Gingrich, Chris Christie, Rick Scott and, God help us, Sarah Palin. The VP pick will be critical for who will win and who will lose. Pick badly on either side and it's game over. Sarah Palin is the kiss of the death. Good luck.

1)The Media- The Nevada DNC chair was verbally attacked on line, including death threats, after the nominating convention went so badly. The MSM blamed Bernie supporters and said they threw chairs, tried to disrupt the proceedings for no good reason and basically behaved like Trump followers. The truth is, none of that happened. NONE OF IT. And I know this because there is video of the entire convention on line. There were no chairs thrown. The party chair disregarded the rules, started earlier than they were supposed to and did other underhanded tricks that is all caught on video. And then the media tells us things that never happened. proved the chair throwing was NOT true, yet the media to this day are still repeating the lie regardless. They keep saying that Sanders followers behaved like brutes and "broke all the rules," when actual research, you know the kind the media is supposed to do, finds the opposite true and that the party head disregarded all the rules for her own benefit. The fact that she is a Hillary supporter should be a red flag in a election that is already so unfair. Exit polls are being altered to mask the truth and the media says nothing. Hell, they are part of the ones changing the data. This is constant now. Nothing the media says can be trusted. NOTHING! We are being lied to everyday and to what end cannot be said but it can't be good. So thanks for nothing MSM, and congratulations you festering assholes you are indeed douchebag of the week.

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