Thursday, May 5, 2016


Days like this are why I started this column way back in 2010. I was finally not bed ridden anymore and wanted to get back into writing. My then girlfriend, now fiance, said that I should start a blog so that when I was right about something, which is a lot more than most, I have proof. I thought it was a great idea and while my predictions for wars have been laughably inaccurate, and my economic guesses are more hit than miss but still far from perfect, my political predictions have been dead on. I've called the last few elections to a T. And the reason for that is it is my field of expertise, unlike war games or economics which I have studied but don't actually work in either occupation and it shows.

But here's the rub. I am the only one who saw and understood the rise of Trump. From day one, he was marginalized as a joke candidate. To be fair, when he first entered I didn't think he would win, but I also didn't see him as a joke as everyone else did. The MSM on the other hand laughed and laughed about it and made various erroneous predictions about how they would eat their shorts before he became the GOP nominee. The media, the pundits and the political insiders all missed several important factors that made the rise of Trump inevitable. I knew from the beginning he would finish in the top five.

First and foremost, he gathered the racist elements from the far right that the GOP has been coddling for years. We saw it first hand when Barack Obama ran for President and the birther nonsense started. A few in the Republican Party ran with this, including presumed nominee Trump himself, while the rest kept quiet about it. John Boehner in 2011 famously said it wasn't his job to inform the public about racist crap being spewed which is odd as his title is SPEAKER of the House. Well that blew up in his face didn't it as his NOT being conservative enough cost him his job recently. Trump tapped into that xenophobia and Mexicans coming for your job (which has both pros and cons to it for the economy) to get a big boost from an electorate that stopped turning out for elections.

Which brings us to the second part and that is Trump actually moved to the left on just about everything else. True he is allegedly anti-abortion and anti gay marriage, but I wonder how sincere he is in that, like Hillary and her opposition to the TPP. Sometimes you have to say stupid shit to get elected. And Trump has been quoted in the past talking about the rubes that make up the GOP. His anti-trade views, his position on NOT cutting Social Security or Medicare and other left wing ideas have hit a cord with average Americans proving my long debated point that this country is going further and further left, not right, except on immigration and guns. The dwindling of hardcore right wing ideas like anti-abortion and anti gay views among the general public demonstrate that. The average Joe wants to know why he hasn't gotten a raise in ten years, not whether Steve and Mike can marry. Most people don't care and polling shows that the country is moving that way, especially among the youth. Yet they watch their local Congress spend an inordinate amount of time passing bad laws that do nothing but actually hurt business.

North Carolina is under the gun to step back their recent anti gay law or face Federal dollars being withheld as of Monday. If the governor refuses, thousands of people could be out of work soon. Which do you think they care about more: a paycheck or transgendered people in bathrooms? McCory is going to find out when he gets bounced in November, his poll numbers plummeting. If thousand lose their jobs too, he's toast.

The third reason was the most obvious to everyone who didn't work for the media as a pundit: the 17 people running for the Republican nomination were the worst 17 people ever to run for the office. I heard so many times how great and how diverse this field was and how they couldn't ask for a better group of people. Then I had to throw up. The funny part was when I asked every single Republican I know who they liked for President out of this group, every single one threw up their hands in disgust. The two that got the most "I guess this guy," nods were Cruz and Trump. Shocker that they would wind up as the last two left. You had several governors that ran their states into the ground, a former executive who did the same to HP, a few morons who decided moving to the right of Trump would win them votes which it didn't, an inexperienced Senator who had everything going for him but poise, a sleepy neurosurgeon who appeared to have operated on himself, another senator so disliked he was referred to as Lucifer and a Presidential legacy that made his father and brother look like rocket scientists.

If Bush had an ounce of personality or ability to run a campaign outside of Florida, who to be fair also voted for Rick "Uncle Fester" Scott TWICE, he should have won. Before the first debate, it seemed very likely it would be Bush versus Clinton again as the amount of money they would raise was staggering. Unfortunately for the Republicans, Bush had the charisma of a damp dishrag covered in poo and quickly faltered along with Scott Walker, another front runner who wilted on the national stage. Once those were gone, it was going to be Trump all the way. And I said so. My blog is hard proof of that.

Trump speaks to the masses tired of the GOP constantly promising stuff they never deliver. All they have done since take power back from the democrats is pass meaningless drivel that has no chance of getting passed, while ignoring any kind of reform that could help Americans and they see it every day. Plus they harp on things that few care about, have a platform of ideas that even their base hate, such as cutting entitlement programs, and offer no plan for the future past other that TRUST ME, which they don't. Trump may not have any answers either but the fact he is at least addressing these problems is paramount to his success.

In the long run it won't matter as the game is rigged and Hillary will be the next President, something I also called last year in a hypothetical match up of Bush versus Hillary. Trump may actually do worse as current polls have Trump far behind and that is without a boost from whoever she picks for VP. If it turns out to be someone like Julian Castro or Liz Warren, the race is way over.

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