Monday, May 2, 2016


You are being lied to on a near daily basis. Almost nothing you hear can be trusted, especially if the MSM is crowing about it. It has gotten so bad that according to data gotten from the government, their inflation rate. birth death model of business and the unemployment rate, which all come from the BLS (which should be renamed Bullshit Labor Statistics) are all just peachy. But when you start to look at the raw data behind these numbers you realize they are made up and I can prove it. If the inflation rate is being altered, which it is, anyone on Social Security is being cheated out of trillions in dollars legally owed to the recipients as payments are based on inflation which has been at record lows for a decade. Apparently the people who say this haven't left their house or turned on a TV in all that time either.

We know for a fact that the unemployment rate is at the very least double what they say it is and most likely, four to five times more than what it is. When Donald Trump AND Bernie Sanders both cried foul at the numbers, the pundits howled. It must be nice to do a media job and not be able to fucking read or do it even in a half assed way. The unemployment CANNOT be 5% and the BLS' own numbers betray them. According to their shitty estimate, the unemployment rate is around 5%. But in their survey of actual families, they find that 20% of all households in the country have no working age people actually working. It is impossible to get to 5% if 20% of households are unemployed. Two plus two never equals five.

The birth death rate is woefully out of date with far more business going under than being created. Because of idiotic regulations that ONLY affect small business, it has become prohibitively expensive to even start a business anymore. In the 1970's, you could have started a business for as little as $1000. Today, that wouldn't even pay for the first month's rent. The average cost of opening a business today is $250,000, or way higher than the rate of inflation since the 70's.

And there lies the problem. The inflation rate contains numbers that in no way reflect reality. Here are the reported annual insurance inflation rates since 2010. Try not to laugh to hard when you look at them

2010- 4%
2011- 5.6%
2012- 10.6%
2013- .9%
2014- .8%
2015- 3.7%

This is not possible. My insurance went up 120% last year annually with an 10% increase PER MONTH. In 2013, it went 100% for the year. As I understand how statistics work and know for a fact that at least three major health care companies all had triple digit inflation rates in 2015, this is impossible. Unless someone was not only giving free insurance but paying people millions to use it, there is no way to get to a 3.7% inflation rate in 2015. The policy I had in 2010 went up $250 a month in that same period to 2015, which is why I had to keep switching to lesser and cheaper policies. If it occurred to me, it happened to tens of millions of others. These rates do no jibe with actual prices and must be made up. And not only that, we are getting worse and worse insurance because the prices are going up and subsides are not keeping up. This system will fail sooner than later and going back to what we had will not only make things worse, millions will die, including people like myself. If America thinks I am going to sit back and just waste away because I can't afford insurance anymore, they are in for a rude awaking. If millions of people have nothing to lose, that is a dangerous position to put us in. One way or another, we are going to get those drugs and medical care we need, legality be damned.

And that is just one example of prices that are total lies. BLS says rent is only rising by 3.2% annually. The actual figure is closer to 8%. The average rent is now around $900 or a rise of 24% since 2012. BLS says 10.8%. Where are they getting these inaccurate numbers? Are they picking them from a hat? Home sales are no better where the BLS figure is a rise 10% since 2012. Actual numbers say 22.7% This isn't even close.

Here my favorite because even the dumbest person will look at this and say "Hey, that's bull." The government stats say gas has fallen 10.8% since February. That's funny because I know for a fact that gas prices in my state have risen 60 cents a gallon since then. There is no statistical way to get a 10.8% decrease from an increase in gas prices at 30%. Where is our MSM about this illegal theft of our tax dollars?

Here another winner. The inflation rate is allegedly been zero for food for the last three months and a .8% increase over the last year. Even if you remove things like chicken and beef which have skyrocketed over the last year, your grocery bill is still 5% higher than last year.

Because of these artificially lowered rates that have no reality behind them, social security recipients are being cheated out of trillions of dollars. Anyone collecting should be making double what they are now. If this was the case, the economy would be far better shape as more people would have more money to buy stuff with, thus creating jobs and helping the economy. Instead, we are letting a handful of idiots rob from us blind. Wise up America. I reckoning is coming. And when it does, if you are unready, you will die. Time is running out to right this ship and again I beg anyone with an upcoming primary to vote Bernie Sanders because a Trump Hillary contest is not going to help anyone.

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