Sunday, May 8, 2016


To say the GOP had a bad week is like saying Hillary is the most trustworthy candidate out there. People are actually saying that by the way which is beyond hilarious. Check out her track record on flip flops and tell me that again with a straight face. Or her whopper about getting shot at in Bosnia. Or her claim that she will not give preference to Big Banks once elected, which flies in the face of everything she has ever done. Please. But the GOP is splintering and recent developments show the writing on the wall for the Republican party which is dying right in front of our eyes. Good. Let's see those runner ups.

10)White Racists- I give a lot of flack to black communities for being way more racist than they should be. And either because of that or because white people are just getting more brave voicing their inner David Duke, there has been a lot of really racist comments made lately that are shocking in their crudity against black people. Old Navy ran an ad with a white guy, a black woman, both attractive and in their twenties, and a cute black little girl wearing the Old Navy clothes and appearing happy. Cue the racists who used the N word a lot in the comment section disparaging the guy for being with a black chick, somehow unaware these aren't real people but models and this wasn't a real interracial couple. But even if they were, fuck these assholes. I am in a interracial relationship and no one I know has any problem with it. If they did, they'd get punched in the teeth of course but still. Who cares if someone from the white race dates someone of a different color? And then there is the unbelievable hostility aimed at Obama daughter Malia who just got into Harvard, which isn't that hard to believe as she comes from true power. If they wanted to rail on her for that, as I do for Chelsea Clinton rapidly becoming my least favorite presidential kid ever, I get it. To call her the N word however is way out of line however as some are doing across the internet. She is not her father and seems to be a highly intelligent woman with a bright future ahead of her. Racism is stupid people. Grow up.

9)The Taliban- I fucking hate Muslim terrorists. These assholes are going to get a lot of people dead one day. The fact there are so many now, Al Qaeda, Boco Haram, ISIS, Hezbollah, and a dozen others is unbelievable. But as much as we would like them dead and buried, the poor people in these areas controlled by the dicks is far, far worse. A few weeks ago, the news media got a hold of a story of a young boy in Afghanistan named Murtaza Ahmadi who idolized soccer star Lionel Messi and made a homemade jersey he played in. As a result, Messi sent him some signed memorabilia and a official jersey for him to wear. The five year old was thrilled. The Taliban not so much. Soon after the family fled the country after threats from these utter assholes because they thought they had money now and kidnapping the young boy became a real threat. Messi has said he is trying to meet the young lad, now in hiding. This world sucks but thank God for people like Messi who is doing something to make one boy's life a little better.

8)Houston- This is the dumbest story I have read in some time. A child tried to pay his lunch at school with a $2 bill, a rarity but legal tender. The lunch lady thought differently and called the police. You would think that this would be the end of the story. But no, a cop, possibly the dumbest one in the country, arrives, decides the $2 bill IS fake and proceeded to interrogate the small child where he got it. Only after some adult in the room with a brain informed the two idiots that the bill was real was the whole matter dropped. But you know that cop is going to have $2 bills taped to his desk from now until the end of time.

7)Nate Silver- His statistical analysis lately has been pretty poor. His predictions for the primaries have been off, his analysis of political themes has been wonky and his disastrous predictions that Trump would be laughed off the stage was woefully inaccurate. He's looking too much at specific data and should be looking at ones that show demographics and political leanings, which has drastically changed over the last two years and no one seems to have noticed except the populace. I like the guy so I hope he does far better in the general election predictions.

6)Judge Roy Moore- The Alabama Chief Justice of the State Supreme Court has been removed from office, AGAIN, for not following the law. After refusing to remove a statue of the Ten Commandments, which he paid for, from the front of the Judicial Building, as ordered to by the US Supreme Court, he was removed from office. That was back in 2003. Now, flash forward to 2016, and once again, dumb ass is out of a job for failing to follow yet another ruling from the US Supreme Court, this time about gay marriage. Instead of exercising the law, he instructed people to ignore it, which he has no authority to do. As a result, this idiot is out of a job again. Can we please NOT nominate him again? What is wrong with people in Alabama?

5)Laremy Tunsil- I could not care less if you smoke weed. However, if you are trying to get drafted into the NFL, personally putting a video of you smoking pot through a gas mask is not your best idea. He claims he was hacked but who knows. This fool lost valuable draft spots after the video came out, which would have been fine had dumb ass not removed his mask for all to see. He drifted to 13th place, ouch, and picked up by none other than the Miami Dolphins who have some weird fetish about picking troubled players and doing absolutely nothing good with them. Here's hoping this guy is different. His money he will be getting dropped by half because of this.

4)North Carolina- Just like Roy Moore, the state has been given until tomorrow to comply with Justice Department ruling that says the new bathroom law is in contrast to the Discrimination Act and will will pay a price if they don't comply. Moore got fired. NC is going to see lots of that from everyday people when Obama and the Federal government cut off billions in aid for schools and infrastructure. The state has already lost over a $100 million in lost business, taxes, new jobs and concerts. This will double that figure and then some. The worst part is that the governor has told Obama to sit and spin because that law is not going anywhere. This will not only be disastrous for the workers of the state but McCory who is up for re-election and now trails his democratic contender. How bad will his numbers sink when thousands lose their jobs because of him?

3)The TPP and the EU- While this trade pact is being fully ignored in this country, overseas is a different matter. Once the press and individuals read what was in it, they hated it. A recent poll had 70% against it in Germany and 75% in France. France hated it so much, President Hollande said he may vote against it just on the GMO laws, which Europeans hate. Their press has actually done their job and ripped it a new one while here in the states, it was a ten second bit mentioned near the end of the news if at all. This pact sucks. Thank God some out there see it.

2)Ted Cruz/Carly Fiorina- HA HA. You two lost. As much as Trump scares med, these two terrified me. Easily the worst two running for President, how they got as far as they did says lots about how dumb this country is. Either of these two morons would have killed us all seconds after taking office. But now they are regulated to the back burner of history where few will remember them even existing.

1)The Republican Party- As I predicted, the GOP is imploding. Trump won the nomination, which I correctly predicted way back in August of last year, once Jeb Bush flamed out badly in the first debate. From there the dominoes were easy to predict and the last one standing would be Trump. The establishment went into hyperdrive to stop it and nothing worked because they had no ideas on HOW to fix anything beyond the same crap they have been peddling for decades. The rubes have woken up to the fact that you promise all this shit and then do nothing once in office. How long did you think that would work? Now you have Mitt Romney meeting with Bill Kristol and most likely Paul Ryan to figure out a way out of this mess. They will be looking at a third party option and should they succeed, will all but guarantee Hillary wins come November and maybe not lose as many seats as they could without a spoiler. This will also forever split the party and make them weaker in the long run. That is until democrats wake up and do the same thing to their establishment leaders. Then we might have a change for real change. But until that happens, which is at least another four years away, we are stuck with what we have on the left as the right detonates. It's over GOP and even the densest person can see it. That which doesn't evolve dies and as most of you guys don't believe in that, it's not so foolish to see why your party is dying. RIP GOP, this party is done and are indeed douchebag of the week.

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