Wednesday, May 18, 2016


If you watched the news over the last few months, you know that they have been trying to convince you the sky is orange. Not literally of course, but they have embarked on a new level of disinformation that flies in the face of reason. I am reminded of the Star Trek: Next Generation episode where Picard has been captured by the Romulans and is being tortured into saying their are five lights when there is only four. That is our government and news media today.

The DNC and MSM went nuts over the fact that Bernie supporters lost it when they got cheated in the Nevada caucuses and became "violent." The worst part about this story is that no one focused on the allegations of voter fraud, of which VIDEO EVIDENCE EXISTS proving said allegations in Nevada, or the fact that the exit polls were WAY off from what they should have been there as well, strongly stating that this election is a fraud and Hillary is being set up as the next President. The only problem with this is we are not picking her. The powers that be are. This election is a dog and pony show and they are not even trying to hide it anymore.

And then people act shocked when people react "violently." I use quotation marks as the violent part seems to also be in question. Allegedly, someone or someones threw a chair at the stage causing the caucus area to be cleared, but somehow, no video of that exists, which I see as highly problematic. Now what happened next is not in dispute but should be taken as a harbinger of things to come. Soon after, the Nevada Democratic Party HQ was vandalized and the party chair has received a good amount of death threats. This is not a recommended tactic by the way, but at the same time it is the logical next step when politicians stop listening to their constitutes and take matters into their own hands. I may not condone these actions but I sure as hell get why they are happening.

Kennedy's quote about peaceful protests changing into violent revolution is dead on here. The establishment on both sides of the aisle are not longer listening to the majority of people who are demanding something far different than either party has to offer. It is the number one reason Trump is doing so well leading us to a choice between Classic fascism or a corptocracy. Either way we lose big. And Sanders supporters see that. And if the DNC thinks this is going to go away they are dead wrong.

The end result of this may be millions sitting this election out and whoever gets the fewer supporters will lose. Demographics and the fact that Hillary is going to cheat like no tomorrow strongly put her as the odds on favorite. But it is not a guarantee. Hillary is a terrible campaigner. She has zero on the charisma scale and here in MA I watched Martha Coakley, a very similar candidate, blow it twice due to the fact that she was just not likable. Two gimme elections went Republican because no liberal gave a rat's ass about her. Hillary could be in real trouble if she doesn't find a way to reach Sanders supporters and pull them into the fold. Here are three easy ways to guarantee an overwhelming win:

1) Advocate the legalization of weed- This issue will get Millennials off their lazy, self centered ass and vote in mass numbers for her. She will also attract super liberals like aging hippies, lesbians and other dirt munching, tree hugging druids. A majority of this country wants it, has proven to provide much needed tax revenue and good paying jobs and could save trillions on a lost drug war. Get with the program. Bernie has.

2)Sign a binding pledge about your positions- Hillary flip flops more than anyone I have ever seen. It is the big problem with trusting her. She was for free trade while in the White House, against it when running for president in 2008, for it while Secretary of State, and now against it again. This is why I do not like nor trust her. She will say whatever to get elected. Instead, I want Hillary to sign a pledge, under threat of impeachment, that she will sign no treaty with foreign countries that is detrimental to the American people like the TPP. I have no problem with trade deals. I have a big problem when the only people who will benefit already have all the money in the world. If she really is against the TPP, I want her to prove it first.

3)Get Liz Warren as VP- This is a slam dunk if this happened because I will DEFINITELY vote for Hillary if this happens. Warren is a pitbull and not a party had liner. She could bring real balance to a ticket that has to have a progressive on the ticket. Any non-progressive picked for the slot, like Julian Castro or, gasp, Bill, will not get the far left to show up to vote for her. Pick Warren and everyone will be looking at her campaign far differently.

Do these three things and the win will at least be legitimate. Play the status quo card and, while I still think you will win, you will have to cheat to do so. And unlike former losers who walked away rather than fight, like Gore and Kerry, who had their elections stolen from them, does anyone think Trump won't scream bloody murder when he loses, especially if voter fraud is obviously present? The final stage of any dying society is revolution. We are in the beginning stages of just that. How the powers that be handle this will decide if civilization will continue or crumble in an orgy of violence. If the DNC thinks this is violent, it may get far, far worse by the convention. Ignore this at your own peril. Most people are sheep, as seen by the comment section about the actions in Nevada. The usual libtard comments followed by Hillary shills with every tenth one someone smart enough to see what is exactly going on.

This means a lot of you are catching on which is hardly surprising as they continue to tell us the sky is orange. And thankfully, some of us are going outside to look. Keep fighting America. This election will decide our fates and right now, the future looks pitch black.

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