Wednesday, May 11, 2016


It's not just American democracy that is broken but the entire planet. No matter what form of government we try, we always wind up with the same type of leader: terrible. And even if a lot of this is due to cheating and subterfuge, the reality is that a lot of people support and even vote for some of the worst candidates possible. Here at home, we have Trump versus Clinton, two of the most unpopular people ever running for President. How is that possible? How are so many so easily duped? And why is it not just us?

Just about every continent has some lunatic running their country into the ground. North Korea just held a congressional party gathering for the first time in 35 years just so Kim Jung Un can get a fancy new title, Grand Douchebag, I mean Chairman of the Worker's Party. Same thing really. Press has been all over this showing inside North Korea and the brainwashed masses who jerk off to the idea that the US will soon be awash in nuclear fire. Right. Good luck with that. You might actually be doing us and the world a favor.

Brazil's corrupt President, Dilma Rousseff, is facing impeachment hearings for all sorts of wrong doing, and has even been previously accused of killing a former prosecutor that was about to spill the beans on her illegal actions(but no further action was taken about his death), the usual fraud and stealing most politicians do. She is hours away from a majority vote in the country's Senate that if it goes through requires her to leave office and the palace for 180 days as she faces impeachment hearings. Recent polls of the how the Senate plans to vote suggest she is in real trouble as 50 of the 80 says they will vote to impeach. This will all happen as the backdrop to the upcoming Olympics, which should be interesting as I wouldn't be surprised to see a stadium collapse or the polluted waters making athletes sick.

Guatemala voted for a comedian with no previous political experience. His claim to fame was a comedy show on local TV. That's it. He is also a conservative who opposes abortion, supports the death penalty, He got the job because the last president was forced out for corruption and the public grew sick of politicians. Sound familiar?

The king of all bad decisions has to be the recent election in the Philippines where they elected the 71 year old, Rodrigo Duterte. How bad could be you ask? He makes Trump look cuddly. He in the past has joked about rape, called the Pope a dick, discussed his sex life in depth in news media and has even admitted to killing at least three people. He really did all of that and STILL got elected. In a landslide. WTF? Duterte runs death squads that have killed thousands and the public found this endearing. Oddly he is also for pro gay laws, protections for women, and is known for not being corrupt. Just a killer. Can't have everything I guess.

One thing that can be said for many of these elections I have mentioned is that they were fair. No so here at home were exit polls are so far off they demand a recount at the very least and a revote in places like Arizona whose exit polls were further off than any I have ever seen in any country in the world ever. A 33 point difference is not possible no matter how much you fudge the numbers. That election was corrupt as anything I have ever seen, and places like Iowa, CT, MA and NY were not much better.

The press keeps telling you this race is close. It isn't. The fix is in for Hillary as that it what the establishment wants. And that Quinnapiac poll the MSM keeps salivating over showing Trump tied with Hillary in three swing states is an outlier as no other poll shows the same results. And even if it was true, the votes in the end are all going to go to Hillary. She is going to be the next president whether you like it or not. The fix is in and your vote no longer matters. Welcome to America.

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