Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Despite Bernie somehow winning in Indiana, he still has quite the uphill battle to go. His last hope is that California goes for him huge which could happen, even if it is highly unlikely. Exit poll data shows a severe problem with accuracy, something the MSM has done everything they can to obfuscate, One such article tried to tell me the exit polls WERE accurate and nothing unusual was happening, even though they were doing things no statistician would ever do as it would compromise the data. If your exit poll data is off by more than 4 %, either you did the poll wrong (which according to their facts, they didn't) or the voting is rigged. Instead they fixed the exit poll data to match the actual tally. WTF?

On the GOP side, Ted Cruz finally had to admit defeat and dropped out of the race, which his "running mate" Fiorina showed first hand by disappearing off stage at a Cruz rally as if a trap door opened under her, just like she did to 30,000 employees when she ran HP. Can she please go away now? WE DON'T LIKE YOU! Christ!

John Kasich is supposed to be dropping out as well, having filled up on free food these past few weeks. If he kept up at that pace, you would have seen him on the Biggest Loser next season, the irony of which would not have been lost in me.

So Trump is now the nominee. The RNC is going to be something. Expect more violence between Trump brownshirts and anti-Trump forces such as BLM and Mexicans here and at future rallies. He also is most likley going to lose epically.

If we go back the past several cycles of elections, we can safely say that Clinton will start with 240 electoral votes and Trump with 180. That is quite a hole to overcome. That leaves nine states left, of which Nevada, New Mexico, Iowa and Colorado going blue and NH most likley going the same way. That leaves Ohio, Florida, NC and Virginia up for grabs all of which Trump would have to win to have a shot. Lose any of those four and it's game over. Current polling has him losing all four. Even if his polling numbers improved by five points and gained some swing states like Ohio, NC and Florida, he would still lose Virginia and the race. Only by a massive surge by ten percentage points does he win. And that is not without precedent as Carter led Reagan by a large margin at this time and lost badly by the fall by ten percent. However, Trump is NOT Reagan and therein lies the rub.

Trump will behind the eight ball for money, which Hillary will raise over a billion to run a constant barrage of negative ads against him. No way will he be able to compete with that. Then there is this as well. Hillary may be damaged goods but how likely are they to find some new scandal to surprise her with? Not likely. Trump on the other hand has barely been scratched. You know they are some severe skeletons in his closet and when they come out could cripple him.

There are some who think this was all planned and that Trump and Clinton conspired to get her elected. That may not be as far fetched as you think. The Republican party is not a popular thing with the Establishment anymore. They shut the government down costing businesses billions, they do anti-business policies like anti abortion and anti gay policies that their consumers hate and have done zero to change the dynamic of this country for the better. Meanwhile the democrats have become the new business party, as seen by the hysterics of Debbie Wasserman Shultz, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid who have done everything they can to win over Establishment money away from the GOP and succeeding.

If this election is rigged, and I think it is, the fix is in for Hillary. The death knell of the GOP is also being affected. The Republican party has become a liability and I think the powers that be are going to splinter it into a million pieces. The GOP could face historic loses nationwide if Trump starts to flame out, as he was always supposed to do. If this is all a charade, we are falling for it. Vote for Bernie in California people because otherwise we get Queen Hillary and don't think it will be anything but that under her rule. We may get some much needed social change but at the expense of the TPP which will enslave us all as well. The only good news about that is that overseas the press still has some power and have pissed all over the TPP after they read about what was in it. France threatened to veto it over some corporate challenges. Hillary will pivot back to it once in office, and if she signs it, will be the worst and possibly last President of the US. Wake up people. The end is nigh. But we can change the direction if we want. We just have to be smarter. Right.

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