Thursday, September 29, 2011


Having pretty much given up on mankind lately, from the war drums sounding louder and louder, to the economic situtaion spiraling out of control, to the Tea Party screwing us blue with their idiocy. Not a whole lot to be hopeful about. Until today.

Something happened today that few will ever witness: a worldview paradigm shift of the public collective. In layman's terms it means a lot of people have suddenly realized that all is not what it seems and things are not going to get any better by sitting by and doing nothing. The Wall Street protests have been humstrung every which way the elites could manage. They had a complete media blackout for days. When it was reported it was laughed about. They even managed to stop communication on Yahoo emails. Let that one sink in for a minute and whta big Corporations are capable of. Everyone thought the protestors would get tired of not sleeping in their beds, miss their video games and leave. Only it didn't happen. So what did the elites do? The worst decision in the history of bad ideas. They sent their stormtroopers to rough up the public. Only now we have cameras and cell phones and an internet and the brutality seen, not on MSM but posted video, reminded everyone of Egypt and how we are facing the same type of tyranny.

So instead of saying mea culpa and backing down the NYPD instead upped the ante by arresting over eighty people last weekend for no reason. Videos posted showed police brutality like teenage girls maced for no reason, sucker punched civilians and basically behaved like the drunken frat boys I usually call them. This was a VERY bad idea.

Because now its world news. And people are waking up the idea that we live in tyrrany no better than Egypt. And now people are starting to show up. Eight major unions have pledged their support for the Wall St protests. That's ONE MILLION PEOPLE who may join in the protest. If even ten perecnt show up, that's a hundred thousand people. I have a feeling it will be more than that. For the first time since the Vietnam War was ended by similiar protests we can make real change here. The same is happening all over the world, in Greece and London and Israel. It's even spreading across the country with protests coming soon to Boston and I have heard rumors of San Diego and Chicago (which fizzled earlier with only twenty people showing) starting their own as well.

This is our time people. If you want change, real change, join the protests or start one near you. Only through our voices can we be heard. It won't be by politicians or in the courts. It will be in the streets when we demand change or else. If we stay strong and not go violent (although the cops are asking for it if they keep these tactics up), we will prevail.

Now is our time to Stand.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

When The World Is Going Down.....

This week, Rick Perry imploded, cities around the world are getting protesters sick of bank tyranny, Iran has done it's usual idiocy, the Palestinians are about to get screwed because they failed to have any sort of semblance of compromise (just like the Tea Party), and economic failure is seemingly a certainty at this point. Whew.

On the foreign angle, Iran has threatened to send warships to American shores, Admadinejad is being sidelined by the Mullahs for not being hard core enough and France and Russia have both warned the country that they are headed for a nuke strike if they keep poking at the rapid bears of Israel and the US. Pakistan relations continue to ebb downward as the ISI has been caught red handed assisting the Taliban in attacks on US troops in Afghanistan. Rumors of war with Pakistan have become much more apparent albeit still unlikely. War is almost inevitable thought one way or another. Why you ask?

Because our economy is going down and there's no way to stop it. This past week, a trader reported on BBC that countries don't exist and Goldman Sachs rules the world. Regular readers of this column know that is exactly what I've been saying for years. Individual countries is a public relation play. Banks control us all. The sentiment was further heralded in an op-ed piece in a Hungarian newspaper by one of the top traders in the country. NYU professor Nuriel Rubini has echoed the same thing. When people who understand what is going on say panic, you panic. Someone has put a multi billion dollar put on the economy cratering in the next few months. 184 billion they stand to make if it does. Do you not think that with that kind of money at stake and psychopathic people making these bids, what do they care of the economy tanks or not?

Israel is now talking about annexing the West Bank and throwing the Palestinians to the wolves. This would definitely lead to a war. But a war may be exactly what the powers that be want for several reasons. One, to make money. Two, to distract people from a dismal economy. And three, did I mention all the money that could be made?

With all of this we have society that is rapidly unraveling. There are zero candidates worth their weight, which is probably why Ron Paul is gaining support as he is the only anti-establishment person up there, which people really want right now. They hate the government and corporations alike and are showing it with protests speaking from NY to Boston to London. The cops are acting like thugs worldwide with reports of senseless violence in NY and Vancouver. Sooner or later, someone's going to go to far and a full fledged riot will be on their hands with bloodlust for any cop found. I applaud the 100 police that have pledged their support for the protesters in NY. We could use more good cops like yourselves and hopefully you can bring more of your brothers along to the good guy side.

Things look bleak. Let's hope that somehow, someway, the light will shine on us all.

Sunday, September 25, 2011


A lot of close runner ups this week. Let's see them.

1)NY Cops- These fascist bastards are arresting people for protesting in front of Wall St this week, going so far as to mace college age girls who weigh all of a hundred pounds. So far, protesters arrested 80. Wall Street bankers who caused all this 0. Yeah the cops are to serve and protect: the elite that is. Keep it up douchebags because if you keep screwing with peaceful protests, the alternative is much much worse. DO YOUR FREAKING JOBS, YOUR OVERWEIGHT, OVERPAID LOSERS. If not, you're going to be the first to go in a civil war. Be warned.

2)Pakistan-It has come to light this week that the recent attack on the US embassy in Afghanistan was organized through the ISI, Pakistan's version of the CIA. It has long been known that factions within the ISI were sympathetic to Taliban ideals, but this is the first time they have been actively involved. This threatens not only any kind of relation with the country but puts our troops in significant risk. It's Vietnam all over again when the Chinese started actively supporting the Viet Kong. When we didn't attack China or even disrupt supply lines, the war was all but lost. Afghanistan will be much the same. Awesome.

3)The Stock market- Diving over 700 points this week, it has been suggested that a new recession is coming, even though the last one never really ended. There are a lot of put option suggesting a massive sell off within the next few weeks and a huge market correction. Stocks may not be a safe place to put your money. Your mattress may be the best place to put your money. AHH Wall Street.

4)Rick Perry- Perry crashed and burned this week all but cementing his demise as a front runner. He lost Florida by double digits to Herman Cain of all people. Romney didn't even try campaigning in Florida and he came in a close third. Perry support for vaccinations on young girls, calling for an end to SS and giving college tuition help to illegal aliens cost him dearly as expected. You can't say you want to end SS and expect to get Florida in any race. Plus, his horrific debating skills crucified him in last week's debate. Watch him butcher his train of thought as he tries to one up Romney and fails at it. SNL skewered him which will now live on in cyber space. Romney is no the de facto front runner.

5)Georgia- This week, a man was put to death whose guilt was still unsure. While I support the death penalty, any possibility that the man may be innocent has to be explored before we impose the ultimate penalty. It's real simple, if there is NO doubt of your guilt, you get a couple of token appeals to make sure nothing went wrong and then you get killed. If there is doubt then every avenue has to be explored first. This was a tragedy of justice.

6)The Tea Party- If you ever wanted to know why I loathe the Tea Party so much, watch any GOP debate and listen to crowd reactions. They've applauded people dying in great numbers in Texas executions, people getting sick and dying without health care and booing a gay soldier. Why would I think that the Tea Party is filled with racist, homophobic, bloodthirsty morons you ask? Oh cause I have eyes and ears that's why. Spin is impossible for this. The Tea Party is fascism rolled into a pretty bow. Anybody supporting this awful group should be made an example of. So congratulations Tea Party you are douchebag of the week.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Signs Of The Coming Fall of America

Anyone with a brain in their head can see we are headed for a very big cliff, unless you're a member of the Tea Party in which case only by freeing ourselves from evil regulations will Nirvana be reached or some crap like that. We are facing a severe Depression, a possible world war, and any other numerous signs of impending doom. Too bad our media seems hell bent on telling us who lost on DWTS rather than the mass protests that took place (and still are) around the US, particularly Wall St. If you haven't heard about it don't worry, you weren't alone. Not only did the MSM ignore this completely or, in the case of MSNBC, called the protests "childish," and "invasion," Yahoo Mail actively blocked any email with any header about the protests. Nice to know we've been taken over fascists and no one seems to care. Those protests are a good start but way to small with only 1000 individuals at best showing up. We need more. Lots more to make a dent. If we don't, and soon, we may all be dead.

In another story ignored by the media, another witness has come forward to say that he was part of a plot to plant evidence at the scene of Pan Am 103, making a total of three eyewitnesses (a CIA officer, a Scotland Yard Police Officer and now, a witness) who says that he gave a key piece of evidence to an officer who used to in plant it at the scene of the crime. In a signed affidavit, the witness has admitted to perjury. Pan Am was a set up, just like it was first reported when it first happened. It was my first lesson in a disinformation campaign and even as a teen, a knew the story didn't jell. All these years later, I have been proven right.

Israel is on high alert as Abbas prepares his speech for the UN on Friday. It is uncertain as of this writing if he will call for a vote on a Palestinian state but word behind the scenes says it's increasingly unlikely. However, Hamas has threatened violent demonstrations throughout Gaza and the West Bank calling on loyalists to attack settlements and to run checkpoints until they reach the Aqsa Mosque and then riot like there's no tomorrow. If this goes down, expect much bloodshed and world condemnation, more toward Israel than Hamas, probably for the tired excuse of "disproportionate reactions," which in war, don't exist.

As if all that wasn't bad enough, the Euro is still on wafer thin ice, the Dow is dropping faster and faster each day, and if insider trading is studied, those at the top seem to be dropping their stocks and getting into bonds and gold. This may be the sign of stock market crash as the put options on a downward spiral will net investors 184 billion dollars. Yeah, they won't crash the system for a few bucks, would they? Insert eye roll here.

Things look bleak. Be prepared. The end may indeed be near.

Sunday, September 18, 2011


No contest on who is screwing things up most. Let's see those runner ups.

1)The 41.2% of taxpayers who pay no taxes lie- This is the most egregious use of statistics I have ever seen. As an expert on statistics (I have a degree in Anthropology which requires years of statistics classes and a subject I have followed since) I can tell you this is a case of massaged numbers and should be seen as a scarier stat than people really see it as.

First, that 41.2 stat includes active military, who do not pay income taxes, millionaires/billionaires who pay no income tax due to write offs (around 2000 of these people paid NO income tax in 2009), and the working poor.

Remove those from the equation and the number plummet into single digits. The people left, albeit a very number, not paying taxes are the ones who should be. Corporations, in the drive to be seen as people should be included in the above state which would skew the number even higher, probably into the sixty percentile range. Why do we get so mad that people are not paying taxes, yet let corporations get away with it every year?

The number that should make everyone nervous is the sheer rise in numbers from middle class to working poor, a twenty eight percent increase over the last few years. I am one of them. Don't be like me and get laid off the same week you get deathly ill. Living in MA with subsisted insurance saved me from bankruptcy. The work laws however didn't protect me from a predatory way of working today which requires you to make less so they won't get rid of you to hire someone cheaper. Don't believe me? It happens every day and I know a dozen others who have felt the same wrath, some getting "fired" after twenty years of service to eliminate pension and unemployment problems. They invent a problem, blame you for it and heave you out the door. Corporate loyalty does not exist. We shouldn't be either.

2)Paul Ryan- This corporate stooge said we should raise taxes on the middle class while lowering taxes for the rich. Where are the tar and feathers? More importantly: WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE? Anyone seen pandering to vote for just about any democrat or republican at this point should be given a good tongue lashing. Down with the two party system. Unless fascism is your cup of tea, cough, tea party, hack.

3)Air shows using WW2 planes- After two spectacular crashes this week, both involving WW2 planes, maybe there comes a time when they should be retired. I love air shows, having gone to quite a few as a kid and as an adult. But with the tragic deaths this week new safety rules have to come out of this.

4)Wall Street- After screwing us blue for so many years, protests have FINALLY started. During yesterday's "Day of Rage," protests erupted in cities like New York, Seattle and San Fransisco. Some people are starting to wake up to the fact that the US that you know is gone. Democracy does not exist, unless you believe that voting R or D in the next election makes a bit of difference. MSM called the protests "childish" and "pointless." I think I speak for most of us when I tell you to shut the F up. Things are going badly and you keep cheering on this recovery that never seems to happen. ENOUGH! We are screwed and the sheep and MSM are propelling us to a day that will make today's misery pale in comparison.

5)Obama- Missing douchebag of the week by a hair, he has proven this week what we all knew: he as corrupt as everyone else. With the downfall of Solyndra, facts have arisen that show gross incompetence at the least and a major scandal about possible bribery being broadcast by FOX news 24/7 and for once I agree with them. This deal never should have been made. Their own people said the company would run out of money in September of 2011, which it did. This is a classic scam that's been going on for decades. A company petitions a politician for favorable status usually done by "donating" money to his campaign. In return, the politician gives huge sums of taxpayer money to the company. Then the company takes the money and runs. I watched it happen to my movie studio proposal in CT personally. There's no drive to actually make anything, just get rich schemes that benefit the two parties and no one else. Solyndra was selling their solar panels for three dollars per unit and making them for six. WTF? This company was used in the classic bait and switch scam that has been going on since at least the mid nineties, maybe longer. Obama should be investigated for this and, I can't believe I'm saying this, impeached.

6)The Middle East- Took a long time getting here. What a week. If all that above wasn't bad enough, now comes word that a huge new war may be brewing in the Middle East and no one seems to care. Turkey is trying to become a world power again and is turning more Islamic by the minute. PM Erdogon is possibly the most dangerous world leader on Earth. Let that sink in for a minute. This guy is way worse than Admadinejad and Kim Jong-Il combined. In the last week, he's all but pissed on the Israeli treaty that has been in effect for decades. He's threatened to attack oil platforms in the Mediterranean that Cyprus/Israel/US have started over oil rights that the UN recognizes belong to Cyprus. He's also said the next flotilla to Gaza will be accompanied by warships and is one of the loudest voices for UN Palestinian statehood. With the vote Friday on the subject, Israel is on high alert for trouble. They may very well get it. This area is a tinderbox and Turkey is stroking the fire. So congratulation Middle East, especially PM Erdogon, you are indeed douchebag of the week.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Turkey Amps Up Call For War Against Israel. Is WWW3 Close Behind?

With the Palestinians about facing and deciding to go forward with their bid for an independent state, the US and Israel is in quite a bind with how to proceed. The US does not want to use its veto and is trying to find a way out of an increasingly difficult situation where the world has turned its back on both us and our ally. At least 130 countries support the measure, well over the two thirds needed. Add to this recipe for war, Muslim extremists worldwide salivating at this chance to show their power, plus Turkey's insane drive to declare war on Israel, which they have been steadily ratcheting up these last few weeks and we have a recipe for war. If both of these occur, WW3 will be close behind. It may be inevitable at this point. With world economies failing, a world war may be what the powers that be have decided is our best way out. Awesome (insert sarcasm here).

Israel has warned of harsh consequences to both the Palestinians and the Turks as new enemies seem to be surrounding them daily. Egypt and Turkey, once close allies are no longer and even Jordan's political state has been deemed precarious at best. When a country like Israel, which has lots of nukes, feels threatened, there's no way of knowing what will happen next or whom will get involved.

In regard to the Palestinians, Israel has said they will retaliate should the bid succeed. These include the nullification of the Oslo accords, which gave authority for the Palestinians control of parts of the West Bank and Gaza, annexing of areas like the West Bank and Gaza, and withholding of money to the PA. Congress is also debating such tactics as well. The vote, which I think has been moved from the 20th to the 23rd could very well be the start of bad things to come.

As if that wasn't bad enough, Turkey has amped up its rhetoric by saying it will attack any Israeli ship in international waters interfering with oil or gas rights in the Mediterranean or interfering with any flotilla headed toward Gaza. Israel responded by invoking a new defense pact with Greece which says they will aid in any attack. Like they had a chance with Israel, now they have to contend with their enemies the Greeks. Cyprus has been a bone of contention between the two nations and Israel is eager to exploit it. Observation flights, accompanied by Turkish warplanes, have dramatically increased over the last 48 hours. Israel and Greece are worried that a surprise attack on the island is in the works as well as a greenlight for aggression against its oil and gas pipelines. Turkey is saying they have no rights to these resources and have backed Lebanon's unfounded claim that they too are being robbed by Israel as well.

War may be coming and we should be prepared if it does. God help us all if it comes to that.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

GOP Debate Redux: WTF?

Last night's GOP debate in Florida has shown some troubling facts. For one, Rick Perry is a stuffed suit with zero good ideas and epitomizes the Texas adage "all hat, no cattle." Anyone even thinking of voting for this moron should take a long drink of bleach which I hear is quite good on a hot summer day (If these idiots believe Perry, they'll believe anything). Contrary to pundits everywhere, Newt Gingrich didn't win this debate or any other by constantly zinging Obama. He gave no concrete ideas on how to solve anything and witty repartee does not make a presidential candidate alone. Ron Paul, losing steam fast, appeared to think that charity hospitals still exist and, even when they did, were not placed you wanted to go when you were sick unless dying was in your future. Universal health care is not unconstitutional nor impossible. Every country on earth does it and better than we do. How is it that Cuba has a better health care system than we do?

The true low moment came after Wolf Blitzer asked Paul what he would do if a thirty year old with no insurance got sick and needed six months of hospital care? Would he let him die? At that moment were a smattering of applause and a few individuals who shouted "Yeah." I seriously hope every single person that said that get nut, dick and ass cancer and have to piss and shit through a tube the rest of their miserable lives. This is the same behavior that erupted in the last debate when people applauded the over 200 lives snuffed out in Texas with the death penalty, which by the way I support within reason. No one should be put to death until their guilt is assured and DNA evidence should be available to anyone on death row. However, if your guilt is guaranteed, your appeals should be in months not decades and, to save money, you get shot in the back of the head. This will save billions in lost money. This humane way of killing people is too expensive and for less than ten dollars, I can achieve the same result.

A lot people thought the doors should have been bolted last night, gasoline spread everywhere and a match lit. No one in that room should have been left alive. I HATE THE TEA PARTY. These fascist f#$ckers need to die, die, die. If there idiocy continues, this country will be nothing like what our founding fathers wanted no mater what piss poor history lessons they spout out of their ignorant mouths. Anyone in the Tea Party should be shunned, tarred and feathered. Let them eat the freakin' cake they keep throwing at the rest of us.

The good news is that Elizabeth Warren had decided to run for Congress against Scott Brown. She hasn't even announced her candidacy and she's only nine points back. That's great news for any person not a brainless schmuck in MA. Warren for Congress and maybe one day, president. She's not a corporate stooge and could do great things for this country. Donate to her cause today.

Saturday, September 10, 2011


This one was really a no brainer, but only by a hair over the GOP debate. Let's see those runner ups.

9/11 redux- As expected, the booga booga machine has ramped up another scare tactic, which in all probability, may actually be real this time. If there really is a terrorist group out to get us, Al Queda, the Taliban, whatever, they have been shockingly inept at doing anything to us here these last ten years. We had 9/11 which is still suspect as to what exactly went down. We had the anthrax attacks that still have no explanation as to who or why to this day. That was it. No car bombs. No attacks on malls. Nothing. Give me 500,000 dollars and ten men and I'll bring any country to it's knees. As I am sure they have that capability and man power, the fact they have done nothing is not a testament to how good our policing is (it isn't) but rather to the fact that this "war" we are fighting is basically a bunch of fundamentalist morons who couldn't shoot a barn with a shotgun. If nothing happens this time around, can we declare victory and send all of our troops home please. If something does happen that god help the poor, innocent Muslims here as US as anger is seething right now and any spark could lead to supremely violent results. I do not want to see that happen. Let us hope a false flag or, worse, some lunatic with a genocidal death wish that actually fires up some car bombs nationwide, doesn't occur.

2)The Weather- For the first time in the history of this country, we have a major environmental disaster every month for the past year. We've had blizzards, fires, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, flooding and even radiation. All that's left is brimstone and locusts and we've got ourselves an Apocalypse. Added to that is that this year is the hottest on record for Texas, even worse than the 1934 dust bowl year that climate skeptics like to throw in everyone's faces. We've also had the second hottest nationwide just below 1936. In August, not one state in the lower 48 had below average temperatures. Because of La Nina, these conditions are unlikely to change. Forecast: unpleasant, unhealthy and unbearable.

3)Turkey/Egypt- If you haven't seen this ongoing crisis on the nightly news, you're not alone. This is one of the most underreported stories this year, right up there with 9/11 skepticism, Fukishima radiation bathing us all and Clarence Thomas's bribery scandal. It's like the news isn't trying anymore to even give us bad news but just ignore it completely. Turkey has threatened to send warships to escort any flotilla, plus they are telling Israel that oil and natural gas reserves may be seized in the Mediterranean. War anyone? Add to that the recent attack on a Israeli embassy in Egypt that took the military hours to intervene and started by the Muslim Brotherhood and you have a recipe for disaster. They still have a nuclear armed Iran to worry about and the upcoming Sept. 20th UN vote on Palestine statehood. An armed conflict between Israel and Turkey is bad as both are our allies. There is little question though of who we would back in fight and that may lead to the dissolution of NATO, as Turkey is a member. This could ugly fast.

4)Republicans- The GOP debate, as written about earlier, was the usual sham you think it was. Romney's health care plan will continue to bite him in the ass for not defending it and Perry's SS stand is going to make him a pariah in states like Florida which he would absolutely need to win. Hell, Texas isn't assured of him winning at this point. The rest of the clowns have no chance (sorry Ron Paul but even you're getting a little crazy too). Keep it up and your guaranteeing four more years of a man you loathe.


6)Obama- His jobs speech this week was the usual bunch of nonsense that will not work. Without fixing things like tariffs, wages, and outsourcing, any jobs bill is doomed to fail. People should not be fired because a company can make more money by hiring someone at half the cost. It happens all the time, and to me personally twice. Half the people I know out of work are so for the same reason. How American is that? We are truly expendable now and every time one of you idiots take less pay for work, you are declining standards for all of us. I keep hearing "but I need money to live." No you don't. Stop paying anything but what is necessary, not like your mortgage or credit cards are worth anything. Go to Washington, park your butt on the Mall lawn and refuse to leave until things change. A million people doing just that will get some attention and real change. Otherwise, guess what, it's not going to happen. And as a result, your wages will continue to fall until America is officially third world country. Fight for your rights people because neither party is there to help you. Make them help you. And as for any idiot working for Ford or Stonebridge Press or Safe Home Security or any thousands of other companies screwing their employees over with wage discrimination, stop working for these asses. Or maybe you just like being a slave. So blow me Obama and your idiotic jobs bill that will never pass anyway. You are douche bag of the week.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Republicans Debate. Winner? Barack Obama. Loser? The American People

In Simi Valley California, the "leaders" in the GOP race to become President came together to explain their positions on everything from Obamacare to jobs and not much in between. It's not like we're fighting two wars, including an increasingly unwinnable drug war right here in our backyard, serious socio-economic problems, lobbying that has become almost predatory in nature, and a government that is becoming more and more out of touch with it's constituents.

Instead we heard about how the Apocalypse that has fallen upon the residents of states like Massachusetts due to their universal health care coverage. Apparently, they've never actually been here to find out that, horror of horrors, it works quite well thank you. Having lived in the state for the past five years and worked in the health care industry in the past, I can tell you almost everything you've heard about the state is completely and totally wrong. The most outlandish is that it takes months to see your doctor for an appointment. At no time during a recent health problem that required me to see my doctor weekly and several specialists did an appointment set me further back than a few days. A frecent appointment to see my dentist took longer to set up. By the way, stop telling me Obamacare is costing us jobs as almost all of the provisions don't take effect until 2014 and currently only protect children. So unless businesses are hiring 8 year olds, Obamacare is not the reason their letting people go. It's greed with Obama being the scapegoat.

Current front runner Rick Perry came across as a lifeless mannequin who could only crow about all the low paying jobs his state has created over his terms as governor. Texas currently rates near or at the bottom for everything from school testing, to obesity, to poverty rates, to unemployment. Compare that to Massachusetts on the other end of the spectrum on education, health care to aid for the poor and the distinctions between Romney and Perry become very obvious. Perry is George Bush all over again: a hick governor more interested in religion than actually governing. With his stats, Obama is dying for him to be his opponent.

Mitt Romney did as well as he could having to run from his success in Romneycare, which is the equivalent of Van Gogh trying to downplay the greatness of "Starry Night." The good news for Romney was Perry seemed even more robotic and stiff than he usually does, giving the whole night a "rock em sock robots" kind of feel. Perry: "Obamacare is Romneycare," Whack! Romney: "Your state is filled with low paying, go nowhere jobs," Kapow! Yawn. With Perry calling Social Security a Ponzi scheme, as if repeating it over and over would make it even more true, showed a sheer lack of knowledge about how the thing works. Trying to appeal to the Tea Party is like trying to win favor over the craziest people at the local mental institution. It's not going to work with the more sane of us and all you're doing is getting yourself committed.

The rest of the pack did real damage to whatever was left of their credibility. Rick Santorium and Newt Gingrich continue to delude themselves that they matter in the slightest. Newt took umbrage that the moderator was asking questions that might divide the GOP hopefuls. Really, Newt? Why would anyone in a debate try to distance themselves from some of the idiotic positions many GOP candidates have gotten themselves into. Everytime some schmuck says he doesn't believe in evolution, climate change or that gays are less than people, that sucking sound your hearing isn't jobs going to Mexico but the amount of money going out of your coffers and into your opponents. This is why these two are on life support. Gingrich is such a lying blowhard that I half expect him to literally explode at a future debate. Santorium has continued to fade into the background as his "Christian" values seem more akin to the Devil, who also couldn't care less about the poor and needy.

Michelle Bachmann's crazy train has mercifully derailed, Herman Cain needs to go back to Godfather's Pizza, Ron Paul appears to be about ready to blurt out "the redcoats are coming" at any moment, and no one knows or cares about Jon Huntsman.

According to the most recent polls, Romney is the only one with a chance of beating Obama. This means that Obama, a deeply unpopular President right now, could face almost any GOP candidate and win with a campaign of "what are you going to do, vote for Rick Perry?" That sad part is that strategy might very well propel him into another four year term.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Possible Mid East War Brewing: TV Media Silent

For anyone not reading the papers, here's a heads up for you: Things are going very badly in Israel right now. Rockets continue to fly from Gaza, Egypt is being less than helpful patrolling the Sinai Crossing. war with Lebanon/Syria/Iran could happen at any minute and now Turkey has suspended all ties with them for the flotilla incident last year where nine civilians were killed while they were being boarded. With that incident, I am sick and tired of hearing, "they only had knives and crowbars, why'd you have to shoot them." Those objects will kill you are sure as a bullet, stupid, that's why. Liberal pussies. I hate the idea of mediated reciprocation when violence is concerned. There is no such thing as overreaction when deadly weapons are involved. Just because one is more primitive than the other doesn't mean it's any less lethal.

As if that wasn't bad enough, the Palestinians are lobbying for statehood come the 20th. Only a handful of countries ae opposed to this, most importantly being that of Israel, and by extension, the US. We don't want veto the option and make us look like we are playing favorites but that is exactly what is going to happen. Palestinian President Abbas has pledged his support to avoid violence but that may be inevitable.

Syria continues to do as they please as we never were actually going to do more than support for the rebels (which I still think we are doing through the CIA to destabilize the region and drive a wedge between Turkey and Syria). I am unsure if we really want Syria to fall or if we are doing this just to screw with them but I strongly think its the latter.

Turkey tries to play the king maker but psychopath Erdogon is doing a half assed job at it. He threatens Israel who responded with "we double dog dare you try." Turkey's military is no match for Israel no matter how much it might want to be. And suspending all economic ties with Israel, as they have threatened to do, will ultimately hurt Turkey more than Israel. Thus the reason only military co-ops and weaponry are affected, not goods which would send the economy into a tailspin.

Iran continues blazing forward with a push toward a nuclear armed Islamic regime, a horrifying thought at best. Yes Pakistan also has them, but the military runs the show there and they are anything but Islamic fundamentalists. A nuclear Iran may well end it for us all. People not afraid to die are excatly the kind of people who shouldn't own a microwave oven let alone nuclear weapons.

None of this is being talked about. Why?

Sunday, September 4, 2011


This is take two as my computer crashed yesterday and took most of this article with it. Let's see those runner ups.

1)Apple- It was revealed this week that Apple searched the home of a suspect's home where a lost prototype GPS signal led them there. Local police assisted but made no mention to the suspect that the people doing the search were not law enforcement. Since when do corporations get to search people's home? When I've had money or items stolen from me in the past, you could count on the police being less than helpful. They certainly wouldn't allow me to search someone else's home. Just another day in the Corporate State of America. Incidentally, the owner was furious when he found out that Apple searched his home (which they found nothing by the way) which he thought were police. Never let cops search your home without a warrant, regardless of whether you have anything to hide or not. You being nice may just wind you up in prison if they do uncover something planted, forgotten or well hidden. The police ARE NOT there to protect you anymore. Never forget that.

2)Madonna- Her latest film W.E. was predictably panned at the Venice film festival this week. Considering her acting skills have been pretty rough, with only her role as Breathless Mahoney in Dick Tracy passable, her directing abilities have been even worse. Based around the brother of King George VI (and the film the King's Speech), it delves into why he gave up the throne for the woman he loved. Too bad the film is really, really bad.

3)Movies in General- Another disastrous week from Hollywood that is completely understandable considering the absolute drek they have dumped on us these past few weeks. Other than the well reviewed and scary looking Contagion and the action packed Killer Elite, the rest of the next few months look like August, ie crappy. Remakes like Straw Dogs (really?!!), Footloose (will modern teens even know this flick) and sequels like Paranormal Activity 3 (one too many times to the same well I fear) and Johnny English Reborn (I admit I liked the first one but it made a dollar ninety eight at the box office) made me seriously question what is going on. Add to it this past weekend where PG-13 horror went to die with bad reviews and turn out for Apollo 18 and the truly idiotic Shark Night 3D. Incidentally, PG-13 horror movies have been losing money for years, yet you keep making them. Odd.

4) GOP candidates- With Rick Perry at the top of the pack, you have to seriously question the ability of the US public to do anything in their self interests anymore. Perry is Corporate Central, worse than Obama. To vote for him is treason. Not that voting for Obama is any better mind you.

5)Deniers, disbelievers, and hard core skeptics- We keep hearing how 9/11 happened exactly as the government reported it, that the Earth is not warming, ghosts don't exist and we are all alone in the universe. Not one of these things is true, and provably so, yet we ae under a deluge of negativism to any of these ideas. Weather is very odd right now and while the cause may be under some scrutiny, it is happening. With the anniversary of 9/11 rapidly approaching we are still being lied to. The 9/11 commission didn't buy the official line of bull, why should we. Just to recap some of the best parts, the FAA and the military lied to the commission about the timeline of the events, nano thermite dust has been found at Ground Zero by at least four separate, independent tests, the failure of NORAD to intercept the planes has never been explained (and I have found people and personally interviewed them who have worked at NORAD in the past who say the official events are simply not possible knowing how NORAD operates), the FBI never accused Bin Laden of complicity with the attacks, WT7's fall cannot be explained by any scientist on the planet (the 9/11 commission never tackled the problem and the NIST report had to be redacted when a high school physics teacher challenged the math behind it and won), and the plane's trajectory into the Pentagon has been ruled impossible by the guy they say was flying. These are just a handful of the issues on this subject. Considering Rumsfeld, the day before 9/11, announced the Pentagon was missing several trillion dollars. All of the evidence gathered on this was conveniently destroyed in WT7's fall and the attack on the Pentagon. Wasn't that convenient. 9/11 may have been a diversion to deflect attention away from trillions stolen from taxpayers and then used as run up to war to make even more money. Stop denying what is right in front of your face.

6)Turkey- Still pissed after the flotilla disaster a few years back, Turkey has recalled their ambassador, suspended all military contracts and is threatening to bring the incident to the International Military Tribune. Israel responded by telling them to go to hell so tensions between the two, once allies, to a new low with us caught in the middle. They are threatening to use warships to accompany the next flotilla, which will almost certainly be seen as an act of war by Israel. This could get ugly fast with the vote for Palestinian Statehood set for Sept. 20th, something opposed by the US and Israel but will get worldwide support otherwise. Incidentally, it appears the uprising in Syria may by CIA oriented, as this occurrence has put a big wedge in any Turkey/Iran/Syria alliance. Turkey is spinning it's wheels and may not be pleased how this all winds up because if the US has to pick between Turkey and Israel, the end result is a foregone conclusion. Turkish nationals in this country may also pay a price for further destabilization by an angry government.

7)Obama-This guy has not had a good week, a lot by his own hands. Liberals are PISSED with people like Keith Olbermann ranting about Obama's decision to reneg on yet anothetr campaign promise on fixing the Clean Air Act which he said would cost too many jobs to implement. Good thing those kids with asthma can't vote. Unions are taking their money out of the democrats strongholds for their failure to support unions in placed like Wisconsin and Ohio and failure to support universal health care which would have benefited everyone. It's worked very well in MA and I would know. I not only live here but I'm licensed to sell health insurance in the state. Obama's campaign at this point is "what are you going to do, vote for Rick Perry?" I won't vote for either. And neither should you. Where are the real leaders who will stand up and say enough? Where is our generations FDR, someone willing to tackle big business and drum them down a peg? Lost in the white noise I suspect. We are headed for a big cliff and so far no one has a way out. Maybe there isn't. So way to go Obama. You are indeed douchebag of the week.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Presidential Campaign Heats Up As Voters Voice Displeasure

The results are in and a clear front runner has emerged. Drum roll please. And the man destined to be your next president is........ DDDDDDDDDDDUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM: Nobody. That's right. Democrat, Conservative, Independent, didn't matter. They consensus is they all suck. And they would be right.

Obama has been nothing short of a disaster, a person great at giving stump speeches, but terrible at actually governing. The way he gives in to GOP demands, we might as well as have had W for another four years. His jobs plan is a failure because it fails to tackle the central problems, outsourcing and wage declines. They are lots of jobs out there. The problem is, they don't pay anything. A recent AOL story said there were countless jobs in things like sales, trucking and health care. The health care part is dead on with jobs that have decent wages. As for the other two, not even close. A friend of mine recently got a trucking job. He works 16 hour days for about 12 bucks an hour. Not exactly bringing home the bacon for that much work. Sales on the other hand, is a joke. I worked in the industry for years and left as either the pay got to be ridiculous or the amount of hours needed to be put in was. I don't want to work 16 hour days. Sorry I have a life. Especially when the pay isn't that great. On the AOL site I went in looked at these great sales jobs they were crowing about. The first four pages were auto sales (all commission), the next five real estate (also all commission) and these jobs are all tanking as no one is buying new cars or real estate right now. The rest of the list, nationwide, were retail jobs that pay 10-12 bucks and hour. F#$K THAT. I am not working for wages that will not get me anywhere. I'd still be broke AND working awful hours, including nights and weekends. I'll stick with writing thank you. It may not pay much but I'm my own boss and I work my own hours. The job situation cannot improve until Obama gets it through his head that we cannot compete with places like Mexico, China and India when it comes to wages. As long as this continues, America will be underpaid and overworked.

Half of the people I know are out of work, and almost all have been laid off to save the company money by rehiring someone to fill the position at half the pay. Stonebridge Press laid me off for that very reason and have now lost their entire editing staff as well. We live in a country where success is prohibited for all but the top tier. How American is that?

On the GOP side, Perry continues his rise which will be followed by an historic fall. Many republicans feel, Perry is a lost cause. First, why pick somebody that everyone is going to compare to George Bush. Second, his record is garbage and will be eviscerated for it. Third, rumors of infidelity could Tiger Woods his career quick. Romney is probably their best bet and someone I wouldn't say no to, depending on his views on certain things. Paul will never get the nomination as he would be too damaging to the status quo so hopefully Romney will be the pick after Perry's inevitable self destruction. He was a good governor and if he wasn't such an idiot to run away from the success of his health care plan (I live in MA and love the health care compared to any other state I've lived in), he'd be a shoo-in. By the way, when you hear those idiots say it takes two months to get a doctor appointment, they lied. I can get in to see my doctor in a few days notice. On the other hand, my dentist took a month. It all depends on where you live in the state and has more to do with doctor shortages, especially GP's, not Romneycare.

So, if the election were held tomorrow, turn out would be at record lows. We need a leader. Too bad none of them seem to be running.