Sunday, July 31, 2016


Yet another week when the Trumpster fire spins out of control. This week was huge as he continued to put his foot in his mouth on a near daily basis insulting Muslims, soldiers and near committing treason which he said "I was being sarcastic" about asking Russia to hack Hillary. You know what isn't sarcasm? This awful presidential run where I get to choose between a war mad harpy who cheated her way to the top or a retarded orangutan with narcissistic and psychopathic qualities. Let's see those runner ups.

10)Olympics- Yes the Olympics are coming soon and with it a host of problems. Will it be the police and firefighters that say that most of their fellow officers are corrupt as hell that causes the worst of the upcoming event? Or will it be the sewage water that Rio calls an "'ocean?" Or will it be gangs of thugs robbing people? Or could it even be a stadium collapse due to shoddy construction? Only time will tell, but some of these are inevitable. What a giant clusterfuck.

9)Facebook- These media giant admitted this week that it was erasing links to Wikileaks postings of the DNC emails and voice messages. That is not your job guys and raises serious first amendment issues. I get not wanting to post some things that are racist or sexual or that kind of offensive. But blocking sites that give information that is important to an election and factually accurate is telling. Stop behaving like Big Brother. We get it. You don't like Trump. But Hillary is no prize either, just slightly better than him. Stop making things worse please.

8)BLM- This group has lost all semblance of control. Now labeled a Terrorist group in Russia, they are headed the same in Europe. This past week dozens of BLM members were arrested in France for arson and assault after they attacked cops and businesses with firebombs and sticks. Here at home, they keep telling us white people matter less by demanding they go the back of the line and have black faces up front at rallies, like that isn't racist at all. Congratulations, you have lost all legitimacy. You still have no published demands, no way to implement any of the rare things you do say you want and an increasingly racist attitude toward white people. Say hi to OWS on your way out the door.

7)Angela Merkel- And the most likely politician to be assassinated anywhere on Earth right now goes to German chancellor, Merkel who inexplicably admitted refugees were a problem but then refused to do anything about it. Actually, she wanted MORE refugees, despite the fact that they had four terrorist attacks THIS WEEK, all from refugees or Muslim citizens (even that one was a real nutbag). The Germans want none of this and with good reason, Their women are getting molested and/or raped, violent crime is up and all of it is from refugees who want nothing to do with German society. This is going to end badly when Germans rise up and start killing refugees in mass numbers, guilty or not. This woman better hope she survives the inevitable new elections that are going to happen when people decide they want her gone.

6)Russia/Wikileaks- These guys are asking for a nuclear war. They keep buzzing out planes, making threats to everyone and even reversed their "No nuke first" pledge. They already invaded Ukraine so what next Poland? Finland? All of eastern Europe? It didn't help anyone when they were widely suspected of hacking into the DNC and giving the info to Wikileaks, whose founder Julian Assange, has good reason not to like the US after we trumped up spurious rape charges against him for leaking classified information. He responded in kind by leaking classified info his group hacked not always for the best of reasons. His hacked voice mails from the DNC were pointless, the emails from the DNC contained some info that was not necessary to leak and the latest posts about Turkey were the worst as they contained names, addresses and other important info about dissidents against PM Erdogan. He is sure to use that info to crack down even further against them, mostly women. It also proves that Wikileaks is now a Russian arm caused by own idiocy against Assange.

5)ISIS- These fuckwads are going to start a massive war and genocide against their own people if these attacks continue. Germany had four attacks just this week while France, still recovering from the brutal truck attack in Nice last week, saw two Muslim douchebags storm a church and execute a priest. Local authorities and even fellow Muslims are refusing to bury the two literally saying "let them rot." I can't blame them. If I was a Muslim who just wanted to go about my day, worship the way I wanted and not want to kill anyone, I would think that these dickheads are going to get me and my family killed. ISIS is one big attack away from WW3. One man shot Archduke Ferdinand and hundreds of millions died from that one bullet. Don't think that can't happen again.

4)Bernie Supporters- We get it. Your guy lost (mine too). And the person who won cheated to get there. However, on the flip side of this shrill corporatist is the devil himself waiting to ruin the world and bring hell to Earth. Trump is truly dangerous as seen by his way too thin skin, lack of anything resembling a solution and embrace of religious right lunacy. I don't want to vote for Hillary but I don't seem to have much of a choice here. My advice is hold your nose and vote Hillary. Once that is over, help start a new third party which the past campaign with Bernie proved you didn't need huge sponsors and corporate money to win. 2018 is right around the corner and if we start getting people in Congress with our sensibilities, real change can happen. So stop bitching and get to work. I already have.

3)Debbie Wasserman Schultz- This corporate stooge lost her job this week at the DNC for rigging the election for Hillary, not to mention doing a shit job here for the past several years. The democrats lost in 2014 because of her idiocy and putting up worse candidates against beatable opponents, the same way Republicans did in 2012. Instead of getting rid of people like McConnell or Reid, they were re-elected when their opponents flamed out spectacularly. NY representative from Staten Island, Mike Grimm, won his election bid because his democratic opponent was horrific and Grimm was going to jail for corruption charges as well as recently threatening to throw a reporter off a balcony for asking about it. Yet Shultz helped run a retard against him to a deafening loss. She has been, of course, hired by the Hillary campaign, most likely as a favor for helping her steal the election. When Hillary wins, expect a lot more of this.

2)The DNC- The DNC cheated and Hillary did not win fair and square. Thus the evidence now shown by multiple sources, myself included. Several studies prove the election was hacked as Bernie votes mysteriously disappeared in all electronic voting areas but was 100% accurate in paper ballot areas. Diebold has been rigging elections for years. In 2004, three people went to jail for rigging the Ohio election. Good luck finding the story because it has been more or less erased from the internet. I found it after days of looking, buried in local papers only. But it DID happen. Our elections are a sham with the person predetermined to win, in this case Hillary. As she cheated badly in the primaries, there is little reason she won't do the same in the general election. And when this comes out, Trump and his supporters are going to be lethally mad.

1)Donald Trump- Holy crap did he step in it this week. Hillary is not only seeing a DNC bounce, but Trump's comments are pissing off a whole group of people. First he asked Russia to hack Hillary's emails, which isn't treason at all (insert sarcasm here), then insulted both Muslims and soldiers when he denigrated a Muslim family speaking at the DNC about their son, also Muslim, who died fighting for his country. He has since backtracked on a lot of this but the damage was already done. As is that wasn't bad enough, he then claimed the NFL sent him a letter agreeing with him that the democrats were trying to sabotage the upcoming debates by setting them up opposite NFL games, just like Shultz did during the democratic ones. There were multiple problems with this statement. First off, a group of equal democrats and republicans make the debate schedule, not just Hillary or the DNC. They have no say over the matter. Two, the NFL denied ever sending a letter to Trump about this who of course cannot produce said letter either, just like his "proof" about Obama's birth certificate. Much like Hillary, this man cannot stop lying. He is not presidential material and a vote for him is a vote to end the world so do so at your own risk. Congratulations Trump, you are indeed douchebag of the week.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016


democratic primary results


Trump is his own worst enemy. Today he publicly called on Russia to hack more emails from Hillary somehow unaware this is somewhat treasonous and completely unfitting for someone seeking the highest office in the land. Sources I have looking into this security breach say that there are strong indicators that Russia did indeed hack into the DNC but they also remind me that IP addresses can be easily spoofed and that hasn't been ruled out either. So at this point we don't know for sure but preliminary evidence does point their way.

The DNC and Hillary are doing everything they can to keep this race close by their own stupidity. These latest round of emails are most likely the first of many that will spill out over the course of the election and could signal a sign that foreign powers are trying to rig an election. This will not end well for any of us if true. Meanwhile, Hillary inexplicably picks Tim Kaine as VP and then re-hires Schultz to her campaign after being told to step down as DNC chair. Does she not see how bad this all looks? The public sure didn't like it because Trump skyrocketed up in the polls far greater than the RNC bump should have been. He leads as much as seven points in some polls and Hillary's numbers have dropped from a sure thing to a narrow lead overall by election day. And that lead could evaporate even further if more emails, or some yet unknown crisis arrives, that destroys her candidacy.

Trump will kill us all, make no mistake about it. Does anyone think this orange ape has the temperament to deal with foreign powers? To make matters worse, it would seem Pence will be the true power in charge and he's a religious wingnut. There is no choice here. Hillary is all we have and we are going to have suck it up and pray she doesn't fuck the country up when that TPP passes, either by lame duck session or when Hillary becomes President. She still is likely to win as she IS going to rig the election in her favor. Diebold will make sure of it. Changing the electronic vote is suspiciously easy and leaves no trail. A new study released this week shows hard evidence the primary election was stolen in Hillary's favor.

So why am I supporting her? Because Trump is the anti-Christ who will end mankind. Things will probably not go much better when Hillary wins if for no other reason, she will cheat, Trump will notice and this country will erupt in violence. November is going to be a turbulent month.

That is also assuming if we even get there. ISIS is on a tear lately as Germany struggles with the realization that letting millions of Muslim refugees into a free society didn't work out too well. They have had multiple attacks in just the last seven days, scores of rapes over the last few months and a public sick of it all. Merkel's days are done soon and in her place a much far right government is coming. In Germany. With a group of refugees for which most are fine people but a small percentage are wrecking havoc for all. What does that sound like? It'll come to me in a moment.

ISIS is headed toward two inevitabilities. One, if they keep this up, far right dictatorships are going to sprout from across Europe and North America. We face that now with Trump. And two, Muslims face genocide when the planet rises up and wipes from the Earth. This is not something I want or recommend but it is something that cannot be stopped if it gets that far. When people are forced to decided between their family's safety and someone else's, there is no contest. And when that moment comes, regular people will slaughter Muslims in the street.We are getting dangerously close to that moment, because sooner or later, some psycho is going to do something horrific, which could be anything from killing the Pope to letting off a nuke in Tel Aviv, and the world will burn, with the Muslims of the world with it.

BLM is facing similar criticisms and is being labeled a terrorist organization in more than one country now. Riots in France led to dozens of arrests for things like arson and assault all from BLM there. Here at home, video caught organizers at a rally in Philly telling white people to go to the back of the line, totally unaware of the rich irony they were speaking. Then they went down the street telling people not to vote for Hillary because she "kills black people," which makes NO sense whatsoever. It's a little late for buyer's remorse now guys. You should have backed Bernie when you had the chance, you know the guy who personally fought for civil rights alongside MLK, but that ship has sailed. Trump will be far worse and they should know it. Get on board the Hillary train with the rest of us because the alternative is too horrible to contemplate.

Hopefully Hillary can make this work to her advantage. She needs to hammer him on his tax returns which show he is vulnerable there. She needs to make some sort of gesture to progressives to get them to vote for her like legal pot, which a recent study even had Republicans favoring over 50% for the first time. She needs a wedge issue beyond what she has and that could get Millennials interested in her. It would boost her popularity by a lot according to my data. But will she? Probably not as she stands to lose money from Big Pharma which stands to lose hundreds of billions in profits should weed become nationally legal. And there in lies the problem in that even if Hillary wins, chances of her doing anything good for the country is nil. But at least we can be annoyed with that rather than struggle to find food and clean water in a nuclear hellscape if Trump wins.

Monday, July 25, 2016


I told you this would happen a year ago. Regular readers know my politcal predictions are around 90% accurate. My predictions of economic collapse and war however are far worse, but stats show I am almost never wrong when it come to elections. I wish to God I was wrong this time but nope, I nailed it. I told you Hillary was a corporate stooge with no real desire to enact ANY progressive ideals. She proved that by picking Kaine as her running mate, a white man as corporate as it gets. She further proved it by hiring that demon Debbie Wasserman Shultz seconds after being fired, who was caught red handed being complicit in rigging the election for Hillary. I also told you the press was in the bag for Hillary, as they represent the establishment and wouldn't want to rock the boat. Those leaked emails show a horrible level of corruption between the DNC, Hillary and the press. Politico got her approval before one article was published. How is that not collusion and scary as hell?

The Democrats have become the corporate party and the Republicans are now the religious/lunatic party. If that is the only choices we get, there is NO real choice as both lead to our subjugation and ultimate end of society as we know it. For people who want REAL Republican and/or Democratic ideas, you are shit out of luck because they don't exist anymore. You can worship God or money and that is it. This election will change this country drastically so here is a sample of what we can probably expect from either one of these idiots in their first 100 days in office.


After getting into office, Trump fills his cabinet with Trey Gowdy as Attorney General. Christie as his Chief of Staff and Sarah Palin to the Supreme Court, angering people worldwide. In a span on 48 hours, Trump manages to insult several world leaders, including Angela Merkel who he described as a "dumpy beer garden waitress with the mumps," and new British PM Theresa May as "Lurch in a dress,"while enacting his new economic plan and repeal of Obamacare thanks to a runaway win at the election box when liberals stayed home in droves. Three weeks later, health care has ended for everyone when it collapses after only sick people bought insurance once the individual mandate was released and insurance companies went bankrupt overnight. Poverty skyrocketed in that same time as rich people took their huge tax cuts and sat on them rather than "creating jobs," or whatever nonsense the right keeps telling us. Riots begin in every city after food stamps are ended and people, unable to buy food, rebel. But none of that matters after Trump tells Putin to go fuck himself on national TV and calls Kim Jong Un a "deranged midget." Nuclear missiles wipe out humanity.

HILLARY WINS- Hillary spends the first 100 days cackling like a mad woman and appoints Schultz as the AG, her husband as Chief of Staff and Obama for the Supreme Court. TPP passes easily and she sells this country out to the highest bidder. Jobs fly out of the country as the rich get richer and safety nets meant to protect the worst off go bankrupt due to the sheer number of people on them. Riots happen but the police crush them after the 2nd amendment gets repealed when record number of Republicans stayed home and Democrats got complete control of everything. Everything you say or do is recorded, for "your protection," including actions in your own home. Lawsuits are useless as arbitration is the only way to get anything done after the TPP ends our legal system. Rebellion is impossible as poverty soars and the poor are forced to live in worse and worse conditions with no way to stop it. Welcome to Dystopia Prime.

Now these are both extreme but scarily, not impossible either. Trump will kill us all and/or bankrupt the system. Hillary will enslave us. Which is better because I am not sure about either? We need another choice but who? If Hillary supporters hadn't sold us down the river, Sanders would be crushing this election right now. But we didn't vote for him in large enough numbers and the primaries were stolen, just as the general election will be. Hillary will probably be our next president but her record shows we should fear her almost as much as Trump.

Sunday, July 24, 2016


What a fucked up week this was. Another black man was shot while lying on the ground and not moving. Debbie Wasserman Shultz proved herself to be corrupt beyond words. Islamic terrorism was rampant. Trump and the GOP sounded like they were auditioning for the new Mad Max movie. And then came Hillary who all she had to do was nominate a progressive and instead picked a corporate stooge as her running mate. Now, she has gone from a definite winner to maybe being the next President. Fuck her, fuck Trump and fuck anyone defending either of these two losers. Let's see those runner ups in a truly depressing week.

10)The North Miami police department- As if things are not bad enough, some douche cop with an itchy trigger finger and terrible aim shot Charles Kinsey as he lay motionless on the ground. What horrific crime did they think he was guilty of? A mistaken case of suicide attempt which makes little sense to shoot someone if that was the case which it wasn't. That was happening blocks away and this was actually a therapist trying to get his severely autistic patient back to the group home. The shooter cop was placed on paid leave, but let's face facts, should be fired at the very least. Then the commander there was put on unpaid leave for telling different stories about what happened. This was the worst case yet and will almost certainly lead to more animosity toward the police nationwide. Congrats.

9)Pat McCory- The governor of North Carolina got the first of many bitch slaps this week when the NBA announced their All-Star game scheduled for Charlotte in 2017 was going elsewhere for their anti-gay bills recently passed. They also stand to lose billions in federal aid when that weaves its way through the court and with it thousands of jobs and most likely, his job as well. The only reason he isn't worse off in the polls for the election is the democrats are running yet another wet blanket with the appeal of a used couch from a porn set. Schultz needs to go.This is yet another reason why.

8)Protesters/BLM- The GOP wasn't exactly the hot bed of radicalism I was expecting. One protest for 5000 people brought exactly no one to the rally. All that was standing there were a dozen cops, half a dozen press people and a dog who was sleepy. That's it. If you can't even get to your own rally which you spent money on permits and the like, your movement is dying. BLM is struggling because they have no leader (a bad sign), no organization beyond pointless protests (ala OWS) and no ideas on how to stop cop violence at all. Instead, BLM is blocking traffic and sidewalks, including one disturbing video where two black morons stop an elderly white guy from using the sidewalk and block his every step. How is that not racist and in poor taste? BLM is done just like OWS. We get it. Black Lives Matter. Now what? All I hear is crickets.

7)Gay Republicans- This is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Peter Theil, who recently took down Gawker, gave a speech at the convention, somehow ignoring the fact that the party platform is very anti-gay which he is. Gay that is. What next: Blacks for the KKK? Jews for Hitler? Vegans for McDonalds? This is insantity. Stop supporting people who want you dead.

6)Leslie Jones Racists- Speaking of gay Trump supporters, this week, one such influential blogger Milo Yiannopoulos was banned for life from Twitter for having his followers spit racist comments on Leslie Jones. And I mean RACIST stuff. I love Leslie Jones so I felt bad for her having to deal with this level of nonsense from gay republicans which means they are far more confused than normal gay people. Leslie rocks and you guys suck balls. Literally apparently.

5)Roger Ailes- Jabba the GOP Hut was fired this week from Fox News for sexual harassment. This had been going on for decades but firing Gretchen Carlson was the last straw and his media empire collapsed at that point. It didn't help that he was pro-Trump which the owners, the Murdochs, are not. You know who else isn't? The Koch Brothers. This week they pulled funding from a Wisconsin Senator who spoke at the GOP in favor of Trump. The may not be pro Hillary, but this shows they aren't giving him or anyone who likes Trump cash either. Hillary must be secretly thrilled.

4)Islamic Terrorists- They have been busy little beavers this week. Germany has had three attacks in the last couple days, the most recent happening when a Syrian refugee today killed one and injured several others with a machete. This is hot on the heels of the attacks in Nice and just last month here in Orlando. If this keeps up, there are going to be a lot of dead Muslims when people lose their minds and see ALL Muslims as a threat. I don't want that but it is what is going to happen if this continues.

3)GOP Convention- What a waste of time and space that was. We saw such "stars" as Scott Baio and Tony Sabato Jr. Ohh, pinch me. We saw Christie prove that Hillary was a witch and then tried to drown her in a local river to see if she floats. We saw Guilani lie, lie, and then lie some more. That seemed to be the theme for the whole week as it sure wasn't Make America ---- Again, which was never touched on whether the topic be security, jobs or the economy. Instead, we got four days of Hillary hate and not one concrete idea on how to fix anything. This was sad.

2)The DNC- Not as sad as this week's BIG story on how Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the press and Hillary conspired to rig the election from Sanders. Leaked emails show a disturbing level of access from press to Hillary who was given the opportunity to approve of stories before being published in the things like the Washington Post and Politico. That is not cool. It was so bad that Schultz has been removed from the convention next week and hopefully will get fired which many in the party are demanding. Less heard of are the two lawsuits filed over the last few weeks alleging voter fraud from Hillary and the DNC, which they have the facts to back it up. Our corrupt system however which most likely bury these cases.

1)Trump and Clinton- These two are the worst. Trump channeled Mussolini to a scary degree (watch old clips of the dictator and tell me he isn't dead ringer for Trump) while telling the American people everyone was out to get them and only he can save us. Right. I'd believe him better if he one solid idea how to fix anything instead of vague generalities. His speech was long, fact free and annoying as he could make it. All Hillary had to do this week to beat the deranged Oompa Loompa was to pick a good running mate which she of course didn't. Somehow thinking we are still in the 90's, Hillary's pick of corporatist Tim Kaine was a break for a middle that no longer exists. White men and independents are NEVER going to vote for her so this pick helped 0% on that. Meanwhile, progressives saw this as a thumb in their eye and may either move to Trump, or more likely, stay home on election day. Her chances went from around 75% to 55% with this move. Sure, she may win Virginia with Kaine and then again, she may lose all fifty states depending on what happens over the next few months. The election is not longer a sure thing even though I expect her to cheat like no tomorrow and she should wipe him out in the debates. Either way, I hate both of them. Congratulations both running for President. You are both douchebags of the week.

Thursday, July 21, 2016


Odds right now stand at about 80% that Hillary will win the general election. And while that is a huge amount, it is not outside the realm of possibility that Trump succeeds within than 20% margin. Demographics and the fact that whites are becoming a smaller electoral concern than years past give Hillary a huge edge. But rural America is not happy with the status quo on either side. The reason Trump is at the top of the GOP is that Republican voters wised up to the fact that their politicians were lying to them and punished them accordingly. People like Paul Ryan and Debbie Shultz are fighting to keep their jobs as outside forces are pushing them out. So why did Hillary escape the wrath that nearly everyone else received? How did Bernie Sanders not become the nominee? Easy: she cheated.

A lawsuit was filed a few days back correctly alleging that the democratic primaries were rigged in her favor by Hillary, the DNC and the press. This is the same guy who sued back in 2004 against the state of Ohio for voter fraud, which he was dead on accurate about. Studies done on just one county there show that more people voted than were registered to vote and all voted for Bush. He was going strong until his key witness died in a plane crash, the press scrubbed all traces from the internet and the story disappeared. I went back and found stories about it in small, local press releases and blogs like mine and that's it. Three people went to jail over stealing the 2004 election and no one said boo about it. That is the kind of "free" press we have. All the news they sit fit to give you. Why should this year be any different?

People are pissed are both sides and with good reason. We have promised better times forever now and nothing ever changes. The middle class is getting smaller and weaker and then they tell us it's all an illusion and everything is fine. Except it isn't when people have to work multiple jobs, like yours truly, to even get a semblance of a salary anymore. Meanwhile, the idiots on top keep grabbing more and more money, promising it will trickle down one day but never does. Republicans figured that out while a lot of Democrats, along with vigorous vote rigging, gave us Hillary. Awesome.

Michael Moore was on Real Time last night and sounded genuinely afraid that Trump would win. He should because he might. Worse, if he loses, we get Hillary. Wheee. There is no good answer here and the only reason I will still vote for that evil witch Hillary is that under her rule, society might last a little bit longer. Trump will kill us all in six months. I just have to decide if those extra months are worth it.

One of her top picks for VP, Tim Kaine, could derail her career if she is stupid enough to pick him. This could upset everything and make Trump more desirable. How you ask? As I have said in previous posts, Kaine is a corporatist who voted for the TPP, one of the ten democratic traitors to this country who should be fired and/or arrested not promoted. He has sponsored bills for deregulating banks even further, as if that didn't bankrupt the country last time. He is everything I despise in politics and fuckwad is thinking about making him the second most powerful man on Earth? Please.

If she picks him, progressives will see the Democratic party for what it is now: the shill for Big Business. As a result, they will either not vote or vote Trump as the ultimate FU to the planet and the elites who have gotten way too big for their britches. Hillary will never be able to get a lot of these people back and should the world continue until the next election, I have a feeling the Democrats and GOP will be splintered beyond repair.

Trump has all but said that his VP, in this case the religious schmuck Pence, will be the real leader while he sits back to "make America great again," whatever the fuck that means. Pence will change this country into a theocracy that will better resemble Saudi Arabia and Sharia law than a free state. Is that really what we want either?

Both choices suck back as we face the very real possibility of a religious state or a corporate hell. We have NO choices this election as no one has any way to fix what is broken. Had Bernie won, which he did, he'd be ahead by a ton with real ideas how to fix everything that may or may not have worked but at least would be a step in the right direction. This country has never tried lefty policies in decades. Maybe it's time we did because, unlike what Pence said last night about trickle down economics, how much worse could it be?

Who Hellary picks for VP will depend if she sails into the presidency or has to fight tooth and nail, not to mention cheat like there is no tomorrow, to win. The message boards are fairly explicit: pick a progressive. That doesn't mean just Liz Warren but several other picks, like Al Franken, Sherod Brown and another from Oregon whose name escapes me at the moment have all been approved by Sanders fans. If she picks Kaine, that's a slap in the face to progressives everywhere. Trump picked Pence to solidify his hold on evangelicals. Hillary has to do the same with progressives or face defeat. If she does pick Kaine or Vilsack, the current Sec. of Agriculture, we may just have a President Trump and then God help us all. Either way, I am getting a gun and soon. I think a lot of us may need one when society fails. God help us all in this election.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016


The GOP convention is somehow worse than I thought it would be. It was bad enough that they have practically ejected Big Business from their platforms (and with it any chance of winning as money will flow away from them) and instead focused on religious claptrap, but their speeches are not based on anything resembling reality. Yesterday's load of shit saw Chris Christie lecture Hillary on ethics, which is the equivalent of giving her dieting tips. We saw Ben Carson erect the specter of Saul Alinsky, which didn't work the last two presidential elections and won't now as no one outside of the Beltway has any idea who this is. But the worst was Don Trump who gave new meaning to the words "factually inaccurate." He blamed the democrats for everything, even stuff that even the most die hard Republican would question if they have any sort of brain on their head. He blamed Hillary for the economic problems, caused by Republicans not wanting to pass anything that helped Obama. He blamed her for Benghazi, when it was the GOP who cut funding for security for this base twice. He might as well as blamed her for the death of JFK, the creation of New Coke and Bill Cosby's rape trial. It was a travesty.

The Melania debacle demonstrated a lack of understanding on how to handle crisises that appeared to come right out of a Clinton playbook on how NOT to handle a scandal. Right wing idiots contorted themselves into pretzels to deny any such plagiarism happened, when it obviously did and they had the video to prove. One moron said since My Little Pony said something similar, it wasn't plagiarism. The only problem with this is that Melania used WHOLE paragraphs not similar words so yeah she did plagiarize the hell out of this.

All of this could have been avoided had the gotten ahead of the story, found a scapegoat to blame it on, and fire him instead of defining what the word is is. Sound familiar? To make matters worse, Don Trump's speech was poorly received outside of the faithful (even right wing comment sections were overwhelmingly negative about it) but it appeared to be plagiarized just like Melania. Turns out that wasn't true as the article in question being stolen from was the same author who helped write the speech. However, blatantly ripping yourself off is rather lazy and regardless, makes the story about plagiarism last that much longer.These guys have no idea what they are doing and only Hillary's strong negatives are keeping Trump in contention, which he really isn't when demographics are taken into account. If we had Bernie Sanders as our pick, which he should have been had Hillary, the DNC and the press not conspired together to make sure it didn't happen, he'd be ahead by double digits by now.

A lawsuit was filed yesterday in Ohio alleging that the primaries were rigged and they have ample evidence to prove it. Whether it will see the light of day in our rapidly fading democracy is another matter. The primaries were rigged and there is NO doubt about that. It's also why Hillary is going to win when electronic voting gives her the edge, as it did everywhere they were used in the primaries. Our democracy is lost and everyone is too busy playing that idiotic Pokemon Go game to care. Ugh. Here's your bread and circuses now shut up, is all I hear. I wish more did.

Speaking of idiots, I would like to point out two groups at this point: BLM and gay Republicans. One is now labeled a terrorist group in Russia and the other is just stupid. BLM has become a little TOO racist for white America and trust me when I say they are not happy. How bad is it? One protest scheduled for Cleveland involving BLM members and others against Trump got permits for 5000 people. Zero showed up. 0. That's telling. The anti-white racism so prevalent that there have been at least half a dozen attacks on white people and/or cops in just the last week which has turned off white America from a real problem. Cops are killing all of us with impunity. The press is just focusing on black people to make it seem racial. In reality, it far worse as an out of control police force with zero accountability is killing us in droves. Again, not all cops are bad. But the bad ones are way too many as well.

The press has all but ignored stories like the 17 year old black thug who sucker punched a 12 year white kid, knocking out several teeth when he used brass knuckles. Or the 13 year old black girl from St Louis who shot two store clerks in their 70's just cause. This was after they decided not to press charges after she was caught shoplifting there. Think any of these people are NOT going to be super racist versus black people from now on? Also FBI stats say 15% all attacks are black on white crime, 2% the other way, yet white people are the racist ones.

Here is MA, two cops, one from MA and the other from NH, got arrested this week for beating the snot out of a white guy caught on tape. I heard about it because I live here. It got NO press on a national scale. Why is that I wonder? Had the victim been black, Al Sharpton would have been screaming bloody murder as the press poured over it for days. Here, other than local news, we heard nothing. Cops are killing ALL lives and no one cares. And then they wonder why BLM is failing apart.

And then there are the dumbest of the dumb: gay Republicans. What's next? Jews for Hitler? Black KKK members? This is ridiculous. The Republican platform is exclusively anti-gay to the hilt so what kind of idiot backs this? The answer is Milo Yiannopoulos of the former twitter handle Gays for Trump. He was banned for life the other day after his equally idiotic followers harassed the supremely funny Leslie Jones of Ghostbusters and SNL fame. Now first off, Jones is my absolute favorite on the show and I personally emailed Lorne Michaels several times after her guest appearances on the Weekend Update segment to make her a regular. I am glad he did because that woman is funny.

Unfortunately, gay Republicans are also super racist because they sent some of the most foul, uncalled for racist memes and tweets to her twitter account that I am not going to repeat here. Some sent her pictures of monkeys and gorillas which is not cool. And while I am positive she doesn't read this blog I would like to tell her on behalf of white people everywhere: I'm sorry. This kind of crap has no place in a civilized society which we are rapidly not behaving as. This is proof. Jones shut down her Twitter account because of this and I don't blame her. I am going to see Ghostbusters soon and it's mostly because of her. I wish her nothing but the best and I hope one day I can meet her in person and tell her that. The haters can fuck off.

Gay people only have one choice as horrible as that choice is. Hillary will decide her VP pick soon and I know she is going to choose badly. Her top choices, according to sources, are Tom Vilsack and Tim Kaine. Let me try to hold down my excitement. She picks either of these two and she could lose as Bernie Sanders supporters flee like she is on fire. Both the GOP and Democratic party are at a crossroads. The GOP has decided to go the religious route and Democrats appear to be courting big business. So my choices right now are theocracy or fascism. I don't think most Americans are going to like either. And when that happens, this nation ends in an orgy of violence. Pick smart Hillary of else you won't be any better than Trump in people's eyes and you could Martha Coakey yourself right out of the White House and the rest of us into oblivion.

Monday, July 18, 2016


My prediction of revolution appears to be right on schedule as police officers are being needlessly killed because of this country's complete inability to change anything good or bad. Major changes are needed across the board and we can't even get a smidgen of that to happen. When that occurs, society breaks down. History and evolution shows that which doesn't adapt, dies. But as half this nation is too stupid to believe in these kinds of things, it is no big surprise that we face oblivion. The end may be closer than we think and we have no one but ourselves to blame. We elected half morons/half greedy bastards into office and then wonder why the sky is falling? Please. We got what we deserved for failing to pay attention while being brainwashed by a corporate media hell bent on disguising the truth.

White people are being shot and killed by cops too. The media just doesn't report it. One BLM supporter recently said saying white lives/all lives matter is like saying colon cancer matters during a breast cancer rally. This argument would hold up except ALL we get is breast cancer rallies in this analogy and colon cancer gets shown the door. We are all being killed by the cops but the media is turning it racial, where it may not be, and turning black against white, which is what the powers that be want. If we fight among ourselves, we are a lot less likely to realize who badly the rich are screwing us instead. The fact is that black people who have shot the police recently are also super racist douchebags which the left is trying to tell us doesn't exist. I've seen it first hand. And I don't care what your race is, don't discriminate against someone different than you without good reason. That includes the way too prevalent anti-white sentiment rampant in black communities now.

During the backdrop of this, several hate groups are headed for the RNC convention and with it, open carry laws. So Neo-nazis. Black Panthers,the Westboro Bapist Church and the Oath Keepers are all going to converge in one spot, along with the usual brand of Trump supporters and haters. This is an accident waiting to happen. Let's see how many states keep open carry laws if this turns into the bloodbath it is likely to.

Hillary waits in the wings, carefully deciding her VP choice. From what I've read, her pick may very well either sink or swim her campaign. I've been looking at comment sections, polls and talking with various people and the answer is stark. If Hillary picks a true progressive, Sanders, Warren even Sherod Brown, she wins easily. She picks a corporatist like Kaine, and she could lose, not to mention end the Democratic party as millions abandon it for the next four years until they can get a new party started which is not as far fetched as it was just a year ago. People are mad at this rigged system and if Hillary tells the progressives to go eat cake, they are going to cram it in her face. A recent poll said over 90% of Sanders supporters HATE Tim Kaine, as well as Julian Castro and even Corey Booker didn't poll well. The top choice is and will be Liz Warren. If Hillary doesn't pick her and goes with Kaine, there is a solid chance she loses in November, unless she rigs the election to such an extent that the fix will be seen from space. Progressives will see the Democratic party as Corporations first and leave in droves, some even voting for Trump as the ultimate "Fuck me, no fuck you," attitude as the world will end soon after his election.

Let's say she does pick Kaine, rigs the election and Trump loses. Do anyone think that he won't blow his top proving the system was rigged against him? And it will be. His supporters will riot, impeachment may be in the cards if the House stays red which it most likely will thanks to gerrymandering, and this country falls apart as result. This is what we have to look forward to if she-bitch decides that the progressives don't matter and picks a corporatist. Most likely we will know by Friday, as that would steal any thunder that Trump would have from the convention, assuming it's not a smoldering ruin by then. This could be a harbinger of things to come.

Sunday, July 17, 2016


I have long said the two most dangerous men on Earth were Kim Jung Un and Turkish Prime Minister/President/Sultan Tayyip Erdogan. Yesterday he put down a coup against him that was either very poorly executed or a sham used as an excuse to get rid of dissenters while shoring up his power. Either way, this is bad news for the world as this madman could make a play for nuclear weapons and get them, risking a world war if he does. The Chinese curse of living in interesting times is hitting us full force right now. I can't leave the news for more than ten minutes before some monumental change occurs. I walked into Secret Life of Pets (great movie by the way) and Turkey falls apart. I play video games for 30 minutes today and 3 cops and at least seven injured in some cop attack in Baton Rouge. I'm afraid to go to the bathroom now. Let's see those runner ups in another awful week.

10)Polls- I don't know what is going on but both Senate and Presidential polls are all over the map lately. Trump is somehow ahead, tied and behind Hillary all at once depending on the poll you look at. He's also ahead, tied and way behind in Florida. WTF? In the Senate, the NH race is the same three for the two women running, ahead, tied, behind. Now some polls, like Rasmussen and Quinnipiac, have been proven to be way unreliable. Rasmussen is a right wing poll site but Quinnipiac used to be be good until the last few elections were they turned out to be massively wrong. If anything, there are way too many polls being done and at least half are suspect, ruining the data for all of us. I know how to cut through the noise better than most, but it's a slog let me tell you. Here's a word to the wise: the polls are wrong and Hillary is further ahead in a lot of places than the polls say. Trump right now polls at 0 for black people in PA and Ohio. That is horrific news as he cannot carry PA with numbers like that, I don't care what other polls say. This stat is solid. It certainly doesn't do much better in Ohio as he stands to lose major cities and huge swaths of the population there. This election could be a bloodbath for Trump if demographics don't change drastically, which is possible even if highly unlikely.

9)2nd US Court of Appeals and Roger Goodell- Well  NFL head, Dickless Wonder, and the anti-science crowd have won out as Tom Brady will now have to serve a four game suspension thanks to the 2nd Court refusing to hear an appeal after the lower court ruled against the greatest football player of all time. There is NO scientific evidence Brady cheated and all of this is because he destroyed his cell phone rather than give it up and I don't blame him for that. They had all the relevant emails and texts already so his was moot. This was witch hunt from start to finish. They wanted to find something else. Don't forget that Whitewater turned into a pointless impeachment hearing over sex which had nothing to do with the original intent. The same goes as Benghazi led to the email scandal for Hillary. Why turn over something with something far worse on it? Even if there was nothing, this is not a wise precedent to set and I applaud Brady for it. The rest of us you Pats haters can go suck eggs. Whhaaaa your teams blow. Get better players.

8)Dani Mathers- This waste of space destroyed her career and respectability with an awful post on Instagram where she body shamed a naked woman in a shower without her knowledge. The post under her smirking visage with a heavy naked woman showering behind her was: If I can't unsee this, neither can you. WTF? This is beyond horrible from a former playboy playmate. I expect better. No wait, actually I don't. As a result she has been suspended indefinitely from her radio show, banned from the gym (and all gyms of the same brand worldwide) for life and is facing prosecution for taking naked pics of an unsuspecting individual, not to mention the upcoming lawsuit that will be filed by the so far thankfully unidentified person in the background. Body shaming like that is wrong. And apparently a jailable offense so way to go on that too.

7)China- This week, an international court ruled against China for its taking over a set of islands 500 miles from their shore and claimed by the Philippines and Vietnam. As the court has no way to enforce said rules, the Chinese will most likely ignore it, setting the stage for possible conflict with any in the region, and by default, the US, especially if Japan gets involved which it is. So the world is going to hell in a handbasket and this is just one more log on the bonfire. Swell.

6)Hillary and her VP pick- No one knows who she is going to pick but the top three are still Liz Warren, Tim Kaine and Julian Castro. If she wants to win, pick the first one. Warren had been dismissed lately but recent events have thrown water on that and she still remains a top contender. The others too, Castro and Kaine, bring little to the ticket. Castro will help solidify Latinos which are not going to Trump in mass numbers regardless. Kaine is dead weight and may make me vote against her as he and Castro are both TPP supporters. Kaine is someone I want out of office, not promoted. Warren gets the progressives, and much needed independents to her side. The other two may drive them away. Choose wisely. Trump didn't.

5)Trump and Pence- Instead of picking someone, like say a woman or a black guy, you picked an old white guy who is an evangelical Christian, terrible governor, and pro corporate, Koch brother idiot to be your running mate. Smart. I meant that sarcastically and actually I meant retarded. This pick shores up the base but does nothing to get independents to vote for you. And then you fuck this up by releasing a logo that reads TP which A) stands for toilet paper and B) looks like your fucking your VP with the T plunging into the hole in the P. It could not look more sexual if you tried. The logo lasted all of one day before being yanked from the Internet with something much more bland and forgettable, but at least not gay. Conservatives were horrified by this pick, most wanting Gingrich which was hardly better, and came out against it in droves across right wing media. I doubt this will boost his numbers. As the GOP convention this week brings promises of chaos inside and out, as well as a who's who of nobody's speaking this year. Experience the riveting majesty of Ted Cruz, Scott Walker, Rick Scott and Ivanka, who will at least be pleasant to look at. This convention is going to go badly. I can't wait.

4)ISIS- These assholes are going to get a lot of innocent people killed. This week, the latest douchebag de jour was some Tunisian dick who decided to plow throw a crowd of spectators watching a firework display on French Independence Day (Bastille Day). He killed dozens and injured even more. These attacks are becoming more and more frequent and it is only a matter of time before one of these morons kills thousands, even millions and then it's game over Muslim world. I don't want that and you guys should seriously rethink your strategy. Killing innocent people will make it that much easier for the West to follow suit. And we have lots of nuclear weapons. This will end badly for Muslims everywhere if calmer heads do not prevail, which they won't. Expect more violence and a coming genocide.

3)The police and politicians- You've lost control and face up to this. Your baby steps toward any kind of change have become obvious and seen as too little too late. You've kicked the can down the road until it hit a very large, black wall. And this wall is collapsing in on you. Major changes in police are needed NOW and if steps are not taken immediately, like ending the drug war and banning private prisons, that wall is going to keep falling on you until you give in. This is not going to end as armed insurrection is now under way. I warned you about this several years ago and the government did nothing but offer piecemeal bullshit. Now the natives are restless and they are coming for you. I can't blame them.

2)BLM- Today, three cops in Baton Rouge are dead and at least seven were injured in a shootout with police. One of the suspects is dead, two others are on the run. This comes one day after the Black Panthers set up a new chapter there. Coincidence? Probably not. The problem with this is first off, shooting random cops is a terrible idea as who knows what type of cop they are. Most are fine people. Some suck balls. I know. I've met a lot that were terrible human beings. But all this does is make Trump more popular and white people more racist. Shooting cops is not the answer. You need to make noise on the politcal level. Bitch like the anti-abortion crowd, which is not a sizable majority of the country but gets stuff done by being annoying. You too can be like that and get stuff done without needless deaths. Please stop shooting cops. It is NOT helping your cause. As a matter of fact, it is going to make things worse.

1)Tayyip Erdogan- I have hated this dork for years. He's an Islamic moron who keeps moving further and further to the right and getting no push back from anyone for doing it. Over the years, he has crushed his opposition, spent lavishly on his house, a palace the size of Versailles, shot down a Russian plan just cause he felt like it and has been arming ISIS for years. That has come to bite him in the ass as they have been attacking him now. The latest issue was a failed coup which seemed ill advised from the start. They had no leader to take command, never bothered to arrest the current leader and charge him with anything (even if you have to make it up) and lacked the resources to ever win. This had led many to conclude this wasn't a real coup but a make believe one to solidify his power, which I am beginning to wonder about it. This is something that has been done for centuries so there is no reason to rule that out. It also could be a failed attempt by people who had not thought the whole thing through. Either way, Erdogan is now in power, his underlings have pointed fingers at the US, blaming them for their involvement in the coup (which is stupid) and have grounded all planes from our base there. Erdogan is demanding the extradition of a Turkish cleric he blames for sparking this and is living in Philadelphia or ELSE. What the or else means could be an attack on our air base to claim the 50 nukes we have there. This is pure speculation but it can't be ruled out either. It would also destabilize the whole region and possibly lead to a nuclear war if Israel freaks out about that, which they would. It is unlikely we would give up the Cleric who would certainly be executed so the or ELSE part worries me. What might an unstable ruler do? So congratulations Erdogan for giving me one more reason to not sleep at night. You are indeed douchebag of the week.

Friday, July 15, 2016


Really guys. These are the best you can do? You know it's bad when pundits look at you quizzically, like a dog with his head cocked sideways. The overall impression I got when Pence was announced as the "winner" from Republicans nationwide was a resounding MEH! Much like the Paul Ryan pick from last time around, this does everything to solidify your base and NOTHING to expand it. So a religious extremist, as well as a Koch brother stooge, is your way of getting MORE votes? Please explain.

Pundits had long suggested someone more appealing to the moderates which Trump desperately needs to win, which was never possible as the election is rigged. A lawsuit is being filed soon in Ohio using RICO charges against the DNC, correctly alleging fraud. I will believe it when it gets done and sees an ounce of press, which it certainly won't. It's a great idea but I have a feeling this dies a painful death in our fixed court system and terrible "free" press.

Instead, Trump picks Mike Pence, the governor from yet another failing state under Republican rule, and one who got passed the first anti-gay. pro-religion freedom bill, which was killed days later when it became apparent that Big Business rebelled hard and their economy would tail spin if they continued. Similar bans have had the exact same result on idiotic states that followed a disastrous policy. North Carolina is still in danger of losing billions in federal aid for their bathroom bill and, as a result, hundreds of thousands of jobs. This is stalled in the court system right now but it won't be there forever and history does not bode well for North Carolina. The most recent poll has him down four and tied with an average of the last four polls. Good luck if this goes south before the election.

Pence is a terrible pick. The establishment wanted Newt Gingrich which might have added more votes to him. Instead, he picked a person that literally will only add a smattering of support. He has picked a religious extremist, just like the ones he rallies against, as well as a corporate stooge, which he also rallies against WTF Trump? Unfortunately for us, Hillary's top two contenders are not much better.

According to sources, Liz Warren is not going to get the nod. That is politcal suicide but whatever. What progressive have you lived up in her place? Corey Booker? Sherod Brown? Al Franken? Nope, allegedly the top two are Julian Castro and Tim Kaine. Wheeee. Castro does little except get a few more Hispanic votes that were always unlikely to go to Trump anyway. He is also pro-free trade which makes Hillary's explanation that she is now against after being for it, and then against it, and then for it if you go back far enough, doubtful. And then they wonder why we find her untruthful 90% of the time. The other pick is even worse. I give you Virginia Senator Tim Kaine. Who the fuck is Tim Kaine you ask? He is exactly the kind of Democrat I want gone from Congress, not fucking promoted. His is pro-life democrat, even if he doesn't fight for anti-abortion views, and worse, one of the giant douchebags who voted to get the TPP passed. In other words, a traitor to the country. And this she-devil wants to make him VP? FUCK OFF! How dumb do you think we are? Pick him, and as I said, I will NEVER vote for you.

As a matter of fact of this is how it winds up with Pence and Kaine as the final choices, I strongly suggest you all write in these two words on election day:  NO ONE!. That's right vote NO ONE is big letters telling this country they can eat it if our choices are religious nonsense or corporate fascism because that's what the two parties are now. The right has gone full on religious garbage, focusing on abortion and gay people, like that's what matters to most people. The left has grabbed up all the corporations that have now fled the GOP because of their religious beliefs and profit killing results. It is so bad, that the upcoming convention doesn't have enough sponsor money and is begging big donors to step in. Business is NOT going to be on the Republican side this coming election and that spells doom for them in every way possible. Diebold machines are going to be rigged against him and there's nothing we can do to stop that. There is still a major chance that Hillary will be president regardless of outcome.

Remember, if Hillary sells us out, which is most likely going to do, only voting NO ONE will save us. What happens if  NO ONE wins? I would love to find out.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016


A third study is being released this week proving the democratic primary election was a fraud in many states. This is both horrifying and a glimmer of hope all at the same time. If the upcoming election is fair, it is not unlikely at this point that Trump becomes President due to several factors. However, as I highly doubt it will be, Hillary will cheat and lie her way into the office, which brings up a whole new set of problems. How in the blue fuck did we wind up here?

Two reasons: Black people and corruption. Black people refused to even look at Bernie Sanders, even though he was there fighting for black rights along side MLK way back when. Instead, they overwhelmingly and inexplicably voted for Hillary for some misguided memory of the past and the Clinton years. It's not just Republicans that fantasize about a past that never happened. The Clinton years had their own set of problems that a lot of us have forgotten about. Those days are gone and they are not coming back, even with a Clinton in office. The quote the Dark Tower "the world had moved on," and we haven't.

The black majority allowed the powers that be to steal the election as you can't rig a landslide yet, but you can push the needle around 9%, as the recent studies into the DNC primaries showed. Paper ballot areas all tested normal. Electronic voting didn't, off by said amount above. This happened everywhere. The chances of this happening randomly are too big to even calculate. This is further proof that electronic voting is rigged, something long suspected and which has been done twice in the past to get Bush elected. Remember that in this instance, the Bush family and Clinton will be buddy buddy as they share a common enemy. The chances of a fair election at this point is nil.

And that is somewhat good news as the Trumpster fire cannot win. Yet polls say something different. Polls from the last week spell disaster for Hillary. The press is focusing solely on her email debacle which, let's face facts, would have spelled jail time for anyone not in her status circle. George W. Bush and Tony Blair are getting a similar pass for their starting an illegal war, yet that gets far less press. HMM?

What no one has the balls to say is that it's not just Hillary's email stupidity raising questions but BLM's utter destruction of faith from white America. The Dallas sniper, followed by four other incidents by black men against white people in 24 hours, made many look at ALL black people as terrorists. You guys do know white people are mostly panicky morons with a lot of guns and little common sense right? Watch a Trump rally and count the amount of low digit IQ mouth breathers you can spot. Finding someone who doesn't look like he'd marry his sister is like looking for Waldo. The perception that BLM is a terrorist group by middle America has grown to a 100,000 signed petition. That is epicly bad news.

Even before this, white America was not happy with black people, largely in part due to a media who seems to want to play both sides against the other. Cops are killing people of all races, black people as well. BLM doesn't seem to see that saying black lives matter, which they do, makes white people see it as ONLY black people matter. Perception matters more than what you are actually saying. And this shit about restitution is as likely as the Jews allowing the right to return for Palestinians. Stop talking about this because it makes white people of all ages and affiliations mental.  And if you don't like this white boy telling you what to do, as many make the charge of, can also STFU! I don't care. Take the advise, stop making it about race or that nonsense "you don't know what it's like to be black," and you would be right. You don't know what's it like to be white which isn't all wine and roses either. But I do know what actions should be taken regardless of race so sometimes it's better to listen than to talk.

The BLM movememt is in serious trouble. Like all movements, do too little like OWS, and fall apart. Do too much or go too far, as BLM is being accused of and not entirely without good reason, and the public turns against you. It's also making Hillary suffer as Trump, the "law and order" nominee as he calls himself, is going to get a lot of scared independents now who will start to equate black man with terrorists. It doesn't matter that is wrong and illogical, but it is occurring nonetheless. Praise for the shooter from a former Miss America contestant went viral, calling him a "martyr," as well as other comments from the black community are creating waves that they really shouldn't that are capsizing the USS Hillary.

Trump is now AHEAD in some polls in Florida. Hillary had an eight point lead last week. That all went poof after these two incidents hurt her greatly, one her own doing. He has also gained ground in PA, Iowa, and Ohio. I hate both candidates mind you but facts are Trump will kill us all. He'll start a major war, destroy health care in the country and drive this country into a Depression so fast it will make your head spin. I don't know what order those will happen but within a year of President Trump I would bet a third of this country will be dead from some easily avoidable catastrophe. Hillary may be an evil she beast, but there is always a chance things could go better under her, even if I truly believe that to be also highly unlikely. It is more likely she will also preside under the greatest loss of wealth when the economy tanks some time next year, regardless of who wins. Still, Hillary is the clear choice which is why Sanders gave his endorsement yesterday. She is truly the lesser of two evils. Or the evil of two lessers. Either way, short of the worst VP pick in human history, I will be reluctantly voting for her. Not like it matters as the outcome is a foregone conclusion.

Monday, July 11, 2016


Faithful readers of this column will know that pretty much since day one I said one of two groups would destroy this nation: black people or Muslims. My money was on Muslims but with what has happened over the last few weeks I am no longer confident on this assessment. I don't want anyone to think this will be some post demonizing black people or being racist in any way. But the facts are that black people have been swayed by MSM in ways I have never seen before. As a large segment seems to be largely uneducated (which is partly their own fault), the propaganda is working gang busters for them. This is a problem for everyone else, especially the smarter black people out there ( not necessarily school educated but smart nonetheless) as this one group (dumb black people) is single handedly destroying everything. Once again, thanks for voting for Hillary, rubes. The worst part is that no one seems to know what to do next which is immensely frustrating as the solutions are simple which I will get to later in this column.

Black people HAVE to stop using racism for literally every problem that comes their way. It's not that simple. Cops are not necessarily arresting black people because they hate black people. Black people commit WAY more crimes than anyone else. Black people are responsible for over half of the murders in this country, yet are only 13% of the population. Most of those murders are each other. Why is this not a real problem that needs to be addressed by everyone involved? However, anytime someone does bring this up, they are branded a racist and we get nowhere. Facts are if black people commit more crime, which they do, then isn't it logical that they are going to get shot more? That is not to say that I think it is okay to shoot unarmed people of any color. It isn't. But every shooting isn't a cause for outrage. Recent protests have erupted for legitimate shootings of black men who fired guns at police. What are they supposed to do, tickle them into submission?

We still hear "hands up, don't shoot," which never happened. We get large protests wanting change. We have churches praying for peace. You know what we don't have? Solutions. All the praying in the world isn't going to stop the death toll that is out of control in inner city areas (yet falling almost everywhere else).

The worst part is we now have actual black terrorist groups. The New Black Panthers are calling for the establishment of a Black Nation by taking over southern states like Florida, Mississippi and others. Good luck with that. Ignorant white people, which are a dime a dozen in the deep south (just look at who they keep voting for), and filled with racism and guns will love you guys coming into their small towns and telling them what to do. Get your burial plans ready if you actually try to do something so stupid. There are several other black militant groups, racist douchebags no better than the KKK or Nazis, that the Dallas sniper was a follower of online. How is this any different than ISIS recruitment?

Free speech only goes so far. I have never understood why we don't shut these things down. Sedition is still illegal and anyone openly talking about should be prosecuted. It's called treason guys. They can literally hang you for it. If we don't shut this crap down and soon, there may actually be a race war and black people will not survive that. They will get their wish and live in walled off ghettos that the movie District B13 showed us. They just may get their way and not be happy with the outcome.

So what can be done? Everyone, white, black and what not has to come together and in one loud voice say STOP THE FUCKING DRUG WAR ALREADY! Use that money saved by closing down half of our prisons (as well as outlawing private ones which has it's own set of problems) as well as the elimination of the ATF and DEA, and spend it on treatment, legalization of weed, and decriminalization of everything else. To end the heroin scourge, make it free. Have special shoot up areas, with free counselling, doctors on staff and immediate free treatment for anyone who wants to get off it. This works as other countries have tried it with amazing success. We could save trillions if we demand it. Where the fuck is BLM on this subject? Oh that's right, they are still screaming about "institutionalized racism" which is in part their own fault. Stop committing crimes on a epic scale and maybe cops won't see you all as thieves and murderers.

The other fact we need is cameras have to be on ALL cops nationwide, yesterday. That footage has to be released within 48 hours of any incident, no exceptions, to the public without delay. Failure should result in severe penalties. Any cop caught on tape during a questionable shooting, is sent home WITHOUT pay. Want to eat next week, stop being trigger happy. And if you get convicted, you go to the worst prison in the state right into gen-pop. Enjoy your last few moments on Earth. Again, if you don't want to get gang raped to death, use your gun as a last resort.

The democrats have been smart to be the first politcal party to at least declare that pot should be at the very least decriminalized and should be taken off the Schedule One list, reducing the amount of jail time one might get in less enlightened states, as well as opening research on it which has been non-existent for years, other than the occasional crap study that is filled with nonsense and Reefer Madness symptoms. This will also keep many a black man from prison.

Lastly, we have to remove the stigma of prison and allow former felons to vote, which never made any sense to me. They've done their time. Let them vote then. We also have to allow felons to work and only in cases of sexual assault, actual assault, or murder should it matter. Just because you got caught with a gram of crack once shouldn't sentence you to a life time of drug dealing to make ends meet. It is a big reason why the black community is doing so badly.

The media is giving us all a false narrative. They are telling us cops are ONLY killing black people. They aren't. They just are not reporting it, otherwise known as doing their fucking jobs. This is making black people racist against whites, as seen by the explosion of black on white crime right after the second questionable shooting happened. This is good for no one. We are stronger together than apart. But if you keep blaming whitey for all your ills, this is not going to end well for anyone.

Sunday, July 10, 2016


What a fucked up week this was. We had two presidential candidates try to out douche one another. Hillary put a big exclamation point on her inability to tell the truth while Trump flailed around like a drowning rat with an anti-Semitic meme and the astonishing praise he gave to Saddam Hussein AGAIN. Meanwhile BLM exploded idiotically, yet totally predictable, and the lack of progress on fixing the nations assassin cops is leading to a very tense yet fascinating moment coming up with next week's GOP convention. Expect trouble. There were so many assholes this week, I've expanded to 12. WTF America? There were a lot of people who deserved the top spot but the coverage or lack there of of important stories was mindboggling. Let's see those runner ups.

12)Selfies- This is rapidly becoming a growing trend that is also inadvertently killing some as well. There are so many, Wkipedia has their own web page. Just last month, 12 died world wide. And they all died dumb. Seven drowning in the Gangees while taking a group selfie after one fell in and the six drowned trying to rescue him. A German died while jumping for a photo near the cliff at Manchu Picchu, also in a restricted area. My favorite, and one that happens almost every month, is some random idiot who takes a picture of themselves holding a gun to their head with predictable results. What is most shocking is that Indian people die WAY more than any other nationality, contributing to 15% of the total. As a matter of fact, at least one Indian dies almost every month taking selfies for the past five years. Why are they so bad at taking selfies? Take a look at the site for some good Darwin award winners.

11)Paul Ryan- He's Speaker of the House. He's a former VP pick. He is also having a rough time with his constituents. Turns out being pro free trade, for immigration reform and pro corporate America isn't sitting well with people back home. He has an opponent for his seat hammering him on these things and is now only eight points behind Ryan in the polls. Worse, voters seem real turned off most by his free trade views and lack of any reasonable act to get people back to work with livable wages. Tax breaks for the rich are not cutting it anymore as even the most dense idiot can see that didn't work. One just has to travel to Kansas or NJ to see that. Could Ryan be outed like Cantor? In this day and age, anything is possible.

10)Corinne Brown- Just to show that Democrats can be equally douchey, the Representative from the fifth district of Florida was indicted on TWO DOZEN charges of fraud, embezzlement and a host of other corruption charges. Her "charity" for college scholarships was a fraud. They raised over $800,000 and yet spent only $1200 on what they were supposed to. The rest went Brown and her cohorts, like her Chief of Staff. This happens all the time for both parties. When does it end?

9)Hillary Clinton- She dodged a bullet with no indictment (like that was ever going to happen) but the fact she literally lied about every single thing she said is telling. She did send classified material, it wasn't well protected and she did it, not for convenience, but to skirt FOIA laws. When truthfulness is your weakness you don't want to get caught red handed lying over and over again. It doesn't matter though as she could stomp on baby birds at this point and still beat Trump.

8)Kim Davis- Turns out the bitch from Kentucky is at it again. This time she is failing to follow through with FOIA documents that pro-gay groups have asked for, stonewalling them at every turn. Well those groups sued and the state AG ruled against her, meaning more trouble for the dumpy idiot from Kentucky. Considering these idiots voted for Matt Bevin, a true Tea Party moron for governor, I am shocked this was the outcome.

7)Chipotle- Anyone still eating at this place is dumber than dirt. As 30% of you aren't anymore, as that's how far their customer base dropped, there is some hope for humanity. The rest of you are beyond stupid. This week, there may have been more food poisoning at a Manhattan location after two people reported getting deathly ill after eating there. It was so bad, their stock dropped 2% on just a rumor of sick people. Eat some where else. Just not Taco Bell either because they may actually be worse. Never forget they don't serve real meat there.

6)Roger Ailes- The CEO of Fox News and dead ringer for Jabba the Hut was accused of sexual harassment by recently fired Gretchen Carlson. He countered she was fired for low ratings, even though she was top of her time slot on the major news networks. Good luck with that. To make matters worse, he was Bill Cosby'd when six former interns and employees came forward to say he had sexually harassed them too. What a pig. More good news though, there is talk of removing him from his job. Ha ha!

5)Donald Trump- All this Trumpster fire had to do this week was not say or do anything stupid. He didn't last five minutes with that. First he got caught up in a meme taken from a White Supremacy site, which he tried to deny where it came from (Google shapes my ass). Then he went on to praise Saddam Hussein's leadership skills as if that was what America would identify with. It is like he is trying to lose. His VP picks keep dropping out as both Bob Corker and Jodi Ernst said "No thank you" and other than Gingrich and Christie, no one else wants the job. Some military guy, General Flynn, is apparently being vetted which might be the smartest choice I have heard so far. But it won't matter as recent polls show him no losing a lot of ground in such "competitive" states as Utah, Texas and Arizona, where he is now tied with Clinton or holds a small lead. If you can't carry these red states, you have a problem. Unless something changes drastically, he is going to lose badly.

4)George W. Bush and Tony Blair- Highlighting why the MSM is top of the heap this week comes this widely ignored story about Bush and Blair lying to get us into a war. How is that not treason? Why are there not hearings about this instead of Benghazi for the millionth time? A new ten year study out of Britain said these two assholes fixed the data to get us into a war with no proof whatsoever, other than the stuff they made up. It also, not surprisingly, did not suggest arresting Blair for his crimes but whitewashing them away. I've never seen a more damning indictment whose final analysis basically concluded with a "what are you going to do about it? It's Chinatown." Ugh. This is why people like Hillary never goes to jail. NO ONE goes to jail for anything if you have enough power in this world. These two fuckstains should be hung from the tallest tree.

3)BLM/Dallas Sniper- Congratulations, you're a terrorist group now. Just like ISIS does, your radical, anti-white bias has caught up to you and your movement is ruined. Other than the uber-liberal morons, White America is not going to listen to you anymore. And with that comes no chance of change happening in a way you can dictate. Had you gone the political route and applied pressure to congressmen in your district you might have had a chance. But as you were determined to call all white people racist on a non stop basis, they have tuned you out. The Dallas sniper was radicalized by this type of hate, the same as Dylan Storm Roof when he shot a bunch of innocent black people in a Church. The difference is, white America roundly denounces white power. Black America celebrates it. Four other shooters also attacked cops and white people in a 24 hour period, all black on white crime. Here a stat for you: white on black crime is almost non existent. That may change soon if black people don't chill the fuck out. ENOUGH with the racism! You are being manipulated to blame all white people for something being done by rich people of all races (although to be fair they are mostly white). We are stronger together than apart.

2)The Police- What part of stop shooting people are you not getting? In a span of 24 hours, two black men died unnecessarily at the hands of assassin cops. The first one, Alton Sterling, was pretty bad, especially when a second video emerged which seemed to contradict what they had reported. The fact that their cameras came off sounds like bull as well. The second one was worse because the man shot had no record, was following orders to get his license and was shot four times by a cop because he was told the person had a legal gun on him. At no point was the gun brandished in either case. All of these cops should go to jail for the rest of their lives. This has set up a fire storm of protests and not without cause. Ignored by the media or BLM was the death of Dylan Noble in Sacramento who was also killed by police for no reason. And why did you not hear about this? Probably because Noble was white. Cops need a total overhaul at this point because they are rightfully seen as no better than a street gang. If every confrontation winds up with someone getting shot, people are not going to be that friendly with the cops anymore. They are much more likely to shoot first and ask question later. And that isn't good for anyone, especially the good cops just doing their job. The five cops shot in Dallas were certainly not bad cops by any measure and the entire department had driven down complaints against cops by 83%. This world is going to burn.

1)The MSM- The media is lying to you on a daily basis. Almost nothing you hear anymore can be trusted. Just this past week, the media keeps selling us a narrative that just black men are being killed by cops. They aren't. White and Hispanics are dying in droves too, they just get no press. The exit polls for Hillary show fraud. No press either. This is why news is dying and sites like this continue to grow. I only tell the truth. If it is rumor, like Chipotle sickening people in NYC, I say it. I don't spin it to my advantage. I don't blatantly lie to you. The news does and thanks to removal of anti-propaganda laws (also not reported) and the Fairness doctrine, it's non-stop crap 24/7. You'd get better news reading tea leaves or doing I Ching penny throws. I worked in the media business for years and it's corrupt even down to the local papers. Just remember when you read ANYTHING from the press, know it is probably not true. They are trying to start a race war because if we ever come together and realize THEY are the problem and not race or religion, change may finally happen. But zombified Americans are too balls deep in their smart phones and porn to change. So congratulations MSM. You are indeed douchebag of the week,

Thursday, July 7, 2016


This has not been a good week for Hillary, Trump or the police. All three are cruising for a bruising and there is no end in sight. I don't even know where to begin as this has become almost surreal in its absurdity.

Let's start with the fact that BLM has two new cases to scream about and with solid reason. Over the last 48 hours, at least two black men were killed for no apparent reason other than we have some shitty trained cops and something has to be done about it because this is out of hand.

The more "popular" one involved the Baton Rouge PD and the assassination of Alton Sterling for the crime of being black and selling illegal CD's. Shades of Eric Gardner, we have cell phone video to shed some light on this. The first was kind of grainy and not clear as to what happened as a car blocks the view. Sadly for the police department, the store owner whose business this happened in front of got a great shot with a high resolution camera and the evidence is fairly damning.

In it, two fuckwad cops who better be arrested, killed Alton and then lied about what happened. At no point was he going for a gun, and just like the next case involves, apparently having a gun while black is now a death penalty sentence to be carried out by the cop that discovers it. Yeah, that sounds fair. The fact these two white assholes lied about what occurred, illegally stole the store surveillance footage without a warrant and apparently killed a man for no reason, is real cause for concern, especially if you are black. As I have said in the past, I may not like BLM for tactics, but I cannot argue with why they are pissed.

The worst part is these cops both had body cameras on which allegedly "came off" somehow during he scuffle. I find this part to be particularly unbelievable. Those cameras are made to NEVER come off. These two douchebags killed Alton Sterling and they better pay a heavy price for it because no one with an ounce of sanity in America, white, black or otherwise, is going to side with the cops here. Bring charges quickly and move on. Otherwise, people are going to start treating cops with lethal force when ever encountered.

The second case, just breaking involves a Minneapolis man and woman whose death was live streamed on Facebook. After a routine traffic stop, the Chinese cop (thank God he wasn't white) shot Phillando Castle for doing what the cop asked him to. As the video shows, the man said he has his licence and a gun on him, which he had a permit for. While reaching for his wallet, the cop panicked and shot him four times. The video shows the cop lying that he told him not to move, as his girlfriend screams that the asswipe never said any such thing other than getting his licence out. The couple's young daughter was in the back the whole time.

Even worse, since this occurred the girlfriend has been held by the police with no statement as to where she is or why she was being detained. The mother also claims the cops never let her see her dying boy in the hospital before he passed on. This whole force needs to go if true. This is not how a free and fair police force operates. Much more of this and there won't be a police force as these kinds of actions are depleting police funds, manpower and will to even be a cop. Baltimore has seen a reduction of it's forces due to budget cuts and the Freddy Gray incident. Oakland the same. Crime increase as a result which makes cops even less safe. We need to get rid of any cop caught doing evil deeds and throw them into gen pop to plead for their lives. This shit has got to stop for all races, but black people got screwed this week by an out of control police force. My heart goes out to the families of these now dead people who never should have been killed in the first place.

While all this is going on, the election nears which most of this country sighed collectively in dismissal for the two left standing. Hillary set a new record for lies told in a single speech which literally nothing she said was true. When you have a problem with being an untrustworthy bitch, this does not help your cause. Now as I said yesterday, there was no way she was going to prison. True if she was anyone else, say Ed Snowden, she probably would have faced jail time. But that doesn't happen in this country to 90% of the rich and powerful. Just ask OJ Simpson, Robert Durst, Robert Blake or any of the past few presidents caught red handed doing something highly illegal and then skating on it. You really have to fuck up to go to jail in this day and age if you have wealth and power.

The problem here isn't legality but perception. How do the Clinton's constantly manage to throw themselves under the bus? It's like a sickness with them. The Trump campaign is going to run with these statement that demonstrate what a liar Hillary is. It is going to cost her votes in the long run.

Now, had the GOP nominated literally anyone than what they have, they'd be crushing it. Instead, the Trumpster fire struck again and knocked Hillary right off the news. First he sent out an Anti-Semitic meme that had Hillary, the Star of David and a pile of money. Ouch. Worse, when they tried to back track on it, saying they had found the star in Google Shapes, researchers found the same meme originated on a white supremacy site first meaning this was also a lie. And then rather than apologize, Trump said they never should have altered the meme and left it as anti Jewish. Later, he went on to praise Saddam Hussein for killing innocent people with torture. You'd think he was trying to lose.

So this is what we have: a lying sociopath who will change nothing for the better and a raging Orange oompa loompa with no concept of decency or even what the presidency entails. He was caught this week announcing people for cabinet members, like Trey Gowdy for AG, and not knowing that was never done. This is why 13% of people are praying for a meteor. I sure am.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016


I'm back everyone after a lot of work, a lot of traveling and lot of headaches. I spent a lot of time talking with lots of people of all sorts of economic levels and let me tell you, people are pissed. They are not happy with black people at all, and call it racist or whatnot but those are the facts. That speech by Jesse Williams didn't help or BLM scoring another big fail when they shut down a gay pride parade in Toronto. Perception is everything guys and what you are doing is making white America pissed. We are stronger together than apart so stop this self segregation shit or you just might get your wish and trust me when I say you won't be happy with that outcome. Not all white people are racist but you guys sure are convincing a lot of people to be just that and that is making a ton of new Trump supporters.

The other bad sign is Muslim terrorists and how they are going to get exterminated soon if they keep bombing fellow Muslims. They even attacked Muhammad's burial place which is as sacrilegious at it gets. It would be like the Westboro Baptist Church bombing the Vatican. Pretty soon even you strongest supporters are going to walk away from you. The Sunni and Shi'ite need to settle their differences once and for all. Otherwise, one side is going to end the other permanently. Unfortunately for us, it's also driving Trump numbers up slightly.

It's not going up more because he is an orange shit stain come to life. He's not doing as badly as he should because his opponent is a shrill corpo-beast that will screw us blue once in office as well. Oh the choices. Both hit new lows this week. Hillary had her foregone conclusion when she was cleared of wrongdoing for her personal server, the outcome of which was never in doubt for many reasons. Trump meanwhile made Jews angry by passing on an anti-Semitic meme about Hillary that contained the Star of David and a pile of money. Worse, the post was gotten from a white Supremacy web site. This guy either cannot get out of his own way or is doing whatever he can to lose.

Hillary was never going to serve time because people like her don't go to jail. This has been the norm for longer than I have been alive so anyone shocked by this is particularly thick. Nixon, Reagan, and both Bush's should have been impeached and imprisoned for their much worse crimes (Watergate. Iran Contra, 9/11, the 2nd Iraqi War, the economic downturn) but all skated scot free. Why should Hillary be any different? She's a democrat is the only reason why.

Now to be fair, even if we had a fair justice system, it was unlikely she would have seen charges in the first place. The only thing they could have really prosecuted her for would be lying to the FBI and as we have no way of knowing what was said in those talks, it is speculation. The rest is smoke and mirrors.

The FBI did say she passed on classified material through her server when she shouldn't have. But as we do not know what this classified material is, and trust me a lot of that is nonsense, we have no idea the severity of it. To be honest, even I suspect some of what she passed on was probably sensitive but without knowing HOW sensitive, it is guesswork.

She did fail to return several thousand emails, but as the W. Bush administration "lost" five million when they left, this becomes a moot point. There should have been hearings just like the Republicans have done in this latest witch hunt but as no one said boo, that has to apply here as well. It's all or nothing guys.

Hillary did lie about why she had a private server and "one phone", for convenience she said not needing more than one phone, but pictures taken show a multitude of decides she used anyway. The actual reason was to circumvent FOIA requests that most likley would have been made by GOP operatives fishing for anything they could get their hands on. Hillary is not wrong when she said that the right wingers are out to get her. Benghazi and this email scandal prove it.

Her claims that the server was guarded as all times is probably more true than the press is saying as no one gets close to an ex president without the Secret Service knowing about it. Less true was her statement that it was unhackable which few systems are and private servers even less. Her system could have been hacked and they never knew about it.

The point of this is that there was never any chance of her going to jail for this, especially considering her status. People like her NEVER go to jail for just about anything. That is the way it is and has been forever. That is never going to change. So instead of screaming bloody murder about it, realize that is the way things are and move on. Trump is still the worse choice and recent polls suggest he may fail epically, taking down the Senate with him as even John McCain is struggling in the reddest state possible. The House may even fall if this clown car continues. Trump is dangerous and Clinton is evil. Pick your poison because both are getting to get a lot of people killed. I just prefer my death to have electricity and food to the very end.