Wednesday, July 13, 2016


A third study is being released this week proving the democratic primary election was a fraud in many states. This is both horrifying and a glimmer of hope all at the same time. If the upcoming election is fair, it is not unlikely at this point that Trump becomes President due to several factors. However, as I highly doubt it will be, Hillary will cheat and lie her way into the office, which brings up a whole new set of problems. How in the blue fuck did we wind up here?

Two reasons: Black people and corruption. Black people refused to even look at Bernie Sanders, even though he was there fighting for black rights along side MLK way back when. Instead, they overwhelmingly and inexplicably voted for Hillary for some misguided memory of the past and the Clinton years. It's not just Republicans that fantasize about a past that never happened. The Clinton years had their own set of problems that a lot of us have forgotten about. Those days are gone and they are not coming back, even with a Clinton in office. The quote the Dark Tower "the world had moved on," and we haven't.

The black majority allowed the powers that be to steal the election as you can't rig a landslide yet, but you can push the needle around 9%, as the recent studies into the DNC primaries showed. Paper ballot areas all tested normal. Electronic voting didn't, off by said amount above. This happened everywhere. The chances of this happening randomly are too big to even calculate. This is further proof that electronic voting is rigged, something long suspected and which has been done twice in the past to get Bush elected. Remember that in this instance, the Bush family and Clinton will be buddy buddy as they share a common enemy. The chances of a fair election at this point is nil.

And that is somewhat good news as the Trumpster fire cannot win. Yet polls say something different. Polls from the last week spell disaster for Hillary. The press is focusing solely on her email debacle which, let's face facts, would have spelled jail time for anyone not in her status circle. George W. Bush and Tony Blair are getting a similar pass for their starting an illegal war, yet that gets far less press. HMM?

What no one has the balls to say is that it's not just Hillary's email stupidity raising questions but BLM's utter destruction of faith from white America. The Dallas sniper, followed by four other incidents by black men against white people in 24 hours, made many look at ALL black people as terrorists. You guys do know white people are mostly panicky morons with a lot of guns and little common sense right? Watch a Trump rally and count the amount of low digit IQ mouth breathers you can spot. Finding someone who doesn't look like he'd marry his sister is like looking for Waldo. The perception that BLM is a terrorist group by middle America has grown to a 100,000 signed petition. That is epicly bad news.

Even before this, white America was not happy with black people, largely in part due to a media who seems to want to play both sides against the other. Cops are killing people of all races, black people as well. BLM doesn't seem to see that saying black lives matter, which they do, makes white people see it as ONLY black people matter. Perception matters more than what you are actually saying. And this shit about restitution is as likely as the Jews allowing the right to return for Palestinians. Stop talking about this because it makes white people of all ages and affiliations mental.  And if you don't like this white boy telling you what to do, as many make the charge of, can also STFU! I don't care. Take the advise, stop making it about race or that nonsense "you don't know what it's like to be black," and you would be right. You don't know what's it like to be white which isn't all wine and roses either. But I do know what actions should be taken regardless of race so sometimes it's better to listen than to talk.

The BLM movememt is in serious trouble. Like all movements, do too little like OWS, and fall apart. Do too much or go too far, as BLM is being accused of and not entirely without good reason, and the public turns against you. It's also making Hillary suffer as Trump, the "law and order" nominee as he calls himself, is going to get a lot of scared independents now who will start to equate black man with terrorists. It doesn't matter that is wrong and illogical, but it is occurring nonetheless. Praise for the shooter from a former Miss America contestant went viral, calling him a "martyr," as well as other comments from the black community are creating waves that they really shouldn't that are capsizing the USS Hillary.

Trump is now AHEAD in some polls in Florida. Hillary had an eight point lead last week. That all went poof after these two incidents hurt her greatly, one her own doing. He has also gained ground in PA, Iowa, and Ohio. I hate both candidates mind you but facts are Trump will kill us all. He'll start a major war, destroy health care in the country and drive this country into a Depression so fast it will make your head spin. I don't know what order those will happen but within a year of President Trump I would bet a third of this country will be dead from some easily avoidable catastrophe. Hillary may be an evil she beast, but there is always a chance things could go better under her, even if I truly believe that to be also highly unlikely. It is more likely she will also preside under the greatest loss of wealth when the economy tanks some time next year, regardless of who wins. Still, Hillary is the clear choice which is why Sanders gave his endorsement yesterday. She is truly the lesser of two evils. Or the evil of two lessers. Either way, short of the worst VP pick in human history, I will be reluctantly voting for her. Not like it matters as the outcome is a foregone conclusion.

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