Thursday, July 21, 2016


Odds right now stand at about 80% that Hillary will win the general election. And while that is a huge amount, it is not outside the realm of possibility that Trump succeeds within than 20% margin. Demographics and the fact that whites are becoming a smaller electoral concern than years past give Hillary a huge edge. But rural America is not happy with the status quo on either side. The reason Trump is at the top of the GOP is that Republican voters wised up to the fact that their politicians were lying to them and punished them accordingly. People like Paul Ryan and Debbie Shultz are fighting to keep their jobs as outside forces are pushing them out. So why did Hillary escape the wrath that nearly everyone else received? How did Bernie Sanders not become the nominee? Easy: she cheated.

A lawsuit was filed a few days back correctly alleging that the democratic primaries were rigged in her favor by Hillary, the DNC and the press. This is the same guy who sued back in 2004 against the state of Ohio for voter fraud, which he was dead on accurate about. Studies done on just one county there show that more people voted than were registered to vote and all voted for Bush. He was going strong until his key witness died in a plane crash, the press scrubbed all traces from the internet and the story disappeared. I went back and found stories about it in small, local press releases and blogs like mine and that's it. Three people went to jail over stealing the 2004 election and no one said boo about it. That is the kind of "free" press we have. All the news they sit fit to give you. Why should this year be any different?

People are pissed are both sides and with good reason. We have promised better times forever now and nothing ever changes. The middle class is getting smaller and weaker and then they tell us it's all an illusion and everything is fine. Except it isn't when people have to work multiple jobs, like yours truly, to even get a semblance of a salary anymore. Meanwhile, the idiots on top keep grabbing more and more money, promising it will trickle down one day but never does. Republicans figured that out while a lot of Democrats, along with vigorous vote rigging, gave us Hillary. Awesome.

Michael Moore was on Real Time last night and sounded genuinely afraid that Trump would win. He should because he might. Worse, if he loses, we get Hillary. Wheee. There is no good answer here and the only reason I will still vote for that evil witch Hillary is that under her rule, society might last a little bit longer. Trump will kill us all in six months. I just have to decide if those extra months are worth it.

One of her top picks for VP, Tim Kaine, could derail her career if she is stupid enough to pick him. This could upset everything and make Trump more desirable. How you ask? As I have said in previous posts, Kaine is a corporatist who voted for the TPP, one of the ten democratic traitors to this country who should be fired and/or arrested not promoted. He has sponsored bills for deregulating banks even further, as if that didn't bankrupt the country last time. He is everything I despise in politics and fuckwad is thinking about making him the second most powerful man on Earth? Please.

If she picks him, progressives will see the Democratic party for what it is now: the shill for Big Business. As a result, they will either not vote or vote Trump as the ultimate FU to the planet and the elites who have gotten way too big for their britches. Hillary will never be able to get a lot of these people back and should the world continue until the next election, I have a feeling the Democrats and GOP will be splintered beyond repair.

Trump has all but said that his VP, in this case the religious schmuck Pence, will be the real leader while he sits back to "make America great again," whatever the fuck that means. Pence will change this country into a theocracy that will better resemble Saudi Arabia and Sharia law than a free state. Is that really what we want either?

Both choices suck back as we face the very real possibility of a religious state or a corporate hell. We have NO choices this election as no one has any way to fix what is broken. Had Bernie won, which he did, he'd be ahead by a ton with real ideas how to fix everything that may or may not have worked but at least would be a step in the right direction. This country has never tried lefty policies in decades. Maybe it's time we did because, unlike what Pence said last night about trickle down economics, how much worse could it be?

Who Hellary picks for VP will depend if she sails into the presidency or has to fight tooth and nail, not to mention cheat like there is no tomorrow, to win. The message boards are fairly explicit: pick a progressive. That doesn't mean just Liz Warren but several other picks, like Al Franken, Sherod Brown and another from Oregon whose name escapes me at the moment have all been approved by Sanders fans. If she picks Kaine, that's a slap in the face to progressives everywhere. Trump picked Pence to solidify his hold on evangelicals. Hillary has to do the same with progressives or face defeat. If she does pick Kaine or Vilsack, the current Sec. of Agriculture, we may just have a President Trump and then God help us all. Either way, I am getting a gun and soon. I think a lot of us may need one when society fails. God help us all in this election.

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