Monday, July 18, 2016


My prediction of revolution appears to be right on schedule as police officers are being needlessly killed because of this country's complete inability to change anything good or bad. Major changes are needed across the board and we can't even get a smidgen of that to happen. When that occurs, society breaks down. History and evolution shows that which doesn't adapt, dies. But as half this nation is too stupid to believe in these kinds of things, it is no big surprise that we face oblivion. The end may be closer than we think and we have no one but ourselves to blame. We elected half morons/half greedy bastards into office and then wonder why the sky is falling? Please. We got what we deserved for failing to pay attention while being brainwashed by a corporate media hell bent on disguising the truth.

White people are being shot and killed by cops too. The media just doesn't report it. One BLM supporter recently said saying white lives/all lives matter is like saying colon cancer matters during a breast cancer rally. This argument would hold up except ALL we get is breast cancer rallies in this analogy and colon cancer gets shown the door. We are all being killed by the cops but the media is turning it racial, where it may not be, and turning black against white, which is what the powers that be want. If we fight among ourselves, we are a lot less likely to realize who badly the rich are screwing us instead. The fact is that black people who have shot the police recently are also super racist douchebags which the left is trying to tell us doesn't exist. I've seen it first hand. And I don't care what your race is, don't discriminate against someone different than you without good reason. That includes the way too prevalent anti-white sentiment rampant in black communities now.

During the backdrop of this, several hate groups are headed for the RNC convention and with it, open carry laws. So Neo-nazis. Black Panthers,the Westboro Bapist Church and the Oath Keepers are all going to converge in one spot, along with the usual brand of Trump supporters and haters. This is an accident waiting to happen. Let's see how many states keep open carry laws if this turns into the bloodbath it is likely to.

Hillary waits in the wings, carefully deciding her VP choice. From what I've read, her pick may very well either sink or swim her campaign. I've been looking at comment sections, polls and talking with various people and the answer is stark. If Hillary picks a true progressive, Sanders, Warren even Sherod Brown, she wins easily. She picks a corporatist like Kaine, and she could lose, not to mention end the Democratic party as millions abandon it for the next four years until they can get a new party started which is not as far fetched as it was just a year ago. People are mad at this rigged system and if Hillary tells the progressives to go eat cake, they are going to cram it in her face. A recent poll said over 90% of Sanders supporters HATE Tim Kaine, as well as Julian Castro and even Corey Booker didn't poll well. The top choice is and will be Liz Warren. If Hillary doesn't pick her and goes with Kaine, there is a solid chance she loses in November, unless she rigs the election to such an extent that the fix will be seen from space. Progressives will see the Democratic party as Corporations first and leave in droves, some even voting for Trump as the ultimate "Fuck me, no fuck you," attitude as the world will end soon after his election.

Let's say she does pick Kaine, rigs the election and Trump loses. Do anyone think that he won't blow his top proving the system was rigged against him? And it will be. His supporters will riot, impeachment may be in the cards if the House stays red which it most likely will thanks to gerrymandering, and this country falls apart as result. This is what we have to look forward to if she-bitch decides that the progressives don't matter and picks a corporatist. Most likely we will know by Friday, as that would steal any thunder that Trump would have from the convention, assuming it's not a smoldering ruin by then. This could be a harbinger of things to come.

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