Sunday, July 10, 2016


What a fucked up week this was. We had two presidential candidates try to out douche one another. Hillary put a big exclamation point on her inability to tell the truth while Trump flailed around like a drowning rat with an anti-Semitic meme and the astonishing praise he gave to Saddam Hussein AGAIN. Meanwhile BLM exploded idiotically, yet totally predictable, and the lack of progress on fixing the nations assassin cops is leading to a very tense yet fascinating moment coming up with next week's GOP convention. Expect trouble. There were so many assholes this week, I've expanded to 12. WTF America? There were a lot of people who deserved the top spot but the coverage or lack there of of important stories was mindboggling. Let's see those runner ups.

12)Selfies- This is rapidly becoming a growing trend that is also inadvertently killing some as well. There are so many, Wkipedia has their own web page. Just last month, 12 died world wide. And they all died dumb. Seven drowning in the Gangees while taking a group selfie after one fell in and the six drowned trying to rescue him. A German died while jumping for a photo near the cliff at Manchu Picchu, also in a restricted area. My favorite, and one that happens almost every month, is some random idiot who takes a picture of themselves holding a gun to their head with predictable results. What is most shocking is that Indian people die WAY more than any other nationality, contributing to 15% of the total. As a matter of fact, at least one Indian dies almost every month taking selfies for the past five years. Why are they so bad at taking selfies? Take a look at the site for some good Darwin award winners.

11)Paul Ryan- He's Speaker of the House. He's a former VP pick. He is also having a rough time with his constituents. Turns out being pro free trade, for immigration reform and pro corporate America isn't sitting well with people back home. He has an opponent for his seat hammering him on these things and is now only eight points behind Ryan in the polls. Worse, voters seem real turned off most by his free trade views and lack of any reasonable act to get people back to work with livable wages. Tax breaks for the rich are not cutting it anymore as even the most dense idiot can see that didn't work. One just has to travel to Kansas or NJ to see that. Could Ryan be outed like Cantor? In this day and age, anything is possible.

10)Corinne Brown- Just to show that Democrats can be equally douchey, the Representative from the fifth district of Florida was indicted on TWO DOZEN charges of fraud, embezzlement and a host of other corruption charges. Her "charity" for college scholarships was a fraud. They raised over $800,000 and yet spent only $1200 on what they were supposed to. The rest went Brown and her cohorts, like her Chief of Staff. This happens all the time for both parties. When does it end?

9)Hillary Clinton- She dodged a bullet with no indictment (like that was ever going to happen) but the fact she literally lied about every single thing she said is telling. She did send classified material, it wasn't well protected and she did it, not for convenience, but to skirt FOIA laws. When truthfulness is your weakness you don't want to get caught red handed lying over and over again. It doesn't matter though as she could stomp on baby birds at this point and still beat Trump.

8)Kim Davis- Turns out the bitch from Kentucky is at it again. This time she is failing to follow through with FOIA documents that pro-gay groups have asked for, stonewalling them at every turn. Well those groups sued and the state AG ruled against her, meaning more trouble for the dumpy idiot from Kentucky. Considering these idiots voted for Matt Bevin, a true Tea Party moron for governor, I am shocked this was the outcome.

7)Chipotle- Anyone still eating at this place is dumber than dirt. As 30% of you aren't anymore, as that's how far their customer base dropped, there is some hope for humanity. The rest of you are beyond stupid. This week, there may have been more food poisoning at a Manhattan location after two people reported getting deathly ill after eating there. It was so bad, their stock dropped 2% on just a rumor of sick people. Eat some where else. Just not Taco Bell either because they may actually be worse. Never forget they don't serve real meat there.

6)Roger Ailes- The CEO of Fox News and dead ringer for Jabba the Hut was accused of sexual harassment by recently fired Gretchen Carlson. He countered she was fired for low ratings, even though she was top of her time slot on the major news networks. Good luck with that. To make matters worse, he was Bill Cosby'd when six former interns and employees came forward to say he had sexually harassed them too. What a pig. More good news though, there is talk of removing him from his job. Ha ha!

5)Donald Trump- All this Trumpster fire had to do this week was not say or do anything stupid. He didn't last five minutes with that. First he got caught up in a meme taken from a White Supremacy site, which he tried to deny where it came from (Google shapes my ass). Then he went on to praise Saddam Hussein's leadership skills as if that was what America would identify with. It is like he is trying to lose. His VP picks keep dropping out as both Bob Corker and Jodi Ernst said "No thank you" and other than Gingrich and Christie, no one else wants the job. Some military guy, General Flynn, is apparently being vetted which might be the smartest choice I have heard so far. But it won't matter as recent polls show him no losing a lot of ground in such "competitive" states as Utah, Texas and Arizona, where he is now tied with Clinton or holds a small lead. If you can't carry these red states, you have a problem. Unless something changes drastically, he is going to lose badly.

4)George W. Bush and Tony Blair- Highlighting why the MSM is top of the heap this week comes this widely ignored story about Bush and Blair lying to get us into a war. How is that not treason? Why are there not hearings about this instead of Benghazi for the millionth time? A new ten year study out of Britain said these two assholes fixed the data to get us into a war with no proof whatsoever, other than the stuff they made up. It also, not surprisingly, did not suggest arresting Blair for his crimes but whitewashing them away. I've never seen a more damning indictment whose final analysis basically concluded with a "what are you going to do about it? It's Chinatown." Ugh. This is why people like Hillary never goes to jail. NO ONE goes to jail for anything if you have enough power in this world. These two fuckstains should be hung from the tallest tree.

3)BLM/Dallas Sniper- Congratulations, you're a terrorist group now. Just like ISIS does, your radical, anti-white bias has caught up to you and your movement is ruined. Other than the uber-liberal morons, White America is not going to listen to you anymore. And with that comes no chance of change happening in a way you can dictate. Had you gone the political route and applied pressure to congressmen in your district you might have had a chance. But as you were determined to call all white people racist on a non stop basis, they have tuned you out. The Dallas sniper was radicalized by this type of hate, the same as Dylan Storm Roof when he shot a bunch of innocent black people in a Church. The difference is, white America roundly denounces white power. Black America celebrates it. Four other shooters also attacked cops and white people in a 24 hour period, all black on white crime. Here a stat for you: white on black crime is almost non existent. That may change soon if black people don't chill the fuck out. ENOUGH with the racism! You are being manipulated to blame all white people for something being done by rich people of all races (although to be fair they are mostly white). We are stronger together than apart.

2)The Police- What part of stop shooting people are you not getting? In a span of 24 hours, two black men died unnecessarily at the hands of assassin cops. The first one, Alton Sterling, was pretty bad, especially when a second video emerged which seemed to contradict what they had reported. The fact that their cameras came off sounds like bull as well. The second one was worse because the man shot had no record, was following orders to get his license and was shot four times by a cop because he was told the person had a legal gun on him. At no point was the gun brandished in either case. All of these cops should go to jail for the rest of their lives. This has set up a fire storm of protests and not without cause. Ignored by the media or BLM was the death of Dylan Noble in Sacramento who was also killed by police for no reason. And why did you not hear about this? Probably because Noble was white. Cops need a total overhaul at this point because they are rightfully seen as no better than a street gang. If every confrontation winds up with someone getting shot, people are not going to be that friendly with the cops anymore. They are much more likely to shoot first and ask question later. And that isn't good for anyone, especially the good cops just doing their job. The five cops shot in Dallas were certainly not bad cops by any measure and the entire department had driven down complaints against cops by 83%. This world is going to burn.

1)The MSM- The media is lying to you on a daily basis. Almost nothing you hear anymore can be trusted. Just this past week, the media keeps selling us a narrative that just black men are being killed by cops. They aren't. White and Hispanics are dying in droves too, they just get no press. The exit polls for Hillary show fraud. No press either. This is why news is dying and sites like this continue to grow. I only tell the truth. If it is rumor, like Chipotle sickening people in NYC, I say it. I don't spin it to my advantage. I don't blatantly lie to you. The news does and thanks to removal of anti-propaganda laws (also not reported) and the Fairness doctrine, it's non-stop crap 24/7. You'd get better news reading tea leaves or doing I Ching penny throws. I worked in the media business for years and it's corrupt even down to the local papers. Just remember when you read ANYTHING from the press, know it is probably not true. They are trying to start a race war because if we ever come together and realize THEY are the problem and not race or religion, change may finally happen. But zombified Americans are too balls deep in their smart phones and porn to change. So congratulations MSM. You are indeed douchebag of the week,

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