Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Trump is his own worst enemy. Today he publicly called on Russia to hack more emails from Hillary somehow unaware this is somewhat treasonous and completely unfitting for someone seeking the highest office in the land. Sources I have looking into this security breach say that there are strong indicators that Russia did indeed hack into the DNC but they also remind me that IP addresses can be easily spoofed and that hasn't been ruled out either. So at this point we don't know for sure but preliminary evidence does point their way.

The DNC and Hillary are doing everything they can to keep this race close by their own stupidity. These latest round of emails are most likely the first of many that will spill out over the course of the election and could signal a sign that foreign powers are trying to rig an election. This will not end well for any of us if true. Meanwhile, Hillary inexplicably picks Tim Kaine as VP and then re-hires Schultz to her campaign after being told to step down as DNC chair. Does she not see how bad this all looks? The public sure didn't like it because Trump skyrocketed up in the polls far greater than the RNC bump should have been. He leads as much as seven points in some polls and Hillary's numbers have dropped from a sure thing to a narrow lead overall by election day. And that lead could evaporate even further if more emails, or some yet unknown crisis arrives, that destroys her candidacy.

Trump will kill us all, make no mistake about it. Does anyone think this orange ape has the temperament to deal with foreign powers? To make matters worse, it would seem Pence will be the true power in charge and he's a religious wingnut. There is no choice here. Hillary is all we have and we are going to have suck it up and pray she doesn't fuck the country up when that TPP passes, either by lame duck session or when Hillary becomes President. She still is likely to win as she IS going to rig the election in her favor. Diebold will make sure of it. Changing the electronic vote is suspiciously easy and leaves no trail. A new study released this week shows hard evidence the primary election was stolen in Hillary's favor.

So why am I supporting her? Because Trump is the anti-Christ who will end mankind. Things will probably not go much better when Hillary wins if for no other reason, she will cheat, Trump will notice and this country will erupt in violence. November is going to be a turbulent month.

That is also assuming if we even get there. ISIS is on a tear lately as Germany struggles with the realization that letting millions of Muslim refugees into a free society didn't work out too well. They have had multiple attacks in just the last seven days, scores of rapes over the last few months and a public sick of it all. Merkel's days are done soon and in her place a much far right government is coming. In Germany. With a group of refugees for which most are fine people but a small percentage are wrecking havoc for all. What does that sound like? It'll come to me in a moment.

ISIS is headed toward two inevitabilities. One, if they keep this up, far right dictatorships are going to sprout from across Europe and North America. We face that now with Trump. And two, Muslims face genocide when the planet rises up and wipes from the Earth. This is not something I want or recommend but it is something that cannot be stopped if it gets that far. When people are forced to decided between their family's safety and someone else's, there is no contest. And when that moment comes, regular people will slaughter Muslims in the street.We are getting dangerously close to that moment, because sooner or later, some psycho is going to do something horrific, which could be anything from killing the Pope to letting off a nuke in Tel Aviv, and the world will burn, with the Muslims of the world with it.

BLM is facing similar criticisms and is being labeled a terrorist organization in more than one country now. Riots in France led to dozens of arrests for things like arson and assault all from BLM there. Here at home, video caught organizers at a rally in Philly telling white people to go to the back of the line, totally unaware of the rich irony they were speaking. Then they went down the street telling people not to vote for Hillary because she "kills black people," which makes NO sense whatsoever. It's a little late for buyer's remorse now guys. You should have backed Bernie when you had the chance, you know the guy who personally fought for civil rights alongside MLK, but that ship has sailed. Trump will be far worse and they should know it. Get on board the Hillary train with the rest of us because the alternative is too horrible to contemplate.

Hopefully Hillary can make this work to her advantage. She needs to hammer him on his tax returns which show he is vulnerable there. She needs to make some sort of gesture to progressives to get them to vote for her like legal pot, which a recent study even had Republicans favoring over 50% for the first time. She needs a wedge issue beyond what she has and that could get Millennials interested in her. It would boost her popularity by a lot according to my data. But will she? Probably not as she stands to lose money from Big Pharma which stands to lose hundreds of billions in profits should weed become nationally legal. And there in lies the problem in that even if Hillary wins, chances of her doing anything good for the country is nil. But at least we can be annoyed with that rather than struggle to find food and clean water in a nuclear hellscape if Trump wins.

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