Sunday, July 31, 2016


Yet another week when the Trumpster fire spins out of control. This week was huge as he continued to put his foot in his mouth on a near daily basis insulting Muslims, soldiers and near committing treason which he said "I was being sarcastic" about asking Russia to hack Hillary. You know what isn't sarcasm? This awful presidential run where I get to choose between a war mad harpy who cheated her way to the top or a retarded orangutan with narcissistic and psychopathic qualities. Let's see those runner ups.

10)Olympics- Yes the Olympics are coming soon and with it a host of problems. Will it be the police and firefighters that say that most of their fellow officers are corrupt as hell that causes the worst of the upcoming event? Or will it be the sewage water that Rio calls an "'ocean?" Or will it be gangs of thugs robbing people? Or could it even be a stadium collapse due to shoddy construction? Only time will tell, but some of these are inevitable. What a giant clusterfuck.

9)Facebook- These media giant admitted this week that it was erasing links to Wikileaks postings of the DNC emails and voice messages. That is not your job guys and raises serious first amendment issues. I get not wanting to post some things that are racist or sexual or that kind of offensive. But blocking sites that give information that is important to an election and factually accurate is telling. Stop behaving like Big Brother. We get it. You don't like Trump. But Hillary is no prize either, just slightly better than him. Stop making things worse please.

8)BLM- This group has lost all semblance of control. Now labeled a Terrorist group in Russia, they are headed the same in Europe. This past week dozens of BLM members were arrested in France for arson and assault after they attacked cops and businesses with firebombs and sticks. Here at home, they keep telling us white people matter less by demanding they go the back of the line and have black faces up front at rallies, like that isn't racist at all. Congratulations, you have lost all legitimacy. You still have no published demands, no way to implement any of the rare things you do say you want and an increasingly racist attitude toward white people. Say hi to OWS on your way out the door.

7)Angela Merkel- And the most likely politician to be assassinated anywhere on Earth right now goes to German chancellor, Merkel who inexplicably admitted refugees were a problem but then refused to do anything about it. Actually, she wanted MORE refugees, despite the fact that they had four terrorist attacks THIS WEEK, all from refugees or Muslim citizens (even that one was a real nutbag). The Germans want none of this and with good reason, Their women are getting molested and/or raped, violent crime is up and all of it is from refugees who want nothing to do with German society. This is going to end badly when Germans rise up and start killing refugees in mass numbers, guilty or not. This woman better hope she survives the inevitable new elections that are going to happen when people decide they want her gone.

6)Russia/Wikileaks- These guys are asking for a nuclear war. They keep buzzing out planes, making threats to everyone and even reversed their "No nuke first" pledge. They already invaded Ukraine so what next Poland? Finland? All of eastern Europe? It didn't help anyone when they were widely suspected of hacking into the DNC and giving the info to Wikileaks, whose founder Julian Assange, has good reason not to like the US after we trumped up spurious rape charges against him for leaking classified information. He responded in kind by leaking classified info his group hacked not always for the best of reasons. His hacked voice mails from the DNC were pointless, the emails from the DNC contained some info that was not necessary to leak and the latest posts about Turkey were the worst as they contained names, addresses and other important info about dissidents against PM Erdogan. He is sure to use that info to crack down even further against them, mostly women. It also proves that Wikileaks is now a Russian arm caused by own idiocy against Assange.

5)ISIS- These fuckwads are going to start a massive war and genocide against their own people if these attacks continue. Germany had four attacks just this week while France, still recovering from the brutal truck attack in Nice last week, saw two Muslim douchebags storm a church and execute a priest. Local authorities and even fellow Muslims are refusing to bury the two literally saying "let them rot." I can't blame them. If I was a Muslim who just wanted to go about my day, worship the way I wanted and not want to kill anyone, I would think that these dickheads are going to get me and my family killed. ISIS is one big attack away from WW3. One man shot Archduke Ferdinand and hundreds of millions died from that one bullet. Don't think that can't happen again.

4)Bernie Supporters- We get it. Your guy lost (mine too). And the person who won cheated to get there. However, on the flip side of this shrill corporatist is the devil himself waiting to ruin the world and bring hell to Earth. Trump is truly dangerous as seen by his way too thin skin, lack of anything resembling a solution and embrace of religious right lunacy. I don't want to vote for Hillary but I don't seem to have much of a choice here. My advice is hold your nose and vote Hillary. Once that is over, help start a new third party which the past campaign with Bernie proved you didn't need huge sponsors and corporate money to win. 2018 is right around the corner and if we start getting people in Congress with our sensibilities, real change can happen. So stop bitching and get to work. I already have.

3)Debbie Wasserman Schultz- This corporate stooge lost her job this week at the DNC for rigging the election for Hillary, not to mention doing a shit job here for the past several years. The democrats lost in 2014 because of her idiocy and putting up worse candidates against beatable opponents, the same way Republicans did in 2012. Instead of getting rid of people like McConnell or Reid, they were re-elected when their opponents flamed out spectacularly. NY representative from Staten Island, Mike Grimm, won his election bid because his democratic opponent was horrific and Grimm was going to jail for corruption charges as well as recently threatening to throw a reporter off a balcony for asking about it. Yet Shultz helped run a retard against him to a deafening loss. She has been, of course, hired by the Hillary campaign, most likely as a favor for helping her steal the election. When Hillary wins, expect a lot more of this.

2)The DNC- The DNC cheated and Hillary did not win fair and square. Thus the evidence now shown by multiple sources, myself included. Several studies prove the election was hacked as Bernie votes mysteriously disappeared in all electronic voting areas but was 100% accurate in paper ballot areas. Diebold has been rigging elections for years. In 2004, three people went to jail for rigging the Ohio election. Good luck finding the story because it has been more or less erased from the internet. I found it after days of looking, buried in local papers only. But it DID happen. Our elections are a sham with the person predetermined to win, in this case Hillary. As she cheated badly in the primaries, there is little reason she won't do the same in the general election. And when this comes out, Trump and his supporters are going to be lethally mad.

1)Donald Trump- Holy crap did he step in it this week. Hillary is not only seeing a DNC bounce, but Trump's comments are pissing off a whole group of people. First he asked Russia to hack Hillary's emails, which isn't treason at all (insert sarcasm here), then insulted both Muslims and soldiers when he denigrated a Muslim family speaking at the DNC about their son, also Muslim, who died fighting for his country. He has since backtracked on a lot of this but the damage was already done. As is that wasn't bad enough, he then claimed the NFL sent him a letter agreeing with him that the democrats were trying to sabotage the upcoming debates by setting them up opposite NFL games, just like Shultz did during the democratic ones. There were multiple problems with this statement. First off, a group of equal democrats and republicans make the debate schedule, not just Hillary or the DNC. They have no say over the matter. Two, the NFL denied ever sending a letter to Trump about this who of course cannot produce said letter either, just like his "proof" about Obama's birth certificate. Much like Hillary, this man cannot stop lying. He is not presidential material and a vote for him is a vote to end the world so do so at your own risk. Congratulations Trump, you are indeed douchebag of the week.

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