Monday, August 1, 2016


Trust has been lost across the board with almost every level of society. Police are seen as racist thugs as they keep shooting unarmed black people (and every other race not being reported by the MSM). Doctors are viewed as being in the back pocket of Big Pharma, which many are. Your co-workers wants you dead, your kids are plotting behind your back and even your own wife may or may not be cheating on you with the next door neighbor who looks like a Greek God. This is the life of way too many Americans out there where there is no where to turn away from someone who wants to stab you in the back constantly. And it's making people mental as seen by the horrific news that never seems to end. When your stress is day in, day out, people snap.

Thank God we have politicians that we trust and revere to make everything better. Oh wait, scratch that. Reverse it. 99% of the politicians are lying sacks of shit who can't go one minute without repeating some nonsense that we all know is a giant lie. At the moment, we have two candidates running for President, neither of which can go one Goddamned minute without proving how pathological they really are.

Much has been made out of Hillary's inexplicable ability to say the truth ever, a fact that could cost her the election. The past weekend, she went on the Sunday morning news shows and bold faced lied that none of her emails were classified, that all were retroactive, and the FBI cleared her. For that, she got four Pinocchios on accuracy from the Washington Post, which is hardly a right wing rag. She was rightfully charged with cherry picking what the FBI has said and skated by on more troubling aspects such as lying to the American people and perhaps even Congress.

This perspective people now have of her dishonesty is going to cost her down the road. At a recent rally, she had only about 70 people. The more troubling fact is that it was in Youngstown, Ohio, a huge swing state and one of the big three that has Trump and Clinton essentially tied (Florida is also tied and PA shows a slight Clinton lead). Trump has to win at least two, if not all three to have a realistic chance. PA is going to be a tough sell when black people vote huge for Clinton and the rural vote gets buried. Ohio has a real chance for Trump as does Florida for now but even I think Clinton has the edge there thanks to Hispanic votes that will not go Trump's way.

And then we have Trump. God lord this man cannot get out of his own way. His campaign manager is the worst PR person I have ever seen. His main role seems to be deny everything regardless of proof , making the situation worse than it needed be, until finally having to issue a retraction way too late. The Melania Trump plagiarism scandal went on far longer than it needed to because of this. This week, the Trump campaign was getting vilified for throwing shade at the Muslim family who spoke about their dead son, a soldier in the army, at the DNC. Even Republicans couldn't hide their shame over this, with John McCain publicly calling out Trump to apologize over this and a top Jeb Bush adviser quitting the party and saying she will vote for Hillary over this orange shit stain.

Then just to add fuel to the fire, he screamed about the debate schedule, blaming Hillary and the DNC for conspiring to put them opposite football games. This shows that he doesn't know that an independent committee made of both sides equally decide the best dates. They acknowledge they would like to have a clear evening to hold the debates, but are competing with baseball, football and other station programming issues to deal with. This was the best they could do, especially as they set these in stone months in advance. Trump insists the NFL sent him a letter agreeing with his position to move the debates but when challenged by the NFL cannot produce the letter anymore than he could with Obama's birth certificate. This man is every bit the liar as Hillary yet the rubes don't see it.

That is probably because our media is fucking awful. I wanted to slap the goatee off of Chuck Todd this week on Meet the Press for failing to understand the words FOLLOW UP QUESTIONS! This dick let Trump's campaign manager lie with impunity without seriously attacking him for bullshit answers. Even worse, when Julian Assange was on Todd refused to even acknowledge the fact that the democratic primaries were stolen, instead harping over and over that Assange must have received the information from Russia. Whenever Assange brought the topic back, Todd would change it again to Russia. Yes, who gave him the data is important, but FAR more important is telling the American people Hillary and the DNC stole the election. This is not going away guys no matter how much you want it to. We know it was stolen and one of the reason she isn't killing Trump in the polls nationwide is because of this. If we get Trump because of this, I am going to spit blood.

But we won't because she is going to cheat even more to get in, people like me will vote for her because there is simply no one else to vote for, and once November 9th rolls around, I am going to start trying to get a third party started that has a chance in 2020. Bernie proved it is possible to fund candidates without big money and social media only. We better get going on this because the next four years are going to suck regardless of who wins.

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