Wednesday, August 3, 2016


As I have said before, I am a very reluctant Hillary supporter. Trump CANNOT be president, as I will write about later in this column and the two third party candidates have zero chance of winning. Jill Stein's Green Party is only in 22 states, nowhere near enough to win an election. Anyone voting for her or Johnson is a vote for the winner, whoever that may be. Right now, Hillary has regained the advantage to around 70%, a 15% pickup since last week DNC debacle that no one seems to care about, even though it and math showed Hillary stole the primaries with the aid of the press and the DNC. The FBI is investigating how the documents came about but seem little concerned that the primary was stolen.

This is surprisingly good news as I may hate Hillary and am fairly certain she will do nothing she promised, just like Obama, and the country will collapse as the status quo is failing but it will still be better than a Trump fiasco. We know the status quo is failing because the economy is tanking right now. The stock market was down seven straight days, with a tepid gain so fair today at 1:30 PM EST. Housing is fading as home ownership is at it's lowest since 1965. And there were tens of millions less people then. Jobs are non-existent and when you can find one, it pays crap. Retail, restaurant, and auto sales all cratered last month, none if which says good things as to where we are headed. Obamacare is fading fast as price controls which were never part of the solution  and are now bankrupting the system, as I told you it would many years ago. Aetna recently announced that they may follow United Health out the door of the health exchanges due to rampant profit losses. Worse, Republican ideas to "fix" the problem, will collapse the whole system within the first year. Then what douchebags?

None of this spells good things regardless of who wins. But Trump has been rabid with the foaming at the mouth comments he has made this week. He literally cannot go 24 hours before saying something so stupid it is mind boggling. Trump began by insulting the father of a fallen hero, who happened to be Muslim, and then doubled down on the insults as everyone in the armed forces looked on with horror. It was so bad, several high profile Republicans, McCain and Ryan, denounced him (yet are still voting for him, go figure). Some even stated they would rather vote for Hillary including a former Bush adviser, a current sitting Republican representative and Meg Whitman, powerhouse CEO, who once ran for the senate as one. That's bad. At least half a dozen other senators, almost all of which wish Trump would shut up as they have tough re-election campaigns, have also condemned his attitude toward the soldier's parents.

But that was a few days ago. What has the Trumpster fire burned down this day? Well, not counting the crying baby he threw out of a rally recently, or his utter lack of knowledge on what is going on in Ukraine (as demonstrated by this weekend's news shows), today it came out that during a security hearing he repeatedly asked why nuclear weapons weren't being used more. Let that sink in for a minute. He actually has no idea about MAD and why WMD's are never used unless as a last resort. This ass wants to nuke whoever gets in his way. I did tell you this psycho will start a war we can't get out of if he wins and he has said as much.

There is also a rumor that Trump may quit the race soon and the GOP is scrambling to get a replacement. I see that as highly unlikely, unless of course his numbers start to sink like the Titanic and he wants a way to save face. This scenario if played out would cause all sorts of havoc but would also be met with some relief as short of Ted Cruz or Carly Fiorina, they have nowhere to go but up in quality.

Trump is already accusing the whole process of being rigged and he is not wrong about that. The Clinton machine, aided by the Establishment (including the Bush family and the Romney's), as well as Big Business, all want Hillary as president. Short of a landslide victory by Trump which almost seems laughable at this point in time, the powers that be WILL rig the election in her favor and in this rare instance, may be actually be doing us a favor. Trump is wholeheartedly unfit for office and is proving it in spades. He cannot get into the highest position of power as he will try to rule as a god and not a president. His own words tell us that.

Hillary may suck but she is all we have right now. So bow down to our corporate masters and vote Hillary. This time that is. But we better get organized because we have a chance to upend the apple cart in the next election if we want to. Bernie raised more money than anyone and he needed zero help from rich people. We can do the same with a real third party to encompass all that the religious wing nut and corporate party have ignored. In the meantime, pray that Trump loses because that man is nuts.

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