Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Even when he stays on message and keeps his mouth shut, the Trumpster fire still rages out of control. If I hear one more word about Hillary's emails, Benghazi, her health (which still looks to be nothing), her mental state (the last thing that I am worried about with her) or any other sick, twisted rumor, I am going to vomit blood. ENOUGH! Come up with something relevant. It's not news her charity is crooked. Most are. Including Trump's. It's not news she's old. So's he. And the idiots Trump has surrounded himself with do not inspire confidence. Also, the polls ARE NOT RIGGED. At least not all of them. The ones I find most suspicious are the ones that say Trump is ahead. He's not. These are the same crap polls that convinced even those within the GOP that Romney was going to win. He didn't and with good reason in that the other polls, the same ones the right is bitching about now, were dead on. Trump looks to lose badly. Accept it. Let's see those runner ups.

10)Julie Bindel- I hate people who think they are superior to some other race or sex. Enter radical feminist Julie Bindel who advocated putting men in concentration camps and outlawing heterosexuality. Gay AND a man hater. What a peach. If this was reversed and black people were the subject, people would be up in arms. Hating people because of their race or sex, regardless of which way it goes, makes you a horrible human being and, while I support gay rights and gay marriage, this bitch should be fired from the Guardian because this attitude is unacceptable. This is why we constantly hear stuff that is not true. There is no "rape culture" (at least not in Western society. Go to a lot of middle Eastern countries and there certainly is). There is no "wage gap," (women are more likley to miss more work because of child bearing/rearing and accept jobs with more flexible hours, which pay less). There is no evidence having women rule the world would be any different. For those examples I give Angela Merkel and Margret Thatcher. Both are doing or did a terrible job leading. Men and women both rule and suck. Neither is better than the other.

9)Ryan Locte- This guy is so dumb he can't even lie correctly. He will lose anywhere from five to ten millions dollars in lost ad revenue, after being dropped by four major sponsors. After unwisely opening his mouth about a "robbery" while in Rio, Brazilian authorities discredited the whole thing and fined his fellow swimmers who were with him at the time. Here's really the funny part: Locte may have been actually robbed after all. Reporters who looked into the story said they could find no evidence Locte vandalized anything and may have been victim to a shakedown. The language barrier may have helped exacerbate the situation. However, had he said nothing and just gone with his day, none of this would have happened. Then, when caught by the media, he should have denied doing any damage to the bathroom and was being extorted for his money, which is what might have actually happened. Dumb ass.

8)Summer Films- Studio executives will be thrilled when the summer is over and the long slog of what will be long forgotten films disappear onto basic cable where they will run forever and still ignored. Ben Hur was the latest to crash and burn, pulling in a measly 10 million for a movie that will need to gross at least 300 to 400 million to break even. Ouch. So much for the Catholic crowd supporting this turd. This follows on the heels of the profitable, yet poorly received, Suicide Squad. If it is as bad as Batman versus Superman was, DC may be headed for a gravity slam at the BO. If Wonder Woman sucks, they are history. This season saw at least 15 BO disasters, including Ghostbusters, Tarzan, Independence Day 2, The BFG, Ice Age 5 and the worst so far, Angry Birds. Holy crap that was one of the worst animated films I have ever seen. My young nephew even thought it sucked. The movies have been so bad, even the Chinese BO is down 18%, and those guys made the awful Warcraft a hit. For a country that will watch anything, even they have limits. Make better films guys.

7)Colin Powell- I FUCKING HATE COLIN POWELL! This asshole sold us a bill of goods on Iraq that he knew was bullshit and broke the world. Fuck him. And now he has the gall to say Hillary lied about him telling her to use private email address. Hillary may be a serial liar but I believe her before anything that comes out of this motherfuckers mouth. However, he never told her to use a private server, which she did use. That's on Hillary. He can still go fuck himself. Douchebag should be rotting in prison for war crimes not giving interviews.

6)Joe Arpaio- Speaking of douchebags rotting in prison, everyone's favorite racist sheriff may be headed there himself. After repeatedly ignoring a judges orders to stop using outlawed profiling procedures and arresting Hispanics in huge numbers for the most minor of crimes, he has been found in contempt of court. What happens next is anyone's guess however. Lawyers are dusting off the lawbooks and going through Arizona law to see how to proceed. He could face anything from a slap on the wrist to five years in prison, depending on what charges they decide to bring, if any. I would love to see him in his pink coveralls eating a crappy bologna sandwich. That would make me happy.

5)Birth of A Nation- This film probably should never have been made. A film depicting a slave uprising in white people are killed is probably not the best idea in today's racially charged environment. Fox news and Trump and going to have a field day with this. Even besides that, the film director is currently explaining an old rape case from 2001 where he was acquitted and his friend, and co-writer, served a few years before the conviction was overturned for unknown reason. The fact the woman in question killed herself a few years back, after attempting suicide at least two other times, says she at the very least, believed she had been raped and couldn't handle it. What studio executive ran with this idea: a film made by two alleged rapists about black people killing white people during a slave revolt was exactly what this country wanted. Here is the worst part: advance word from people I know say the film isn't that good. A lot of it is painfully slow, there are a lot of quick, jarring edits and some of the dialogue is terrible. I can't imagine White America, except for self hating liberals, going to this film. Good luck. This has not been a great year for films and this does not look to turn the tide.

4)BLM/Milwaukee cops- Another week, another shooting. Only this time, the guy is question was a black man WITH a gun, when he got shot. This mattered nothing to BLM matter supporters who went on a looting riot and even attacked white people because of the color of their skin. That is racist. This is happening across the country so be warned: some black people are targeting whites. Now the cops are not helping the situation by not releasing the video for some inane reason. Black people have good reason not to trust cops, so them saying "trust us" is laughable. BLM is a racist organization that cares noting about black people otherwise they should be protesting the thousands of black people being shot every day by their own kind. Idiots.

3)Aetna- It came out this week that Aetna wasn't leaving the Obamacare exchanges because of profit loss, but because the Obama administration blocked a merger with Humana. Someone call them a WHAAAAMBULANCE! This should be illegal and if it is, Obama should send the national guard to his headquarters to arrest him FDR style. This is why we need a single payer plan and strict price control on drug companies, if not a total nationalization of the industry. Health care, like education, should not be a for profit way of doing things. This shows why.

2)MSM- The news is barely watchable anymore. A few brave souls have taken one the Trump idiots who debating skills are no better than "whatever bounces off of me sticks to you like glue." and "Says who?" That last one was literally done on CNN between a reporter and a Trump lawyer which some right wing sites are using as an example of Trump crushing it. This is beyond stupid when you watch someone be humiliated yet somehow still sees it as positive for their candidate. But these moments are few a far between where no one asks any tough to questions to anyone, follow ups don't exist and anything with substance is ignored. On top of that, the print news is becoming filled with spelling errors. I know this site does to, but I only have me to edit this, not several others and a million dollar budget.

1)Donald Trump- This week, his former campaign manager Paul Manafort was fired after illegal transfers of money from pro-Russian sources came out. He was replaced by the editor from Brietbart and a pollster that makes Ann Coulter look less tranny and far more sane. We found put Christie settled on five million for a 30 million debt from Trump. Nothing suspicious there. As Trump has decided to pivot to a less radical version of himself, his numbers have continued to plummet, his rallies becoming smaller and a loss seems all but certain. How will he take it to be labeled a LOSER? Some think he may quit beforehand rather than risk defeat. Wouldn't that throw a monkey wrench into the works? Keep it up Donald, you are indeed douchebag of the week.

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