Thursday, August 11, 2016


You know the general election has started when unbelievable bullshit starts hitting the Internet as well as some good points that are usually overshadowed by the nonsense. There has been countless articles about Hillary's health problems, most of which are crap but some do hold water. Meanwhile, Donald Trump continues to sink after crossing a red line and saying something so stupid it might just cost him the election while keeping his tax returns secret, a thing a majority of Americans hate.

Let's start with Hillary's health. A lot has been made about her, with theories of Parkinson's, dementia and cancer all being lobbied about. None of that seems true. An alleged document from her doctor says she is unfit for office but the sheet in general shows many discrepancies with actual health care forms and huge signs it's a fake, not the least of which it looks like something any idiot could type himself. It looks a lot like the same kind of nonsense that Trump gave us when his "doctor" gave a written statement that said Trump "was the healthiest person ever to run for President." Right. Closer examination of that document proves Trump wrote it himself. Figures.

However, there are some signs she may be suffering from seizures as one video does show her make a strange head bob movement that freaks out the reporters there. But this is the only one I have actually seen and may be taken out of context so even that may have to be taken with a grain of salt. There is also an alleged hole in her tongue, but again as Photoshop exists, I am unsure how real it really is. This is the problem in today's society where nothing can be accepted as fact, not even photographic evidence. She has had coughing fits, but so do I every day, and I am more or less healthy and don't smoke. Mine is caused by bad allergies. According to her doctor, so does she. Issue solved there.

It is clear she does NOT have Parkinson's or dementia. I am well acquainted with both and she shows none of the signs of either. Likewise the photo of her being helped up the steps which blanketed the airwaves this week, while not telling people the photo was taken last February in New Hampshire. As someone who lives in the general area I can tall with 100% authority that those steps were probably icy as hell and they didn't want her to fall. I have done the same for my fiance and she is half her age.

The point of this is there are questions about her health and much like Trump's tax records, shouldn't both candidates release all the medical records as well? Diseases that presidents had like JFK and Addison's disease as well as rumors of Reagan and dementia during his second term prove the people have a right to know if the leader of the free world is up for the task. Both should put out the health records so this can be ended once and for all. It is ironic that Trump keeps hammering Hillary on her health records while giving us neither his nor his tax returns, which Hillary did at least.

Trump may have killed his chances this week when he went into crazy town and took a spin with the locals. During a speech, he actively threatened Hillary Clinton with an assassination. He said that if Hillary becomes president there is nothing anyone can do about it except 2nd amendment people. He then went on to say it was joke and only meant that the gun lobby is powerful. But even if that is what he meant, some are going to take it as a call to arms, much the same way lunatic Sharon Angle did when she ran for the Nevada senate and said if she lost, gun owners should exercise their rights and start a civil war. How is that any different than what Trump said?

Again, this is as far from presidential as one could be. This type of flippancy is dangerous and could start an international incident, not to mention a world war, when some unstable world leader takes true offense to some "joke" Trump makes. Hillary and the DNC are not wrong at this point that voting for Trump is a vote to kill us all. He has proven that beyond a shadow of a doubt here. If you are voting for Trump, you are voting for anarchy and a nuclear death.

Hillary may suck, and she does, but she won't destroy the planet as quickly as the orange retard is going to. Suck it up America and vote Hillary because the alternative is the end of us all. As the GOP tries to distance themselves from Trump, Reid is forcing their hand by demanding a vote on Merick Garland. He is saying loud and clear that saying you do not stand with Trump while standing in the way of a Supreme Court vote is treasonous and a secret show of support for Trump. That's funny. I hope it works.

Hillary 2016. God help us all.

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