Monday, August 15, 2016


The nightly news isn't telling you this but a race war started in Milwaukee two days ago. Black people pissed at another shooting of a black man, even if it was completely legitimate, rioted, burning down buildings and calling for attacks on white people, even into the suburbs. This is beyond dangerous because if large groups of black rioters enter rural America thinking they will get some payback, all they will do is inflame racial passions and find out how well armed a lot of these yahoos really are.

This has been going on for some time now and it has now become too big to ignore. Video shows black people going after white people for being white. Reverse that image and tell me that wouldn't be plastered all over the airwaves 24/7. But black attacks on whites, even those that are filmed, never reach the MSM. The same thing is happening overseas with terrorist attacks that are now being blamed in things like mental illness and, I kid you not, global warming. It's all to not get one side too riled up and start a civil war. Our media is manipulating us to blame one side over the other and not notice who the real culprits are: the super rich.

As I pointed out yesterday, the elites are stealing trillions from us and the MSM is ignoring all of that, the same as they are with the black attacks on white people. FBI stats show almost no white on black attacks but ten times as many for the reverse. So why do we hear about none of that? And much like Europe, any crime caused by refugees, such as the rape attack on a five year old Idaho girl by three refugee children a few months back, goes under reported. But again, if this happened to be the reverse races, we would still be talking about it.

You are being played and manipulated at this point. Black people are being taught all white people suck. White people are learning the MSM is lying to us and are rapidly learning to rehate blacks. All of this is being done so we don't realize that the people we should all be mad at are the super rich who are stealing from us blind.

The case in Milwaukee is very bad because black and white people are looking at this story with very different world views. White people see blatant racism and are going to turn a bling eye soon to any plight by black America. Black people are going to be even more self-segregated and eventually this will turn their world upside down, especially if ghettos start getting walled off, Israeli style. If you want to see what REAL oppression looks like, keep doing what you are doing and you are going to sympathize with Palestinians caught in the exact same trap. Palestinians could have peace tomorrow if they just recognize Israel and stop with the attacks. Black people could do much the same if they STOP KILLING EACH OTHER IN RECORD NUMBERS WHILE BLAMING WHITEY FOR ALL YOUR PROBLEMS! White people are not doing anywhere near the same damage black people are.

It was truly disheartening to listen to black voices in the area blame the cops for this shooting, as the victim was a career criminal with a huge rap sheet, and an illegal gun which he pointed at officers, all caught in video. Now the police are idiots here for not releasing that video immediately which added to the fact that no one trusts the cops anymore and with good reason. They have been shown all too often to shoot first and ask questions later and receive zero punishment when they do fuck up hard. Most aren't even fired let alone charged with a crime. The dick that shot Tamir Rice is still a cop even though every indication and report says he is a terrible police officer. When you can't get rid of idiots like this, what hope do you have winning the trust from anybody in America, let alone black people?

Black racism is rampant in inner city areas now and only the far left ignores this reality at their own peril. Sorry but white racism has not been that prevalent until recently, caused by black people attacking whites, the MSM ignoring it, and Trump calling all of it out. It is making white people more and more racist and not without good reason. This will end badly for us all although a Trump presidency seems less and less likley by the minute. However, Clinton will do jack to fix anything either so for all of you who are black and voted for her over Sanders, get used to the status quo which you actively voted for and will change your status not one iota. Way to go, stupid.

So black people hate white people now and are threatening to go to the suburbs to riot there. Try that and see what gunfire from machine guns look like when a panicky white NRA member decides to start mowing you down en masse. It will not be pretty. And trust me when I say a lot of the white people with guns know how to use them and practice regularly. How many gang bangers do you think do the same thing? It would be a bloodbath,

Racism is alive and well and it cost Larry Wilmore his job today. The Nightly Show was cancelled due to super low ratings, most likley because White America wasn't watching, thinking it was too racist against whites, which at times, I admit it was. But not often and I really liked the show. The Daily Show has been FAR more racist against white people to a point I hardly watch it anymore. Sorry, but Trevor Noah has been a sad replacement for John Stewart as people like John Oliver and Sam Bee have done much, much better. Wilmore will be missed.

We need to end the drug war, put cameras on all cops and bring back jobs for all because the current situation is untenable. Keep this up and black people will be labeled as second class citizens, just like the Muslims who live in Israel. This is not an ideal to aim for. Stop labeling white people as your enemy, We aren't. But you have to clean up your own streets as well where black people are being murdered every day by your own. Will any of this happen? Probably not so we are headed for a downward slide and the end of black and white commingling safely. Don't let that happen.

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