Wednesday, August 17, 2016


There is more than the usual brand of vitriol being spread this election around the internet and airwaves and most of it is bunk. Not surprisingly though most of the sketchy ones come from the Internet, although not all of it as the MSM is leading to you believe. It is because of this obvious media bias, most likley brought about by the zillionaires who own the newspapers and TV stations who don't want to see the Earth spin off into the sun during a Trump presidency, that many feel everything they say is suspect. They are not far off but rigging dozens of polls to go your way is simply not possible. Someone involved would have talked by now and since we have not one single whistleblower anywhere we can assume that this assumption is crap. They DID rig the primaries but as the media failed to cover any aspect of that, everyone wrote it off as another GOP fantasy. This is why when you cry wolf all the time, when a wolf actually appears, no one listens to you.

Several alleged internet polls, which are truly lax in sample sizes, show Trump with a commanding lead, usually with Trump at 75% and Hillary at around 25%. These are the kind of polls that should be suspected of being rigged and it was these same kind of polls that showed Romney winning last time when in reality he got trounced, which the accurate polls got dead on. Also a word about the last two elections: there were few signs of election fraud, unlike 2000 and 2004 which were suspicious as hell. As the latest polls all show Hillary gaining even further on Trump, there is a distinct possibility that this election will also be above board as there will be no reason to cheat. Hillary leads with almost every major demographic except non college educated men. Unless they go 100% for Trump, which is near impossible, he has no chance of winning.

The electoral college is not geared toward the Republicans anymore either. We keep hearing about how this is a center to far right country but demographics, and voting habits over the last twenty years show a dramatic shift to center and far left. It is these shifts that have taken states like CO, VA and PA out of swing state territory. This means that the democrats automatically start off with an advantage of 236 solid electoral votes to 151 for Republicans. That is a huge hurdle to overcome right off the bat. If this were a foot race, Hillary would start 100 feet from the finish line while Trump began way back at the beginning with lead weights tied to his feet.

And that is just the start. As the upper midwest seems poised to go blue again, as they have in the last few election (demographics again), Hillary as of right now is at 272 votes, or in other words, the winner. And that is without Florida or even Ohio. where Trump could win easily every swing state left and still lose. That is a huge rock to keep pushing uphill.

It didn't help when he said the other day he has no desire to change his attitude or policies, even though they seem to be sinking his chances by the minute. The RNC much be counting down the days until they can drop him like a rock, just like they did Bob Dole when it came out he was going to lose in epic fashion. Trump may do even worse.

He has lost women, young people, minorities, gay people, college educated men and 30% of the Republican party. Hillary has only lost about 10% of the Democratic base, solely because while I among others think she is one evil she devil, there is no way she can be worse the Trump. To put those numbers in perspective, if Trump continues to lose 30% of the Republican vote, he will lose in a landslide as states like Texas and Utah may go blue for the first time in decades. Nothing he is doing is working, and he is failing to see that. This campaign is ready to implode and soon.

The one thing they have is Hillary's health, most of which is nonsense. Look, she is using a pillow. Who does that? Besides me and a million others that is. Oh, now she is being helped up icy steps in NH. In February. She must be at death's door. She is holding on to a railing, so she must have Parkinson's. And so it goes.

However, there is some things about this story which if Republicans weren't so wolf cry happy about that have some teeth. She does appear to have a seizure at one point and she does have a history of falling over and hurting herself. Many are screaming for her medical records, which much like Trump's tax returns, should be released for the public. Presidents have played fast and loose with the health in the past, like JFK and him suffering from Addison's disease or Reagan and his fading memory during his second term allegations. Trump should release his and dare her to do the same. But as he is still choking on his tax returns, a fact that is hurting his numbers, that may be a wash. A word to the wise, if it looks like you are hiding something, people trust you even less than when you lie to them. Just saying, Hillary being a devious bitch is a lot less harmful to people's opinion than when they think you are hiding something, like Trump's tax returns. It's why the Hillary health allegations are also so damaging. Give them up and move on Hillary unless you really do have something to hide which is even worse. Why run if you know you can't do the job? How greedy for power are you?

None of this will upset her path to victory that Trump is all but guaranteeing with his near daily foot in mouth syndrome. He cannot and will not pivot to get swing states or swing voters and this will doom him down the road. Hillary's lead is getting wider by the day, with Trump fading fast, she is all but certain to win a landslide victory. God help us all that she at least keep half her campaign promises, unlike Obama who abandoned many of them before his presidential seat go warm. The GOP is set to suffer massive loses across the board. Maybe Democrats can finally get a majority in the House and Senate and get something done. Don't bet on it, but it would be nice to give them all the rope to hang themselves with.

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