Thursday, August 18, 2016


If the election were held right now, Hillary would win in a rout with the electoral college in the mid 300's for her and Trump in the mid 100's. Ouch. Even worse, down ballot races are looking shakier and shakier as a sizable portion of turned off Republicans look poised to sit this one out. A lot of Senate races are going blue and I would estimate the Senate going back to blue at about 75% and even the House still is around 50/50 which is shocking considered how illegally gerrymandered the districts are in some places. These steal votes and should be outlawed immediately. One of the main reasons this country is so fucked up is because of this. In the last election, House democrats got over a million more votes but still lost seats. This was done solely through fixing the vote where instead of voters picking their representatives, the representatives picked the voters. But because that orange shit stain is still running, every right winger running could lose.

I said from day one that Trump had no idea how bad the Clinton War Machine really was. These are sinister people, make no mistake about that, and for someone running the country that isn't necessarily a bad thing. Carter was a great man but a terrible president because he didn't have an evil bone in his body. Sometimes you need an asshole to be in charge to really get things done. Right now, Hillary is that asshole.

The right wingers are discovering that the same disinformation that saved Bush is now being used by Hillary. Shocker. Bush released "fake" documents that said he never showed up for duty while enlisted half the time. I believe these documents were more or less accurate just modified to appear fake. If you want to kill a story release a document which is 90% true along with intentional mistakes, so the document can be debunked as a fraud. Whatever useful info was in there is dumped out as garbage and the story dies, even though it was technically accurate. Hillary may be doing the same thing with her medical records that have been "released" and debunked due to errors in the letterhead and such. Again, this is a classic disinfo trick. Now that doesn't mean the report is accurate either as the right has a clear record of inventing bullshit too. But, both sides have to be taken into account here. The far right certainly has gone way overboard inventing problems for her like leaning on railings and pillows for her back, which could accurately describe me and a million other in not terrible health. Or she could be actually sick and they are cleverly covering it up. Jury is still out on this.

But these are the kind of dirty tricks that the Clinton War Machine does. It annihilates opponents. And the biggest hit piece they have right now is Donald Trump's idiotic refusal to release his taxes. A majority of Americans, Republicans included, want him to do it. They correctly see this as hiding something from the public, a huge hurdle when the Presidency is at stake. Now because of this automatic distrust when someone starts hiding important info, the Clinton's are hurling some fantastic accusations against Trump. And some of them are brutal.

The biggest one and easiest target is that Trump is no where near as rich as he says he is. This I believe whole heartedly. Forbes estimates have his wealth at around two billion while the Trumpster says 10. It may be even less than two according to some. He has a real hard on for being seen as the richest and best so this one is probably true.

The second one had been being played out across the media spectrum and that is he has close ties to Russia. Again, there is some evidence for this, as there are credible rumors that banks will no longer loan him money and he has gone to Russia instead for that. This would make him a puppet of Russia and a bad image results. The fact his campaign head Paul Manafort has been alleged to have accepted 12 million in bribes from the pro-Russia, former Ukrainian president, whom he worked for, does not help. These allegation may or may not be true, but they certainly are not helping.

The latest one just came out this week and it's a doozy. Some have alleged that Trump won't give up his taxes because he donated money to NAMBLA, the pedo group. Now this one is far fetched to say the least but I love how it is a lot like Trump truthisms that start with "This is what I heard." There appears NO evidence for this accusation, based totally on hearsay, but as Trump has been doing the same thing, I find it funny it has come back to bite him on his ass. I am also thinking that the people spreading these rumors on Twitter are Clinton operatives. No way does this not hurt even if it appears to be complete bull.

I hope to see reporters asking him about this. "Mr Trump can you confirm your taxes have no donations to NAMBLA? The American people want to see those returns sir to make sure they are not electing a sick kid molester." It would probably go as well as one interview went yesterday which had a Trump official literally ask over and over "Says who?" to a CNN reporter's questions about the campaign shake up and fast fading polls. Here is how it went:

"Let me ask you about this," Keilar asked. "You say it's not a shakeup, but you guys are down, and it makes sense that there would —

"Says who?" Cohen interrupted. "Says who?"
"Polls," a clearly unamused Keilar responded. "Most of them. All of them?"
After a brief, awkward silence, Cohen repeated, "Says who?"
"Polls," Keilar said. "I just told you, I answered your question."
"OK, which polls?" Cohen continued.
"All of them," Keilar said.
This is not good and the Trump campaign isn't even in September yet. Imagine what next month will bring. Good luck Trump. You are going to need it.

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