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The short answer is no, it is not time to panic. Hillary is still ahead in many states, but factors both within her campaign and outside as well have led to a drop in key states like PA, Ohio, AZ and Michigan. Now mind you the drops have not been significant, but the fact they are dropping at all is a small cause for concern. Good news is, Hillary still wins the electoral college by a significant margin if the election were held today. Bad news is the election is still 70 days away and lots can happen in that time.
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I find it hard to believe that Hillary's Clinton Foundation shenanigans have much to do with her recent drop. Hillary courts donors for favors? That's been going on since the first man walked upright. It's also too wonky, complicated, and legal for most to care about. No, I think it has more to do with unsubstantiated rumors about her health, both mental and physical. I have watched a lot of footage of her lately and see NO signs of any physical ailment beyond what the right has invented in their own brain. Her mental state also appears fine, far better than Trump who appears to have a narcissistic personality disorder. Almost everything about her seem fine, other than the head seizure footage which DOES appear odd, but as I have seen no further evidence of any problems, it is speculation to guess what she has, if anything.

I find it ironic that Trump is demanding she release her medical records, while he has neither done that for himself or his tax returns. Hypocrite much? There is a strong rumor that Wikileaks will release something about a medical condition in October that may or may not be fake. In today's easy world of Photoshop, any document produced without a chain of command is subject to intense scrutiny. This does not mean it won't be true, but it should be raked over the coals to make sure it IS real, much like many did to Obama's birth certificate which proved real to all but the least stable out there.

But even with the right pilling on, Clinton supporters, particularly black people have not helped one bit this week with a parade of horrifying violence against both white and black people. Three black people who shouldn't see Christmas were arrested for awful crimes. In Chicago, where black people are being killed off in mass numbers almost all by their own hands, hit a new low this week when Dwyane Wade's cousin was shot by two utter wastes of space, by accident, missing the guy they were aiming at because "he looked at them funny and was from out of town."
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And then there was Rodney Earl Sanders, a 46 year old black career criminal, who killed two elderly nuns in Mississippi just because. How much you want to bet part of it was because they were white. Sanders is almost certain to get the death penalty, which he rightfully deserves.

These three assholes should be tortured to death on live TV as a warning for others not to do the same. Something has to change because the warehousing of prisoners, with no hope of redemption, is killing people.

Let's try this. We need to sentence people to less time who have a chance of fixing their lives. And once these people get out, they need jobs so getting rid of the stigma of prison is a great start to help them re-adapt to society. On the other, people like the Sorrell brothers from Chicago and Rodney Sanders should be put to death within the next year. Shoot them in the back of the head, burn the bodies and give the relatives the cremated remains to do whatever they want with it. No millions wasted in keeping these fuckers alive for decades when they have ZERO hope of re-entering society. If you commit a truly heinous crime and there is NO doubt you did it, you die quick. Trust me when I say do this enough and the crime rate will drop because those habitual offenders, who make up more than 75% of the criminals in this country, will be dead and no longer able to commit crimes. Others, who don't want to get shot in the head, will stop as well.

It also wouldn't hurt to end the drug war which would most likley drop all violence by half nationwide. There are steps we can take to fix this problem as others have successfully done. We just need the willpower to do it.

But black people have to stop with the racism calls which are making more and more white people actually racist. There is a reason Trump is gaining and it is because that a lot of White America has about had it with black people, the same way that German's lately look at Muslim refugees. Not of all of this is deserved but some of it is. Take Colin Kaepernick who took a stance against police brutality by refusing to stand during the National Anthem. I actually agree with him to a certain extent in that he is right that police are killing ALL of us with impunity, and then get to sit back and get paid while they wait to be acquitted which happens more often than it should, This is wrong on a lot of levels. Now while I may disagree on him that this country is filled with racists, I support his right to his opinion. What he is not taking into account however, is that others will also have an opinion on the matter and they HATE this idea. It's one thing to ding the government. It sucks. But to protests against the country, seems unpatriotic and unwise, especially in today's charged climate. The outrage from both fans and players has been intense and, if it grows, could cost him his job. People don't seem to understand that you have a right to your opinion and to voice it. But that opinion can also lose you friends, loved ones and even your career.
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Lastly we have the PC and anti-PC crowd, both of which are just terrible. PC nonsense and things like safe space and trigger words for Generation Snowflake is an affront to the first amendment. The University of Chicago recently told these delicate flowers to grow up because none of that is happening on campus. If the city wasn't so dangerous, it is exactly the kind of place where many should go for higher education. They get it. Take a look at the long litany of terms these idiots find offensive: white men, Thanksgiving, the Constitution, even Pokemon. Feminists at Stamford had a fit when the college sent out a memo about women drinking responsibly and they took it as a personal affront rather than common sense logic. Where does this crap end?

On the opposite side, we have the anti-PC crowd looking at this and think, "If these idiots can say stupid stuff, so can I." As a result we have been inundated with some of the most racist words ever put to page. Take Leslie Jones. No one else from the cast of Ghostbusters has been harassed half as much as her and she is the funniest person on the cast. She in turn has been subjected to hacked nude photos, personal info being published and truly vile things said about her. The anti-PC crowd feels they can say anything because of the First Amendment, and again, they are right. I am also allowed to view their racism as backward hick thinking that belongs in the 1850's and not modern society.

All of this is why Trump is gaining. Everytime some black idiot starts screaming about reparations or white guilt, another person decides to go Trump as a result. The nonsense about her health is hurting and she should release her records and then scream bloody murder about Trump putting out his and his tax returns, a place where he is getting hammered on by everyone involved. Hillary has plenty of time to right the ship. And as much as I do not like her, Trump will kill us all. Vote Hillary for a few more months, maybe years, of peace and security before she fucks everything up good. With Trump, we won't see summer.

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