Tuesday, August 9, 2016


Hillary Clinton's tax plan will be revealed Thursday and I will look at that as soon as it comes out. However, I can say unequivocally that it will be light years ahead of the steaming pile of crap that Donald Trump just dumped on the American people. It's the exact same watered down trickle down economic policy that has been proven a failure and discounted by a majority of the public during the last two presidential elections. Romney and Ryan lost specifically because their economic plan was hated by people even within their own party. After more than a decade of this, not to mention another eight years of actually trying it with disastrous results during the W. years, it is unlikely to work this time. This is the very definition of insanity.

How insane is it? During his speech, interrupted at least eight times by protesters, Trump outlined a typical GOP fantasy plan that has no basis in reality. We know this because every time one of these yahoos implements the plan, it doesn't work. If you don't believe me, go to places like Wisconsin, Kansas or Louisiana and see how well it is doing. These three states are cratering hard because of their idiotic policies. Meanwhile, democratic run ones are doing far better (although again not always as democrats are every bit as corrupt as their counterparts) and their tax ideas, in places like California, have grown the state from a deficit to a huge surplus. This happens a lot in history when trickle down economics are replaced with actual math and better things happen.

So what is in the plan? Reducing he tax brackets from seven to three. This seems stupid as it means the poor pay more and the rich less. Then the usual reduction of corporate taxes to 15% because zero isn't enough, which is what most actually pay and some even get billions back. Contrary to what Republicans keep telling us, we are NOT the highest taxed country on Earth. It's not even close actually. We are 34th out of the top 36 industrialized country. The top taxers are all the democratic socialist ones we keep hearing about being bad for society. The only thing bad in these societies is that rich people pay more as do corporations and those taxes are used to give benefits to all, not just the 1% like here. This is why socialism gets a bad rap. If it ever came out that it works and we all benefit, not just the rich, their power would disappear. As for lowering taxes, we can't pay for what we have now because the major players skip out on the bill. Trump's tax plan will provably make things far worse.

If we have less money due to less taxes, which obviously will happen, then the first thing to get cut will be benefits for the poor as always happens. So if you have no money, and are voting for Trump, you are voting to end ALL subsidies for yourself like food stamps, health care and your job, which will be outsourced somewhere else. Good times.

Other highlights from this shit speech was an end to all regulations, because we all know corporations have our health in mind at all times and would do nothing to poison us for profit. Right. Considering the amount of lead in our water now, you may want to rethink your position on voting for ANY Republican this year unless an early grave is what you desire. Also, the lack of banking regulations led directly to the 2008 economic collapse. Does any reasonable person think they won't do that all over again because they are right now doing the same garbage, like credit default swaps and over-leveraged derivative bets? Trump wants more of that.

He also said he would remove bureaucrats that "only know how to kill jobs and replace them with experts who know how to create jobs." How exactly would he accomplish this? Most government jobs are union and you can't just fire them because you feel like it. And how many of the 2.7 million government workers would he replace? If you have one of these jobs and are still voting for Trump, have fun begging for scraps when Emperor Trump fires you all after eliminating unemployment insurance of course, as that is the only way that could possibly happen. It is also not out of the range of possibility.

And what would be the end result of this? Independent studies say it would cost us between 2 and 3 trillion dollars. Whoa. That's a lot of zeros. Now mind you it is far better than his original plan which was estimated as costing between 9 and 11 trillion, but not by much. Job loses from this will be millions in the first few years alone.

Chances are good none of this will make a difference to a stupid public too dumb to know when they are being played. This week, the Pentagon announced they couldn't "find" over 6 trillion dollars. Must have fallen in the couch cushions I guess. This comes on the heels of previous "losses" for four trillion a few years back and just over two trillion announced on Sept 10, 2001. We all know what happened the next day. This is where all our money is going. Stop the theft of our tax dollars and we can fix every problem we have. Voting for Trump all but guarantees this continue. And yes I know Obama is president and Hillary will do little to fix it either but Trump will accelerate the issues. Both sides may suck but one sucks a little less. And unfortunately that has to be enough.

It may not matter as Trump is losing in almost all the swing states, some by double digits like PA or NH now. Worse, he is either tied or behind now in Missouri, Arizona and Georgia. Arizona hasn't gone blue since 1948 and may now as they are tied in that state. His loses may be staggering and that could be the best news as we should give the democrats all the rope to hang themselves with. We've tried the GOP way and it hasn't worked. Let's give the democrats a chance and if they fail too, we can burn this country to the ground as nothing else will work.

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