Wednesday, August 24, 2016


The sad truth is our society is in irreversible decline at this point. And it's not just the US but the world in general. There are so many problems going on in the world, some real, some made up, and both impossible to tell the difference anymore, that the end does appear near. In just the last few days, there has been a spike in unusual murders, ritual sacrifices made in the oddest places and other signs of demonic interference. Many of you I am sure are wondering if the Warmonger has lost his mind. I can't believe in demons right?

Wrong. I have seen some fucked up shit in my life and demonic possession may indeed by a reality. I went to Catholic School for my entire life and the principal at my high school was one of the few exorcists sanctioned by the Vatican to do these rites. He played audio and video from some of the exorcisms he did and let me tell you if you can explain to me how a six year old can speak Latin fluently or watch a young girl levitate several feet off a bed, I am all ears. And I went to school in the days when, if this was fake, would have cost a fortune to produce. This was real. And it convinced me that other worlds exist beyond this one. I have spent years studying this subject and there are a lot of strange things in this world that proves the existence of evil, and God, as a higher power.

It convinced me of the existence of God. Now mind you, the God that I know exists is a far cry from the white bearded old man most Westerners come up with who smites people on a whim. Like the yin yang symbol shows, there can be no evil without good. God here may be nothing more than a being playing a game of universal chess where we are the pawns. His opponent may not be necessarily evil in reality, just in the game that we unfortunately caught up in. When one sides wins, they may even switch sides. Evil here may be a means to an end rather than a philosophy.

But let us assume evil does exist as a tangible force and has minions, the same way God has angels. If such beings exist, and I believe there is solid proof to back that up, wouldn't it make sense that the closer we get to Armageddon, the more of them there would be. And for whatever reason, Florida seems to be Ground Zero for some weird stories, weirder than usual that is. Considering this is the same state that gave us George Zimmerman and Casey Anthony, that shouldn't be a shocker.

A 16 year Framingham, MA boy stabbed his mother and younger brother while vacationing in Florida. Now this is obviously a case of mental illness, and pictures of the kid, named Gust which may be why he snapped, are Adam Lanza-ish in that you can tell there is something wrong with this kid. However, as his family swears he has never been violent in his life, you never know. Either way, this kid is going away, perhaps forever.

And then there is the 19 year old, Austin Harrouff, who got mad at the slow service at a bar where he was at with his family, stormed off, walked four miles home and then, for no apparent reason, a block from his house, killed a couple sitting in their garage. When police arrived, he was eating their faces. Reports say he was abnormally strong and Tasers had no effect on him. Hell, even the dog failed to get him to stop. I've been bitten by an attack dog (while wearing protective gear of course), and even that hurt. Deputies suggest flakka as a explanation, but Austin swears he was drug free at the time. If toxicology reports come back clean, possession may be the next best theory.

Here in MA, a shirtless man walked into a store, grabbed a toddler and tried to walk out with him. The father stopped him, called the police and arrested the guy who was hiding in a wooded area nearby. What a douche.

Now to be fair, almost all of these stories are almost certainly caused by drug use, mental illness of outright stupidity. But there is also the very slim possibility that demonic possession may be the cause which, according to the Vatican, is increasing worldwide. Could this be a sign that they are right? Probably now, but it is fun to explore that idea.

A far more disturbing story comes from the CERN facility where a ritual sacrifice, most likely fake, took place in front of a statue of Shiva. First off, why is there a statue is Shiva in front of the CERN building? The spokespeople for the facility have called it a "prank" and a "hoax," but is it? We know that mock ritual sacrifices are performed at Bohemian Grove in front of a large statue of Moloch. We know that a lot of death happens worldwide the last few weeks of April, the feast days of Baal. Is it possible that some sects to ancient gods still exist? And are they real? Do they actually grant power or is it all just nonsense? If this is a hoax, why do it in the first place? It seems like a lot of effort for nothing.

More and more are turning away from God and with good reason. The Catholic Church has failed to change with the times and history shows that which does not adapt goes extinct. This is doubly funny from a group that does not believe in evolution. But by moving away from following the righteous path, which fewer and fewer seem to be doing, our society is failing. While I believe that removing religion is a great idea, God is still with us. All we need to do is be nice to one another and salvation is ours. Instead, we are fighting over everything. God help us all.

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