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If you want to know why the country, and indeed the world, is heading to hell in a handbasket look no further than the Big Pharma company, Mylan, and the CEO, a repugnant, vile human being, Heather Bresch, daughter of Senator Joe Manchin (kind of a douche himself) who has hiked the price of life saving Epipens while simultaneously hiking her salary to outrageous levels. This is all allowed to happen because our worthless FDA lets it happen, proving once and for all that they are nothing more than an arm of Corporate America, the real rulers of this country. And because we have a retard running against an oligarch for President, nothing is going to change. Let's see those runner ups.
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10)Angela Merkel- Here is a politician on her way out all due to her own hand. A recent poll said half the country wants out and not serve a fourth term almost all because her insistence to let uncivilized migrants and refugees run rampant across the country causing untold damage, perhaps for generations. There is a fine line between humanitarian help and slitting your own throat and Germany has crossed it. There crime rate is skyrocketing, and this is happening across Europe. Much like here where black people commit way more crimes than their population should allow, Muslims are raping and stealing in mass numbers and it's pissing off the locals something fierce. Because of this, there is a far right movement growing that is not good for anyone. We are seeing that first hand here with the rise of Trump and his racist supporters. This is not an aberration but what happens in history every time. A reckoning is coming and we are NOT prepared for it.

9)Colin Kaepernick- Here is a great example of the above. The black 49er's QB refused to stand during the National Anthem lately because, according to him, this country was "oppressive to blacks." While I wholeheartedly disagree with him on this, he has a right to his opinion. What he failed to understand is that the rest of us have an opinion too and it's this: "Shut the fuck up and play football. No one cares what your opinion is especially something so stupid and wrong that it belongs on Rush Limbaugh's radio show." This country is NOT racist. There may be racist people in it, but no government organization is racist, except maybe the DEA, who put away more black people for terrible reasons than anyone else. As expected, the backlash has been fierce, Many have burned their jersey's in effigy, filming them as they burn. There is a big difference between hating the government and hating the country. We all hate the government. But hating your COUNTRY is far different and people get real mad real fast when you disrespect America. This will not end well for him in today's climate where race issues are getting violent quick. If the uproar continues, and it might, he could lose his job over this if fans rebel against him. You have a right for free speech in this country, but too many don't realize that applies to everyone else as well.

8)North Korea- Everyone's favorite midget psycho is back, threatening war because the annual joint wargames between South Korea and America are this week. In response, he has fired four missiles this week into the Sea of Japan, rattling neighbors who fear an attack by this unpredictable lunatic. Allegedly, South Korean and American forces are "shining lights at the border, blinding their guards." That must be some powerful lights. The response from the North has been their saying an attack is imminent if they don't stop. Now chances are these are all empty threats as North Korea would be wiped from the Earth if they try anything, but who knows how sane their leader is these days?
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7)Creflo Dollar- Another giant douchebag, who I cannot believe that is his real name (which it is), is publicly supporting Trump. This makes perfect sense as Dollar is a black evangelist for is literally stealing the money from his supporters to buy shit for himself. He calls it "a ministry of wealth." And people buy in to it. PT Barnum was right and a sucker is born every minute. He reminds me a lot of Dr. Gene Scott, another TV preacher, who would solicit money to buy horses and then show videos of the horses he bought with their money. This went on for years. And it still is apparently. This guy recently purchased a Gulfstream plane with money he raised, because, I guess, God told him to? People are morons.

6)Leslie Jones Haters- Some dick posted nude pics of Leslie Jones, as well as hacked pictures of her driver's license and passport ON HER OWN WEBSITE. That is just wrong. I LOVE Leslie Jones, as she is easily one of the funniest people working today and, from what I have heard from people who know her, a fantastic human being. I would love to hang out with her some day as I know that would be a great time. So to all the idiot racists out there busting on her every chance they get know this: she has made more money this year than you will wee in a lifetime. She gets to hobnob with the rich and and famous, live in an expensive house and has dozens of close friends. The trolls however most likely live in their parent's basement, freindless, loveless and bitter. It shows. Pick on someone who deserves it like Katrina Pierson. Please.

5)Newspapers- These fossils are on their way out and I know why. I have been reading the daily newspaper since I was six years old. This week, I was forced to cancel because of one thing: the price. My local newspaper doubled the amount they wanted per year to almost $500. For that, I could walk to the local store and just buy one whenever I wanted and would be roughly the same price. I worked at a newspaper. If someone gets it for a whole year, the price should have been about half what it would normally cost. This brings in a lot of revenue. But as this is happening nationwide (I checked), less and less people are getting a newspaper because they cannot afford it anymore. I couldn't. And to be honest, almost everything I read in the paper, I could find online for free. Newspapers are still doing honest news, unlike the tabloid TV nonsense, and with them gone, this country is going to fall apart. It's why blogs like this exist so some truth came come out at least.
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4)Chicago gun violence- This city is falling apart. The drug war has decimated the populations. Police brutality has eroded their trust with their community. Black people are killing each other with impunity. This all has to stop and it won't until the drug war ends which almost no one seems to be calling for. This week Dwyane Wade's cousin was shot and killed by, wait for it, the Sorrell's, two black career criminals and brothers. Their parents must be so proud. One had an ankle bracelet that wasn't on from 8 am to 4 pm so he "could look for work." This begs the question why would an ankle monitor deter him from finding work? And what kind of work is someone with a rap sheet longer than my arm going to get in today's market? This is asinine all around. The reason for the shooting was even dumber. The driver of the car that Wade's cousin was in "looked at them funny and was from out of town." Is that all it takes anymore to want someone dead? Here is a solid case for instant death penalty rule. If we know without any doubt you did something so heinous as this, you get shot in the back of head two seconds later. Problem solved. Something better change because this town is going to burn otherwise.

3)Donald Trump- Knocked out of the top two spots by people who were far worse this week, the Trumpster fire continues to burn out of control. In a sign of true desperation, Trump has reversed course of some of his immigrant plans and started sounding a lot like Jeb Bush and President Obama, much to the chagrin of his supporters. Ann Coulter just wrote a book about Trump and how his stance on immigration never changes and the minute it comes out, Trump flip flips on it. That's funny. Spokesgoblin Katrina Pierson, hilariously tried to pin the blame on Obama, which defies explanation how that could occur. Meanwhile, his current campaign manager is under fire for domestic abuse from his ex-wife, as well as being a rabid anti-Semite. His numbers continue to dive in key states, regardless of the "fake" poll numbers being bandied about that show the opposite. As someone who works in polling data, much of what is being said is pure ignorance. Grow up America and realize that BOTH suck hard, but unfortunately Hillary is all we have to go with. Let us hope we can do something by 2018 to right this sinking ship.

2)Rodney Earl Sanders- Yet another loathsome black career criminal that should be joining the Sorrell brothers in a quick dirt nap, this ass killed two elderly nuns in their home in Mississippi for no reason. Yet another black dickless moron who has a rap sheet a mile long, served time for several offense and now faces the death penalty, which he almost certain to get considering who he killed. This fuckwad should be six feet under by now, not breathing our air. He certainly shouldn't be on death row for the next few decades. Either way, when he dies, someone is getting the express route to hell. Oh and once again we have a black man killing two white women when the reverse of a white man killing black women is almost never reported because it never happens. Yet white people are the problem in this nation. according to BLM. This week the whitelivesmatter group was labeled a hate group. Why the double standard here guys as BLM has actively been killing people of all races?
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1)Heather Bresch, the FDA and Mylan Industries- If this fucking cunt were die to tomorrow, I'd have a party that it happened. The CEO of Mylan Industries, daughter of douchebag democratic Senator Joe Manchin, has raised prices on the lifesaving Epipen to astronomical levels, making it unaffordable to many who need it to live. Meanwhile, bitch woman raised her salary from $2 million a year to $19 million. Don't we have laws against price gorging? Oh we do, but the FDA has to be involved and as they are in the backpocket of Big Pharma and other big industries, they do nothing but obstruct what they can and approve what they shouldn't. This organization is killing us and our tax dollars are paying for it. Enough! As the Epipens cost little to produce and actually only contain about 3 cents worth of medication, their explanation that "upgrades" have lent to the rise are bullshit as the device is exactly the same as it was decades ago. The FDA has protected Mylan from generic version of the drug, which would send the price plummeting, because of their greed. Once again, I have hard proof of this axiom: THE FREE MARKET DOES NOT EXIST! If it did, this device wouldn't cost even a third of what it does now and would be available over the counter which it should right now. You can't get high off these things so what rational is their to have strict controls on it. This is happening across this country in all sorts of back room deals that keep prices high and the American public sick. We are being killed off one person at a time for corporate greed. Neither Hillary nor Trump would be likely to stop it either. So fuck you Heather Bresch, I hope you get sick and die a horrible death. You, the FDA, and Mylan are all indeed douchebags of the week. Again, fuck you.

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