Friday, June 30, 2017


It finally happened in that Trump went too far and everyone regardless of party or affiliation, took one look at what was said and shook their head sadly. It's a dark day when you collectively realize the man with control of our nuclear missile arsenal may be clinically insane. It's even worse when you also notice that no one seems to be doing anything about it.
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So for those vacationing on Mars, yesterday Trump went on a Tweet storm that is STILL going on right now with a variety of topics, all horrifying. Let's start with what got the ball rolling here when for some inexplicable reason Trump viciously went after Morning Joe hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, calling him "Psycho Joe" and "Low IQ, Crazy Mika," and suggesting they were begging to spend time with him on New Year's Eve at Mar-a-Lago, but because her face was bloody from a recent face lift, he said no way. According to the two in question, they deny any of that took place. These two butt kissers caused all of this with their incessant fawning over the man pre-election. Only in hindsight have they realized the grave error they made, and for that, I applaud them. It takes a lot of guts to admit you were wrong, and these guys knew it and have said so many times on air. Kudos for that.

The response was immediate and fierce. Both sides of the aisle went ballistic over it, along with a good portion of the public. It was seen as very misogynistic and most likley, untrue. Pictures of Mika from that party show no bloody visage that Trump has invented, another lie in a long line of them. The truly funny part about this is that while the GOP is struggling, and failing to get a health care bill through, Captain Orange Squirt just insulted the three women in the GOP who have been a leaning no vote for some time. Not a way to win over people to your side dumbass. People like Graham, Sass and even Ryan condemned these words too. Good job to consolidate power against you.
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A quick word on the health care vote is that it doesn't look good for it's survival. It is massively unpopular, meaning it may be a death sentence for some Republicans, like Flake and Heller, and even cost them the House in 2018. This is suicide to succeed. I would estimate there is less than a 30% chance this goes through as the longer this drags on, the less likely it will pass. After September 30th, they can't use reconciliation rules anymore, so after that kiss it goodbye.

Back to the Retard in Chief, after yesterday's debacle you would think he'd shut up for two seconds. Nope. Instead, he ramped things up, Tweeting this morning that the show was fake news because he alleged that Joe Scarborough called him up to thank for help to kill a National Enquirer story and Trump wanted on air apology for some of the mean things they had said about him. There are so many problems with that tweet I don't know where to start. First off, Trump has the power to kill news stories? That's not troubling at all. Even funnier, Scarborough, tweeted back that he has solid proof this never happened with phone records and texts with WH aides. He went on to slam the National Enquirer for running false stories about him and his co-host. As the Enquirer has been in the back pocket for Trump for years is not in debate and proven here. One of their stories was so wrong, Morning Joe buys three six packs of beer every week, was laughed at by the host who says he never drinks beer and the press can follow him Gary Hart style to prove it. That is fake news.

And that was just the beginning. Tangerine Mussolini then said maybe the Congress should just repeal Obamacare all together and replace it at a later date. Nevermind the fact that going back to the way things were is even more dangerous as over thirty million would lose insurance and premiums would skyrocket beyond belief. Not done, he then went on to threaten war with North Korea, Syria, Iran AND Russia. Still think this guy is sane?

Here's the scary part: I honestly think he's lost his mind. I've been reading stories from people like Joe Scarborough and Mika B. and they have known the man for years. They both have stated they don't recognize him anymore and question his sanity. His father had Alzheimer's. And for some inane reason this never came up as everyone was focusing on the walking corpse running as his opponent. What if he's losing his mind? How safe is the world with an actual madman in office, and one that the GOP is unfit to remove?
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We are running out of time people and the fact that millions are NOT surrounding the White House demeaning his head is even scarier. Trump needs to be removed from office either by impeachment or declaring him unfit for office. If we wait, the world will burn. You're choice America.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017


I've worked for all sorts of news organizations for both TV and print and I can tell you a lot of these people are hard working, good at their jobs and don't get the respect they deserve. That being said I have also witnessed corruption, buried stories, corporate malfeasance and just plain old incompetence. Those all seem to be in full force now, some terrible and some just attacks on our media by a fascist right wing push.
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Let's start with the one channel that, let's face facts, is pretty much the worst news channel on TV. If you think I am talking about Fox, guess again. I know they are party hacks who should get a lot more flack than they do, but no one epitomizes failure like that of CNN. And this week was pretty bad with one story demonstrating a horrendous lack of doing a job even half assed and another, perpetrated by resident alt-right loser, James O'Keefe, whose Project Veritas (Truth? Fuck you!) is at best yellow journalism and at worst, terrorism without the bloodshed.

James O'Keefe is a hack who deceptively edits videos to prove his point. In the past, he eliminated ACORN by targeting them unfairly and used his videos to destroy them. He then went on to attack things like Planned Parenthood, voting booths, and straight out of Watergate, broke into a Senator's office to bug her phones. He got probation for that one. Now, he has videos showing a CNN producer talking to some unnamed individual, illegally taping him by the way, mouthing off about how the only reason the station is going after Trump is for ratings and that is probably nothing more than a witch hunt. Moron. Turns out, this so called "supervising producer" is actually John Bonifield, a producer for health and science out of Atlanta. His opinion in no way means anything as he has no knowledge of what the political wing would be doing, especially as those offices are run out of NY and DC. As someone who worked in places just like this I can tell you as fact, if you aren't in the loop, you don't know jack. And this guy wouldn't know nothing about what was going on in that part of the company. Don't believe me? Think of your job. Do you know everything and every decision made there, unless you are the boss of course? Of course not, and neither did this guy whose opinion is garbage for all  tense and purposes.

But that is was just the tremor before the earthquake when for some inane reason, CNN allowed a story to be published suggesting a Trump aide had nefarious tied to a Russian bank. Great story if it was true, which of course it wasn't. Three reporters were fired from CNN's investigative wing which leads me to ask, who in the blue fuck are you hiring to do these jobs? You NEVER print a story unless you have sufficient evidence that said story is true. Until you have verified it, YOU DON'T PRINT IT! That is Journalism 101. It would be the equivalent if your auto mechanic used milk instead of oil. I've worked as a journalist and still am and I don't put anything on this blog unless I VERIFY it first. The comes just weeks after another retraction involving James Comey and another against Jeff Sessions. WTF? Is anything that comes out of the CNN network accurate anymore? As a result of this massive fuck up, any stories involving Russia and Trump have to approved of at the highest levels. But considering the news across the board, and not just CNN, are woefully inadequate, this means little.
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If you live under a rock, you might have missed this story in which Trump just threatened Syria, Iran AND Russia, because there's nothing like a big World War to disguise the fact our president most likely has a tiny penis. I don't know it for sure and I don't have proof, but allegedly, his penis is really, really small. If you're going to make up fake news, let's at least get creative. This all stems from the chemical weapon attack a few months back that DID NOT HAPPEN! This is not some conspiracy theory that cannot be proven without a doctorate in missile strikes and chemical weapon disruption. Any idiot who can read a weather report will see that the wind that day when Syria allegedly dropped a bomb filled with sarin gas on civilians was going THE WRONG DIRECTION! I don't care how big that bomb was or where it landed, the laws of physics work there like everywhere else on Earth and knowing that, there is zero chance that the story we have been told (and one that changes depending on the country telling it) is accurate. Now the news media must know of all the same things I do: the science by renowned expert Dr. Tom Postol, the investigative report just done by Seymour Hersh and even facts provided by the Russians, who I know we can't exactly trust but their explanation sounds a whole lot more plausible than ours, all tell us this story is a lie. But night after night, I head the MSM tell us that Trump's version is the right one. WHY? Does no one who works in journalism anymore look stuff up to make sure it is right? It certainly doesn't seem that way with all the missed opportunities that they have had and the constant mistakes they keep making,

And then there is the NYT getting sued by poor Sarah Palin, that puts her in both the right and wrong here. A recent editorial alleged that the reason we had a shooting against Republicans at that baseball game was because of Palin, who used gun site cross-hairs over Gabby Giffords and others when she was running, which is why the Congresswoman was shot. None of that was true. Now she is suing for libel. Good luck on that but, more importantly, she did score a big PR win that makes the newspaper look bad. As it was an editorial, and not reported as news, libel will be a hard sell. The fact the paper issued a retraction a day later also works in their favor. But here is the big issue: why was that story allowed to run at all? That should have been fact checked before publication and it obviously wasn't because even a rudimentary Google search would have revealed that column was inaccurate. This is why cost cutting is such a bad idea. I guarantee if we went in and looked at who they don't employ anymore, I would bet hard money that things like managing editors, who would have caught this, or fact checkers, are no longer part of the workforce there. When you get rid of people you need to please stockholders and CEO's bonus pay, eventually the ship sinks when you hit a very small iceberg.
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The media, all media, are lying to you. So is Trump, the Republican party, and the Democrats. If that doesn't depress you, I don't know what will. There is a hard fall coming, whether it be war, which is getting more and more likley by the day in several hot spots (Syria, Qatar and North Korea are on standby for destruction) or economic as we are way overdue for another recession. This next one is going to be really, really bad because they will have no concept how to fix it this time and with people all ready poor and pissed, this could erupt into a civil war. So buckle up everyone. This roller coaster is just getting started.

Monday, June 26, 2017


If you're not shitting your pants right now, you're not paying enough attention. Here's the sad reality that has become all too real: there is NO ONE with enough power to stop the inevitable at this point which is our civilization appears to be about to crater. History shows that when a people get this corrupt and stupid, collapse is always going to occur. Tell me you think the Republicans OR the Democrats are going to be able to stop the coming mother of all water slides that goes nowhere good.
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The Republican party is stuck on the idea that tax cuts for the rich will be the answer, when this method has been proven to be a 100% failure. The exact same thing is why the economy collapsed in 2008 and why Kansas is rapidly running out of money to such an extent Republicans there REVERSED their tax cuts, seeing first hand they never work. Yes the morons who run this country and the utter retards that keep voting for them keep doing the same thing over and over with absolutely no variance. It bothers me greatly that what they are trying to do will not work, can't work, will never work, but they keep doing it. And then when everything falls apart, no one seems capable of blaming these same douchebags for doing it over and over. Look at 2008. If you voted Republican AT ALL in that election, you can safely say you are moron and deal with it, accept it as fact and move on. They ruined the economy, cost people their life savings, their homes, their jobs, even their lives and people STILL voted these guys back in? Either Americans are too stupid to vote or we have to have a serious look at voting machines for being rigged. I think it is both.

Then we have the worthless Democrats, stuck in their own Sisyphusian hell, constantly pushing a rock of bad ideas that always rolls back over them. Pelosi says she is going nowhere, regardless of the fact she is lightning rod of negativity, which I hate to break it to her, doesn't have the same effect on someone equally worthless, Chuck Schumer, but attack ads against him (and Liz Warren for comparison) have not had the same ill effect that Pelosi has. Here's the truth about her: Democrats don't even like her. A lot of us see her as corrupt, unable to win elections and holding the party back from adapting new ideas like single payer and legalized pot.
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A quick word about the later is Colorado and Washington have two of the lowest unemployment rates in the country right now. So much for myths that higher taxes on millionaires causes them to leave (only CT and that's for lots of others reasons) or that minimum wage rises harms employment. Legal pot has created thousands of jobs that pay well and help the community more than harm, regardless of what brainless anti-pot Luddites keep screaming. Nationalize the weed growth, cut the budget to the worthless DEA (these assholes couldn't stop heroin from entering their own homes if they had to), and watch growth explode.

But the Democrats are too busy continuing their role as Center right fuckwads with no agenda other than "Trump is nuts. Vote for the slightly less insane party."Yeah, that'll drive people to the polls. Jon Ossoff went from progressive darling to bland vanilla Democratic hack with no positions and vague promises. And then he lost. Shocker. Until the Democrats jettison identity politics, they will continue to lose as white America isn't going to go with that any more. Race relations and even sexual equality are pretty much over at this point and unfortunately, the radical left is just as much to blame as the far right.

I'e worked as an investigative journalist in the past. I have had up close and personal dealings with the alt-right movement, long before it was ever called that. Trust me when I saw that when you think of racists as missing teeth, hicks who married their sister, that's not the type that keeps these hate ideas going. They are doctors and lawyers and politicians. You've voted for some of them and probably didn't even know it. Their agenda has always been to keep black and Hispanics enemies of the state, the downtrodden as a new slave class. They accomplished this by getting various politicians from both sides of the aisle to make new laws to "protect the children," or "stop crime rates from rising," whether they really were or not. As a result, without ever realizing it, black people in particular were put right back into chains, only these couldn't always be seen. The best slave is one who doesn't know he is one.

Now the black community could have stopped this years ago if they had mobilized in peaceful ways, finding a person like another MLK or even a Malcolm X (in his later days), to bring attention to this and get it to stop. But that voice never arose, instead we got Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, neither of which was fit to fill either of those shoes and didn't. As no one else came forward either, black people fell into problems such as employment and not being arrested for whatever reason by a police force eager to fill slots in prison.
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Doing nothing was not an option here, yet that is exactly what the black community did for decades. They never once did anything positive on a big enough scale to make a difference, or to even raise awareness of it, instead stewing that it was all the "white man's" fault, which wasn't entirely untrue, but also disingenuous as race here had less to do with things than economics did. Meanwhile, white America was becoming far less racist. I know because I watched the alt-white movement shrivel apart during the late 90's and most of the next decade as well.

And then came Obama. I am not certain that electing a black president was the cause, but that combined with an inexplicable move by the DNC to move away from pandering to white men and focus on everyone else proved to be a disastrous idea. They have lost election after election since and that is almost solely because they have no agenda, no outreach to the one group in this country that still decides elections and no plans to change. WTF?

Since then, black racism has exploded along with trigger words, safe spaces, particularization awards and other things that make most of America cringe in horror at. Had Hillary come out against any of this, she would have won a few more votes. Of course if she had ANY message, she might have won. In just the last few years, alt-right movements are exploding and even in suburbia racism is starting to be seen as well. Some black people need a tall glass of STFU because everytime some black racist shoots off their mouth, ten more Trump voter are born. Black racism better come to a quick fucking end because if black people think their lives cannot get worse, trust me there is always a new bottom.

Take Lisa Durden, a former professor who was rightfully fired after defending an all black Memorial day ceremony which she said "Boo Hoo that you white people are angry because you couldn't use your white privilege card to get in." There are so many things wrong with that statement I hardly know where to begin. First off, STFU about white privilege. Not every one who is white has advantages and everytime someone white hears it, they get pissed. Again, this makes people Trump voters. Second, if a place allows an all black ceremony or gathering, by law and because of this thing called the 14th amendment, I have to allow WHITE people to do the same. Tell me black people won't be screaming bloody murder about this even though it is situation they themselves created.

And because of things like this, where BLM's message is quite accurate as of late, is now as relevant as that of Occupy Wall St. Movements come and go and even if their cause is right, they can be destroyed by their own actions. Black people will continue to die at the hands of cops and juries will find them not guilty because white America sees the black person now as OTHER. You NEVER want to be labeled that. And as I have said numerous times, anyone who gets that label by a majority power gets run over something fierce. With Republicans in power, thanks to both a suppression of their vote and apathy that they couldn't vote for Obama again, black lives are going to get far far worse, and they are in a good part to blame for their own misfortune.
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Because Trump won, the Supreme Court is set to make major rulings that will most likely affect us all. Roe V Wade is going to be on the ropes soon enough, and in the meantime, we have gay rights issues that are going to be taken away. Mark my words that next year gay people will be able to be refused service in all sorts of places in red states, denied adoption and don't be surprised to even see gay marriage struck down, especially if Trump gets to nominate another court justice before the midterms. The travel ban went through today, even though there is no legal precedent for it. This means a lot of what we thought was safe laws are going to be turned upside down because too many of you can't be bothered to vote let alone demand your politicians do what the people want.

In the next week, WW3 could start if Saudi Arabia and Qater go to war.,North Korea could set off a nuke or even a shot down plane over Syria. Add to that a GOP Congress hell bent on killing thousands and an economy not doing well and all the signs are there for a world ending collapse, just like the history books say. Read the how Rome fell, or any other Empire. It's happening again.

Sunday, June 25, 2017


Think about this for a minute. The GOP unveiled their horrific health care plan, one that is seriously being underestimated in the damage it will do and the amount of lives it will take, and they still didn't get the top spot due to the utter incompetence of the Democratic party. I have never in my life seen ANYONE or ANYTHING get punched in the face as much as they do and STILL not fight back accordingly. The fucking stupid phrase "When they go low, we go high," is a great bumper sticker but fails in real world applications. I am no longer sure that they can win in 2018, regardless of how badly the GOP does at this point. The Democrats have lost all credibility and they keep digging further down. Get ready for fascism people because it IS coming at this point, as history shows quite clearly. I told you this was going to happen and you can read my previous articles to see exactly that. I can see the future, not through any chicanery or psychic means, but by studying the past and making statistical graphs of the most likely scenarios forward. Bad things are coming and I mean BAD THINGS. I told you if you picked Trump, the world would end. There is a better than fifty percent chance, most of us don't see Christmas without a major upheaval. Just remember, you asked for this. Let's see those runner ups.
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10)Transformers- For the Love of all that is Holy, please stop. Just STOP! Vying for Twilight for the dumbest film series ever, this loud, brash waste of space didn't do so hot here in the states, a common theme in this terrible year for films, but as always Idiot Earth ate it up, all but guaranteeing that despite Michael Bay's pledge this is the last one, there will be more. Ugh. Even though, this was past my era for toys but I had to admit the first one with huge robots fighting sounded very Japanese Anime and awesome. Then I saw it. It fucking sucked. And I mean sucked. Parts were funny. Parts were thrilling. But most of it was the equivalent of watching a three year old mash his toys together for two and half hours. Even worse, and this is unforgivable to me, the science in the first one was ALWAYS wrong. A tour guide is shown giving a tour on the Hoover dam. Almost everything the tour guide says is 100% wrong. The screenwriters were too busy blowing each other to Google this information I guess and the rest of the film was just as equally lazy. After the serious racism of the next one, I was done. I just wish the rest of the world agreed with me here.

9) The Highway Loss Data Institute study on weed- Much has been made of this "study" that falsely claims that the states that now have legal weed, have seen an increase in car crashes and fatalities. The first part is questionable. The second part is absolutely, provably wrong. First rule of analysis of a study is see who did it. In this case, the insurance companies have a vested interest to invent issues that allow them to raise rates, as this study appears to be headed. First off, just because pot was legalized in these states doesn't necessarily mean that is the reason for increased car crashes. I happened to notice that the level of car crashes eerily echoes the exact amount of the rise in heroin use, a far more dangerous problem, and one of the leading causes of car crashes nation wide. The fact that they used California as a control group, but one where pot has been "legal" since 1996, and saw no similar increase in car crashes compared to Oregon, is simply not possible. Plus, most of the people buying legal weed have been smoking and driving for years with no issues. Why now then? Because it doesn't exist. Their claim that deaths have also increased is also wrong as several dozen studies, including one released two days ago, with NO news reporting (HMMM?) that states that there is no scientific evidence that deaths have increased due to pot use while driving anywhere in the USA. That study was rigorous and well done. Funny how that, and the fact that a recent government study concluded that driving under the influence of weed is the equivalence of having a two beers in an hour (in other words not impaired) don't get the same attention as this bullshit. This is why Republicans are going to take over the country because things like this make trust in our media go away quick.

8)Robert Murray- This bloated fuck of a human is the owner of Murray Energy, a typical rich asshole who got that way by allegedly using substandard safety equipment and other cut corners that led to huge profits for him in coal mining while his employees got sick and died. What a peach. Now, typical of people like this and Trump, Murray is suing John Oliver for actually calling him out on his bullshit on his show last week. I am sure he will make mention of it tonight. The suit is frivolous and a nuisance and will be thrown out of court thanks to the first amendment. But as Trump and his cohorts gain more and more power, we the people are going to get less and less.
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7)Black People, cops and juries- I have never been so sickened by jury verdicts as I was this week. Three juries watched an insane police officer (if I hear one more time "I feared for my life," I'm going to show up at their house with a truckload of wasps, rabid bats and Bill O'Reilly and give them something to actually be scared about) kill an innocent black man ON TAPE and still get away with it. Then on the flip side, the Cosby jury was hung up because one asshole thought the victim was "asking for it," because she wore a shirt showing her midriff. Have we not come far enough to know that a woman can be NAKED and it is still not alright to rape her? Black people have it bad lately when it comes to cops. Even I can't deny that lately. So if you are black and get stopped, know that no matter what you do, there is a chance you will be killed and the dick cop will get away with it. I smell anarchy in the air if we don't do something about this. Ending trial by jury is a good start as Idiot America is way too stupid to judge cases anymore. This past week proves that.

6)Saudi Arabia- This country is going to get us all killed. The funny part is when I wrote this threat assessment as part of a college course way back in the 80's, my professor liked it, but thought it far fetched. Now, it's playing out exactly as predicted, Yes, even in my teens, I could see what was coming down the pike. The Muslim extremists wrecking the planet are mostly because of this militant form of Islam that the country practices, Wahhabism. But because we need their oil (which we really don't anymore), we have been close to this country whose policies are anti-gay, anti-woman and anti-democratic. But because of hatred in the whole Sunni-Shia, a pointless dispute of who should have been Mohammed's successor 1200 years ago, both sides are ready for war. Qatar has been given eight more days to submit to 13 demands that include things like shuttering Al Jazzera, break ties with Iran, remove Turkish troops from their soil and other things that are highly unlikely to be met. This is bad on an epic scale. We have a base in Qatar, close ties with Saudi Arabia and a NATO alliance with Turkey. What do we do if this turns into a shooting war? Whose side do we take? As Iran and Russia will also get involved here, the chances for a world war have tripled. This is why none of us may see Christmas.
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5)Voters- If you can't see that giant mistakes were made on both sides of the aisle by now, there is no hope for any of us. Trump us a fucking disaster on a scale unheard of in US history. You have to go the mad kings of past days to see where we are headed, yet a majority of Republicans STILL like him. By this point in 2009, I knew Obama was a douchebag. Had someone run against him (why don't we see more primaries for sitting presidents?) I would have picked that person and booted his black ass right out the door. But Republicans are still singing Trump praises as he is royally fucking them. What is wrong with you people? On the flip side, Debbie Wasserman Schultz is facing serious charges and possible impeachment hearings because, shocker, she's dirty. Anyone in Florida who voted for this shriveled crone of a human should be forced to swim the Everglades with meat attacked to them. How dumb are some of you? STOP VOTING FOR IDIOTS JUST BECAUSE THEY HAVE A R OR A D NEXT TO THEIR NAME! Can we please in 2018 vote out a majority of these morons because if we don't, the only change we are going to get is our living status.

4)Barack Obama- This is why we can't have nice things. I wanted Obama to be the FDR we desperately needed. Instead, I got Black Republican Lite. Whee. His only great thing was he could give a good speech. He sucked at debating. He and his staff were as far from transparent as one could be. He gave Wall St. a pass when it didn't deserve it. Worst of all, he and the democratic party, are the absolute WORST when it comes to marketing. They have no idea what they are doing anymore. The biggest fuck up for this nervous Nelly was not telling the American people that Russians were hacking the election and Trump was under suspicion of collusion because he didn't want to be seen as stumping for Hillary. WHAT. THE. FUCK! Does he honestly think that any Republican wouldn't have done the exact opposite? He sank the election for fear of being what, looked as a partisan politician? What a dork. Thanks, fuckwad for killing us for your sacred honor. That and a coke will give you diabetes.

3)Donald Trump- Orange Hitler kept off the radar much of this week, only stopping to hate tweet something stupid about Obama or the Democrats that had little bearing on anything of importance. The GOP overtook him this week with their death care bill which will kill tens of thousands and not by 2026 like the report states, but more likely by 2020. Thinking people with no access to health care won't start dying almost immediately is wishful at best. I am sure President Cheeto Fart will be back in the spotlight soon enough. He can't help himself.

2)Republicans- Congratulations voters, if you voted for Trump and the Republican party, are over fifty, have serious health issues AND live in a red state, you just won a first class ticket to the nearest cemetery of your choice. The latest health care bill will not only throw million off of their health care plans for being poor, if you are middle class and ill, you won't be able to AFFORD insurance. You'll have access to it, the same as a multi-million dollar mansion. You can stare at it through the gates but you are never getting in. Rates will skyrocket in 2018 to unaffordable rates for probably a third of the country. By 2020, no one will be able to afford it. That IS going to happen. Bet on it. I told you why Obamacare would fail (no price controls on drugs or hospital visits), and it is. This is one is WAY worse. It won't last the decade. If you want to live, and I mean actually want to keep breathing, call your Senator and bitch to high heaven about this plan. There is a 100% chance everyone reading this right now will lose someone they know within the next three years. A grandparent. A parent. A child. When that starts happening on a daily basis, how do you think people are going to react? Violently. There is also the issue that there appears to be a reckoning coming when it comes to our economy. While it is hard to guess the exact date (see the movie the Big Short) signs point to this fall as the end of economic reality. If this does happen this year, and do understand the powers that be will do everything they can to keep the ship from sinking so take that into account, the country will rip apart. The Democrats will blame Trump and his cohorts for sinking the economy. Republicans will counter that it was Obama's policies instead, which is rather stupid as he had control over neither house of Congress for most of his terms,but rubes will buy it. And then the shooting starts. We face more problems than at any point since the Great Depression and World War 2. Look around. The signs are all for that we are headed down that exact same path.
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1)Democrats- I lost all faith in them when they lost the sixth district in Georgia. All I heard was "we almost won," and "we came so close." That gets you nothing in politics. The problem I had was the campaign they ran for Ossoff. They got Hollywood celebrities to stump for him because that worked so well for Hillary. They ran an issue free campaign that barely mentioned Trump OR, even more inexplicably, the shitty health care plan that everyone hates. WTF Pelosi? Walking away from single payer, and issue that even hard core REPUBLICANS want, is suicide. How do you run a campaign and not know the issues that voters want? Free Health Care? Nope. Legalized weed? For shame. A huge increase in the minimum wage? We're just not there yet. Fuck me! No one is going to vote for this shit anymore. Yes, it worked for years but that ship has sailed. And now they have nothing else. It's just sad. The fact that Pelosi, and the rest of her caucus supporters are a combined age of the universe, doesn't endear them to younger voters. Republicans have lots of younger people moving on up while the Democrats look like a retirement home. Pelosi lately is either a drunk or having constant strokes because her speeches are warning signs that someone needs to actually be in a home, not leading the party. Sanders, Warren and Franken are the only ones who seem to be calling the other side out while resident pussy Adam Schiff (that guy's face gets more punchable each day) is only now saying Obama should have done more about Russian hacking, which is way too late at this point. That damage has been done and as a member of the House Intelligence Committee you're telling me you had no knowledge about this previously; that no closed door hearings were given to you where, even if you went to jail for it, could have leaked that to the public. Now its crocodile tears, dick. This is why Democrats lose. They are the biggest pussies on Earth. Who wants to vote for someone who flinches everytime you make a sudden move? I have little faith that these guys don't get clobbered in 2018 and the Republicans get a veto proof majority to alter this country beyond recognition. Swell. So congratulations Democrats and especially Nancy Pelosi for not knowing the party is over for her, you are indeed douchebags of the week.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017


I give up America. I don't even have the words to explain just how stupid everything and everyone has gotten. Over the last 24 hours there have been some huge stories, some of which were buried in the avalanche of bad news that seems to happen with alarming, daily regularity. The Democrats lost again and with good reason: they have NO MESSAGE! Syria is now being attacked from all sides and chances for a serious error have multiplied ten fold. Otto Warmbier being an idiot may plunge the world into nuclear war. Lastly, in a story that I have no idea why it isn't bigger news, Hezbollah operatives were found on American soil and planning attacks against both Israeli and American interests. The escalation potential of that ignored bombshell is off the charts, yet the media has said noting and, even more inexplicable, Donald Trump didn't use this story to legitimize his travel ban.
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Let's start with the dumbest story and no I am not talking about Warmbier's insane lack of common sense but the democratic party. We could be witnessing what can only be described as the dissolution of a major party. Jon Ossoff, in a direct repeat of the last presidential election, raised a record amount of money and then proceeded to squander that windfall on an ad campaign and message that resonated with no one. STOP ACTING LOCAL! Democrats keep losing because they refuse to go national in EVERY election. Ossoff barely mentioned Trump, instead of using words he should have like IMPEACHMENT and TRAITOR at every instance. He should have moved toward single payer, which like the rest of the fucking democrats won't accept, instead of pushing for Obamacare which contrary to what the left is saying, IS NOT sustainable and never was. Without price controls on drugs and hospitals, prices will never go down. The far worse Republican plan guarantee a huge price increase beyond what people will be able to afford.

However, the fucking democrats won't say that for some inane reason. Instead they talk in wonky adjectives that Idiot America is too stupid to understand. Keep it simple stupid. Use words like YOU WILL DIE or HUGE TAX CUT FOR THE RICH AS YOU SUFFER and the like. Instead, they give some long winded power point presentation that no one is listening to. Start using fear and emotion instead of facts. They no longer matter and the fact that you have lost every election since 2016 does not bode well. It doesn't help that the democratic leadership are the same fossilized assholes that have done nothing for the party yet keep getting reelected by a retarded public.

Voter turnout sucked again with what appears to be only about 30% of the voters showing up. It's not like the world is at stake or nothing. And it's not like either side showed up regardless of the stakes. You suck America. When everything comes crashing down, which it is going to very soon, we are all to blame for our apathy, our lack of vision and voting to literally kill ourselves rather than those "danged" democrats. Sad.
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But that pales in comparison to the war drums being leveled against well everyone it seems now. Syria became a hot box with the US shooting down a Syrian plane who, depending on what you read, was either attacking rebel forces or ISIS protected for some reason by Americans, which the latest conspiracy is that they are American born. I find that hard to believe but as we have armed terrorists in the past and recently at that, us doing something we know doesn't work wouldn't surprise me in the slightest. It appears to be the Democratic game plan lately. Russia responded that they will start targeting our forced now as well, which could lead to a war if they shoot one down. Russian planes have been hot-dogging over the Baltic, coming within five feet or a reconnaissance plane this week and buzzing another. We in turn shot down an Iranian drone that has also started firing missiles into the region because why not I guess. This whole area is a disaster waiting to happen.

Two things I refused to put to paper this week for fear they would actually come true. One was my fear that Ossoff was going to lose because the Democrats suck at messaging. Check. The second, and even worse, was that the Otto Warmbier death could lead to the end of the world. That is indeed what seems to be going on. If dumbass had just stayed in China or not ripped down the poster he wouldn't have been tortured to death which seems to be what happened. He was most likely given sodium thiopental over and over again (truth serum) probably wanting to know why he took the poster and was he a spy. This went on and on until his brain turned to mush. We would have a better idea if his idiot parents didn't want an autopsy for some inexplicable reason. If that was my kid, I would want to know everything that happened to him, while these two morons seem to have an incredible lack of curiosity on the subject.

Now it seems there are some in the White House whispering attack scenarios into Trump's ear. If this was anyone else, I wouldn't worry. But as Trump has the brain power of an overripe pumpkin, I wouldn't be so sure. One of the things he is debating is a travel ban there. I can't believe one ISN'T in effect right now. No one should be going to North Korea for any reason ever so am I hoping he goes through with that. Another thing I would tell the North Koreans is that we no longer recognize the Geneva Convention in dealing with the country. As foreign prisoners can no longer be trusted to be held in safe conditions, we should offer no assurances to them to ANY North Korean prisoners we wish. If we do have some, and we must, ten should be executed on live TV as a warning. For every one you kill, we kill ten. Blow up a news stand, we bomb a city. There is no such thing as a fair fight in war. Until we realize that, we will never win a war again, which if you noticed, we haven't. We do have to worry though, that as North Korea appears to be prepping for another nuke test, that could be the catalyst to all out war if the warmongers in his office get their way.
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Lastly, here is one of the most under reported story of the year. Two Hezbollah operatives were arrested in NYC this week, planning a major terrorist attack on Israeli and American interests. Ali Kourani and Samer El Debek were arrested earlier this month on conspiracy to commit a terrorist attack. They were part of an offshoot of the group, the IJO, or Islamic Jihad Origination, a world wide version and a major escalation. Hezbollah/IJO has never attacked anyone other than Israelis before and other than an attack in 2012 in Bulgaria against Jewish tourists, they have failed every time including this one. But the fact that this group is now attacking our interests as well ups the ante and makes Palestinians enemies of America. Do you really think it is a good idea that the one nation preventing Israel from just annihilating the Palestinians is now being attacked by those same people? Genocide is coming at this rate when a fed up public, regardless of government intrusion, take matters in their own hand and just start mowing innocent people down, as happened in Britain this week.

Here's the worst news: one was a sleeper agent sent here with the specific purpose of causing the US harm. Kourani was trained as a terrorist since he was 16 and came to our colleges to use our own knowledge against it, getting degrees in biochemical engineering (yeah that can't be good) and a Masters in business management (What?) Debek was a naturalized US citizen who became radicalized and joined in 2008. He was even detained by the IJO for six months fears he was an American spy and he still stayed with them. That's commitment. Isn't this exactly the thing that Trump keeps telling us is happening and the reason for his travel ban? Then why is he NOT screaming about this from his Twitter feed. The fact that Hezbollah is now moving into foreign targets and that they are funded by Iran, which the GOP has a hard on to remove from the chess board, escalates this to another level, like everything else.

Things are coming to a head. The world is readying for war. Trump is tweeting about something stupid I am sure as the democrats hide in their holes, afraid to do much of anything it seems. We are so screwed and we have no one but ourselves to blame. We keep voting in people who will do us great harm because the democrats have made themselves irrelevant. Wonderful. Someone wake me up when the shooting starts.

Monday, June 19, 2017


I would like to crow a little bit about the fact that one week ago, I predicted that at least one of these three groups was going to get attacked imminently. After yesterday's horrific incident involving innocent Muslims getting run over by a psycho in England, I went three for three. The black theory was an educated guess that there would be problems involving Evergreen college students and alt-right groups pissed as their SJW stances. Classes were shut again this week after fights broke out on campus on a regular basis. The other two were harder to gleam. But the level of hatred and anger on this planet is hitting record levels and chances are near 100% that this is going to get a lot worse before it gets better. We are facing extinction people and unless we ratchet down the hate, a highly unlikely prospect, chances are better than average we won't see Christmas this year. We are facing wars, economic ruin and social upheaval all at the same time. Fun.
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Let us start with one of the most bizarre stories in some time. Considering Trump is president, the GOP being hell bent on ending us all and the worthless democrats showing zero spine, that is a tall order. But then came the USS Fitzgerald and all that went out the window. Somehow, a Philippine cargo ship broadsided the destroyer with no one on either boat noticing the collusion course they were on. I spent the last few hours reviewing Navy rules and even talked to a few people who worked on destroyers. The facts are not encouraging.

Right now, the two most likley explanations are a terrorist attack or incredible incompetence and pilot error. Both are equally likely. Here are the facts as we know it. At some point (the time is one of the things that nobody agrees on which is way odd), the cargo ship made a sudden U-turn for reasons not known why. This put it on a collusion course with the ship, which on a moonless night, should have glowed in the dark in the distance. Because of this reality, we can sum up that either there was no one at the helm on the cargo ship when the collusion happened or the act was intentional. Unless, everyone at the helm went blind at the same time, these are the only two explanations.

Odder now, is why the Fitzgerald did everything wrong they could have, Standard Navy procedure is to hail an vessel approaching it to verify it's intent. If they got no response, they should have gone into red alert, the commanding officer should have been summoned to the deck and if necessary, the ship should have been fired on as a hostile act. None of that happened. Why? And how did no one on board the Fitzgerald, a vessel with things like radar and sonar, not notice a huge ship approaching them. There is more to this story than we are being told.
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Then we have Orange Mussolini now actively shooting down Syrian planes in Syria. Yeah, that can't go wrong quick. This is a giant clusterfuck of world ending proportions. Because this country still has insane desire for regime change, which happens regardless of what side is in power, tell you that the President is more figurehead than leader now. But because President Cheeto Fart is so easily led, I am sure the MIC is Svengaling him something fierce. Needless to say, the Russians are less than happy and have threatened to retaliate, stopping just short of saying they will shoot our planes down next.

This could quickly escalate and that is only one of many issues. China is planning on building a military base in Pakistan, which could further complicate regional issues with India. As all three have nukes, a small misunderstanding here could lead to the end of the planet. And North Korea hasn't gone away either. Nor has Muslim militant extremism. We are rapidly heading to the finish line people.

Here at home we have the Supreme Court taking up a case that will have major implications for elections. They are going to take up a Wisconsin case that said gerrymandering is unconditional and if upheld, will end this practice forever and maybe giving us fair election for once. The fucking Republicans carved up districts so badly after 2010, that many congresspeople could rape an infant on live TV and still get elected because of those "danged democrats." A lot of you out there are really, really stupid.

Trump's lawyers have tried to throw mud at us and said he is NOT under investigation, even though Trump tweeted that he actually was. If he isn't, out justice system is irrevocably broken. He admitted to obstruction on TV yet that wasn't enough for anyone, including resident pussy, democrat Adam Shiff who is the biggest sedative I ever seen. GROW A PAIR YOU WEASEL! I am so tired of hearing there is no proof of obstruction when he admitted it for all of us to see. How is that not a smoking gun? I thought confessions were legal admissions of guilt? This country is fucked.
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Anyway you look at it, things are falling apart, the center cannot hold. I fear for our future because precious few seem to have more than a few watts of intelligence lately. Our leaders world wide sure don't show any and as the voters keep putting these same assholes in there, they aren't any better. Buckle up people. It's going to get real bumpy soon.

Sunday, June 18, 2017


The Republican party got a huge wake up call this week and learned nothing nothing from it. You will notice that James Hodgkinson is NOT on the list. There has been a lot of misinformation about this guy this week. He wasn't insane and, contrary to the usual crap news, was never convicted of "domestic battery" as the actual story had more to do with an overprotective father manhandling a rebellious daughter and NOT spousal abuse as was alleged. This was a guy fed up with Republicans and I for one can't blame him. The GOP has a boot on our throat and they are telling us to chill. Fuck that. If Mitch McConnell gets that awful health care bill somehow (not likely at this point) tens of thousands will die and the entire system will collapse within three years. When old people's health insurance becomes as high as 300% of their total income (which is what will happen if you live in Alaska or Hawaii), what do you think people are going to do? They are going to shoot people like Mitch McConnell and contrary to what our retarded public thinks. the left has guns too. And if everyone's health care sinks, both sides of the aisle are going to have murderous rage. The Republican party is trying to kill you. Wake up to that absolute fact. Let's see those runner ups that this week had to be dialed up to 11.
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11)Michelle Carter- A teen who defines the word resting bitch face was found guilty of convincing her suicidal boyfriend to finally do it. What kind of monster talks someone into dying? I hate Republicans and even I would rather not see them dead but in prison, which would be far worse and way more funny. Even worse, two of my ex-girlfriend killed themselves by suicide, mind you years later after I ruined them for all other men and that's why they died (I know that's not the real reason but I can stroke my own ego). Had I known, I certainly wouldn't have convinced them to do the deed, even though they both broke my heart at the time. I am not evil. This bitch, on the other hand is and has one of the most sour pusses I have seen. She now faces 20 years in prison. That's funny.

10)Otto Warmbier- The North Koreans let the 22 year former college student return to the US in a sign of goodwill and signs of a lasting peace between the two nations. Of course that didn't happen. Otto came back but in a coma and from one in which he will never recover from. The worst part is he did ALL of this to himself. Dumbass was touring China when a tour group convinced him it would be an adventure to go to North Korea which he and his friends did. Allegedly he stole a poster but the footage is so grainy it could be anyone. Didn't matter because he was tried and convicted and sent to the gulag for hard labor. It is not surprising he didn't survive as I have read dozens of books and papers on what goes on there and it's horrifying. His father was pissed at Obama for not doing more but what was he supposed to do? Should we got to war because your son is an idiot? Hardly, he knew what he was doing and the price for it. If there is one thing we should install in ALL Americans it's one simple statement: NEVER go to North Korea for any reason. If you do, our government will tell you that you are on your own. Moron.

9)Megyn Kelly- Jeff Zucker ran CNN into the ground from which it is only starting to recover. NBC than decided that he would make a great President which so far, he hasn't. Their sitcoms have been toilet water, with the so unfunny Powerless at the top of that heap, along with such doomed from the start shows as Aquarius, the Blacklist spin-off, Redemption, Chicago Justice, Emerald City, and a few others that were so bad they never even made it to air. So hot on the heels of some high priced failures, Zucker decided to hire lightweight interviewer Kelly, whose interview with Trump cemented her status as a shit reporter. Her debate questions sucked and even on Fox she wasn't the greatest reporter, once claiming that Jesus was white and there was no debate, even though Jesus WASN'T white and anyone with a brain knows that. The image everyone knows as Christ is actually an actual warrior king who may have slept with his own sister. Let that tidbit sink in. For some inane reason, she is interviewing Alex Jones tonight. I have a few problem with Jones, like calling Sandy Hook and the Boston Bombing hoaxes, but some of his stuff is not wrong. The problem here is you have a former Fox News host who peddled Republican crap on a regular basis now interviewing someone the left sees as the devil. Not wise and this may be the death knell for this show as any left leaning person is not going to watch this. Her ratings were already terrible, but this week may be it for her. Way to go Zucker. Anymore bright ideas loser?
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8)Deray McKeeson/Minnesota police department- BLM has shit the bed at this point. Their actions are directly leading to the end of our civilization. Are black people being shot by cops though? Way to often. Even worse, in the case of the Minnesota police department, the shooting aftermath of Philando Castile was captured on tape showing a near hysterical officer and a calmer than I ever though possible black woman watching her boyfriend die. If that was me, I don't know if that cop wouldn't have had to shoot two people when my fiance would have lunged for him. Because our jury system is crap (Bill Cosby is another example of jury idiocy), the cop walked. Trial by jury needs to go. Our justice system will be better without it. But wait, how can you agree with BLM on this but still be on the list you ask? Because it's not just black people getting shot by all races. We are being told this by a less than on honest media which seems to be directly conspiring to keep us separated. And because black people ONLY seem to care about their own, their inherent racism against whites is keeping them from actually getting justice. Worse, if I hear one more person of any race use the words "cultural appropriations" I am going to hit them very, very hard. This is how societies operate. It's why this country is called the melting pot. It is the single most unamerican thing to say and I won't have it. Here's the funny part, if you come across some idiot screaming about this, see what he/she is wearing and if it is not some ethnic garb, tell them their clothes are cultural appropriations and only by either getting naked or wearing the proper wear can their point be taken seriously. Also remind them that they can never eat almost anything every again as most food is taken or altered from the original country sources. Have fun being naked, cold and hungry for your beliefs.

7)Bachelor in Paradise- Herpes Island had to be shut down this week after a girl was raped in a hot tub by another contestant as the cameras rolled and the producers said keep going. Yuck. The entire series, including the Bachelor and it's female counterpart were nothing more than PG-13 orgies cut to commercial TV length. This is why society is ending. Even a casual perusal of this show leads me to believe that even the smartest person, if they appear on this show, actually is quite stupid and led by hedonistic desires rather than bettering mankind. If that doesn't sum up our existence I don't know what does.

6)The London high rise fire- First off, let me just say, that building is still standing making it another in a long line of skyscrapers that gave been gutted by fire and didn't fall, which makes the 9/11 story even harder to swallow. That aside, it turns out that the building was coated in what was environmentally friendly materials that also apparently were highly flammable. Worse, there didn't appear to be any working fire alarms or sprinklers. Oops. The fact that this was low income housing can not be lost and echoes what I have been telling people here. The conservatives worldwide are trying to kill you. In London, they have figured that out and current beleaguered PM May is thankful England doesn't have the amount of guns we do because I have a feeling someone would have shot her by now. She is so unpopular that they are really afraid of mass rioting breaking out. The world is set to broil.
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5)Newt Gingrich- Someone tell the Pillsbury Doughboy's dick father to go the fuck away already. I have HAD IT with Republicans this week contracting themselves like this moron does regularly. Assmunch had the gall to say no president can EVER be guilty of obstruction of justice, a sentence so stupid a three year old must have said it. For a fucking historian, he certainly doesn't know anything about the subject, even history he was PART OF! Not only is that crime listed in the Constitution, almost word for word as has been repeated forever, he himself presided over the charges he leveled against then president Clinton for exactly that. Fuck off Newt and take your mannequin wife with the crazy eyes with you.

4)Dan Coates/Mike Rogers - It was revealed this week that these two ass clowns LIED to Congress when they appeared under oath a few weeks back. That is a CRIME! Because we have had so many lie to Congress with impunity, their power has been effectively diminished, If you are called in from of Congress and just refuse to answer questions, they can no longer use contempt of Congress as a crime anymore. All you have to do is point out false testimony from half a dozen people these last six years and not one was punished for lying to them. Just use the 14 amendment and they can't touch you. Way to go morons.

3)Trump- Trump was officially investigated for obstruction this week and that still didn't get him the top spot. Now his lawyer is denying all of this, but named sources have come forward to say he IS under investigation, so obviously the lawyer is lying. Shocker. The walls are closing in as Trump already admitted to obstruction of justice on camera so I don't understand how everyone is shocked by this turn of events. Chances are good, he won't last the year at this rate.

2)Jeff Sessions- The evil munchin had a shit week and it just got worse when he testified in front of Congress. His terrible answers, including a bunch of bull about future executive privilege which isn't a thing, may have been what caused Mueller to start looking at the president officially. Sessions answers as to why Comey was fired were all over the place and made his boss look guilty of obstruction. Rumor is a grand jury had been convened to look at charges against him, which if true, is bad for the whole administration. He isn't winning any friends by actually wanting to go after medical pot which has a 93% approval rating. Needless to say even the reddest Republican balks at something like that and they did, telling him to pound sand. This guy is the WORST AG ever and considering his past predecessors, that's one tall order. The only good news is that we have finally hit bottom as NO ONE could be worse than his guy. God, at least I hope not.
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1)Mitch McConnell- I FUCKING HATE, HATE, HATE this man. If he got shot last week by Hodskinson I would have applauded. He is without a doubt, one of the absolute worse politicians in all of DC and is trying to convince the world I am right. This asshole is trying to sneak a health care bill through Congress with no debate, no meetings, no public input and no democratic help. Even fellow Republicans are having a fit as they have no idea what is in it. So a bill that covers one sixth of the entire GDP of the country is being railroaded through and may kill tens of thousands if passed. Yeah that won't lead to more Republicans getting shot. Wait a minute, if this does pass and tens of thousands face death, that is EXACTLY what will happen. And contrary to what a bunch of right wing douchebags keep shouting about on line, the left not only has guns too, this bill will affect all Americans regardless of party, most likely hurting hardest those that voted for Trump. If you over fifty, you're health care will be unaffordable. That will play a big part in the election of 2018 if we get that far. The good news is this bill appears to be way short of the votes needed to pass with at least three hard nos and two more likely nos. That's game folks as they can't lose more than two votes total to pass. Even if it did get through, it's passage in the House is even less likely with Scalise out and, hopefully, Ossoff winning on Tuesday. If South Carolinians pick a person who has said she doesn't believe in a livable wage of health care, they deserve whatever hell comes their way. Their lives are at stake and they still voting instead for letting gay people become second class citizens. Priorities people. So fuck you very much McConnell, you are indeed douchebag of the week.

Thursday, June 15, 2017


Talk about a bunch of pussies. These assholes have spent the last few decades talking about shooting Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, lifted common sense gun laws so any psycho can get a gun and then are shocked, SHOCKED, when those same weapons are used against them. WWWWAAAAA! Cry me a river. Here is a prime example of actions having consequences.
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Here's the really funny part: this is just getting started. This country is being taken over by right wing douchebags intent on destroying us all and then act surprised when people who may be true patriots start shooting them. Say what you want about the shooter, James Hodgkinson, by taking out Scalise from voting and if Ossof wins the special seat in Georgia, passing their evil health care bill becomes that much harder. This is good news because if it does pass, tens of thousands will die. Is is possible this guy sacrificed himself for the good of many? Good can do evil to further their cause the same as evil doing good can further theirs. If the health care bill does pass, there is a 100% chance that more Republicans will be shot in similar fashion because that is where we are as a society. When people stop listening, bullets start flying.

We need to stop trying to destroy the planet, but as Republicans keep holding their hands over their ears while screaming "NANANANA!," that seems impossible. Because of this, I truly believe a civil war is coming And contrary to what the right wingers think, the left is not all filled with panty waisted pussies, afraid of a fight. A lot of us have guns too. We just don't masturbate to them. Truth be told, there are actually a lot more of middle of the road people like myself who don't go for the extreme. We will be the ones to smack down a lot of you yahoos who can't see how dangerous everything is getting.

Now we hear from the right that because of Kathy Griffin holding a severed Trump head or the play of Julius Ceaser with Trump as the lead, the left has lost their mind and now are shooting indiscriminately. The truth is none of that had anything to do with it and the constant push to do things like make abortion illegal always, ban gay people from living, take all the money and give to rich people, polluting the earth so we can't survive and removing Dodd/Frank which is why we aren't eating dirt right now is why. Anyone who supports these notions, which means anyone voting Republican right now, are traitors to this country and the planet. How else can I view this? These fuckwads are telling us to get busy dying and stop complaining about it. I have two words for you: you first. If these morons want a war, they are going to get one. Voting Republican is an affront to anyone who holds this country in high regard and should be treated as such. I tell anyone who is a Republican now to fuck off in no uncertain terms. There is no room for negotiation or debate. Your side is an evil entity that is hell bent on the destruction of this country. How else should I view you?
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It's not like Trump and company are making it any easier to not hate him. After weeks of hearing things like WITCH HUNT and HOAX and I AM NOT UNDER INVESTIGATION, we find out it isn't a witch hunt and that he is indeed under investigation after all, which after the Sessions disaster in Congress is hardly surprising. Sessions committed perjury, obstruction and contempt of Congress the other day. He lied about the reasons for firing Comey. He lied about not remembering everything short of his first name. He refused to answer questions not bound by executive privilege. That is contempt and he should be brought up on charges.

The sad fact is NO one ever does. A few weeks back Dan Coates has been proven a liar for what he said about not being pressured by Trump to end the investigation has been refuted by people who have said that is exactly what happened. He should be brought up on charges immediately if the rule of law has any say anymore. James Clapper faced a similar non-action under Obama when he lied to Congress about surveillance on Americans. This means precedent has been set and now if you are called into Congress and refuse to answer questions, even though you must, use the same standard they gave to Sessions, Coates and Clapper. I would love to see how that plays out in a court of law but the 14th amendment here gives them the advantage to tell Congress from now on to fuck off. Way to go guys, you just diminished your own power due to petty greed and partisan politics.

Trump is in real trouble and thanks to Sessions, may be facing impeachment sooner or later. Rumor is that a grand jury is being convened to impeach Sessions for lying to Congress otherwise known as perjury. It is also telling that Trump's announced investigation came 24 hours after Sessions testimony which may have inadvertently set the stage for impeachment charges for obstruction of justice. Sessions' reason as to why Comey was fired was piss poor at best and everyone saw it, including Mueller. Trump himself said he fired Comey because of the Russian scandal, which means he admitted to obstruction, yet the spineless democrats act as if he said nothing. The democrats could still lose in 2018 due to the fact that seem even more clueless than the Republicans on a regular basis. However, Trump is the gift who keeps on giving as every single thing that has happened has been his fault.
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There would be no special investigator if he hadn't fired Comey. Trump wouldn't be under suspicion of obstruction if he hadn't given that interview to Lester Holt, compounded by Sessions' piss poor testimony. It's hard to find fault with anyone else when every error is self inflicted.

Trump is dangerous as is the GOP at this point. Understand this, history shows those that side with fascism, which is where we are so headed, don't live long afterward when things fall apart. Actions have consequences, like voting Republican anymore. Go ahead if you want, but if bullets start flying your way, don't cry and whine that you don't know why this happened. When you act like a bully, people push back hard.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017


This is why I write this column. Two days ago I said one of these three groups, Muslims, black people or Republicans were going to get shot at due to sheer idiocy in pushing people beyond their limits. Today, the most likley winner did indeed win as a Republican charity baseball game was interrupted by gunfire in which no one was actually killed but a leading Senator, Steve Scalise, was shot along with a few others. The gunman, a Bernie supporter and showed REAL hatred for Trump, was killed on scene. There will be a lot more of this if Republicans keep doing what they are doing.
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Human nature is surprisingly easy to predict. Keep pushing harder and harder and eventually, no matter who that person is, will push back with twice as much force. Republicans are shocked, SHOCKED, by this level of violence. Ivanka was on TV the other day saying how surprised she was at the level of vitriol in the nation today. Well, if her Orange stained shitgibbon father wasn't spitting venom at everyone every five seconds, we may not be in this boat we are now in. Of course we now hear from the right about how violent the left is, conveniently ignoring all the white supremacist lunatics that have shot up abortion clinics, minorities and senators before this. The common thread here isn't who they shot but their mental state. I will admit this latest shooter seemed less crazy than pissed which is a huge escalation if true.

The GOP is going to see a lot more of this and truth be told, I am stunned it took this long to happen. The GOP health care bill, which they are stealthy trying to pass because public outrage would help kill it, will end the lives of tens of thousands every year of passed. It will also make insurance unaffordable within the next three years. How stable do you think some people are going to be when their children, grandparents, spouses and themselves start dying in mass numbers? You can bet money, there is going to be bloodbaths at that point, all aimed at Republicans, and not necessarily the people who run the show but voters too.
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These assholes are about to cross a very dangerous red line. If this health care bill somehow passes and a lot of us do indeed face a quick end to our future, it will be our obligation to wipe Republicans from the face of the Earth. Your very survival will be at stake. Plus, if someone kills a bunch of Republicans and goes to jail, he or she will get the very healthcare they wouldn't get outside. So understand this, for a lot of people, thousands, it may be in their BEST INTERESTS to kill someone and go to jail rather than stay outside and slowly die. This will be an act of war against the American people and there is no way that this country of barely stable, overarmed morons won't retaliate with deadly violence if that is the only option they have left. It already happened today and we have barely gotten started.

Many have told me, "But I am a Republican. Do you want me dead?" No. I don't want anyone dead if it can be helped. But if you constantly vote against your own self interests, there will be consequences and if it comes down to the Civil War we seem to be headed for, then yes, you will die and it will be your own fault for not paying attention to what is really going on in this country, none of it good. We need to move together but that seems to be not in the cards. Everyone seems to be going the opposite direction instead. Republicans are asking for trouble and are stunned when it happens.
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This week House Republicans repealed Dodd/Frank which like the flawed Obamacare, was a step in the right direction. The GOP wants to go back to the good old days of denying insurance to anyone they didn't like while raping the taxpayer of every dime not nailed down. Yeah, that's what the average Trump voter wanted. His numbers are dropping faster and faster and it may be only a matter of time before even Congressional Republicans decide he is a liability. How the base will respond to that is most likley with violence, a new fact of American life due to rank stupidity within our borders from all sides.

Monday, June 12, 2017


There are a lot of stories that are not getting the coverage it deserves because Commander Apricot Douchebag won't shut up for two fucking seconds. His constant tweets are taking valuable time away from horrific things occurring that both the public and MSM cannot be bothered with, even though two of the biggest stories could kill a whole lot of people, and this country may be doubly screwed.
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Let's start with the bad health care bill that the GOP is trying to force through before the deadline of September 30th when budget reconciliation laws go away. Rumor is the Republicans are close to a vote that may make it pass but as no one has actually seen the stupid thing yet, it's all up in the air. It is certainly no better than the crappy one passed by the House, but may contain just enough sweeteners to get some of the proponents against it to vote for it instead. States like West Virginia, Ohio and a few others may get some sort of Medicaid waiver that will protect citizens in those states only. If you live in say Texas however, you are going to get fucked. Mind you, none of this is cast in stone as it could still die in the Senate or become unpassable in the House due to changes. But my problem is that all of this is being done behind closed doors and rushed through, which is exactly what they said the democrats were doing with Obamacare, even though they actually didn't. This is passage of a wildly unpopular bill to just get a bill passed. If it does pass, watch out.

The worst case scenario for the GOP is to actually pass this monstrosity. If they do, 2018 will be a bloodbath, assuming that they survive that long. When people start dying and their bills start doubling overnight, people are going to be murderously pissed and there is a 100% chance that some Republican gets shot dead, probably on camera. Those that cower and hide until election day will find no solace when they get voted en masse out of office. There is a solid chance in this possibility that Democrats not only take the House and Senate, they do so in huge numbers. If that occurs, Trump and Pence are toast and than we most likely get President Pelosi which equally fills my heart with dread. Considering multiple videos show her either drunk or senile giving speeches doesn't make me think she would be that much of a step up. However, there is also the possibility that voters will wake up to the fact that this diseased mummy should be put out to pasture and someone will beat her in the primary. I know for a fact I am donating money to whoever her opponent is.
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There is also the possibility of a massive economic crash as signals point to a huge correction on immediate horizon. Home loans have fallen off the map, which means the latest home buying run is being caused primarily by rich people buying property, most likely to act as rental properties and not lived in homes. First time home buyers have been at rock bottom for years now but no one says anything about it. Add on to that student loan debt that is going bad quick, auto loans dying as the market has been saturated and the bad car loans are all coming back to haunt them, aka the 2008 housing market. Because no one bothered to notice that because corporate America has not given any raises to their workers in almost fifty years, tax returns have fallen to catastrophic lows. The main reason we are running out of money is because of unions being decimated instead of expanded, caused by utter morons in unions voting for Republicans who then get rid of their jobs. Brilliant.

The most likely scenario has a massive stock crash sometime this fall. It could be sooner if the FED idiotically decides to raise interest rates later this month, relying on faulty data the government keep telling us. The unemployment rate and inflation are lies and blatant ones at that. Meanwhile the MSM keeps parroting these false facts and then daring anyone to find fault with it. I can add you fuckers. Math is math and facts are on MY side not yours.The inflation rate has been manipulated for years to prevent raises to things like social security and wages. The end result has been the ultimate finality of this country, with many voting for just that. God, people are morons lately.

I watched a bunch of Trump supporters in Ohio say they believe him more than the media which is shocking as almost everything he says is a proven lie. They then went on to still support him, call the Russian investigation a "witch hunt," directly parroting Trump, and say everything is going great right now. They may think differently when their health care bills, which will rise hugely for older Americans, come due. Something tells me their support may wane when they realize they are all going to die as health care will be a luxury they can no longer afford. This is what happens when you vote without understanding the ramification of why.

But again, that might not even matter because right now, happening quietly as there has been little to no reporting about it, but the Middle East is gearing for war and we are caught in the middle of it. Saudi Arabia, most likely pushed by their relationship with Trump, have decided to blame Qatar, where we have a military base, for terrorism, links to Iran and other malfeasance. They have cut off all ties with the nation, imposing an embargo of food and natural gas as other countries like Iran and Turkey strengthen their ties with Qatar instead. Iran is sending warships to protect it's interests which cannot be good for anyone. Sunni and Shia Muslims appear to be headed for the big conflict we all knew was coming. Unfortunately, as we have close ties to both Saudi Arabia and Turkey, who is also a NATO member, as well as Russian and Chinese involvement in the area, and the idea of a shooting war gets ugly and world war three-ish fast.
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This is bad for everyone on Earth. We are already knee deep in Syria, with conflicting interests from all sides. One wrong shot here and it's game over Earth. The sad part is that war may be inevitable at this point. The reason I say this is that for the first time since the beginning of the last two world wars, people world wide are PISSED about something. It doesn't matter what they are angry about, the fact that the world is set to broil is beyond troubling. Everytime this occurs, war begins and this next war will be out last. Because Trump is destabilizing the planet and his madness apparently infectious, there is little hope we get to the end of the year unscathed.

I told you if you put Trump in office, it would be the end of everything. A lot of you scoffed at that saying "we survived Bush, we'll survive Trump." I am sure the dinosaurs would have thought the same about asteroids, until that one that wiped them out. It's all good until it isn't. And right now, it's not. Whoever gets the laser focus of hate is going to die. Whether it's Muslims, black people or Republicans, one of those groups is going to face a deadly future if they continue down their dark path. Muslims have to enter the 21st century and we as a society have to put clear limits on them like killing people for drawing Mohammed and the use of the burka. Neither are acceptable in a free society anymore. Governments ban religious nonsense all the time, like weed (Rastafarians) or polygamy (Mormons). So why don't we do the same for Islam? Likewise black people better shut the fuck up about calling ALL white people racist because you know what happens when you keep calling people savages? They become savages. You're doing no better making white people racist and there a lot more of us than you. Black people ARE getting a raw deal in a lot of ways but blaming all white people for all your issues is bullshit. As for Republicans, if they pass this health bill, still a real possibility, they will be telling half the country to get busy dying. If that isn't a declaration of war, I don't know what is.

Death and destruction is coming. You voted for it or stayed home, but either way it's the same ending: you're fucked. So if you have an escape plan, get it ready because chances are solid the world will be very different by 2018. This is what you wanted so enjoy America. I am going to go back to bed, pull the covers over my head and dream of a better world.

Sunday, June 11, 2017


Remember way back when when you didn't wake up every day and wonder what fresh horror has taken place while you were away from your computer or TV? Remember when we had an inefficient black guy as president that wasn't idiocy personified? Remember when you didn't have to worry whether the Republican party was going to kill you or not? Those were the days. Recent signs point to the end of it all and soon. Pick a problem and it is rearing it's ugly head. War? So on the horizon on multiple fronts like North Korea and Iran. Economic disaster? Our chaos president is shaking world markets until they break. Race relations? Probably at their lowest since the 1960's. The world has been set to broil and I TOLD YOU THIS WOULD HAPPEN! Go back and see what I predicted would happen if Trump won which was we wouldn't last long as Republican idiocy is on full display right now. They are literally trying to kill us and some of you are just fine with it. Stupidity knows no bounds. Let's see those runner ups for a world rapidly coming unglued.
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10)Dan Coats/Mike Rogers/Andrew McCabe- These three idiots committed a crime this week and no one said boo about it. Each one refused to answer questions UNDER OATH with no legal basis for their refusal other than they didn't feel like it. Try that in court yourself and see how fast you go to jail. Each one of these assholes should be in jail for Contempt of Congress and instead all we get are blank stares. Unfortunately for them, a lot of Senators are pissed about this, even some Republicans, and will most likely be forced to testify. They should be doing it from behind bars.

9)Evergreen College- If my kid went to this uber-liberal shit palace, I would not only drag them out, I would probably burn the place down on my way home. Because of racist douchebags who can't understand that kicking white people off of campus for a day IS racist, the campus shut down for four days as a race war simmered. White supremacists warned they were coming to kick their mostly white asses (as at least half the people protesting where NOT black for some reason) and they in turn started carrying around baseball bats and attacking anyone who even looked Republican. I'd get my ass kicked as I hardly look like a hippie anymore. Even worse was the college decided to acquiesce to some of their idiotic demands like paying for a gumbo potluck, hiring more minorities and declaring a lack of support for white supremacy, as if that is what is running rampant through white society right now, unlike the furious racism in all black communities. They thankfully didn't balk at firing the police chief, the professor who rightfully called this racist or eliminating guns from police. The entire school is quite the joke as they have no grades, no majors or even classes in the way we know them. In other words, this fucked up school is the lefty version of Liberty College. Here's a novel idea, about we teach our students facts and leave the politics at home?

8)The economy- All signs point to a coming recession in the next few months, accelerated by Captain Tangerine Squirt whose chaos presidency is ruining the planet. Charts show dangerous levels of drop off in auto sales, home loans and credit card debt, which has accelerated again as inflation is wiping out the limited gains we have gotten these last eight years. Republicans just voted to get rid of Dodd/Frank which, regardless of what you feel about it, helped not create a banking fiasco like the one they want to go back to. Student loans delinquencies continue to rise which isn't good as hedge funds contract, causing ripple effects in the stock market, which is whiplashing fierce. If the FED raises rates this month, as they are expected to do, the whole house of cards could come crashing down. And unlike last time, the government has no bullets in their gun and the guy with it is pointing it at his own head. We are so screwed. If you have money in stocks, watch carefully because another crash is way overdue. They usually happen every four to seven years and we are on year eight. Be warned.
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7)John McCain- I have heard rumors that McCain was senile for years, including several during his run for president. This week, he confirmed what I have always known and it is this axiom: we need forced retirement for EVERYONE at age 70. If you hit that age, you can no longer work at any job anywhere, period. When people stay at a job longer than they should, like McCain who couldn't complete a sentence at the Comey hearing, they are taking that job away from a younger person who needs it more. If you want to work, start your own business or stay home and watch Wheel of Fortune because people like McCain and Pelosi are showing why they need to be in a home and not running the country.

6)The Democrats- What. A. Bunch. OF. PUSSIES! I watched Adam Schiff twist himself in knots during an interview rather than even say the word impeachment or treason. And then I go back and watch how Republican behave, and win elections as well, by trashing their opponent, facts be damned. Grow a pair! Pelosi, who looks like she could star in that awful Mummy remake, keeps saying they don't have enough proof yet. WHO GIVES A FUCK ABOUT THAT? You don't have to actually impeach Trump, just keep repeating over and over again that he SHOULD be impeached, that he is a traitor, that he is dangerous. Explain the only reason you are not going through with the action is the Republican controlled Congress, which is correct, and lay the blame on them being unamerican douchebags. This isn't hard. You live in a fact free universe now. Use it. Christ!

5)Evangelicals- Speaking of spineless pussies, I have this is say to anyone who is a born again or the like: FUCK OFF! Take your fucking Bible and cram it up your holier then thou ass. I have actually read the Bible, probably more than most of these assholes, and understand it. You guys cherry pick the shit you like and somehow ignore the most important part and that is the words of Christ. To these fuckers, it's like he doesn't exist. How can people who claim to be so in tune with Jesus fail to recognize that he believed in helping the poor and less fortunate? That he told people money was the root of all evil? And then they turn around and piss on the destitute while following a dick, like Billy Graham's evil offspring, who worship money more than God. It's just sad. The worst part is by aligning themselves with Trump, they have decided to no longer worship anyone but Baal, as that is what he represents. So these fuckers can shut the hell up about what is right and wrong because they have proven they don't have a fucking clue. If you can't tell, I hate the American Taliban and wish them all the worst the world can offer them.
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4)James Comey- The man gave fairly good testimony and proved he is an honorable, decent man. He is also kind of a moron. In the court of public opinion between who I believe, Trump or Comey, there is no debate. However, I still can't wrap my head around why he decided to bring up Clinton's email controversy right before the election, when there was no good reason to, while not telling the American people Trump was also under investigation. Although part of the latter's reason was our former president was a giant pussy who didn't want to be seen as partisan and refused to tell the public about it, In hindsight, I am sure he sees that might have ended the planet because of it. Comey also lashed out at the NY Times for a false story, which is impossible as the story he mentioned has been independently verified by anyone with eyes. In the article, Trump and his team were linked multiple times to Russian contacts. How is that story wrong? By providing no context, we got no answers. Thanks Comey.

3)Republicans- This week, the House voted to get rid of Dodd/Frank, otherwise known as the only piece of legislation keeping us from sliding into oblivion. It may not be perfect, like Obamacare, but was a step in the right direction. Now, they want to go back to the good ole days where banks could rip you off with impunity and sink the economy due to bad bets because they know the taxpayers will refund them for. Good luck with that because that bird is not flying again. You want to start a civil war, bail out the banks again and give no help to taxpayers. We got the Tea Party last time because of it. This time will be bullets. Rumor is they will try to do some sort of half assed health care bill by the end of the month. If they decided to actually go through with this, and people start dying in the thousands, someone's getting shot and it won't be the democrats getting aimed at.

2)Eric Trump- It came out this week that Quasimodo's cancer golf tournament was a giant scam that actually made money for the Trump family to the tune of millions of dollars per year. Apparently Trump had a fit when he discovered that the foundation wasn't being charged anything for course fees and the like, so these assholes not only charged them, they did so at arm and a leg prices. Eric went on defend the practice but came across as the entitled dick he really is. I live for the day when the entire Trump family is behind bars.
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1)Donald Trump- While he continues to crow about how he is completely vindicated by the Comey testimony, and echoed by some factions of Fox News, truth is, he is far from being in the clear. While there is not a lot of obstruction of justice problems that I forsee from his interactions with Comey, his firing is still problematic, He may have the right to do so at any times but the optics looks bad and sets the stage for impeachment for that reason alone. Add to that whatever Mueller is coming up with and he has a serious problem. The fact that people like Flynn, Manafort and his own son in law are under investigation taints his whole administration. And because Orange Hitler is still tweeting about things he shouldn't, the story never goes away. House Republicans are terrified they are about to be voted out en masse, which is a big possibility as the recent UK election showed young people showing up in droves to get rid of the corporate elite. 2018 is shaping up to be a big year for democrats if they can stay on message and not lose as they like to do. There are also still rumors going around that Trump is in real trouble and that the Mueller investigation may sink him. We can only hope because this insane clown president is destabilizing the earth, as I told you he would. Congratulations Trump for yet another win at the top spot, a record by the way for this column now seven years old. You are indeed douchebag of the week and almost certainly the eventual Douchebag of the Year.

Thursday, June 8, 2017


I don't even know where to start with what has happened over these last few days. A recent psychological paper theorized that the severe mental decline the American people have suffered this year is almost wholly attributable to the Trump presidency. His madness is infecting us like a virus as he turned politics into a reality show while simultaneously leaving actual reality behind and in one specific case, had Reality physically arrested. If that isn't a fitting metaphor for what is going on right now, I don't know what is.
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Let's start with the biggest news of the day and that would be James Comey's testimony which just ended. Republicans are gleeful that some of what we heard was wrong in the press (no shocker there) and that Comey did tell the President three times he wasn't under investigation, a serious breach of ethics from a guy who should have know better. He seemed to claim the weight of the office scared him I guess, and truth be told, Comey came across as a spineless pussy on more than one occasion. Christ, grow a spine dude. J Edgar would have eaten Trump for lunch. You acted like Fredo meeting the Godfather.

On the flip side, he concluded that the Russians DID hack our election and that it was a serious breach that affects ALL Americans, Republicans or Democrat. Meanwhile, Orange Hitler is screaming "fake news," and "I won fair and square,"which is beyond debatable at this point and looks more and like he was put there by Putin than anything. We know this, not from Comey's testimony but from a leaked document which we will get into later. He also stated quite forcefully that he believes he was fired because of something he wasn't doing into the Russian investigation that pissed off Trump. He wouldn't go into what exactly why, but it pretty clear for everyone with ears and eyes that it has to do with the Russian investigation because, as Comey testified, Trump said it himself in an interview with Lester Holt. THAT could be construed as obstruction by Mueller's investigation more than anything else.

On top of the evidence that Comey gave, was evidence from a leaked NSA document that claims that Russian voter hacking was much, much worse than we had been told, including the possibility that voter roll data was hacked which would have allowed the Russian to micro-target individual voters and instead of hacking the voter machine, they "hacked" the voter. Years of studies show that a person can be influenced one way or another by being to subjected to a combination of obvious and subtle messaging that can literally brain wash someone. Tell me that didn't happen in this last election with constant fake news about Hillary's campaign headquarters being raided to subtle stories about her health and well being. All of that changed people's minds to NOT vote for Hillary and it mostly came from Russia.
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The leaker of the above mentioned document, a person by the unlikely name of Reality Winner, who was a former Air Force member, fluent in three Middle East languages and now a NSA consultant, left an easy trail for her identity to discover by emailing the Intercept (the news source she sent the documents to) from her work computer and printed out copies which as anyone who knows how counter-intelligence works, can be traced back to ANY printer by a series of dots on the side. Explain to me that someone who works at the NSA, and should also know all of this, didn't. This is why our country is falling apart because no one who works at any job seems to know what they are doing anymore, which goes all the way to the top.

This country is falling apart. We have real evidence of treason by some within the Republican party which would include ANYONE at this point who doesn't ask for a complete and total look at the 2016 election. If the GOP hadn't stonewalled the election recount that was sorely needed and people sued to accomplish, only to be told to go away, nothing to see here, we wouldn't be in this boat. Except we now know that there was a serious breach, it did affect the election and had we looked at this when we wanted to, a lot of hassle and trouble could have been averted. Our elections are shit. They are WAY down on the list of fair elections, putting us dangerously close to third world status. Yet, the Republican base acts as if this is no big deal. So far, we have solid proof the Republican party is not interested in this which has to be the most unamerican thing ever. Democrats should be using words like TREASON and IMPEACHMENT now at ear shattering levels. Even if they don't have the votes, which they should make clear, but start throwing accusations anyway of collusion with their Republicans counterparts and demand action, shutting the Congress down until they do. Use every parliamentary trick in the book to stall EVERYTHING until they get to the bottom of this. NOTHING is more important right now. If this was reversed, the GOP would be united in making Americans HATE the other side. So far the Democrats are STILL coming across as mildly irritated. Start treating this as the big deal it is. There is evidence that the Russians manipulated the last election and so far, Trump has done noting to make anyone believe otherwise.
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Trump is giving back two houses the Russian government was using for spying purposes that Obama took away. We got nothing in return. Doesn't that look suspicious to you? And what kind of fucked up deal is that? He also signed a wish list in front of cameras at his high chair desk which he said was going to change air traffic control into a non-profit but had no legal basis behind it and Congress was going to ignore. It was a giant waste of time. So goes his presidency.

Right now, every American regardless of party should be calling for an immediate examination of the 2016 election with every ballot hand counted nationwide. Let's see if the tally's match. I do polling data for a living and I can tell you they won't. Both side cheated. The GOP was just better at it. Add in the Russians and the Republicans had an unfair advantage. If our elections can't be trusted, and they can't, we no longer have a democracy. So do what you will America but know this: this country is coming to an end. We can stop it if we want but I have a feeling we are too far gone at this point. So congratulations for both sides of the aisles for acting like utter morons. You've probably killed us all.