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If you're not shitting your pants right now, you're not paying enough attention. Here's the sad reality that has become all too real: there is NO ONE with enough power to stop the inevitable at this point which is our civilization appears to be about to crater. History shows that when a people get this corrupt and stupid, collapse is always going to occur. Tell me you think the Republicans OR the Democrats are going to be able to stop the coming mother of all water slides that goes nowhere good.
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The Republican party is stuck on the idea that tax cuts for the rich will be the answer, when this method has been proven to be a 100% failure. The exact same thing is why the economy collapsed in 2008 and why Kansas is rapidly running out of money to such an extent Republicans there REVERSED their tax cuts, seeing first hand they never work. Yes the morons who run this country and the utter retards that keep voting for them keep doing the same thing over and over with absolutely no variance. It bothers me greatly that what they are trying to do will not work, can't work, will never work, but they keep doing it. And then when everything falls apart, no one seems capable of blaming these same douchebags for doing it over and over. Look at 2008. If you voted Republican AT ALL in that election, you can safely say you are moron and deal with it, accept it as fact and move on. They ruined the economy, cost people their life savings, their homes, their jobs, even their lives and people STILL voted these guys back in? Either Americans are too stupid to vote or we have to have a serious look at voting machines for being rigged. I think it is both.

Then we have the worthless Democrats, stuck in their own Sisyphusian hell, constantly pushing a rock of bad ideas that always rolls back over them. Pelosi says she is going nowhere, regardless of the fact she is lightning rod of negativity, which I hate to break it to her, doesn't have the same effect on someone equally worthless, Chuck Schumer, but attack ads against him (and Liz Warren for comparison) have not had the same ill effect that Pelosi has. Here's the truth about her: Democrats don't even like her. A lot of us see her as corrupt, unable to win elections and holding the party back from adapting new ideas like single payer and legalized pot.
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A quick word about the later is Colorado and Washington have two of the lowest unemployment rates in the country right now. So much for myths that higher taxes on millionaires causes them to leave (only CT and that's for lots of others reasons) or that minimum wage rises harms employment. Legal pot has created thousands of jobs that pay well and help the community more than harm, regardless of what brainless anti-pot Luddites keep screaming. Nationalize the weed growth, cut the budget to the worthless DEA (these assholes couldn't stop heroin from entering their own homes if they had to), and watch growth explode.

But the Democrats are too busy continuing their role as Center right fuckwads with no agenda other than "Trump is nuts. Vote for the slightly less insane party."Yeah, that'll drive people to the polls. Jon Ossoff went from progressive darling to bland vanilla Democratic hack with no positions and vague promises. And then he lost. Shocker. Until the Democrats jettison identity politics, they will continue to lose as white America isn't going to go with that any more. Race relations and even sexual equality are pretty much over at this point and unfortunately, the radical left is just as much to blame as the far right.

I'e worked as an investigative journalist in the past. I have had up close and personal dealings with the alt-right movement, long before it was ever called that. Trust me when I saw that when you think of racists as missing teeth, hicks who married their sister, that's not the type that keeps these hate ideas going. They are doctors and lawyers and politicians. You've voted for some of them and probably didn't even know it. Their agenda has always been to keep black and Hispanics enemies of the state, the downtrodden as a new slave class. They accomplished this by getting various politicians from both sides of the aisle to make new laws to "protect the children," or "stop crime rates from rising," whether they really were or not. As a result, without ever realizing it, black people in particular were put right back into chains, only these couldn't always be seen. The best slave is one who doesn't know he is one.

Now the black community could have stopped this years ago if they had mobilized in peaceful ways, finding a person like another MLK or even a Malcolm X (in his later days), to bring attention to this and get it to stop. But that voice never arose, instead we got Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, neither of which was fit to fill either of those shoes and didn't. As no one else came forward either, black people fell into problems such as employment and not being arrested for whatever reason by a police force eager to fill slots in prison.
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Doing nothing was not an option here, yet that is exactly what the black community did for decades. They never once did anything positive on a big enough scale to make a difference, or to even raise awareness of it, instead stewing that it was all the "white man's" fault, which wasn't entirely untrue, but also disingenuous as race here had less to do with things than economics did. Meanwhile, white America was becoming far less racist. I know because I watched the alt-white movement shrivel apart during the late 90's and most of the next decade as well.

And then came Obama. I am not certain that electing a black president was the cause, but that combined with an inexplicable move by the DNC to move away from pandering to white men and focus on everyone else proved to be a disastrous idea. They have lost election after election since and that is almost solely because they have no agenda, no outreach to the one group in this country that still decides elections and no plans to change. WTF?

Since then, black racism has exploded along with trigger words, safe spaces, particularization awards and other things that make most of America cringe in horror at. Had Hillary come out against any of this, she would have won a few more votes. Of course if she had ANY message, she might have won. In just the last few years, alt-right movements are exploding and even in suburbia racism is starting to be seen as well. Some black people need a tall glass of STFU because everytime some black racist shoots off their mouth, ten more Trump voter are born. Black racism better come to a quick fucking end because if black people think their lives cannot get worse, trust me there is always a new bottom.

Take Lisa Durden, a former professor who was rightfully fired after defending an all black Memorial day ceremony which she said "Boo Hoo that you white people are angry because you couldn't use your white privilege card to get in." There are so many things wrong with that statement I hardly know where to begin. First off, STFU about white privilege. Not every one who is white has advantages and everytime someone white hears it, they get pissed. Again, this makes people Trump voters. Second, if a place allows an all black ceremony or gathering, by law and because of this thing called the 14th amendment, I have to allow WHITE people to do the same. Tell me black people won't be screaming bloody murder about this even though it is situation they themselves created.

And because of things like this, where BLM's message is quite accurate as of late, is now as relevant as that of Occupy Wall St. Movements come and go and even if their cause is right, they can be destroyed by their own actions. Black people will continue to die at the hands of cops and juries will find them not guilty because white America sees the black person now as OTHER. You NEVER want to be labeled that. And as I have said numerous times, anyone who gets that label by a majority power gets run over something fierce. With Republicans in power, thanks to both a suppression of their vote and apathy that they couldn't vote for Obama again, black lives are going to get far far worse, and they are in a good part to blame for their own misfortune.
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Because Trump won, the Supreme Court is set to make major rulings that will most likely affect us all. Roe V Wade is going to be on the ropes soon enough, and in the meantime, we have gay rights issues that are going to be taken away. Mark my words that next year gay people will be able to be refused service in all sorts of places in red states, denied adoption and don't be surprised to even see gay marriage struck down, especially if Trump gets to nominate another court justice before the midterms. The travel ban went through today, even though there is no legal precedent for it. This means a lot of what we thought was safe laws are going to be turned upside down because too many of you can't be bothered to vote let alone demand your politicians do what the people want.

In the next week, WW3 could start if Saudi Arabia and Qater go to war.,North Korea could set off a nuke or even a shot down plane over Syria. Add to that a GOP Congress hell bent on killing thousands and an economy not doing well and all the signs are there for a world ending collapse, just like the history books say. Read the how Rome fell, or any other Empire. It's happening again.

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