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Think about this for a minute. The GOP unveiled their horrific health care plan, one that is seriously being underestimated in the damage it will do and the amount of lives it will take, and they still didn't get the top spot due to the utter incompetence of the Democratic party. I have never in my life seen ANYONE or ANYTHING get punched in the face as much as they do and STILL not fight back accordingly. The fucking stupid phrase "When they go low, we go high," is a great bumper sticker but fails in real world applications. I am no longer sure that they can win in 2018, regardless of how badly the GOP does at this point. The Democrats have lost all credibility and they keep digging further down. Get ready for fascism people because it IS coming at this point, as history shows quite clearly. I told you this was going to happen and you can read my previous articles to see exactly that. I can see the future, not through any chicanery or psychic means, but by studying the past and making statistical graphs of the most likely scenarios forward. Bad things are coming and I mean BAD THINGS. I told you if you picked Trump, the world would end. There is a better than fifty percent chance, most of us don't see Christmas without a major upheaval. Just remember, you asked for this. Let's see those runner ups.
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10)Transformers- For the Love of all that is Holy, please stop. Just STOP! Vying for Twilight for the dumbest film series ever, this loud, brash waste of space didn't do so hot here in the states, a common theme in this terrible year for films, but as always Idiot Earth ate it up, all but guaranteeing that despite Michael Bay's pledge this is the last one, there will be more. Ugh. Even though, this was past my era for toys but I had to admit the first one with huge robots fighting sounded very Japanese Anime and awesome. Then I saw it. It fucking sucked. And I mean sucked. Parts were funny. Parts were thrilling. But most of it was the equivalent of watching a three year old mash his toys together for two and half hours. Even worse, and this is unforgivable to me, the science in the first one was ALWAYS wrong. A tour guide is shown giving a tour on the Hoover dam. Almost everything the tour guide says is 100% wrong. The screenwriters were too busy blowing each other to Google this information I guess and the rest of the film was just as equally lazy. After the serious racism of the next one, I was done. I just wish the rest of the world agreed with me here.

9) The Highway Loss Data Institute study on weed- Much has been made of this "study" that falsely claims that the states that now have legal weed, have seen an increase in car crashes and fatalities. The first part is questionable. The second part is absolutely, provably wrong. First rule of analysis of a study is see who did it. In this case, the insurance companies have a vested interest to invent issues that allow them to raise rates, as this study appears to be headed. First off, just because pot was legalized in these states doesn't necessarily mean that is the reason for increased car crashes. I happened to notice that the level of car crashes eerily echoes the exact amount of the rise in heroin use, a far more dangerous problem, and one of the leading causes of car crashes nation wide. The fact that they used California as a control group, but one where pot has been "legal" since 1996, and saw no similar increase in car crashes compared to Oregon, is simply not possible. Plus, most of the people buying legal weed have been smoking and driving for years with no issues. Why now then? Because it doesn't exist. Their claim that deaths have also increased is also wrong as several dozen studies, including one released two days ago, with NO news reporting (HMMM?) that states that there is no scientific evidence that deaths have increased due to pot use while driving anywhere in the USA. That study was rigorous and well done. Funny how that, and the fact that a recent government study concluded that driving under the influence of weed is the equivalence of having a two beers in an hour (in other words not impaired) don't get the same attention as this bullshit. This is why Republicans are going to take over the country because things like this make trust in our media go away quick.

8)Robert Murray- This bloated fuck of a human is the owner of Murray Energy, a typical rich asshole who got that way by allegedly using substandard safety equipment and other cut corners that led to huge profits for him in coal mining while his employees got sick and died. What a peach. Now, typical of people like this and Trump, Murray is suing John Oliver for actually calling him out on his bullshit on his show last week. I am sure he will make mention of it tonight. The suit is frivolous and a nuisance and will be thrown out of court thanks to the first amendment. But as Trump and his cohorts gain more and more power, we the people are going to get less and less.
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7)Black People, cops and juries- I have never been so sickened by jury verdicts as I was this week. Three juries watched an insane police officer (if I hear one more time "I feared for my life," I'm going to show up at their house with a truckload of wasps, rabid bats and Bill O'Reilly and give them something to actually be scared about) kill an innocent black man ON TAPE and still get away with it. Then on the flip side, the Cosby jury was hung up because one asshole thought the victim was "asking for it," because she wore a shirt showing her midriff. Have we not come far enough to know that a woman can be NAKED and it is still not alright to rape her? Black people have it bad lately when it comes to cops. Even I can't deny that lately. So if you are black and get stopped, know that no matter what you do, there is a chance you will be killed and the dick cop will get away with it. I smell anarchy in the air if we don't do something about this. Ending trial by jury is a good start as Idiot America is way too stupid to judge cases anymore. This past week proves that.

6)Saudi Arabia- This country is going to get us all killed. The funny part is when I wrote this threat assessment as part of a college course way back in the 80's, my professor liked it, but thought it far fetched. Now, it's playing out exactly as predicted, Yes, even in my teens, I could see what was coming down the pike. The Muslim extremists wrecking the planet are mostly because of this militant form of Islam that the country practices, Wahhabism. But because we need their oil (which we really don't anymore), we have been close to this country whose policies are anti-gay, anti-woman and anti-democratic. But because of hatred in the whole Sunni-Shia, a pointless dispute of who should have been Mohammed's successor 1200 years ago, both sides are ready for war. Qatar has been given eight more days to submit to 13 demands that include things like shuttering Al Jazzera, break ties with Iran, remove Turkish troops from their soil and other things that are highly unlikely to be met. This is bad on an epic scale. We have a base in Qatar, close ties with Saudi Arabia and a NATO alliance with Turkey. What do we do if this turns into a shooting war? Whose side do we take? As Iran and Russia will also get involved here, the chances for a world war have tripled. This is why none of us may see Christmas.
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5)Voters- If you can't see that giant mistakes were made on both sides of the aisle by now, there is no hope for any of us. Trump us a fucking disaster on a scale unheard of in US history. You have to go the mad kings of past days to see where we are headed, yet a majority of Republicans STILL like him. By this point in 2009, I knew Obama was a douchebag. Had someone run against him (why don't we see more primaries for sitting presidents?) I would have picked that person and booted his black ass right out the door. But Republicans are still singing Trump praises as he is royally fucking them. What is wrong with you people? On the flip side, Debbie Wasserman Schultz is facing serious charges and possible impeachment hearings because, shocker, she's dirty. Anyone in Florida who voted for this shriveled crone of a human should be forced to swim the Everglades with meat attacked to them. How dumb are some of you? STOP VOTING FOR IDIOTS JUST BECAUSE THEY HAVE A R OR A D NEXT TO THEIR NAME! Can we please in 2018 vote out a majority of these morons because if we don't, the only change we are going to get is our living status.

4)Barack Obama- This is why we can't have nice things. I wanted Obama to be the FDR we desperately needed. Instead, I got Black Republican Lite. Whee. His only great thing was he could give a good speech. He sucked at debating. He and his staff were as far from transparent as one could be. He gave Wall St. a pass when it didn't deserve it. Worst of all, he and the democratic party, are the absolute WORST when it comes to marketing. They have no idea what they are doing anymore. The biggest fuck up for this nervous Nelly was not telling the American people that Russians were hacking the election and Trump was under suspicion of collusion because he didn't want to be seen as stumping for Hillary. WHAT. THE. FUCK! Does he honestly think that any Republican wouldn't have done the exact opposite? He sank the election for fear of being what, looked as a partisan politician? What a dork. Thanks, fuckwad for killing us for your sacred honor. That and a coke will give you diabetes.

3)Donald Trump- Orange Hitler kept off the radar much of this week, only stopping to hate tweet something stupid about Obama or the Democrats that had little bearing on anything of importance. The GOP overtook him this week with their death care bill which will kill tens of thousands and not by 2026 like the report states, but more likely by 2020. Thinking people with no access to health care won't start dying almost immediately is wishful at best. I am sure President Cheeto Fart will be back in the spotlight soon enough. He can't help himself.

2)Republicans- Congratulations voters, if you voted for Trump and the Republican party, are over fifty, have serious health issues AND live in a red state, you just won a first class ticket to the nearest cemetery of your choice. The latest health care bill will not only throw million off of their health care plans for being poor, if you are middle class and ill, you won't be able to AFFORD insurance. You'll have access to it, the same as a multi-million dollar mansion. You can stare at it through the gates but you are never getting in. Rates will skyrocket in 2018 to unaffordable rates for probably a third of the country. By 2020, no one will be able to afford it. That IS going to happen. Bet on it. I told you why Obamacare would fail (no price controls on drugs or hospital visits), and it is. This is one is WAY worse. It won't last the decade. If you want to live, and I mean actually want to keep breathing, call your Senator and bitch to high heaven about this plan. There is a 100% chance everyone reading this right now will lose someone they know within the next three years. A grandparent. A parent. A child. When that starts happening on a daily basis, how do you think people are going to react? Violently. There is also the issue that there appears to be a reckoning coming when it comes to our economy. While it is hard to guess the exact date (see the movie the Big Short) signs point to this fall as the end of economic reality. If this does happen this year, and do understand the powers that be will do everything they can to keep the ship from sinking so take that into account, the country will rip apart. The Democrats will blame Trump and his cohorts for sinking the economy. Republicans will counter that it was Obama's policies instead, which is rather stupid as he had control over neither house of Congress for most of his terms,but rubes will buy it. And then the shooting starts. We face more problems than at any point since the Great Depression and World War 2. Look around. The signs are all for that we are headed down that exact same path.
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1)Democrats- I lost all faith in them when they lost the sixth district in Georgia. All I heard was "we almost won," and "we came so close." That gets you nothing in politics. The problem I had was the campaign they ran for Ossoff. They got Hollywood celebrities to stump for him because that worked so well for Hillary. They ran an issue free campaign that barely mentioned Trump OR, even more inexplicably, the shitty health care plan that everyone hates. WTF Pelosi? Walking away from single payer, and issue that even hard core REPUBLICANS want, is suicide. How do you run a campaign and not know the issues that voters want? Free Health Care? Nope. Legalized weed? For shame. A huge increase in the minimum wage? We're just not there yet. Fuck me! No one is going to vote for this shit anymore. Yes, it worked for years but that ship has sailed. And now they have nothing else. It's just sad. The fact that Pelosi, and the rest of her caucus supporters are a combined age of the universe, doesn't endear them to younger voters. Republicans have lots of younger people moving on up while the Democrats look like a retirement home. Pelosi lately is either a drunk or having constant strokes because her speeches are warning signs that someone needs to actually be in a home, not leading the party. Sanders, Warren and Franken are the only ones who seem to be calling the other side out while resident pussy Adam Schiff (that guy's face gets more punchable each day) is only now saying Obama should have done more about Russian hacking, which is way too late at this point. That damage has been done and as a member of the House Intelligence Committee you're telling me you had no knowledge about this previously; that no closed door hearings were given to you where, even if you went to jail for it, could have leaked that to the public. Now its crocodile tears, dick. This is why Democrats lose. They are the biggest pussies on Earth. Who wants to vote for someone who flinches everytime you make a sudden move? I have little faith that these guys don't get clobbered in 2018 and the Republicans get a veto proof majority to alter this country beyond recognition. Swell. So congratulations Democrats and especially Nancy Pelosi for not knowing the party is over for her, you are indeed douchebags of the week.

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