Friday, June 30, 2017


It finally happened in that Trump went too far and everyone regardless of party or affiliation, took one look at what was said and shook their head sadly. It's a dark day when you collectively realize the man with control of our nuclear missile arsenal may be clinically insane. It's even worse when you also notice that no one seems to be doing anything about it.
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So for those vacationing on Mars, yesterday Trump went on a Tweet storm that is STILL going on right now with a variety of topics, all horrifying. Let's start with what got the ball rolling here when for some inexplicable reason Trump viciously went after Morning Joe hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, calling him "Psycho Joe" and "Low IQ, Crazy Mika," and suggesting they were begging to spend time with him on New Year's Eve at Mar-a-Lago, but because her face was bloody from a recent face lift, he said no way. According to the two in question, they deny any of that took place. These two butt kissers caused all of this with their incessant fawning over the man pre-election. Only in hindsight have they realized the grave error they made, and for that, I applaud them. It takes a lot of guts to admit you were wrong, and these guys knew it and have said so many times on air. Kudos for that.

The response was immediate and fierce. Both sides of the aisle went ballistic over it, along with a good portion of the public. It was seen as very misogynistic and most likley, untrue. Pictures of Mika from that party show no bloody visage that Trump has invented, another lie in a long line of them. The truly funny part about this is that while the GOP is struggling, and failing to get a health care bill through, Captain Orange Squirt just insulted the three women in the GOP who have been a leaning no vote for some time. Not a way to win over people to your side dumbass. People like Graham, Sass and even Ryan condemned these words too. Good job to consolidate power against you.
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A quick word on the health care vote is that it doesn't look good for it's survival. It is massively unpopular, meaning it may be a death sentence for some Republicans, like Flake and Heller, and even cost them the House in 2018. This is suicide to succeed. I would estimate there is less than a 30% chance this goes through as the longer this drags on, the less likely it will pass. After September 30th, they can't use reconciliation rules anymore, so after that kiss it goodbye.

Back to the Retard in Chief, after yesterday's debacle you would think he'd shut up for two seconds. Nope. Instead, he ramped things up, Tweeting this morning that the show was fake news because he alleged that Joe Scarborough called him up to thank for help to kill a National Enquirer story and Trump wanted on air apology for some of the mean things they had said about him. There are so many problems with that tweet I don't know where to start. First off, Trump has the power to kill news stories? That's not troubling at all. Even funnier, Scarborough, tweeted back that he has solid proof this never happened with phone records and texts with WH aides. He went on to slam the National Enquirer for running false stories about him and his co-host. As the Enquirer has been in the back pocket for Trump for years is not in debate and proven here. One of their stories was so wrong, Morning Joe buys three six packs of beer every week, was laughed at by the host who says he never drinks beer and the press can follow him Gary Hart style to prove it. That is fake news.

And that was just the beginning. Tangerine Mussolini then said maybe the Congress should just repeal Obamacare all together and replace it at a later date. Nevermind the fact that going back to the way things were is even more dangerous as over thirty million would lose insurance and premiums would skyrocket beyond belief. Not done, he then went on to threaten war with North Korea, Syria, Iran AND Russia. Still think this guy is sane?

Here's the scary part: I honestly think he's lost his mind. I've been reading stories from people like Joe Scarborough and Mika B. and they have known the man for years. They both have stated they don't recognize him anymore and question his sanity. His father had Alzheimer's. And for some inane reason this never came up as everyone was focusing on the walking corpse running as his opponent. What if he's losing his mind? How safe is the world with an actual madman in office, and one that the GOP is unfit to remove?
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We are running out of time people and the fact that millions are NOT surrounding the White House demeaning his head is even scarier. Trump needs to be removed from office either by impeachment or declaring him unfit for office. If we wait, the world will burn. You're choice America.

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