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Before I start on what is yet another week of utter despair, I may not be able to post too much this week due to a big project due by the end of the week. So if you show up here for your dose of vitriol and exasperation, fear not, I will be back soon with what will most likely be another round of pin the tail on the moron. What can be said about this week can be summed up in three letters: WTF? I mean really WHAT. THE. FUCK? President moron just made this country the laughing stock of the planet by bailing on a treaty 99% of the country agreed to. The Democrats are acting as if they have been hitting the Valium hard as Republicans scheme how to take over by issuing the most draconian laws they can imagine. Meanwhile, extremism is hitting London hard, a factor caused by a lack of good jobs, a stupid immigration policy built on an economic model from the 60's, and a complete abdication of common sense. Let's see those runner ups on one of the most depressing weeks in memory.
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10)Lebanon- In a move filled with spite and an insight into why this world is moving towards a death toll in the billions, the country banned the new Wonder Woman movie from their shores. Not because she was a woman in tight pants or was beating men up anything that nay have to do with the backward religions we have on this planet. No, this was because the lead star is an Israeli. Oooooohhhhhh. Since they are still at war with each other, rather than use this a chance for peace, instead they decided to stick into their foe's eyes. This is a sign that things are far worse than we are being told. The world is set to broil. All it's going to take is one Gavrilo Princip moment and it's light out. Never forget that that one man, in a chance encounter, set the stage for hundreds of millions to die over two world wars. If that happens now, this planet will burn.

9)Bill Maher- People had a fit that the late night comic had the audacity to use the word nigger last Friday during Real Time. He didn't call anyone that, but made a film reference to himself and said "I'm a house nigger" which comes from Gone With The Wind. As usual, the fucking liberals got their panties in a punch and cried for his show to be cancelled and him to be fired. DeRay McKesson, a Black Lives Matter leader, tweeted for his dismissal, somehow not noticing that he is on of the few liberal leaning voices on TV right now and his disappearance would be actually harmful. What a dick! The only reason Maher is on here at all is because he fucking apologized for saying it which he never should have. I may not like Ann Coulter but I respected her when she refused to bow down and beg for forgiveness for using the word retarded. I feel the same. Words are given more power than they need by mystifying them. By actually using them, their effectiveness is muted. Liberals need to grow a pair because this week they were particularly awful.

8)Kathy Griffin- Unlike Maher, she really had to apologize for stepping WAY over the line. Holding the bloody head of Trump up isn't parody and it isn't protected speech. It's a death threat which video of you shows you knew was illegal and wrong, half joking about going to jail and leaving the country. The sad part is you weren't wrong. You also didn't take into account the fanaticism of his supporters which have become more and more Hitler Youth and Brownshirt everyday. You may not be wrong in that your career may be over, not that you had much of one to begin with. I never really liked her so good bye and good riddance.
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7)Hillary Clinton- I will pay someone good money to lock this bitch in a fucking closet for the next five years. What part of GO AWAY are you not getting? Every time this colossal fuck up darkens my screen I want to shoot myself. Does she not realize that she is giving the GOP and Trump cover every time she says something, which is usually something pretty stupid? This week is gave an incredulous, unbelievable reason for her loss to President Pumpkinhead. Are you sitting down for this? She blamed.........the DNC. FUCK OFF!!!! The DNC was proven to cheat for you because of that cunt Schultz (if you can't tell I think she one of the worst people on the planet) who I cannot believe won her seat last time after all of this came out. How do you vote for someone so obviously corrupt? It's why this country is just about done because people from both sides of the aisle lately are dumber than dirt. And I swear to God the first person who says Hillary 2020 is getting shot.

6)Evergreen College- This is another example as to why this country is going to collapse. Black activists and their white guilt counterparts acted so badly at this Washington College that classes were cancelled for the day for fear of people's safety. It all started when white people were told to fuck off and leave campus for the day so black people could do whatever secret anti-white rituals they were planning on holding. When one professor rightfully called this as racist, he was attacked by a mob and had to flee for his own safety after there was reports cars were being searched to find him. Are you fucking kidding me? Here's how you handle this. Ahem. Ladies and gentlemen, you're all expelled. Problem solved. There is a difference between protesting and being a mob. These assholes were a mob and the videos prove it. Liberals have said the videos were edited but I watched the entire thing and no they were not taken our of context. The level of racism aimed at white people here was telling. When I brought this up, my white guilt friends called me racist instead, saying I had no idea the plight of black people which is completely untrue as I have close friends who live in inner city areas around the country. They tell me anti white racism is rampant where they live. So why is this not accepted by liberals? Because then their world view collapses. When dialogue is impossible, violence occurs. We are rapidly heading there from all sides who no longer accept shared reality.
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5)The Democrats- What a bunch of spineless pussies these guys have been. I have NEVER seen such wussiness in the face of extinction. While the GOP lathers themselves up because of Hillary and Obama, who aren't even office anymore, the democrats sip green tea and talk like policy wonks. The words like TREASON and IMPEACHMENT which they should have Tourette's over, have instead barely been whispered. Will you fuckers please GROW A PAIR?! You should be having nightly appearances on the MSM demanding the head of Donald Trump and his cohorts. Facts don't matter anymore or maybe you haven't gotten that memo that has been beat into the beat of us for decades now. For fucks sake get dirty and start slinging some mud. That diseased mummy fart Pelosi can't get throw a speech lately without stuttering and stammering about how there is no proof of Trump involvement, while on the screen below her is exactly that reported by CNN. Even if there is no hard proof, who gives a shit. MAKE it proof even if you have to invent it. The Republicans do it all the time. We are in this mess because you had a lazy president who sat on info that Trump was dirty rather than use it and a candidate that literally couldn't beat Orange Hitler. Meanwhile, the Republicans are becoming more and more dangerous. Great.

4)Devin Nunes- Here is a prime example of what I am talking about. This fucker was supposed to have recused himself from the House Russian investigation because he was caught leaking evidence to the president, who is the person he is investigating. Now it comes out that not only is he still working on this, he just issued three subpoenas to unveil the unmasking of Trump associates to the media, which is so not the focus here. Finding out if our president is working for the Russians is of far greater importance than finding out who told the press about it. This fucker better be gone in 2018 or we can kiss our society good bye.

3)Steve King- Want more proof? The challenger for one of the dumbest, most evil people in all of Congress dropped out today, partially due to personal matters, but also because she was getting lots of death threats from King supporters. Yeah, that's not anti-democratic or anything. I hope someone else runs and is ready to face the wrath of some dangerous people because that is the reality today. As someone who has gotten death threats in the past, from people who were actually capable of doing so, anyone entering public life better get used to it. The way to stay alive is fight back. Run anyways because chances are good the threat isn't real. It almost never is.

2)Terrorism- Muslim people can tick their doomsday clock one minute closer to midnight. They do know if these attack continue, eventually people are just going to kill anyone who even looks Muslim? If they want a clash of civilizations, it won't end well for the society built on 12th century tech. Another senseless attack in London yesterday is setting the stage for an eventual genocide unseen in human history. I do not want this but we are getting dangerously close to the edge now. The British are talking about internet regulations (which won't work) and eventually it may come to walled off areas for Muslims, aka the Palestinians. Terror ends and misery sets in. This is your future if you continue if you are lucky.
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1)Trump- Fuck me this guy is a disaster. This week President Tangerine Squirt pulled out of the Paris Accord because, well I don't know why the fuck either after his rambling, incoherent speech told us nothing. Word is Bannon gave him some bullshit study about global warming that idiot boy briefly looked out and was convinced he was right. He promised millions of jobs and lower energy costs, neither possible by leaving the accord. Green jobs are growing five times faster than coal which is a dying industry and there is nothing Trump can do to fix that. In just the last few days New Jersey shuttered one of it's coal plants, moving to natural gas instead. That is the norm nationwide. I have listened to more morons tell me fake news about this week. Tom Coburn tried to claim the seas had only risen a "millimeter or two," over the last two decades when the actual number is 66 millimeters which is a steady increase of 1/8th of an inch a year. That adds up over time. Another moron tried to tell everyone that since there was more carbon dioxide in the air during the time of the dinosaurs, we have nothing to worry about. Nevermind that was a whole different ecosystem today, it would be the equivalent of telling a fish to live on land because we all breath air. Survival is not a factor here. In this scenario, we all die. The world is getting warmer. That is not in debate. Everything else you hear is white noise and disinformation, committed by companies wanting to stay in business, like oil, although even Exxon-Mobil thought leaving the accords was stupid and said so. So thanks Trump for dooming the planet, with the only good news is that he CAN'T get out of this until after the next election, so you can guess what wedge issue the democrats already have to run on. Fuck you Trump and any asshole still supporting this dick, you are all douchebag of the week.

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