Wednesday, June 14, 2017


This is why I write this column. Two days ago I said one of these three groups, Muslims, black people or Republicans were going to get shot at due to sheer idiocy in pushing people beyond their limits. Today, the most likley winner did indeed win as a Republican charity baseball game was interrupted by gunfire in which no one was actually killed but a leading Senator, Steve Scalise, was shot along with a few others. The gunman, a Bernie supporter and showed REAL hatred for Trump, was killed on scene. There will be a lot more of this if Republicans keep doing what they are doing.
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Human nature is surprisingly easy to predict. Keep pushing harder and harder and eventually, no matter who that person is, will push back with twice as much force. Republicans are shocked, SHOCKED, by this level of violence. Ivanka was on TV the other day saying how surprised she was at the level of vitriol in the nation today. Well, if her Orange stained shitgibbon father wasn't spitting venom at everyone every five seconds, we may not be in this boat we are now in. Of course we now hear from the right about how violent the left is, conveniently ignoring all the white supremacist lunatics that have shot up abortion clinics, minorities and senators before this. The common thread here isn't who they shot but their mental state. I will admit this latest shooter seemed less crazy than pissed which is a huge escalation if true.

The GOP is going to see a lot more of this and truth be told, I am stunned it took this long to happen. The GOP health care bill, which they are stealthy trying to pass because public outrage would help kill it, will end the lives of tens of thousands every year of passed. It will also make insurance unaffordable within the next three years. How stable do you think some people are going to be when their children, grandparents, spouses and themselves start dying in mass numbers? You can bet money, there is going to be bloodbaths at that point, all aimed at Republicans, and not necessarily the people who run the show but voters too.
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These assholes are about to cross a very dangerous red line. If this health care bill somehow passes and a lot of us do indeed face a quick end to our future, it will be our obligation to wipe Republicans from the face of the Earth. Your very survival will be at stake. Plus, if someone kills a bunch of Republicans and goes to jail, he or she will get the very healthcare they wouldn't get outside. So understand this, for a lot of people, thousands, it may be in their BEST INTERESTS to kill someone and go to jail rather than stay outside and slowly die. This will be an act of war against the American people and there is no way that this country of barely stable, overarmed morons won't retaliate with deadly violence if that is the only option they have left. It already happened today and we have barely gotten started.

Many have told me, "But I am a Republican. Do you want me dead?" No. I don't want anyone dead if it can be helped. But if you constantly vote against your own self interests, there will be consequences and if it comes down to the Civil War we seem to be headed for, then yes, you will die and it will be your own fault for not paying attention to what is really going on in this country, none of it good. We need to move together but that seems to be not in the cards. Everyone seems to be going the opposite direction instead. Republicans are asking for trouble and are stunned when it happens.
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This week House Republicans repealed Dodd/Frank which like the flawed Obamacare, was a step in the right direction. The GOP wants to go back to the good old days of denying insurance to anyone they didn't like while raping the taxpayer of every dime not nailed down. Yeah, that's what the average Trump voter wanted. His numbers are dropping faster and faster and it may be only a matter of time before even Congressional Republicans decide he is a liability. How the base will respond to that is most likley with violence, a new fact of American life due to rank stupidity within our borders from all sides.

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