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I would like to crow a little bit about the fact that one week ago, I predicted that at least one of these three groups was going to get attacked imminently. After yesterday's horrific incident involving innocent Muslims getting run over by a psycho in England, I went three for three. The black theory was an educated guess that there would be problems involving Evergreen college students and alt-right groups pissed as their SJW stances. Classes were shut again this week after fights broke out on campus on a regular basis. The other two were harder to gleam. But the level of hatred and anger on this planet is hitting record levels and chances are near 100% that this is going to get a lot worse before it gets better. We are facing extinction people and unless we ratchet down the hate, a highly unlikely prospect, chances are better than average we won't see Christmas this year. We are facing wars, economic ruin and social upheaval all at the same time. Fun.
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Let us start with one of the most bizarre stories in some time. Considering Trump is president, the GOP being hell bent on ending us all and the worthless democrats showing zero spine, that is a tall order. But then came the USS Fitzgerald and all that went out the window. Somehow, a Philippine cargo ship broadsided the destroyer with no one on either boat noticing the collusion course they were on. I spent the last few hours reviewing Navy rules and even talked to a few people who worked on destroyers. The facts are not encouraging.

Right now, the two most likley explanations are a terrorist attack or incredible incompetence and pilot error. Both are equally likely. Here are the facts as we know it. At some point (the time is one of the things that nobody agrees on which is way odd), the cargo ship made a sudden U-turn for reasons not known why. This put it on a collusion course with the ship, which on a moonless night, should have glowed in the dark in the distance. Because of this reality, we can sum up that either there was no one at the helm on the cargo ship when the collusion happened or the act was intentional. Unless, everyone at the helm went blind at the same time, these are the only two explanations.

Odder now, is why the Fitzgerald did everything wrong they could have, Standard Navy procedure is to hail an vessel approaching it to verify it's intent. If they got no response, they should have gone into red alert, the commanding officer should have been summoned to the deck and if necessary, the ship should have been fired on as a hostile act. None of that happened. Why? And how did no one on board the Fitzgerald, a vessel with things like radar and sonar, not notice a huge ship approaching them. There is more to this story than we are being told.
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Then we have Orange Mussolini now actively shooting down Syrian planes in Syria. Yeah, that can't go wrong quick. This is a giant clusterfuck of world ending proportions. Because this country still has insane desire for regime change, which happens regardless of what side is in power, tell you that the President is more figurehead than leader now. But because President Cheeto Fart is so easily led, I am sure the MIC is Svengaling him something fierce. Needless to say, the Russians are less than happy and have threatened to retaliate, stopping just short of saying they will shoot our planes down next.

This could quickly escalate and that is only one of many issues. China is planning on building a military base in Pakistan, which could further complicate regional issues with India. As all three have nukes, a small misunderstanding here could lead to the end of the planet. And North Korea hasn't gone away either. Nor has Muslim militant extremism. We are rapidly heading to the finish line people.

Here at home we have the Supreme Court taking up a case that will have major implications for elections. They are going to take up a Wisconsin case that said gerrymandering is unconditional and if upheld, will end this practice forever and maybe giving us fair election for once. The fucking Republicans carved up districts so badly after 2010, that many congresspeople could rape an infant on live TV and still get elected because of those "danged democrats." A lot of you out there are really, really stupid.

Trump's lawyers have tried to throw mud at us and said he is NOT under investigation, even though Trump tweeted that he actually was. If he isn't, out justice system is irrevocably broken. He admitted to obstruction on TV yet that wasn't enough for anyone, including resident pussy, democrat Adam Shiff who is the biggest sedative I ever seen. GROW A PAIR YOU WEASEL! I am so tired of hearing there is no proof of obstruction when he admitted it for all of us to see. How is that not a smoking gun? I thought confessions were legal admissions of guilt? This country is fucked.
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Anyway you look at it, things are falling apart, the center cannot hold. I fear for our future because precious few seem to have more than a few watts of intelligence lately. Our leaders world wide sure don't show any and as the voters keep putting these same assholes in there, they aren't any better. Buckle up people. It's going to get real bumpy soon.

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