Thursday, June 8, 2017


I don't even know where to start with what has happened over these last few days. A recent psychological paper theorized that the severe mental decline the American people have suffered this year is almost wholly attributable to the Trump presidency. His madness is infecting us like a virus as he turned politics into a reality show while simultaneously leaving actual reality behind and in one specific case, had Reality physically arrested. If that isn't a fitting metaphor for what is going on right now, I don't know what is.
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Let's start with the biggest news of the day and that would be James Comey's testimony which just ended. Republicans are gleeful that some of what we heard was wrong in the press (no shocker there) and that Comey did tell the President three times he wasn't under investigation, a serious breach of ethics from a guy who should have know better. He seemed to claim the weight of the office scared him I guess, and truth be told, Comey came across as a spineless pussy on more than one occasion. Christ, grow a spine dude. J Edgar would have eaten Trump for lunch. You acted like Fredo meeting the Godfather.

On the flip side, he concluded that the Russians DID hack our election and that it was a serious breach that affects ALL Americans, Republicans or Democrat. Meanwhile, Orange Hitler is screaming "fake news," and "I won fair and square,"which is beyond debatable at this point and looks more and like he was put there by Putin than anything. We know this, not from Comey's testimony but from a leaked document which we will get into later. He also stated quite forcefully that he believes he was fired because of something he wasn't doing into the Russian investigation that pissed off Trump. He wouldn't go into what exactly why, but it pretty clear for everyone with ears and eyes that it has to do with the Russian investigation because, as Comey testified, Trump said it himself in an interview with Lester Holt. THAT could be construed as obstruction by Mueller's investigation more than anything else.

On top of the evidence that Comey gave, was evidence from a leaked NSA document that claims that Russian voter hacking was much, much worse than we had been told, including the possibility that voter roll data was hacked which would have allowed the Russian to micro-target individual voters and instead of hacking the voter machine, they "hacked" the voter. Years of studies show that a person can be influenced one way or another by being to subjected to a combination of obvious and subtle messaging that can literally brain wash someone. Tell me that didn't happen in this last election with constant fake news about Hillary's campaign headquarters being raided to subtle stories about her health and well being. All of that changed people's minds to NOT vote for Hillary and it mostly came from Russia.
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The leaker of the above mentioned document, a person by the unlikely name of Reality Winner, who was a former Air Force member, fluent in three Middle East languages and now a NSA consultant, left an easy trail for her identity to discover by emailing the Intercept (the news source she sent the documents to) from her work computer and printed out copies which as anyone who knows how counter-intelligence works, can be traced back to ANY printer by a series of dots on the side. Explain to me that someone who works at the NSA, and should also know all of this, didn't. This is why our country is falling apart because no one who works at any job seems to know what they are doing anymore, which goes all the way to the top.

This country is falling apart. We have real evidence of treason by some within the Republican party which would include ANYONE at this point who doesn't ask for a complete and total look at the 2016 election. If the GOP hadn't stonewalled the election recount that was sorely needed and people sued to accomplish, only to be told to go away, nothing to see here, we wouldn't be in this boat. Except we now know that there was a serious breach, it did affect the election and had we looked at this when we wanted to, a lot of hassle and trouble could have been averted. Our elections are shit. They are WAY down on the list of fair elections, putting us dangerously close to third world status. Yet, the Republican base acts as if this is no big deal. So far, we have solid proof the Republican party is not interested in this which has to be the most unamerican thing ever. Democrats should be using words like TREASON and IMPEACHMENT now at ear shattering levels. Even if they don't have the votes, which they should make clear, but start throwing accusations anyway of collusion with their Republicans counterparts and demand action, shutting the Congress down until they do. Use every parliamentary trick in the book to stall EVERYTHING until they get to the bottom of this. NOTHING is more important right now. If this was reversed, the GOP would be united in making Americans HATE the other side. So far the Democrats are STILL coming across as mildly irritated. Start treating this as the big deal it is. There is evidence that the Russians manipulated the last election and so far, Trump has done noting to make anyone believe otherwise.
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Trump is giving back two houses the Russian government was using for spying purposes that Obama took away. We got nothing in return. Doesn't that look suspicious to you? And what kind of fucked up deal is that? He also signed a wish list in front of cameras at his high chair desk which he said was going to change air traffic control into a non-profit but had no legal basis behind it and Congress was going to ignore. It was a giant waste of time. So goes his presidency.

Right now, every American regardless of party should be calling for an immediate examination of the 2016 election with every ballot hand counted nationwide. Let's see if the tally's match. I do polling data for a living and I can tell you they won't. Both side cheated. The GOP was just better at it. Add in the Russians and the Republicans had an unfair advantage. If our elections can't be trusted, and they can't, we no longer have a democracy. So do what you will America but know this: this country is coming to an end. We can stop it if we want but I have a feeling we are too far gone at this point. So congratulations for both sides of the aisles for acting like utter morons. You've probably killed us all.

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