Thursday, June 1, 2017


Trump has proven himself to be an abject disaster. Hillary on the other hand reminded everyone why she lost so badly to a retarded orangutan by blaming everyone but herself for her loss during an interview yesterday. My favorite was when she threw the DNC and the press under the bus, both of which bent over backwards to accommodate her shitty campaign style. Yeah, Schultz didn't cheat or nothing and there was never any collusion between you and the press, it was everyone else' fault. Fuck her. For all you idiots who voted for her over Bernie in the primaries, this is what happens when you pick a candidate who cannot win. Stop identity politics and pick the best person, not whatever sex or race is the flavor of the month.
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But we are stuck with this absolute idiot. When you make W. look like a Rhodes scholar you know you've crossed the Rubicon. At some point today, Trump will let us all know whether the country sinks or swims. If he ditches the accords, as he might, then this country will have abdicated it's status as world leader and a superpower because China is all but certain to overtake us sometime in the next decade. And a lot of you are asking for this.

Here's the facts about the Paris accords; It's going to continue with or without us. If we dump this, we also get dumped as businesses are going to not come here and we are going to fall further and further behind on new energy sources that will propel the 21st century while we are sitting here playing with coal and oil the no one will have a use for. The world is getting warmer regardless of the nonsense you keep hearing from the right. Ice is getting thinner in the Arctic and may disappear completely within the next 25 years. Tom Coburn, a GOP Congressman and climate change denier, in an interview asked how much sea rise we have had in recent years and he suggested it was one a millimeter or two. It's actually 66 millimeters since 1993 and continues to rise at an average of one-eighth per year. That's a huge rise and will swamp coastal cities if not contained. When people are intentionally stupid we all pay a price. We also know from temperature readings that we keep getting warmer and warmer planet wide. But because it was cold in Fargo in March, global warming isn't occurring to some. The facts say different.
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We are getting clobbered in technology like solar cells and wind power that the Chinese and Europeans have been developing for more than a decade, Meanwhile, President Cheeto Fart is telling coal miners there jobs will be coming back any day now, which is a blatant lie as progress and automation have taken away those jobs forever. It would be like promising Blockbuster employees that video cassettes are on their way back and these jobs will be plentiful again. They aren't coming back and miners are starting to realize they have been had.

Trump is also killing tourism as Mexican tourists are going to Canada now, costing the US almost two billion in lost revenue. That also doesn't factor in the amount of European tourists that also won't be coming here because of Trump and his policies. This ass is making us winners but losers ten times over. Yet his idiot base is all thrilled with this.

Eventually Trump's lies are going to catch up to him and his supporters, especially if the GOP fucks up health care or the budget, both of which are possible. When the people who voted for him see themselves getting screwed twice as hard than if the democrats were in power, there is going to be a reckoning, and more likely, violence. The world is set to broil and sooner or later we are going to come to blows with someone. Whether it's a civil war or a nuclear one, war is coming. You can feel it in the streets where everyone is on edge, waiting for that proverbial show to drop. It is not helped when white supremacists start stabbing people on a bus or radical black racists take over a school campus because their racism got called out. This isn't helping anyone.
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We are headed for a fall people. It's only a matter of time at this point.When stupidity permeates this far into a system, it's death is almost always assured. We are all to blame for this by not accepting the truth and hiding behind false walls and fake news. It was a pretty planet. I have a feeling it;s not going to be for much longer.

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  1. And in other news, a massive crack in an Antarctic ice shelf grew by 11 miles in the past six days as one of the world's biggest icebergs ever is poised to break off.

    Only eight miles remain until the crack in the Larsen C ice shelf cuts all the way across, producing an iceberg about the size of the state of Delaware.

    If only it would create s tsunami that would wipe Mar-a-Lago off the face of the earth... :-[

    But climate change is a hoax, and science isn't real. It's all just fake, like the news, and the Pumpkinfuhrer's hair...

    We are SO screwed... :-/