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Jesus, Trump is a tool. The level of incompetence from this tangerine, cat coughed up hairball cannot be understated and the fact that there are still some beyond stupid people still supporting this ass proves that we have little time left. In years ago, people like Trump and his troglodyte kissasses would have died by Darwinism alone. But because money can shelter even the dumbest now, we are all subject to the whims of whatever fool king we have at the moment. Say what you will about Bill Clinton or Obama, but moron doesn't come to mind like W. and now this nightmare does.
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Trump has sabotaged our relationship with Europe, perhaps fatally. Why? Because he's STUPID! REALLY, REALLY, DANGEROUSLY, STUPID! It pours out of him whenever he speaks or writes, including his most recent fuckup with a tweet that ended mysteriously with the word "covfefe." I had a hysterical image of Trump secretly tweeting, like some teen in a timeout, when the secret service noticed it and that's as far as he got before getting tackled, phone flying into the air. Tell me that is not an image that makes you smile? Sean Spicer made things worse when he said it was on purpose and only a few people were privy to it's meaning. Like the Russians, thought everyone alive. He left before getting asked anything else, running away like the little bitch he is.

The biggest fuck you of all, and one we all did see coming, is that Trump is going to pull out of the Paris Climate Accord. It's only keeping the planet alive so why bother with something that only morons deny is happening (the why is still somewhat debatable but the planet IS getting warmer)? What Trump and the GOP want to do is pollute with impunity which strikes me as odd as they have to live here to. It's like having an aquarium and the fish intentionally dirty their own water by continuously eating Chipotle. This is NOT good for anyone, and the Europeans are not happy. The leaders, their people, everyone, are all shaking their heads in disbelief at how backassward this country has become. How did we get to this point? Could the Democrats also be to blame? Yes, and how.
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Before I get into recent discoveries made about the Democrats and how they are also a big part of the problem, let's go into a what if scenario and see what the world would look like today if Hillary was president. Would things be better? God yes, but not by much and here's why.

Hillary would have had to deal with the same Congressional make-up that exist today. A what if scenario with Bernie Sanders on the other hand reveals not only would he have won, chances are good he would helped retake the Senate and House. Let that sink in: the Democrats picked a woman who could not win, as all their polls said beforehand, and still went with the corporate choice rather than win. And that is why they will continue to lose. But more on that later. Let's see what her first hundred days would have looked like,

The level of vitriol seen by the democrats against Trump, which comes across as mildly irritated rather than "HOLY FUCK THE HOUSE IS BURNING" attitude they should have, would pale in comparison to the insta-hate against her on day 1. With Republican controlling Congress, the Supreme Court would have been an even more bitter partisan fight with the most likely scenario, no one getting on the bench until only a handful are left as gridlock would prevent anyone from being appointed. The same for judgeships and other things that need to be filled as the GOP would grind everything to a halt. There would be right wing radio which would have stoked the fired of a rigged election and a stolen country would have made things very volatile. On top of all of that would be investigation after investigation into Benghazi part 546 and so forth. Hillary would have also figured out a way to support the TPP as she was famous for boomeranging on that topic half a dozen times depending on who she was talking to. When she signed that, corporations would have had complete control of out lives and the end result would have been horrific. So of you are one of those people wishing Hillary had won, you should probably backtrack your fantasy and think of what would have happened had Sanders been president. That one would have been best.

The democrats suck and have for years, turning from a left wing people's party, to Republican lite in the 90's. If you really are a liberal, many democrats are NOT. Corey Booker is one dick who should be shown the door in the next election because that asshole is corrupt. He killed a bill that would lowered drug costs and low and behold there he is taking hundreds of thousands from Big Pharma. Shocker.Then he defends Kushner and does not call for Trump's impeachment when it turns out he has ties to both. Now, some schmuck has nominated him to be on the democrats new election commission, which is filled to the hilt with corporate losers and Clinton supporters. So the same people who helped rig the election against Bernie and now the same ones who are going to look into it. Bet that will be hard day's work. Just look in a mirror and call it a day.
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The DNC is getting sued and their argument is they have every right to pick who they want because why bother with that pesky democracy. It has gotten ZERO attention on the news which has been on a tear lately missing stories they should be talking about. A story in February 2016 said that Hillary was skipping voter turnout drives and registration because people then would have voted for Bernie. So she didn't do it and, as everyone who has been part of a campaign knows, you can win a primary this way (cheating helped), but you will lose in the general election because the enthusiasm gap will be too hard to overcome, and that was the same here. The worst thing her campaign did was not give away bumper stickers and yard signs which they felt beneath them. It is a psychological tool to see a candidate's name everywhere. It makes people think they are more likely to win AND will vote for them as people instinctively like picking winners. Princess Sour Puss couldn't be bothered.

Most democrats suck and it's good to see some of you get this. Much like what the Tea Party did, we need to get rid of corporate democrats and get real progressives in there, people who have our backs, not our wallets.

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