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The short answer is not yet but we are getting very close to the end of everything. All civilizations end and it looks like this one will be no different. The only huge difference is that instead of a single nation state devolving, the entire world is at risk from everything like nuclear war to economic disaster to climate change wiping us out. In all of recorded history, we have never faced the perils we face today and, unbelievably, are also least prepared to deal with it. The answer as to why is simple: mankind is beyond stupid at this point. As I have told my readers time and time again if there is a choice between evil and stupid, always pick evil. Evil will kill some. Stupid will everyone. And here we are.
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Contrary to what President Orange Cheeto Fart has said, along with some of the dumbest Republican apologists ever seen, his world trip not only didn't go well, it was a monumental failure. If the goal of this trip was to prove to the world that Trump could shine on the world stage, then this was an unmittagted fuck-up. He pissed off supporters at home by failing to use the words "radical Islamic terrorism" in Saudi Arabia, a fact he himself used to throw at democrats every day. And now here is his chance to show how tough he us against the biggest supporter of world terrorism on the planet and he wusses out. Pussy. And people noticed. Israel went alright even though his careless use of classified material may have set back out intelligence sharing services by decades. He also idiotically reminded everyone that he never said Israel when he was cluelessly telling the Russians secrets, a fact not lost on the Mossad.

It was all downhill from there. NATO and G7 meetings went spectacularly bad. European leaders, HATE Trump, and see him for the fool he is. Trump pushed his way to the front of the line during a photo op. He badgered Merkel about trade policies that she couldn't do anything about. Six of the seven members want to tackle climate change. Guess which one was treated like the slow kid in school because he wasn't for that?

Afterward, Merkel demonstrated that she may now be the leader of the free world and discussed how the US may not be a partner anymore. Ouch. This could have lasting effects regarding jobs, trade and the ability to breathe air. Worse. countries like Germany(and many others) are talking about getting nuclear weapons as they can't trust the US will be there for them anymore. Great, because nothing says world peace like everyone armed to the teeth with planet ending weapons.
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Trump is killing us and the GOP is complicit. Now if the Democrats were a real party they'd be cleaning up but the have demonstrated a real capacity to learn absolutely nothing and, as a result, are only losing by a smaller margin than before. Whee. I don't understand that if they accepted certain fundamental truths, like single payer and national legalization of pot, they would clean up in elections. Instead they still are bickering among themselves, acting all wishy washy AGAIN when it comes to impeachment and basically behaving as if the car is stuck in neutral when in reality it is barreling backwards down a steep hill. They should be foaming at the mouth in rabid anger against this president, as the Republicans would have been had Hillary been president and did one tenth what Trump has. Instead, they act like they took a bunch of Valium. And old fuckers like Pelosi and Feinstein better be shown the door in 2018, along with that uber bitch Schultz. What is with women in the democratic party? For every Warren or Gillibrand we get, there are sixteen McCatskills to have to deal with. Enough.

Not that any of that matters as the chances of us seeing 2018 are slim. What end of the world scenario would you like to discuss? War with North Korea seems inevitable at this point and with it, the deaths of hundreds of millions. If Republicans somehow succeed in passing health care or tax reform, millions will die here at home, especially when a pissed of public goes on a shooting spree. Economic reality says a crash is imminent. History shows we are at a turning point here. We either fix things quick or we face the end of America. Which do you think is more likely? Revolution is coming. Whether it's peaceful or violent is ultimately up to us.

If all of that is somehow avoided, we still have to tackle climate change which, again contrary to what you've heard, is accelerating. Temperatures in arctic areas are way higher than they should, turning some areas actually green. If all the ice melts off the surface and into the water, two things will happen. One, coastal areas will flood. And two, the world will also freeze in many places. That much water will dilute the Gulf Stream and without that, North America and Europe will be buried under snow and ice for perhaps thousands of years. Think the movie Day After Tomorrow only not as fast and not starring Dennis Quaid.

Republicans are following a path of planetary destruction and some of you yahoos are still supporting it. Go right ahead as it's still a free country. How much longer that will be though is debatable and the GOP will be the main reason it wan't be. Hell, Trump may get so power mad he may suspend elections and declare himself king. Don't think that can't happen. Way too many of you out there actually want this.
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We have precious little time to right this ship. If you vote Republican at all at this point, you're suicidal. Democrats may be hardly better but they are not actively trying to kill us, just enslave us. I don't about you but I would rather be alive and plotting how to escape rather than be dead and nothing I can do about it. If we survive to 2018 most of you better show up to vote either dead weight out in the primaries or blue in November because the red side wants you dead. They have literally told you that to your face. Once the Republicans are a distant threat, then we can turn our anger at the democrats for not entering the 21 century. The other result is we get busy dying because time has run out for most of us. Better to go down swinging than not at all.

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