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This week the Republican party told roughly half the country to get busy dying and then actually tried to defend their actions. I have read more stupid nonsense from morons who think they understand healthcare only to prove they are actually dumber than dirt. ALL healthcare is socialism and for the love of God stop telling people to move to North Korea or Venezuela because that's where all the "real" socialists" live. Funny, how they never mention actual socialistic democracies working across the planet like Sweden or Denmark that contain the happiest people and the best run governments. Meanwhile, recent polls say that roughly two thirds of the youth of today wants to overthrow countries like Greece, Italy and here at home, the US. We are devolving faster and faster and a lot of you out there are cheering it on. Sooner or later, this whole system is going to break and then no one is going to be happy. Let's see those runner ups.
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10)American Airlines- Two divergent stories from airlines this week tell you how well some of these companies are run. Southwest obviously took the time to hold staff meetings to tell their crew how to handle situations that result in good news. A woman was on a recent flight when it suddenly turned around and headed back to the gate. A woman was asked to leave, not for security reasons, but because they had been informed that this woman's son had been in a bad accident and was in a coma. They put her in a private room, got her a FIRST CLASS ticket to her new destination, brought her bags right to her house and even called to see how her son was doing. That is how you handle a business and why I have always thought Southwest to be one of the best airlines out there. Delta on the other hand took the other route which threatened a family with arrest and the loss of their children because he refused to give up his two year old's seat for overbooking. Who wants to hold a squirming two year old on their lap for hours on end? Delta apparently. The staff lied about regulations that didn't exist and the whole family got booted, all caught on camera. Delta may want to hold some more staff meetings because their crews are woefully inadequate at this point. They do know all this will be caught on camera and beamed worldwide right? Idiots.

9) North Korea- In yet another hysterical video, the rouge nation put out a video showing them nuking the White House, a concept I would have a better chance of achieving than them. They have no chance of hitting the East Coast with anything and we know it. Talk about an empty threat. It's like being threatened with a wet noodle. They also arrested another American as a spy which begs the questions, what kind of idiot is STILL going there? They have seen many get arrested there for little reason but still decide; what the hell let's go anyway. Morons. I wouldn't spend one second trying to get these people back as they are way too dumb to exist. Goodbye and good riddance.

8)Roy Oliver- Much like the airlines, you would think cops nationwide would have been instructed that everything is on video and you should always be on your best behavior. This ass didn't get the memo as he first claimed he shot a 15 year old who was barreling in his car at him. Video and eye witness testimony proved the car was actually going away from him when he fired into it, killing one boy. Dumbass got fired, and arrested soon after as was going to be the end result. Cops do NOT have blanket immunity anymore and should act as such. This fuckwad didn't and look what happened.
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7)Alton Sterling shooting- This poor guy was selling illegal CD's in Baton Rouge and died in the process, aka Eric Garner all over again. Why does the black community insist on calling Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin "heroes," (actually thugs) and ignore Garner and Sterling who died under far worse circumstances? The Justice Department declined to press charges, even though the video shot at the time doesn't seem to back up the cops version that Alton was going for his gun, which he did have in his back pocket. As he was lying on his back and pinned by two cops, that would have been quite the feat. All of this started because some homeless guy, pissed that Alton wouldn't give him money, called the cops on him. What a douche. Louisiana is now looking into filing charges of their own. I hope they do because this case looks bad for the cops.

6)Hillary Clinton- The she-devil came out of hiding to blame everyone but herself in losing the last election. It was Comey's fault and the Russians, she cried. True, but her insipid campaign didn't help either. Had she run on say a single payer plan or legalized weed, she would be president right now. But the, "vote for me because I am not Trump," wasn't enough and it showed. Ignoring anyone who was white and male, except in your tone deaf VP pick which sunk your candidacy, doomed you from the start, but yeah it was Comey and the Russians that ended your bid. Go Away! PLEASE! Your two cents are not necessary,

5)Nancy Pelosi- What is with women in the Democratic party lately? Clinton, Fienstein, Schultz, Brazile and now this idiot all have showed they are highly ineffectual leaders yet somehow some idiots keep voting them into office. Pelosi, like Fienstein, came out AGAINST single payer this week, and then turned around and took a huge payout from the pharmaceutical and insurance industries. Yeah, no conflict of interests there. She is now facing a primary threat for the first time in years by people fed up with her. Considering she gave another speech this week in which she slurred her words or forget what she was talking about suggest she is either a drunk or having a stroke. Either way, she needs to go in 2018. And fuck you to anyone even thinking about voting for her. You're no better than the Republicans right now.
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4)Mo Brooks, Joe Walsh and Raul Labador- Two of these three may be looking for new work come 2018 after proving they were dumber than dirt. All three made some sort of idiotic statement about healthcare. Brooks, like VP Pence, said this week that if you a lead good life you won't ever get sick. Right, so why did my priest friend die from cancer some years back and NO, he was not a pedo or anything like that? Shouldn't a priest be protected from sickness under your theory? He's considering a run for the Senate in Alabama which after this debacle may give any opponent of his deadly ammo to use against him in a campaign. Joe Walsh is an ex-Representative, and thank God, because he tweeted that he doesn't want to pay for everyone else's health care which is exactly how health care works. Raul Labador may have just lost in 2018 when he told his constituents during a town hall meeting that no one without health care dies in this country which must have been a relief for the hundreds of thousands that did die over the last two decades for exactly that reason. 2018 is shaping up to be a bloodbath if the democrats can get their act together, no easy feat as they seem hell bent against a single payer which a majority of this country wants.

3)Trump supporters- How dumb are you because this would seem to suggest a monumental level that should be studied by scientists? This man is dangerous, lies on a daily basis and will kill us all at this point. But at least SHILLARY isn't president and those danged socialists is all I hear. Instead, we have a man who has a single digit IQ, no ideas at all how to fix anything beyond GOP talking points that have been proven failures and war drums worse than at any point since W was president. Trump sucks. Face it. I knew Obama was a loser 100 days in. Why can't you accept facts as well?

2)Trump- He did not have a good week again. He showed he had no idea about anything that happened during the Civil War, no concept that slavery was the reason for it and didn't even know when Andrew Jackson lived and died.  He then went on to push a health care bill through that had no hope of passage as is and then took a victory lap over it. It would be kicking a field goal in the first quarter and then going home and declaring victory, even though the game is far from over and the other side has twice as many players. To appease the religious right he passes a photo op EO that did something against gay people and for the religious but was so poorly worded that even the ACLU couldn't figure out what it was about, and instead of suing, said why bother it's worthless. Trumpcare is an albatross that may sink the GOP in 2018. That's funny.
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1)Republicans- Congrats guys, you got a terrible bill through the House by one vote and now it is all smooth sailing and everything is great and,oops, the bill is now dead. Awww. The Senate killed that bill today and have said they are starting from scratch with no time line expected. That is because the chances of this bill ever getting out of the Senate at all is slim to none. And even if by some miracle it does, it's chances in the House are even lesser as there is no way the Freedom Caucus will go with the moderate changes that the Senate will make, like protecting pre-existing conditions, because they want to get re-elected. Look at that list of what the industry wants to deny and over half the country will either lose their health care or be prohibitively expensive. Being a women in general is a pre-existing condition. So is rape and domestic abuse. Needless to say,people were PISSED and showed it at town halls when they angrily told their representative to fuck off for blatantly lying to them as one NJ guy found out when a person he told to her face would be covered was horrified to find out she would not be under the new plan. Him, along with people like Darryl Issa and the rest of the GOP that voted in blue states are all going to get wiped out next year. Odds says the Democrats will now pick up at least 20 seats in 2018 meaning the Democrats are now only five seats away from retaking the House, entirely doable if they run the right people and not some gender or race identity idiot. The Senate may be even in play know as Heller from Nevada is probably going to lose and even Jeff Flake is vulnerable in red state of Arizona. This bill. along with anger against Trump policies say that chances have increased dramatically for a takeover of the House and Senate as fury drives the polls and non-Republicans (as well as some of them too) are furious with the GOP and that will cost them big time down the road. So congratulations Republicans, you passed a worthless bill without reading it (a talking point leveled at Democrats in 2009 and now coming back to haunt them), and then celebrated about it as your "fans" told you to pound sand. You are guys are indeed douchebags of the week.

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