Wednesday, May 17, 2017


I go away for two days and the whole world explodes. It runs in the family. Whenever I go away something goes horribly wrong somewhere in the world like the tsunami in Thailand, the SF earthquake or the eruption of Mt Pinatubo. My mom is even worse as she has habit of leaving a trail of death behind the countries she visits which half the time seem to suffer some intense disaster or political upheaval two seconds after one foot leaves the country in question. We seem to be doom-mongers and not know it.
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This may be the beginning of the end for Trump regardless of what spineless idiots like Ryan and McConnel are doing, or in this case NOT doing. I have been following politics since I could walk and I have never seen someone flame out as badly as Trump is and it's all by his own hand. To refresh those of you living on another planet or were in a coma for the last week, here's what happened over the last few days, stressing heavily that this all took place over the last 72 hours and there was a week's worth of news before that. Ouch.

Trump met with the Russians on Saturday, leaving the American press out but allowing Russian media inside instead which should be a giant warning flag for anyone with a pulse at this point. He then when on to brag about state secrets that he had no permission to give out. As he is president he can leak whatever classified info he wants which should make all of us sleep well tonight knowing a blowhard like Trump is guarding the secrets of the world. Try sleeping thinking about that tonight. And half the country has insomnia now, great.

The Republican base is right that he committed no crime here, it just proves that Trump is a moron. Even worse, he thinks we are all as dumb as he is. The White House is trying to cover the whole thing up, denying it through clever word play and semantics. McMaster came out and said something along the lines of "Donald Trump never once said the words lions, tigers or bears, oh my, and that's that." Only the report wasn't about lions, tigers or bears but apples and oranges instead. But we know this happened, because immediately after the meeting, calls were made to various department to mitigate the damage as Israel, the people who gave us this info, was not going to be happy. And while this won't damage our relationship with the Jewish state, it will make them, and others, think twice about sharing info with us and that could harm American interests or even lives, so Trump being an idiot just compromised our security. Where did I hear that before? It will come to me in a minute. She ran for president....
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IT WAS HILLARY CLINTON'S EMAILS GODDAMMIT! How many times did we hear the Republican party scream bloody murder that mishandling government secrets was tantamount to treason. Yet here it is front and center and all I hear are crickets and a couple of Republicans weakly calling him out. HYPOCRITICAL MUCH? The Republican party lost all legitimacy to EVER call anyone out for ties to Russia or mishandled security information as they neck deep in it right now and no one has said boo about it. They are about to drown and thank God nothing else happened because if it did, on top of this optic nightmare, the GOP would fall apart. What? Something else DID happen? And it's far, far, FAR worse? Let me clap my hands in glee as I get to part 2 of Trump's inevitable downfall.

Comey's firing I knew would come back to haunt him. I know people in the FBI. They are the most straitlaced, anal, careful people I know who are utter Boy Scouts, literally in one case as he is a scoutmaster for his sons and their friends. If you cross one of them, all of them protect themselves with backed up files, notes, tapes and anything else that can save their hide should a shit storm come their way. As head of the FBI, this guy would have all sorts of backups and a deep knowledge how to navigate the waters of Washington DC, mostly well. If he hadn't held that idiotic press conference for no reason about Hillary's emails, she would probably be president and he would have his job still. Such is life.

So now it comes out that Comey has detailed, documented memos of all of his conversations with Trump, one of which alleges that President Trump tried to get Comey to drop the investigation into General Flynn and the Russian probe in general. Comey refused. But since this now becomes an obstruction of justice possibility, an impeachable offense, those memos are ground zero for what may be the end of Trump presidency. His numbers are falling fast with only the dumbest of the dumb still backing this retard. And who exactly are these people? If you can't see this man has no business being here, you're too stupid to vote. Hell, considering the plans the GOP and Trump have for you, most of you might not survive if they continue much longer. But some of you will go to your graves rather than give anything to those danged Democrats. Have fun dying.
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Right now, anyone living in a red state or even a blue state should be calling on their Senators and Representatives for the immediate impeachment for Trump. And anyone living in that shriveled crone Pelosi's district better be calling her and asking why impeachment seems to be a word she can't say ever. failing us for going after Bush in 2006 when she had the chance and repeating that same mistake again. Anyone voting for her in 2018 should be shot for being too stupid to live. This woman is a menace. PLEASE get rid of her next year unless you want to see four years of the human Cheeto fart ruin us all. And why isn't the press showing us the videos of her slurring her words through yet another speech? She's either a drunk or having a stroke and my money is on the former.

We have heard slight rumblings from the right about a special prosecutor which may not even be necessary if Trump keeps this nonstop pace of shooting himself in one foot, waiting a few minutes, and repeating the procedure over and over. It's exhausting. And it may lead to his impeachment down the road if it becomes untenable to have him anymore. His big trip next week may be his last, especially if he does something incredibly stupid while overseas, an even odds that it will happen along with the 45% chance bookies are giving him to finish the year.

Trump must go now, then Ryan and Pelosi in 2018 and maybe then we can get stuff done with people with brains in their head. I just don't know if enough exist. They certainly don't seem to be any readily available,


  1. And yet I watch my local news here in PA, and listen to their "Talkback" comments from viewers.

    I am just shaking my head at all the comments from people who should know better still supporting him.

    God almighty- people- especially Republicans- are really, really stupid... :-/

  2. Willful stupidity is no excuse for this. Glad to see some of you get it and I am not all alone out here in anti-Trump world.