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That was a beating Macron delivered didn't he? In what should have been a mirror image of our own election, the corporatists won in France, saving the EU and, most likely, putting a dagger through the right wing uprisings there for a while. Now don't get me wrong and think that it's all wine and roses from here to eternity because these guys are going to institute a different kind of fascism, but to be fair, anything is better than the non-stop nonsense going on in Washington right now.
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The mere idea that ANYONE is supporting the Republican party right now is beyond belief. Their health care bill will end health care for all by making it prohibitively expensive for everyone, employees included. What no one has told you, probably because few understand how insurance works, is this latest bill, as well as every one the Republicans will write down the road, includes the provision to get rid of the individual mandate. These assholes have been spitting at this notion for so long, no one bothered to realize that insurance is impossible without out. No mandate, no insurance, unless paying thousands a month is your bag. That is your future without one and there is NO way around it. So to explain this in it's easiest terms, morons are demanding something that is impossible to do. Make water less wet they scream. Fine. How? Crickets.

If this bill is passed, it will kill tens of thousands every year, bankrupt even more and, eventually, collapse the system, most likely within two years. This random uncertainty we have with health care is making it even more expensive so yes, Trump's actions are destroying the system by him just being him. Yet some of you are just fine with this. If I told you by pulling the lever in the voting booth for most Republicans nationwide, 50,000 would die this year, would you still pull that lever? Because I hate to break it to you, that is exactly what is occurring. You are literally voting to kill lots of people, most likely even someone you know.

And then there is the Trump budget plan that would decimate the economy, give rich people a huge tax break and raise taxes on the middle class. Who wanted that? Not Trump voters who again would be getting the short end of the stick but damn if they still aren't behind the man wanting to drown them. People are really, really stupid lately.
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I get it, The democrats suck, and you would be right, But they aren't out to kill us en masse like the Republicans have demonstrated time and time again in their short time in power. They plan on adding pollution to our environment by gutting regulations that prevent exactly that. They plan on trying to get pro-religious, Taliban like laws on the books that will open the floodgates for racism, sexism and anti-gay sentiment to flourish. Most importantly, they plan on killing off the poor and elderly in mass numbers, most of whom actually voted for this. None of this is secret. It's all out there for anyone to read. The GOP wants a lot of us dead so why vote for extermination?

What we have to do is start finding people to run in the primaries that will move us a little more to the left, just not into crazy town where we can't use the pronoun he any more because someone got their panties in a punch about gender or have to start treating black and Hispanics as if they are porcelain dolls. Identity politics has to end for the left and realize that white men need to be part of the discussion too because in that election, we didn't matter and you lost because of it. Looking back,, I noticed Hillary spent zero hours in PA suburbs trying to moneyball the black vote which came up way short because she wasn't black and as result, they weren't going to show up like they did for Obama. That is a fact not a racist comment as the black vote diminished significantly nationwide, giving Trump states like NC and Florida that he wouldn't have otherwise. Had Obama run again (I know not possible), he would won easily because those black voters would have shown up in droves. This means had we run a black woman instead of Hillary, chances are good she would have won. As a matter of fact, most candidates would have bear Trump but we picked an ailing, pissy grandmother with the personality of a grumpy bear.

In France however, the corporatist won because a) he ran a campaign not filled with scandal after scandal and b)Trump won here. The far right has suffered an immense blow solely due to the incompetence of our president. The world is looking on as to how bad things are here and is saying in one loud voice "OH FUCK NO!" Holland was supposed to be close until the far right and Geert Wilders got sent packing in a humiliating defeat. France did the same. Now they can sleep easy why we refresh our news browser every few hours to see what Orange Hitler has done to screw up the world.

Today's pie in the face moment occurred when it was revealed that not only did Sally Yates tell Trump not to hire Flynn as NSA chief, so did Obama. To Trump. To his face. Funny how that never came up when everyone was blaming the previous administration for hiring Flynn. Turns out, they got told directly about it, from several sources, including the former president, and then went ahead and did it anyway. What a fuck up! And this is what some of you yahoos are voting for? There are way too many stupid people on the planet and we seem to be hoarding them.
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The good news is that some of you waking up to this fact, which is odd because the GOP has been doing this for decades, just never so blatantly obvious. But now that they have told you to your face that they want you dead, some of you are pissed. All of you should be. I am curious to see how many approve of this bill but I would guess it may wind up near the last which means 17% of this country is too stupid to live literally. How do you reason with that kind of illogical? They keep saying "WE hate them danged democrats so much we are willing to die for it." Why? Single payer is the answer. Don't let the fearmongers scare you because health care in other countries is cheaper, accessible and kill less people each year in accordance with their population. The only reason we DON'T have this yet is because big money doesn't want it to and are physically bribing our politicians on both sides of the aisle to thwart any attempts to fix anything, thus the sorry GOP bill and the lack of interest from corrupt people like Pelosi and Fienstien, and thus the reason they have to go in 2018.

In the next election voting for just about any Republican running is a death sentence for us all. So be like France, hold your nose and get rid of the first problem, the GOP. Once they are out of the picture, we can turn to the democrats and make them do our bidding. We run this country, not them. It's time to make them remember that.

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