Monday, May 22, 2017


Trump has been every bit the disaster we all knew we would be. Unfortunately, the Republican base has proven to be beyond stupid to a point it is actually dangerous. This is the result of years of piss poor education in this country which emphasized testing over learning and eliminated things like logic and critical thinking. What we have now is an uneducated public drowning in sub par news and entertainment that more and more resembles a dystopian future seen circa 1960 at the cinema. Both the left and right have drank their own Kool-Aid to such an extent that communication between the two is as likely as me speaking to an actual elephant or donkey and understanding them perfectly.
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We are headed for a collusion course with history as this country fractures to a point that, depending how things turn out, will make this nation, and perhaps even this planet, unrecognizable. North Korea just made a huge leap forward in missile tech and are claiming they will be mass producing them soon. China and the Philippines and threatening each other with war other disputed oil rights and the same goes for China and Japan over an island group ownership issue. Imagine how much scarier this would be if each of these nations had nukes, something our fucked up President has said he is fine with in the past?

Iran is now in the cross hairs of countries like the United States and Saudi Arabia, who just signed a huge armament deal that has been crowed as a big job creator but will in actuality only create 400 US jobs for highly skilled or connected workers so if you are a Joe six pack thinking this will help you find work, guess again. There are NO jobs coming your way ever. They are gone and not coming back so get used to what a lot of my generation, Generation X (one that which if you notice is NEVER mentioned ever in the news), has had to deal with and that is well paying jobs being pulled out from under us causing us to start at the bottom all over again. I've done it over a dozen times and I still can't get anywhere. It's why I work for myself now because if I am going to get paid a crappy wage I rather blame myself them some greedy douchebag. Wages are STILL falling for the majority of us, a statistical trick used to lie to us that we are in actuality doing better which we can all see with our own eyes is a lie. These are not the droids you are looking for is all I hear lately.
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The sad fact is right now we have few places to turn. The Republicans are proven they are unfit to lead and any asshole still supporting these idiots deserve a special place in hell for the utter stupidity. What part of they are trying to kill us are you not getting? They plan to decimate social safety nets, including eventually SS, Medicare and Medicaid. When they fuck up health care, people are going to shoot them. This is what happen 100% time in human history when one side decides to go to far and ignores the dangers and red line signs. Physical violence against Republicans is already increasing. Imagine what will happen when citizens realize they are going to die, or the children, because of a health care system that only helps the rich? Civil war WILL happen at that point when people decide if they are going to die, might as well take a few fuckers with them. Look back at what started any revolution and if looks a lot like right now.

Trump only faces impeachment if his numbers fall further than they do know, or something comes out that sinks him politically for good. The worst part is that even if does get impeached somehow, a sizable portion of this country is not going to accept it and riot. They will scream "fake news," and "it's a coup." And they would be wrong. This president and the Republican party have said loud and clear they want to kill half the country, yet some of you still back this. Hell some of you had said they want a dictator. FUCK YOU! If you are one of these assholes, I sincerely hope you die. Painfully. Feel free to come out and tell people this so they can beat the snot out of you. This is everything this country isn't and to accept it to is say "I hate America," in no uncertain terms and anyone who says that and truly means it should get a swift kick in the nuts with a spiked shoe.

President Douchenozzle is away so the news has been quiet. It also appears as of someone took away his Twitter because I haven't heard of anything lately. It was reported today that both Steve Bannon and Reince Prebuis have both bent sent packing home, not a good sign for a administration that has said people like those two, along with Sean Spicer, might be fired soon. These are not good signs for any of them.
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Is impeachment possible? More than a week ago so that is something good. Trump keeps telling people things that make it hard NOT to impeach him. Republicans are bending over backwards to deflect from this, my favorite being when some asshole asks "why wasn't Obama impeached?" First off, he never did ANYTHING that would ever come to that level of talk. The dittoheads scream about Benghazi (a lie), the IRS scandal (not a scandal) and Fast and Furious (terrible call, not related to Obama but the DOJ). Obama may have been a sucky president but he went eight years with 0 scandals, a record. The Human Cheeto fart didn't make it four months without it looking like he could be out by the end of the year, along with Pence and hopefully, some of the GOP leadership. Will it happen? Maybe. There are plans within plans right now and it is impossible to know which side will win out. In the long run it may not matter as the Republicans wants us dead and the Democrats want to decide the election results before a single vote is cast. Revolution is on the horizon which will bad for us all. Then again, maybe North Korea will nuke us. Good times.


  1. You post the best cartoons in your columns... but that one with the list of Yes's and No's should have had "YES - huge tax cuts for the rich" there above War... lol

    I'm a baby boomer. My parents generation, and mine to a certain extent, were able to afford the American Dream.

    With one paycheck, they were able to buy homes, raise families, and lead a middle class life.

    Compare that with the way things are now. Lack of jobs, shitty wages sky-fucking-high real estate prices, high taxes, and little hope for the future.

    There is no way to get ahead anymore unless you just get incredibly lucky. You struggle just to keep up, while the rich fucks in DC who represent the corporations and the 1% gleefully just keep taking and taking and taking from us.

    Is it my generation that's going to rise up? No. We're too fucking old and tired.

    Yours? Maybe. It will be more likely the Millenials. When the govt takes it all, and that generation has finally had it and has nothing to lose, the shit will finally hit the fan.

    And I think it's more likely that Herr Twittler will nuke North Korea first as a distraction to all these investigations.

    Then he can declare that we're at war and declare Martial Law.

    We are SO fucked....

  2. I write this column to tell people what is really going on without any partisanship or fake news. I am pleased as hell to hear some of you not only read this but understand it and believe in it. Ideas are the ONLY way to win this fight because they are contagious, immortal and deadly. Tell everyone you know these things because otherwise we all die together in a sea of stupidity. Knowledge is power. We can survive but only if act smartly and spread this new gospel, one of intellect rather than religion. I can see you are out there. It's nice to know I am not alone.

    1. Well written response. I thought you had deleted my comment... lol

      No my friend, you are not alone. But we have an uphill fight trying to educate those we know- and those we don't know- about the truth.

      It boggles my mind that seemingly decent people refuse to see the cruelty of Trump and the GOP. They literally want many of us dead.

      The cuts to social and other programs they are inflicting on us every single day serve NO other purpose than to literally cull the herd by getting rid of the immigrants, and killing off the old, sick, and poor.

      I try to talk to people, even people that are close to me, and it's frustrating that my words fall on deaf ears.

      People are so goddamned stupid- at least here in PA- that they just don't care. As long as immigrants, people of color, non-Christians, LGBT, the old, sick and poor are getting screwed harder than they are they still refuse to accept that this man and the GOP are monsters.

      What kind of monster abolishes a program like Meals on Wheels? It cost less to run in a year than three months of his fucking trips to Mar-a-Lago.

      But yeah, that program "just doesn't work" because you know, we should send those lazy elderly moochers out to work ya know, even if they are too old and sick to even walk. Fuck 'em.

      Let them die and reduce the surplus population...

      And ask a Trump supporter what has he done for them- you know- the average schmuck- you get no answer or one that concerns fetuses, faggots, or his fucking wall.

      God help us.

    2. Sorry about the wait as it went to my spam folder for some reason as it has a tendency to do. I visit Philly and the Poconos all the time and love the state. Too bad more people there didn't see what a tool Trump is. Glad to see you see what is really going on. There seem to be precious few of us.

  3. Heads up to anyone who writes a legitimate post, sometimes it goes to my spam folder and if I am away and don't check for a few days, understand I will fix it as soon as I see it. Your comments are really appreciated here, even the ones where people call me "libtard" and the like which I find funny because I am all over the place when it comes to politics and am hardly some dirt munching, tree hugging druid. I am a realist in that I accept the most logical outcome, whatever that outcome is. We should all be like that. Be like Spock with a little more emotion is the goal.