Thursday, May 11, 2017


It's been a busy 24 hours and A LOT has happened. Trump firing the FBI chief may have started a domino effect that could topple his presidency. A much clearer picture has emerged as to why Comey was fired and it was not how he handled Hillary's email, an excuse so lame he might as well have said a dog ate his homework (although to be fair that honestly happened to me in college with my puppy). Sources within the White House say unequivocally that Trump was furious with Comey for several reasons such as not briefing him before testifying last week and instead of winding down the Russian probe, was more interested in expanding it. This is what dictators do when they don't get their way. Unfortunately for Trump, no matter how much he may wish it, this country is far from that and outside sources are conspiring to bring him down hard and from I understand, it could happen as soon as today.
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But before we dig into that delicious morsel, word is that a major shake up is about to happen within the Trump administration with two high level figures about to be shown the same exit door as Comey. Spicer, after literally hiding in the bushes the other day rather than take questions from the press, may have sealed his fate, with many calling a his performance lately "a shipwreck of Titanic proportions." When he did answer questions, he stammered, hummed and hawed his way through ten minutes of rambling answers that made little to no sense and was almost as if he was having a stroke. The fact that Melissa McCarthy is hosting SNL this week does not bode well for him, especially after this meltdown will be parodied to high heaven. Huckabee's stupid daughter is allegedly the front runner to take over. Whee.

Another figure reportedly on the chopping block is Reince Preibus, who if you look at Google searches, has been teetering there for some time. But new rumors have surfaced that Trump blames him for all the missteps lately, because God forbid Trump blames someone besides himself. That does not bode confidence in the fact that this guy has fired more people in the first few months than he did on his dumb TV show.
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But all that may be on the back burner as rumors have surfaced of ANOTHER grand jury, this one in New York, that is allegedly about to issue arrest warrants for members of Trump's team, the most likley being Paul Manafort and General Flynn. Reports state that after Comey was fired, various AG's from around the country saw this as an immediate threat and acted accordingly by targeting various Trump allies and that sealed indictments are coming from both the New York and the Virginia grand juries, the latter of which I confirmed earlier this week. Keith Olbermann has said that his sources say indictments against Flynn associates are imminent, with the arrest of Flynn said to be coming as well.

Comey's firing may have fast tracked juries against him by AG's worried the new FBI head will try to kill off investigations rather than helping, not an out of the possibility fact. Thus the AG's are scrambling to protect their witnesses, sources and information they have discovered by getting it out in front of the public sooner than later. This is a very smart idea because chances are good they have solid evidence at this case and the court of public opinion may be even more disastrous for the president if he even has a hint of guilt in this. People will turn on him like rabid wolves if Russian collusion is proven.

Trump also has to worry about the FBI itself. I am sure that Comey had loyal people there and are not happy about his firing. What's to stop them for leaking classified information? It has been discussed that the previous leaks may have been from the Trump White House themselves as a sort of false flag/distraction technique to rid the FBI of non-loyalists. It is not outside the realm of possibility and is considered as true by many within the intelligence community,

So what happens if Trump gets impeached, which is looking more and more likely by the day? Wouldn't we get President Pence? Not likely according to various sources. Pence is up to his eyeballs in this so his impeachment will also happen if rumors prove true. Paul Ryan then? Word is there is an audio tape of him acknowledging Russian interference and accepting money from Russia sources. When this case goes RICO, which it is already according to records available online, Ryan's career will end in disgrace. Good. This means chances are very good that sometime next year we will all have to get used to President Orrin Hatch. Christ,not much better, but to be fair, he's way better than the three idiots before him.
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There is talk as to if Trump could pardon some of these people, which is true, but has no power beyond the state level where these crimes would still be prosecuted. Plus, it would also solidify his own guilt, all but guaranteeing an impeachment with a furious public. If true, and all indicators are that this IS real, suggest Trump's days may be more numbered than we think and chances are good a huge portion of the GOP is going down with them. If it is proven that Russians not only hacked our election, but that parts of the Republican party were complicit in it, the GOP will die as a political party overnight. Anyone dumb enough to still support them will be branded a commie pinko as they love telling the left over and over. Talk about reversal of fortune. It's why winning sometimes at any cost will extract a huge price.

Stay tuned for more on this explosive story as I find out more for you. I would like to point out this blog may not always be right, but when I am, I beat the press by days, weeks, sometimes even months. If you want the best information, keep coming back and tell you friends. To quote Ray Bradbury AND William Shakespeare "By the prickling of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes." 

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