Thursday, May 4, 2017


The House and Senate just might have been lost today after an idiotic vote for a policy no one likes. The last polls had Trumpcare at a 17% approval rating. Yikes, Congress is more popular. But no one seemed to care one whit about that so the measure passed by ONE vote. Now it heads to the Senate where no good can come from any of this if you are a Republican. Why? Because the bill sucks and anyone voting for it in the Senate can kiss re-election goodbye next year.
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As of right now, there are at least ten no's and 15 leaning no's in the Senate. As the GOP has only a two seat margin there, this bodes badly for any sort of passage with no complications. There are several ways this could play out and none of them good for Republicans.

The first and most likely is the same scenario that played out in 2009 when Democrats drunk with power passed an idiotic cap and trade bill that had no hope in the Senate. As the votes were never there, Reid never brought it up for a vote and that, along with Obamacare fears, gave the House right back the Republicans. That could happen again if McConnell sees there is no way to rescue this bill and lets it die in committee. The second way is that the Senate heavily revises it, passes by another close margin and then watch the House squabble over it until it becomes apparent it will never pass.

Now it could still pass and if it does, this country will be in a full on Civil War when people start dying in mass numbers and already too high premiums triple overnight. However, this would only occur if not only do Democrats not get back the House and Senate in 2018, but repeat the same in 2020. That is one unlikely scenario as anger will be sky high at that point and that factor drives the polls more than anything else. Most of the worst provisions don't go into effect until 2020, giving us time to fix this crap bill once and for all.
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If you are still voting Republicans I can only say in all sincerity, GO FUCK YOURSELF! Your idiocy is going to kill hundreds of thousands and people like myself with serious health problems are going to lose their health insurance and our lives. Do you honestly think we are all just going to sit home and die with no issues? Hell NO! This country is overarmed and quick to anger. How long before someone's child or spouse dies and they decide to go all Commando on some poor unsuspecting schmuck from Congress? This bill is a death sentence and if we don't start fighting back there won't be any of us left.

If you know someone who is a Republican either tell them to fuck off, get with the program or face a beat down on a epic scale. ENOUGH!!! I am tired of hearing from the House Republicans how if only we led healthier lives no one would have pre-existing conditions. FUCK OFF!!! People are born with these things and if you ever opened a Goddamn book you might know it. The Republicans party today told the sick, the poor and the elderly to go pound sand. And on top of that Orange Hitler signed a bill I told you he was, making gay people second class citizens as well as opening the door for religious organizations to start giving out politcal advice, which has been against the law for decades and with good reason. If they want to do this then they should lose their tax exempt status. And anyone gay who voted for this asshole, you can fuck yourself too moron. Enjoy the gay conversion therapy coming if this fuckwads get even more power.
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For God's sake America, show up and vote in 2018 because if you don't, WE DIE!!! Pure and simple logic there, And if your voting Republican at all anymore, you're voting for genocide. We won't forget that when things all fall apart, a factor that may be closer than you think. This country may need another civil war because peace ain't working. Be warned, a storm is coming.

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