Thursday, May 25, 2017


In what was a razor thin margin, Montana's Republican candidate for an open House seat, body slammed a reporter in full view of others, went on to lie about what occurred, got caught in said lie and then the cherry on top was the police arresting the guy for misdemeanor assault. Greg Gianforte is scheduled to appear in court on June 6th where he faces a fine and/or prison time, although that is highly unlikely. What isn't in doubt is no matter how this race turns out, the Republicans lose.
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His opponent, Rob Quist, a singing poet, seemed like an oddball and a long shot and, up until a month ago, was losing by 15 points. What happened you ask? Donald Trump happened. There is a mood swing going on nationwide where buyer's remorse seems to be full swing and we can see it first hand in recent elections. Kansas almost went blue and the last two state seat elections, one in NY and the other in NH, both went blue even though neither had voted for a Democrats in decades, or in the case of NH, never. That's telling. Jon Ossoff has a seven point lead right now and looks like he might actually win. IN SOUTH CAROLINA! Ouch. This has all the earmarks for a wave election in 2018 mainly because the Republicans keep telling their voters that they want them dead. Who votes for that? Some of you are which means a percentage of this country is literally voting themselves into an early grave. Mozel Tov to all of you.
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As to this Montana race, there is NO upside for the GOP. If they lose, it looks bad, but at least they can blame it on Gianforte's temper and deflect away from Trump. If he wins, that may actually be worse. The local papers have all pulled their endorsement from him and will most likley have a Trump like adversarial attitude towards them from now on. The funny part is his win right now is meaningless. It won't affect the makeup of the House in any meaningful way. However, this race starts again next year and there is no way the Democrats don't put someone against him who could actually win. The GOP is going to have to spend a fortune to protect all their seats and chances are this guy may not get much love if they see it as a dead horse race, especially if public opinion of him stays negative until then, which it almost certainly will. He will forever be known as the guy who actually attacked a reporter. The scary part is that this the third time this has occurred in the last year.

Tom Price had a reporter arrested for asking questions. Jeff Sessions had a woman arrested who was laughing during his speech somewhere. Felony charges were leveled, and then dropped, against some reporters after the inauguration. This is not AMERICAN and if you support this understand that traitors face the death penalty here. Sooner or later this is all going to blow up in their faces and die hard supporters are going to be marched right along with the ringleaders to prison. Be very careful which side you pick here. We won't forget it.
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The fact that some of you are going out to vote for that slimeball in Montana is telling. Anyone voting for Gianforte should be sterilized. If you vote red just because, you sir suck. Have you not seen Trump's budget or health care plan? They slash programs and services for the poor while giving a massive amount of money to the rich. That is not fake news but hard math. His budget isn't even balanced, containing a two trillion dollar mistake. If you are sick, old or have a pre-existing condition you are going to lose your health care. The CBO estimate of 14 million is just those who are going to get thrown off of Medicaid. What it isn't telling you is that for tens of millions, insurance will become unaffordable. Solid estimates suggest strongly that a minimum of forty million and upwards of eighty could have NO health insurance at that point. The system will crash at that point as hospitals and insurance companies will no longer be profitable when everyone keeps claiming bankruptcy or just doesn't pay. This is what you are voting for.

If you live in Montana, for all that is good and Holy do NOT vote for the Republican here. It's a fool's errand. You might actually be doing more harm than good because you are all but guaranteeing the seat to go blue in 2018. Voting Republican at all right now demonstrates a rancid stupidity and pure suicidal tendencies. Feel free to kill yourself but I like my life and would like to continue with it. But either way, things are looking bleak for Republicans come 2018. And you can all thank Donald Trump for that when you get swept out of office in a landslide.

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  1. Honestly, I expect this prick to win and beating the crap out of a reporter probably *helped* his chances of doing so.

    I remember a time when someone running for public office had to be a decent human being.

    What a truly sad, scary and dystopian reality we have sunk to here in the land of the "free"... :-/