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Trump had yet another really bad week. Contrary to what you may have heard from our Idiot in Chief, this past trip do not go well. Israel and Saudi Arabia went okay, not spectacular for sure, but when he met with our Allies in Europe things went from bad to worse. Trump behaved like a toddler high in sugar and trust me they noticed. Our friends in Europe are WORRIED and that mistrust could have serious ramifications for US interests. So to beat all of that for the top spot, you have to be a special kind of stupid and Jared Kushner did that in spades this week. Dumbass tried to set up a back channel with the Russians and got caught. Let's see those runner ups in a week filed with some truly asinine moments.
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10)Big Game hunters/poachers- I have no problem with hunting. Venison is delicious and I love when my friends give me extra meat they don't need. But hunting big game animals seems wrong (although there are economic reasons as well as conservation ones that make this a difficult subject to pigeonhole) while poaching is awful to the nth degree. This week, we saw two separate instances where animals fought back against those trying to do them harm. A big game hunter, Theunis Botha, who also ran a hunting safari service, was killed this week when a herd of elephants attacked him and his customers. As he was being picked up by one by it's trunk, another shot the elephant who then died and crushed Botha in the process. Ha ha! The other story was a group of four poachers who were killed by the very animals they were hunting. After going after the smallest rhino, the herd turned on them and trampled them to death. One witness said he saw one poacher pleading with the rhino to spare him, but obviously that tactic did not work. See what happens when you mess with Mother Nature.

9)Sean Hannity/talk radio- After spending weeks hyping a discredited theory about the death of Seth Rich, Hannity was put to pasture this week Bill O'Reilly style, with an unannounced vacation. We all know how that turned out. Advertisers are fleeing the show and even his producers have told him to tone it down. Ratings wise he is in third place for his time slot, a huge low for a man who once commanded the 9 PM news hour, now dominated by Rachel Maddow. Trump support may be ebbing a little, but Fox News is hemorrhaging viewers, most likely to the Grim Reaper. Talk radio is not doing much better. I have long wondered how people like Rush Limbaugh stay on the air even though they make no advertising money, hardly a wise business decision. Turns out, they don't make money as Iheartradio, which is responsible for much of the right wing radio personalities, is losing money hand over fist and may not last the year. They are around $80 billion in debt, brought about by a lack of revenue, which would help if you jettison someone like Rush who ISN'T making you any money. But no, instead the executives claim all is well and they are going nowhere. Cash says otherwise.

8)Hackers- Feel free to hack Trump and his cronies all you want. The same goes for democrats, corporations and religious orders. However, could you please leave the rest of us alone because it's getting old. Ransomware attacks are terrible and oddly, easily preventable with the cheapest of software. But go after the rich and powerful and stop infecting our computers with whatever AIDS of the day you have come up.
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7)Racists- There has been a plethora of angry white people telling minorities where to go and how to get there. That is wrong and stupid. These videos go viral and in some cases, people lose their jobs over it. You have every right to say whatever you want but realize that those same words carry consequences. Trump has opened the gates for people to be as mean as they want to whoever they want. To be fair, this was going on before Trump, in part due to hidden white racism and black racism that has permeated the community. It is now coming to an ugly head. In Portland, Oregon two people were stabbed to death by a white supremacist who was shouting at a Muslim woman and then turned on the people defending her. I would have stood up for her too, but as I am always armed this would have ended much more badly for the other guy if he was dumb enough to pull a knife. Racism is stupid and pointless. I wish more saw it that way too.

6)Hillary Clinton- Why can't this woman just go away? She gave a commencement speech at her former school which is what I always wanted to do was hear someone who was one of the most dismal failures of all time lecture me about my future. Had she run anything resembling a campaign other than what democrats have run on for years and that is "Hey, who else are you going to vote for?" she might have won. Instead, the answer was NOT YOU! She drove her base away, a fact that current democrats are still doing. If they don't realize that by cutting out corporations and big money, and accepting the realities of a single payer plan and weed legalization. they will never win. It's not helped when this she-bitch is crowing about how she "beat" Sanders and Trump, facts be damned. She cheated against Sanders who should have been the nominee (who also would have won) and lost to Trump (winning the popular vote which means exactly nothing). Just go back to the woods and leave the rest of us alone.

5)Phil Scott- How in the blue fuck did Vermont vote in a Republican Governor? How bad was his opponent? Well they sure wished different this week when douchebag vetoed a bill that would have legalized pot across the state. Nevermind the fact that lots of data show that when pot becomes legal, opiate use drops, why do that to a state drowning in heroin issues? According to this moron he was worried about the two things that are truly irrelevant to this discussion: driving and kids. A recent study showed that driving on weed is no worse than having a beer and driving, a fact echoed in other studies done in Holland over the last twenty years. As for children, I can walk into an junior high in America right now and find weed. That hasn't changed since I was a kid. I could have gotten weed in seventh grade and I went to a Catholic school. Making it legal makes it harder to get. Just ask any kid which is easier to find, pot or alcohol? It's weed by a mile, because the regulations make it hard to get booze. This ass needs to go.
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4)Greg Gianforte- The Republican millionaire who bought his way into a House seat, after falling to become Governor, got off to a rocky start when he body slammed a reporter for daring to do his job when he asked him a question. The horror. Then this fuckwad lied about it, one that easily caught by audio of the incident and eyewitnesses including Fox News reporters. He was arrested and now has to appear on court. Hardly a great start for a newly elected House member. Also par for the course. This is going to be a seat in 2018 that democrats have a solid chance of getting back.

3)Montana Voters- You people are beyond stupid. I actually listened to you explain why you voted for Giantforte the day after he attacked a reporter. They said things like "He was asking for it," or "Liberals got what they got coming." which demonstrate that a majority of Americans are indeed too stupid to vote. The Republicans are trying to kill you as seen by their budget and health care plan and you still voted for them. That is some world class stupidity people. I am truly glad I don't live in Montana because the intellectual level there is somewhere between Trump and a gravy ladle. And if you do live in Montana and shake your head in disgust as to what is going on, I feel for you brother (or sister). Please get the vote out in 2018 so we can actually survive,

2)Donald Trump- Been a while since this Orange Fuck hasn't been in the top spot. And it's not like he didn't earn it. He ate at the G7 meeting, setting back out relationship with Europe a hundred years. Britain and Germany have serious doubts as to the well being of our relationships, both of which saying they will be "reevaluating" it, whatever that means and most likley not good. Trump insulted Germany again and again, hounding Merkel on trade deals that she had explain to him at least ten times that all trade is handled through the EU, not separate states. He pushed people aside, behaved like a boorish idiot, he even had to ride in a golf cart behind the other world leaders who weren't too fat too walk. Then he came home, started tweeting again, and we are right back to where we left. His impeachment may be closer than we think though.
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1)Jared Kushner- Boy Moron did something so idiotic, seasoned politicians and pundits are shaking their heads in disgust. It has come out that Kushner tried to set up a backchannel with the Russians for the sole purpose of disguising any role they had together. Former CIA chief Hayden said it was either stupid or evil, with his leaning toward stupid. Either way, it's a crime to not only possibly commit treason, it's almost as bad as the fact that Jared didn't mark this down on his security clearance form, along with four other meetings with Russian operatives. Oops. Failure to release that info is perjury and is punishable by up to five years for each count, meaning he could be looking a actual jail time for this. There is a solid chance at the very least, he will lose his security clearance and White House position. It's also been revealed that Flynn was in the room at the time and rumors are he may be turning state's evidence as we speak. The screws are really turning on Trump and his cohorts right now and panic is setting in as the leaks, like some old horror movie, are coming from INSIDE the White House. It doesn't help that because of turmoil like this, they can't find staff to take positions they desperately need to fill. Hell, they can't find someone who wants to be head of the FBI and not without good reason as it could be a career killer when Trump start tweeting about something you did that he didn't like. They need 93 lawyers which Trump fired from Justice and are still empty. The State Department is filled with people who hate Trump along with the FBI, CIA and the press. No president, especially one this unpopular can survive, much longer. And as long as idiots like Kushner do incredibly dumb shit, it's a death spiral for Trump. Good. So congratulations Kushner, you are indeed douchebag of the week.

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